Hermitcraft VII 929 Piglin Bartering Is OVERPOWERED!
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Episode Forty Eight! Minecraft 1.16's piglin bartering system is overpowered! This episode we exploit bartering to get many resources!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • xisumavoid

    We got a new snapshot in the week! rsloft.info/loft/video/oal0p5LAyZizq2U

    • Hacker Man
      Hacker Man

      it would be cool if you could cook the rotten flesh into beef or leather

    • Martin Hollas
      Martin Hollas

      Hi X, I don't know if you know this, but avoid using Pigstep and all the new nether music in your vieos, I heard that Microsoft is claiming that. Anyway, love your videos

    • Together us 10
      Together us 10

      hay xisum

    • Joel Vlogging And Gaming
      Joel Vlogging And Gaming

      The Video was great because the starting Just HYPED UP THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Hamstercraft

      That's great! I will watch

  • PikaGamer

    Couldnt u have just lowered the kill chamber to a level they cant see u at?

  • lycos94

    xisuma making the upside down before it was cool

  • CeepTheMaker101

    who else agrees xisumavoid has the best timelapse music?


    You should make a gold farm like mumbo which also will repair your sword plus looting will also come.in play and make the gold farm in nether so you could easily link your farma gold with piglin farm.

  • Furious Fear
    Furious Fear

    Ok so I play with fog off so I was very confused at start whether or not I opened a minecraft video.

  • WolverineFox

    I wish I could find the full version of your intro song

  • Exo Kobealdo
    Exo Kobealdo

    If you go in the settings oh this is also if you have optifin if you find the setting that says nether fog and turn if off because it will get rid of the fog in nether so you can see better like so he can see

  • shirion

    On a scale of my redstone skill, I am a Grian

  • Harriet

    i would like to let you now that you can turn the fog of in the nether PS: love the videos keep it up

  • Dimpayツ


  • Jacob Adolfsson
    Jacob Adolfsson

    You haven’t put of your wings on the Elantra

  • ethan bradberry
    ethan bradberry

    I’ve been obsessed with making different builds with unique structuring and your towers have been a really good inspiration. Great stuff.

  • Dzar The Demon
    Dzar The Demon

    Xisumavoid making an overly complicated farm to abuse a new feature and then calling that feature overpowered: *"Why do I fix everything I touch?"*

  • Lockii :P
    Lockii :P

    Love the intro

  • Kin Sheung
    Kin Sheung

    like this video

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira

    Do you make any hog the music you use? Cus i like a lot of it.

  • Simea van Reenen
    Simea van Reenen

    I like how you just got straight into building

  • Sonnescheint1234

    Hey X, it looked like the pigmen were actually attracted to you in the lowest of the nether portal sections. This might be a simple fix of lowering yourself down a few more blocks, if possible!

  • garrondumont

    If you purely look at the number of items, yes it's OP, but other than Ender pearls possibly being too common, I don't see the problem, since not many of the other items are that useful. Farms need to take into account not only what is produced, but what is going to be used, and unless you're doing a lot of redstone or building they're not that useful. And if you are doing those things then you get the required items in small enough amounts that it takes a while.

    • a bc
      a bc

      it should have to be manual though, not able to be automated

  • nir 731
    nir 731

    Love the background music

  • Sora Nekohime Ch.
    Sora Nekohime Ch.

    I've been wondering for a while... why is generic B not on the server anymore

  • katclow

    1:23 holaaa realmente buen video espero que sigan haciendo contenido similar¡¡¡!!! Voy a seguir mirando sus creaciones. Les envio un beso nos vemos pronto ❤️👍🏽

  • AnizyArt

    Hearing the music in the beginning of every episode makes me so happy. These episodes are such a joy to watch :-)

  • Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis

    Someone needs to put termites all over iskall85 omega tree.

  • Freddy Dinkle
    Freddy Dinkle

    The music can be too loud at times

  • dar6gh

    it was my first time watching your stream and i watched you kill bart

  • KhillikiaLea W
    KhillikiaLea W

    For us in PE (pocket edition) the piglin trades are not over powered and dose not need tweecking. We can not build on the nether roof at all. All farms we have to build in the actual nether area. So in order for us to get what’s needed is very hard. Please stop saying it’s over powered and needs fixing. Thank you

    • a bc
      a bc

      He plays on Java Edition

  • Malevolent

    who actually calls you Mr.Snapshot. Wtf?

