Hermitcraft VII 920 Tag 2 Electric Boogaloo - The Big Finale!
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Episode Thirty Nine! The Tag 2 Electric Boogaloo games comes to a thrilling conclusion!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20
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  • Bine Lengar
    Bine Lengar

    golden aplles wil be god for fight

  • Nasa Kat
    Nasa Kat

    Nooo save the mycelium

  • RageMagma

    "ugh.... Bumbo for mayor" - *Keralis, 2020*

  • Deborah Sheets
    Deborah Sheets

    My heart melted when Keralis said “we’re bee brothers!” 😭♥️

  • mona mody
    mona mody

    TFC bought it go and just give him a shoutout him he bought many things from your shop and he felt like your warehouse was the shop

  • Ash S
    Ash S

    Does anyone know what the resource / datapack is being used to make the "ding" noise when you get a hit with your bow?

  • kathvrt

    X you have 32 days worth of playtime on the server lol

  • Undrinkable Smoothie
    Undrinkable Smoothie

    Apparently Xisuma is Batman. Give him enough prep time, and he'll just win. 😆

  • Joanne Wang
    Joanne Wang

    Wait Xisuma’s gorgeous fountain wish came true

  • Mitchell McQuire
    Mitchell McQuire

    Ugh bumbo for mayor. 😂

  • Tsunami

    So that's who the derpy xisuma was.

  • DragonMan1756

    Little did he know scar who7ld be the one to grant his wish

  • snarl banarl
    snarl banarl

    27:12 this guy played for *776 hours* ???!!

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Bilectal

    tag 2 vooga booga

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim

    You needed a block to signify spider farm and you didn’t use cob webs. I’m not mad just disappointed

  • BJC T
    BJC T

    5:00 who used the music first Pixlriffs or xisuma?

  • Human With A Name
    Human With A Name

    Guns and poppies is hilarious

  • Audrey Main
    Audrey Main

    25:48 *Keralis noises intensify* 14:46

  • Saber 708
    Saber 708

    what does shashwami mean?

  • April Flint
    April Flint

    Booga booga gets me every time

  • DragonBeard

    Why is grain in the thumbnail

  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young

    Love the "legs" going up and down the spider farm tower.

  • Exochromatic

    Man all i can think is Techno vs False

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    Me watches them fight me who norm gives my enemy handicaps of no armor but always wins ... nubs

  • a bc
    a bc

    i love xisuma’s videos but I hate how slowly he picks up items from chests

  • Fern

    “Kill count 12” 30 seconds later “kill count 10”

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira

    you shouldn’t have promised cub half without consulting in keralis first because it affects him too...

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira

    @Xisumavoid I believe that a solid gold bee statue right at the top of your main tower would look awesome.

  • ThatGuyCalledMyth

    Literally the final hour

  • Purple Crewmate but with no profile pic
    Purple Crewmate but with no profile pic

    I feel bad for Joe’s dogs. 😭

  • Mr Dube
    Mr Dube

    Gotta work the bills needs...

  • Dom Whiting
    Dom Whiting

    The hermits actually need to do more stuff like this I had to watch it again because I enjoy this sort of stuff so much and well played Xisuma!!

  • asghar afghan
    asghar afghan

    Finally they won the ELECTRIC BOOOGA BOOOGA

  • Dylan Wodley-Smith
    Dylan Wodley-Smith

    xisuma you won the tag and cubfan135 gets more than you that is so unfair you should of promised him a tiny bit its his fault that he cared so much about green team.

  • Theo Athanas
    Theo Athanas

    Mfw as of this moment xiumavoid has spent 32.34 entire days in Minecraft

  • Azerith


  • Grumpy Dude Son
    Grumpy Dude Son

    I absolutely love when Keralis says tag two electric booga booga

  • silky milkmoose
    silky milkmoose

    NO NOOO NOOoOooO the mycelium gonna be really useful keep it

  • Dark Empress Of Doom
    Dark Empress Of Doom

    Xisuma and false good at pvp? Why where they not goo at PVP in season 6 when the civil war happened

    • a bc
      a bc

      they aren’t great..

  • tkkot

    26:54 X: "Not is all over"... Wow...

  • Jaci Lyn
    Jaci Lyn


  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    11:21 The other hermits probably found this wall of text really annoying. I never expected Xisuma to create spam!

  • The Mobile Lord
    The Mobile Lord

    Booga Booga -Keralis1

  • Andy Dawn
    Andy Dawn

    Why does Keralis call Xisuma “shaswamy?”

  • Shaya

    11:00 WE CAUGHT JOE

  • Edward Even
    Edward Even

    Absolutely love your builds

  • 小丑Joker

    Keralis to Xisuma (champions of the first few UHC): I don't know you're so good at PvP.

  • Eleanor Brant
    Eleanor Brant


  • Alfie Curtis451
    Alfie Curtis451

    Guns and roses 😡

  • C Prior
    C Prior

    Am I the only one who heard Keralis drop an fbomb?

