Hermitcraft VII 923 Farming Overload!
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Episode Forty Two! Now we will finish our overkill farm and get our hands on a lot of rare blocks!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20
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  • xisumavoid

    I'll be doing a bonus stream tonight on twitch.tv/xisuma Go hit follow! :-)

    • Fearsomepanda 666
      Fearsomepanda 666

      Music so progressive

    • Trio Big Mac
      Trio Big Mac

      @Kevin Harley Bacon yes it would be very useful

    • Jack McQuade
      Jack McQuade

      The top story for hermiton Harold should be the fact iskall man vandalized grumbot and tried to force him to give him campaign ideas

    • An Avocado Animates
      An Avocado Animates

      Shashwhamy void shashwhamy void shashwhamy void Xi-Zuma void

    • An Avocado Animates
      An Avocado Animates

      Hi shashwhamy void Xi-Zuma void

  • La papita
    La papita

    Where do you get the golden carrots???

  • Raman Goel
    Raman Goel

    One crime that is unacceptable in real life but completely okay in Minecraft: (Drum rollll). Homicide!!!

  • TBNR Leo
    TBNR Leo

    X,You Yeah You Can Make A Sand Duper Using The Ender Portal So You Can Help Everyone From The Concrete Farm

  • Adomicgaming space
    Adomicgaming space

    You could of made a car park linking to the paths

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Christine Akai
    Christine Akai

    Keralis gave you the diamonds

  • Slifer Streaming
    Slifer Streaming

    8:55 uhm....honey blocks.

  • xGodCake Official
    xGodCake Official

    How to get Slime Head with commands?

  • Mew

    7:05 I really liked the music in this time lapse!

  • Ella


  • nitay zehavi
    nitay zehavi

    hi xisuma ca you make a tutorial on this slime farm? :)

  • RAMY

    6:14 Smoke weed every day beesuma :D

  • KoshVorlontay

    For the Gold farm collection area you should set up a Villager Priest as a banker to sell off all that flesh for emeralds

  • Trio Big Mac
    Trio Big Mac

    How does he always have so much exp on him at all times?!?!

  • Boneless Pizza 34
    Boneless Pizza 34

    I did not know you could heal a golem with iron.

  • Noah Michel
    Noah Michel

    Make an auto sorter

  • Farbod -
    Farbod -


  • Spencer Burch
    Spencer Burch

    overgrow the trees around the tunnel!

  • Jacob Olinger
    Jacob Olinger

    vote mumbo

  • Joel Haftel
    Joel Haftel

    I think that the tunnel illusion would look cool with the stained glass fog effect

  • Joel Haftel
    Joel Haftel

    Hoppers will not pick up items from the world around them if there is a block with an inventory above it, that includes other hoppers.

  • ItsFrits

    7:06 anyone else getting stranger things vibes from this song?

  • EVZ 118
    EVZ 118

    The music during the slime farm time lapse reminded me of zoras domain from ocarina of time

  • AnizyArt

    All the builds, especially the slime farm, looks so awesome! :D

  • S117 Oracle
    S117 Oracle

    It's hilarious, you tried to make a platform to spawn wandering traders on and got nothing. Make a slime farm, and suddenly one is in your face! x'D

  • Kyle Michel
    Kyle Michel

    Why don’t you use a piston pushing trident killing machine? You can use 4 pistons to push 1-2 tridents in a square and the game will think you are killing the mobs yourself. And if you hold the looting sword in your hand the looting effect will work as well. This will make the killing chamber 100% afk able and you will still get the looting effect

  • AsHalt

    sell some road signs ! the roads need signages... especially the tunnel...


    I thought the thumbnail said rape.....

  • kyle Obletz
    kyle Obletz

    xiuma, can you post a link to the mod you use so that you can see the contents of the shulker bo because i have seen you use it for a while and i really want to use it!

  • Zischeriboy


  • Pieter Vermeulen
    Pieter Vermeulen

    love the manual storage, but I also like some redstone magic Maybe you could make something in the middle to sort your junk shulkers, but still storage it manually? You could make a 3 by 3 piston door in the floor to hide the input, a crafting table etc

  • Fish

    I read your pickaxe name as ‘beastiality’ lmaoo

  • GeneralDan85 _722
    GeneralDan85 _722

    You could run the road into a car park that leads to the paths

  • Alexis Espinoza
    Alexis Espinoza

    Scandal incoming!! Iskall attempted to sabotage #MumboForMayor Campaign Advisor Grumbot in order to weaken Mumbo’s Campaign and improve the GG Campaign of Doom! Hermiton Herald, please investigate!