  • MatrasTaserJohan

    lol that intro felt like a 'was it all just a dream?' meme

  • Connor Wells
    Connor Wells

    How do you hide the left hand holding the totem of undying? Great vid!

    • a bc
      a bc

      With his data pack, vanilla tweaks


    haha none of the hermits piglin bartering farms are as compact or as simple as my design. It makes me feel like im good at redstone

  • Jacob Inman
    Jacob Inman

    Xisuma never dies, his levels just keep going up each episode.

  • Abby Aubichon
    Abby Aubichon

    any one else hear the echo?

  • M Trent
    M Trent

    Amazing intro. Great show, not tell.

  • Fred Collins
    Fred Collins

    Loved the intro :)

  • Cornet plays Minecraft
    Cornet plays Minecraft

    It always makes me so happy to hear sailing clouds of night in the beginning of every episode

  • ALoafOf Milk
    ALoafOf Milk

    Am I the only one that gets doofenshmirtz evil inc. vibes from his nether base?

  • NayNay

    Just to let you know if you destroy the blocks one above the turtle eggs the pigmen can path find to them again but just make sure that the trap doors are placed in either side

  • Sanri Brion
    Sanri Brion

    Let wadzee in heritcraft

  • Bible Built
    Bible Built

    Great video Xisuma!

  • Mochy_Star

    I made a spawning platform in the nether (above the roof) for piglins to spawn, but nothing will spawn. Does anyone know how to let them spawn?

  • philbiking

    I would love to See Smallishbeans in hermitcraft

  • Manfred Nilsson
    Manfred Nilsson

    Loves THE intro

  • Magnus Bonvik
    Magnus Bonvik

    That zombie-piglin cluster at the end of the episode is because they are angry at you for killing other piglins

  • Anne Conde
    Anne Conde

    Just saying your vid schedule is better than technoblades

  • croissis

    hey @xisumavoid if you take out the bottom wart stem right away the nylium wont turn back into netherack... wattles shows it here... rsloft.info/loft/video/Yqh4taPczKmOmpw

  • Megan Chitwood
    Megan Chitwood

    Something interesting I saw for the warped and crimson stem farming is to build a wall around where the wart blocks would grow. This would only work if you were farming it only for the stems, but it would more or less prevent the wart blocks and shroomlight from growing Also, your bedrock texture is very pleasing to the eye compared to the normal texture

    • a bc
      a bc

      FYI the bedrock texture is part of his data pack, Vanilla Tweaks

  • Bryan Perkins
    Bryan Perkins

    Anyone else getting a super modded Minecraft feeling with all this Blackstone and Basalt?

  • Schlime

    Ngl i thought the intro was hermit recap cause the song

  • Bryant Rivas
    Bryant Rivas

    Iskall beat you to the farm

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Natalie Peters
    Natalie Peters

    X plzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz invite Wifies to hermitcraft

  • Iron-C4 DPC
    Iron-C4 DPC

    Actually,because hoppers can't pick up items on their sides,you can have a dispenser shot them to the edge

  • Kennedy Emmert
    Kennedy Emmert

    I believe you can cover the space over the turtle eggs and the zombie piglins will still walk to them.

  • Godias

    hi how to hide totem of undying like u ? please

    • a bc
      a bc

      He hides it with his data pack, Vanilla Tweaks

  • Ulnick

    Love the start of the video

  • jeff cavaliere
    jeff cavaliere

    Hey x i would really love to know if hermits can have a life, considering how much you guys play, i mean the things you guys do take me weeks to get done, i know its a job but its still seems like it takes way too much time, love your content you beautiful strider

  • blake coley
    blake coley

    Use isgals design

  • Dragon dotorg
    Dragon dotorg

    Iskall ran into Collection problems because of how fast piglins trade


    watch tangos vid he can get tons of nether wood in not alot of time!