  • Daniel Staples
    Daniel Staples

    Hermitcraft referencing Eminem is the last thing I expected here

  • iNoobBoi

    Watching this right after watching a Friend or Foe marathon makes it so anticlimactic. :( I should probably watch HC first before I watch ForF

  • Charger kun
    Charger kun

    Keralis: When did you get so good at PvP? Shashwammy: i dunno

  • Miles Lovett
    Miles Lovett

    please turn your minecraft music down it really annoying

  • Ploppy

    2:02 why don't you just shift click?

  • Dian _
    Dian _

    Please invite wattles to hermitcraft

  • Sam Cox
    Sam Cox

    Please invite wattles to hermitcraft

  • Tallus45

    Keralis: Thinks False is really good at PvP False: Thinks Keralis is really good at PvP

  • M Trent
    M Trent

    You are a fascinating, adorable, and inspiring person X. Thank you for all you do for the Hermit community and for us who watch.

  • Ty Pryor
    Ty Pryor

    The day hermitcraft became 2b2t.

  • Ty Pryor
    Ty Pryor

    Oh gosh, I’ve bean falling behind on my hermitcraft episodes. I’ve got a lot of binging to do.

  • Spectre

    All the arrows flying when there’s TNT and end crystals made me so nervous.

  • TheClassWeeb

    xisuma: the new king of pvp

  • Randee Jean Workman
    Randee Jean Workman

    Do some builds from 5th season And do 500 episodes

  • Meo Braithwaite
    Meo Braithwaite


  • Luke Carroll
    Luke Carroll

    Omg, the 1.15.2 PVP... Smh.

  • Luke Carroll
    Luke Carroll

    That PVP though... Lol X, you tried.

  • AMeatFace 123
    AMeatFace 123

    It’s Guns N’ Roses. Not Guns and Poppies.

    • Yadrian Ortiz
      Yadrian Ortiz

      You clearly didn't get joke dummy

  • ma7

    Xisuma has played 32.34375 days on the server.

  • R.P Vids
    R.P Vids

    U should intervieuw Plopper!

  • Andri 2009
    Andri 2009

    Can i please join hermitcraft

  • Brian O'sullivan
    Brian O'sullivan

    If you Want to get rid of all the mycelium then you should Bote for Scar

  • Dead monkey
    Dead monkey

    Just saying it would bee cool if you named your boot's speed beemons

  • シャドウモンスターShadow Monster
    シャドウモンスターShadow Monster


  • Michael Burton
    Michael Burton

    Are you allowed to put the tag away? I'm not sure that is within the rules of the game.

  • MonkeyDudeX1

    Hi I am a small RSloftr and I am a huge fan of hermetcraft and can I join?

  • Sushicraft 563
    Sushicraft 563

    X, you should check out Mumbo’s TNT concrete maker because it works and it hasn’t broke in a long time

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh

    Is this the pixlriffs ending music in timelapse

  • Freshman

    So Keralis only got one diamond block after all that? Love that guys accent by the way. Swashwami my friend.

  • Yuriy Staretskyy
    Yuriy Staretskyy

    You all sould build a plane biome gor pvp like an giant arena

  • protostar

    If you want the mycelium gone vote scar! #ScarForMayor

  • ViperLee 44
    ViperLee 44

    Sush swami? What's that

  • endmepls

    PVP players watching this be like: Potion of Instant Cringe II

  • BlobFishGaming

    X, Grian *really* needs string because of his mega base. He needs at least a couple double cheasts and will buy for alot of diamonds! Please like so X will see!

  • Literate_Waffle

    Any info on whether or not Pearlescentmoon will be joining the Hermits?

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson

    Ok so I've got the vanilla tweaks resource pack but I'm not seeing where you can select to *see* the items in shulker boxes like he has. Halp?

  • Gerry BLM
    Gerry BLM

    Xisuma, I think having in the tab the minutes played can ruin statistic's poker

  • Jesse Van der wijk
    Jesse Van der wijk

    guns and poppy's 😂 appetite for tnt explosion

  • DRiiBy YT
    DRiiBy YT

    Why do English people and Australians, South Africans, etc etc use the f sound for words that use TH? Free? Monfs? Like that’s so weird

  • CornB0b

    X wishes to get rid of mycelium, Scars campaign is already doing that

  • Suzanna Lucia Contreras
    Suzanna Lucia Contreras

    Mumbo for Mayor !!

  • Potatoe123

    Next season, you should invite PearlescentMoon

  • Illogical Thinking
    Illogical Thinking

    do your research. Thorns don't work like that

  • Crabbed Potato :0
    Crabbed Potato :0

    Even if im a kid XD I can COMBO YOU X


    Hi, can you help me please, I builded x's bee farm at the beginning of the season but bottles drop on floor instead of the hopper, why and how can I fix it please

  • Reader forlife
    Reader forlife

    Invite Pearlescent moon to Hermitcraft!

  • omar maghirang
    omar maghirang

    Bro this arc epic

  • MechaMC

    Ugh... Bumbo for mayor -Keralis 2020

  • Leon Zhou
    Leon Zhou

    Shhow us you're face