  • Amber

    Beesuma! Breaking news! The Get Gorgeous campaign has assaulted the upstanding mechahermit and member of the Mumbo for Mayor campaign, Grumbot. Iskall broke into and brainwashed Grumbot. These crimes cannot be left to fester in the darkness!

  • Pichu Master1164
    Pichu Master1164

    I just got the notification 3 days after you uploaded this and I thought it was a new episode when I already watched it

  • Amanda Keith
    Amanda Keith

    Evil Xisuma is no longer alone for server destruction. A new clone of a returned hermit has come. We can only hope that Ex doesn't find him.

  • giamakis m
    giamakis m

    Vote mumbo for mayor😂

  • Disco party
    Disco party

    Xisumavoid, i really enjoy watching hermitcraft videos and i think one of my best youtubers can do really good stuff in season 7/8, his name is WiederDude and he is a wonderful guy, has 5.39m subscribers and the best modern house builder ever so can you please please think about inviting him to the hermitcraft server ;-) pls

    • Shopping Trolli
      Shopping Trolli

      Tom Angela no he is trash

  • SteakEater1234

    Wattles for hermit craft?

  • Shihab Sharar
    Shihab Sharar

    Xisumavoid, I'd love it if you could give the link to the mod that allows you to view the Shulker Box inventories like that, one of the ones I've found only support till 1.12.

  • G3David

    You can swap out your ender chests to align the items with honey blocks my dude

  • End Gaming
    End Gaming

    the slime balls didn’t get picked up 13:45 because there are hoppers on top so it’s too busy looking for items in the hopper above

  • daniel wattam
    daniel wattam

    grian is selling heads at the barge

  • Francesca Ricciardi
    Francesca Ricciardi

    i request that you can do a recap of every single season of hermitcraft and just briefly explain in each recap what the main good things and other stuffs of the seasons were

  • chese

    Everyone else: electronic nice timelapse music Xisuma: *It'S TiMe to gEt fUnkY*

  • Korra 228
    Korra 228

    Really odd time lapse music. Or maybe I'm just used to you putting in Minecraft music.

  • Priyam Mittal
    Priyam Mittal


  • Priyam Mittal
    Priyam Mittal


  • GuardianCloudy

    Weird for you to have a clickbaity type thumbnail, but still the same great content as always. Thanks for the effort you put into your work, X. Loved it!

  • little kylie
    little kylie

    8:55 yeah slime blocks

  • Jacob Forster
    Jacob Forster

    HOW IS AT over 900 episodes?!?!?!

    • Elise Dutcher
      Elise Dutcher

      Because when a new season starts, he keeps the episode number. Meaning he has over 900 episodes ever.

    • Jacob Forster
      Jacob Forster

      (How is he)

  • Silku

    Your slime farm use single slime chunk or wuad slime chunk?

  • Kent Carrier
    Kent Carrier

    Since when could you heal iron golems with ingots?

  • DaddyDenis1 ROBLOX & more Mostly ROBLOX probably
    DaddyDenis1 ROBLOX & more Mostly ROBLOX probably

    Why does suma sound like mumbo??

  • Sebastian Hermann
    Sebastian Hermann

    let hermit luke on hermitcraft plz

  • Lucas Larsen
    Lucas Larsen

    I love your episodes

  • Hazza135 135
    Hazza135 135

    With the concrete building you could break holes in the side walls and inside have trees and vines and bushes growing through to make it feel abandoned in a way and have some of the pipes broken.

  • Hazza135 135
    Hazza135 135

    You are so smart I watched the hole series so far you got a awesome skin

  • Taunt Killer4u
    Taunt Killer4u

    Hey xisumavoid I was wondering about the hermitcraft mods page? I want to use them but I’m on McPe.how do I use them on mcpe.can you do please help !

  • Gustas Ziauga
    Gustas Ziauga

    Mumbo for mayor!!!

  • Noongamer162

    I am aware this is late, but hear me out: What if 1 of the walls in your storage room was filled with a shulker box each coloured a different colour, then you could fill those with dyes, concrete, and generally things of said colour so whenever you were doing a build you could easily choose and take the colours you need (Or the whole shulker box) without having to look in multiple different chests to find the blocks you need for a certain build. - Noongamer162

  • Thelastnamsara

    Can pearlecent moon join hermitcraft.

  • I like trains! I like planes!
    I like trains! I like planes!

    Now that tag is over you should put a sleep counter on the tab list so wels and bdubs can have their battle.

  • Mount

    For the wandering trader platform. Is it possible that the trader will spawn where the player spawns, meaning that you could possibly make a tiny house with a bed on the platform. I would also expand the platform to 50x50 to give a bit more range.