  • gute pute gute pute
    gute pute gute pute

    Tiny Apartments

  • EndermanFellow

    Hey xsuna try and do blue accents along the corners of the build to give it a bit more of a varied look

  • Rahul TGM
    Rahul TGM

    Can you add Pixlriffs to hermitcraft :(

  • utradroid 87
    utradroid 87

    7:43 this music in the background is so nostalgic to me :') (Festive mashup pack soundtrack)

  • Hiboy908

    I like the intro

  • Error

    not really its just epic

  • Final Barrage
    Final Barrage

    you just nicked iskalls design without giving credit?

  • Nate Holler
    Nate Holler

    I thought all that polished black stone was NETHERITE for a second lol

  • Luuk van Vulpen
    Luuk van Vulpen

    1:03 they had us in the first half not gonna lie

  • DorrisOpen23

    Loved the first part of the video with the music but it sounded off key lol.... loved it tho

  • Ticompany

    Don't get me wrong.. I love pigstep.. but it was a bit too loud for my taste

  • Byrd Studios
    Byrd Studios

    The intro was amazing. I loved how the netherrack faded away and how you saw all the angles and the zombified piglins. I would love to see more strangely edited timelapses. Love em!

  • Ev Scha
    Ev Scha

    The grind that xisuma puts in is just insane and so inspiring

  • David Yodo
    David Yodo

    Dude i love the Intro Part 👍

  • Levy Angelo
    Levy Angelo

    Who calls xisuma x-isuma?

  • cooper williams
    cooper williams

    i thought this was iskall and saw this and was like this is legit a xuma build then i heard ur voice

  • ItzAcer 123
    ItzAcer 123

    Soooo when’s are you going to show you face?

  • Colin Kasteleijn
    Colin Kasteleijn

    well to be fair it's only OP when you invest several thousand gold ingots into the farm which not every player has

  • Jaffaroo

    X, I'm a busy A Level student who barely ever gets a break. When you upload, it's one of my only times to sit down, have a cuppa, and relax :)

    • Jaffaroo

      Hydra S Really? I guess X has been helping stressed A Level students for a while then!

    • Hydra S
      Hydra S

      This comment is almost identical to a comment I saw on x’s season one episode three hermitcraft video

  • 4110mahindra

    Hermits have got to stop making video titles like this. Piglin trading will get nerfed. If you think its OP don't use it. This is why we lost AFK fishing

    • a bc
      a bc

      4110mahindra I am a human. what do you mean?

    • 4110mahindra

      @a bc you are a troll.

    • a bc
      a bc

      I think they should make it have to be manual, like you can only right click to trade rather than drop an item

  • David Tobin
    David Tobin

    Pigstep is a bop

  • Benjo Charlie
    Benjo Charlie

    I don't think Piglin battering is broken. I think being able to break through the Nether ceiling and create overpowered gold farms is probably more broken...

    • a bc
      a bc

      I think the best way to nerf bartering, you should have to right click the piglin to trade so it cannot be automatic

  • Matthew Fuerst
    Matthew Fuerst

    I think it would be super cool if you had impulse break all of the bedrock above your tower. It would be super expensive but would be such a cool addition to the build.

  • Gruve Xp '
    Gruve Xp '

    3:28 you missed a green block

  • The_Njitram

    Two solutions for your gold farm. - Make a hole where they gather up so they still fall down. - Make the kill chamber not centered, but at one of the exit sides of the portals. Hope one of these help, and I hope you read this. Anyway have a good day

  • djofox

    At the end, for the last farm just disable the portals in the middle and add trapdoors so they still fall. It won’t be as efficient as you want it but at least you didn’t place all that obsidian for no reason

  • __.plas.__

    For the gold farm, you should put soul lanterns or torches in the middle to scare them away and make them see the eggs

  • S. Wells
    S. Wells

    Rendog is selling the stems

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    Whoa.... That floating nether tower is looking super epic!! I can't wait to see what else X has planned for his base! His building theme this season looks really cool!

  • David Espinosa
    David Espinosa

    I paused the video at 1:26 to make this comment. I absolutely LOVE when you start a video with no hellos just a grindy build that took you a lot of time. I have been a fan since the 1st video i watched. Keep up the amazing content!!!!

  • Alexander Lapointe
    Alexander Lapointe

    Anyone else getting a stanger things vibe, with the nether base/portal

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