  • Sans15

    What are the coords of the underground dirt cave? Might want to see it for myself :)

  • Will Clark
    Will Clark

    Oh gee I just came back to the vid idk I might be to late so I’ll comment this on next vid but the highway thingy you are building, idk if you could connect it to tangos base cuz he also has a road. Although I think it’s pretty far away but idk just an idea

  • Moses Müller
    Moses Müller

    Who else noticed the 420 at 6:10

  • hackcraft_

    its so satisfying when you left items over in timelapse

  • GeezusMcGandhi

    Maybe instal a shulker box unloader at your storage system?

  • Daniel Kesson
    Daniel Kesson

    Will you add an ice farm function on your afk-clicker? I've found it suuuuper useful on my friend's smp server, but I need a way to afk at an ice farm I built after seeing Impulse's latest video.

  • Ameen Ahmed
    Ameen Ahmed

    Hey ex rayworks have designed a new concrete maker SO, u know, maybe try out that design in your concrete making build "maybe" Only if your upto it after all the dissappointment it gave :) Just thought I'd mention it to you. Love your vids

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce

    X: 27 diamond blocks in a single episode Iskall:Amatuer


    xisumavoid this ep 922

  • RedRevant

    use black and dark gray glass so it slowly becomes darker, i once made a batman style cave and used this trick to make a tunnel slowly become darker without mobs spawning

  • Gumbo Gaming
    Gumbo Gaming

    You should do a glass gradient in the tunnels so that it looks more realistic

  • Mr. Cat
    Mr. Cat

    Xisuma should make a museum in the jungle temple

  • Michael Scarn
    Michael Scarn

    7:06 anyone else see the face he made??

  • Vayn Liett
    Vayn Liett

    “ hey hey hey “ in 18:27 , Itzy reference?

  • Tyson Fontanez
    Tyson Fontanez

    XISUMA IF YOU SEE THIS I HAVE AN IDEA! So there are invisible item frames in 1.16 that could be really cool for building. You should make them available to be traded by the wandering trader (or by renaming an item frame if you want them to be less rare) using a data pack

  • HERO KING 33
    HERO KING 33

    You should approach mayoral candidates and offer them as space for there campaign on the concrete shop charging 1 diamond block a week as you and keralis could make many diamond off of this and or run your self giving us viewers a very interesting twist that or get K to run like G-man did.

  • Benjamin Duggan
    Benjamin Duggan

    The reason the hoppers were not picking up the slime balls is because of hopper priority. The hopper is too busy looking in the inventory above it to realize that it has items sitting on its hitbox. This means that a hopper that has an inventory above it will never pick up entities.

  • The Real Shandapanda
    The Real Shandapanda

    If yall are new, like me, go to Xs 2nd channel and check out his guitar videos!! They are crazy good!

  • Josh Newman
    Josh Newman

    Create some sort of “Temple Run” .

  • Torgo OW
    Torgo OW

    @Xisumavoid do you think a data pack that lets you stack carpets like snow layers would be a good add? Could you make one? I would love it.

  • Oni

    Maybe you can make the gold collection look more natural to the tunnel by added a toll booth?

  • The Masters 2po
    The Masters 2po

    you should build mumbo jumbo concrete TNT breaker it works

  • Samson Gong
    Samson Gong

    wut is the rare thing in the thumbnail?

  • Cooper Wooden
    Cooper Wooden

    You need someone to preserve an old structure? Ask mumbo.

  • The DestrOyer A
    The DestrOyer A

    That timelapse music was awesome

  • Keoni

    You have a bee wither, now you need a slime wither

  • Theo Tippy
    Theo Tippy

    Vote mumbo for a mustache

  • Jacob Monger
    Jacob Monger

    Face reveal!!!

  • M Trent
    M Trent

    I noticed in stream today that your workstations are still not placed, so maybe my idea will be useful. I think there's a way to integrate them into the center pillars maybe behind the v shaped area you've already placed. They should still be accessible from the outside of the ring closer to your barrels. Also the backs of the workstations would be visible from the center and that might make a interesting visual interest, if you tried different combos.

  • Albatross

    xisumavoids first hermitcraft video rsloft.info/loft/video/n92eu2bMtJDTsYI

  • lokymo

    Do a face reaveal at 2 mil

    • Wtfgaming

      You deserve more likes

  • EliteOutlawd

    For the slime farm, instead if putting lava down and wasting drops, you should have a interchangeable floor, to swap the honey blocks out for magma blocks so you can still get the drops.

  • Aude

    Your slime farm is more efficient than everyone’s Pickaxe combined

  • Mr1flapjack1

    the word "rare" in the thumbnail looks like... a much worse word because of the way the leg of the R blends into the background...

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