Hermitcraft VII 907 More Belt Shenanigans & Industrial Expansion!
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Episode Twenty Six and in this one we work on the two biggest projects currently consuming our time!
Fight Covid-19 With Hermitcraft!
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  • ZackAndAHalf

    "let not pull our hair out making in nice and symmetrical." *Makes it nice and symmetrical*

  • Nave Bushes
    Nave Bushes


  • Kyng Dora
    Kyng Dora

    Yeah, I do the dirt thing

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Phin 345
    Phin 345

    i like dirt so nooooo

  • This Tree
    This Tree

    U should have made your base a beehive And live there with keralis

  • Masterson_ Parker
    Masterson_ Parker

    The fact that xisuma threw the ender pearl over the void made my anxiety go way upp

  • TheScientist 027
    TheScientist 027

    X: Concrete Shop Me, an intellectual: Budget Sahara

  • Poppy Rymer
    Poppy Rymer

    The shop is hoooooooge

  • Stygimolch13

    I use dirt, I also use slabs for floors

  • Thomas Babineck
    Thomas Babineck

    X, I love you but you were so close to being the first person to get the Orange belt and I am saddened that you didn't take that chance. Respectively, Me

  • SurgeXs

    7:07 No, but I will from now on. Also, I never replace the floor of my starter bases with wood, so in all of my survival worlds, my starter bases have all-natural green carpet.

  • TorpedoTheTortellini

    I love how chill his time lapse music is

  • Ellie Dupliy
    Ellie Dupliy

    Also what happened to the netherite armor?

  • TK949

    7:05 Yes.

  • TyPlays MC
    TyPlays MC

    Lol I leave the areas empty to later get surprised by a creeper

  • Yuutaro Caleb
    Yuutaro Caleb

    I see you use the Shulker tool tip mod. How are you able to use it in your server? I can't seem to use it when im in my server.

  • Kolton Tatsu
    Kolton Tatsu

    9:14 sounds like Marvin The Martian from loony toons

  • Khaleel


  • Ruben Delahay
    Ruben Delahay

    It's called the scar dirt methode and scar uses it all the time

  • Adele Orchard
    Adele Orchard

    Why use dirt? Just don't place anything

  • colin piper
    colin piper

    A smoke stack on the concrete farm would be really cool, not just cobweb either but actual smoke particles, maybe rename a couple blazes although it might be tricky.

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    anybody else see grian at 4:55 randomly saying "i got eaten?"

  • Cobus van der Linde
    Cobus van der Linde

    6:47 I sort of do this, but also the exact opposite. I believe in immersing myself in the game world so, though it takes a lot of time I actually build a foundation below my structures by digging out all the dirt until I hit stone, and then filling in the foundation with stone. What this means is that I do give special consideration to blocks that will go unseen, but I never use dirt, opting for more "structural" blocks in those spaces.

  • Roma Davidchuk
    Roma Davidchuk

    Just want to point out that on 1:19 there's 6 pearls, just like a moment ago when Xisuma threw one in the end, but he had to throw 1 more in overworld, but he added 1 more so it would look realistic. Man, that's what's I call attention to the details

  • Prince Leigh
    Prince Leigh

    His laugh sounds so doofus!!!

  • Jokerkinng 123
    Jokerkinng 123

    Your fine with dirt They did the same with the Great wall of China

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Sell copies of your old hermit craft servers, money for all of you!!!! We want to see them!!!!!

  • chicken fall guy
    chicken fall guy

    I love how scar is just talking about the mandalorian in the chat

  • Declan Wilhelm
    Declan Wilhelm

    Stripped jungle wood looks like skin change my mind

  • Jamie Florencemylne
    Jamie Florencemylne

    What song at 12:40 couldn’t find in description

    • Katherine Shen
      Katherine Shen

      It’s alpha by C418 - hope this helps! 💛

  • Awesome Possum
    Awesome Possum

    Grian: This is going to take me forever to clear out! Xisuma: *clears out entire section in one timelaps*

  • BTGenisis


  • Magnus Jeppesen
    Magnus Jeppesen

    At 16:02 Xisuma talks about some server performance optimization, do I remember correct that in a past or future episode he talks about some plug in or something like that increased performance by ~41%, and put a graph on screen with some numbers. I can for the life of me not remember what name it was called 😬

  • ShadowSeal

    Yes scar uses "the dirt method" 😁

  • Arment Waltenbaugh
    Arment Waltenbaugh

    No No No

  • AtomicPlayz

    Congratulations Xisuma you’re a prophet

  • Emma is my name
    Emma is my name

    The inside of the unnamed warehouse building reminds me of somewhere I’ve been, I just can’t place where it was. It looks so similar to someplace... I just don’t know where and it’s driving me crazy

  • Sage Duff
    Sage Duff

    I always use dirt as filler

  • purplejellytotPJT

    Hi X, would love to have a video from you explaining the changes made to improve server performance. My own server definitely struggles with afkers and when lots of people are on! Thanks X :)

  • Chaosbeing

    It miss honey-crystal power.

  • Loïc BOUTTER
    Loïc BOUTTER

    I always use dirt or cobblestone for the parts noone will ever see

  • lightning Cloud
    lightning Cloud


  • Adriana Leite
    Adriana Leite

    7:00 I do it ALL the time!

  • Dale Fearnley
    Dale Fearnley

    Here's an idea. The corner tower could be a water tower (DROWNED FARM? Maybe?) That you could have a water pipe going to the cement maker. Also i like the air conditioning units. Maybe put one of the on top of the pipe you were wondering about covering the pipe joint.

  • Solve et Coagula
    Solve et Coagula

    Notices the poppies, but not the bone meal...

  • Brianna Schuman
    Brianna Schuman

    I'm curious what the actual server tweaks were as someone who admins a 1.15.2 server myself.

    • purplejellytotPJT

      Brianna Schuman I think I managed to find the answer to this on a Hermitcraft forum after a little google. I’m sorry I don’t have the link, but the info is out there ^^

  • Andrea Dunn
    Andrea Dunn

    Did everybody just forget about the tag game?

  • nickolas cathers
    nickolas cathers

    you're a monster for putting dirt in to fill the wall. it would look the same, but I don't cuz I know its there in the back of my head lol

  • Chromee

    in the witchfarm for fire res potions you can just put a campfire at the bottom and make the fall a couple blocks shorter so you can use the sword and the witches drop the potion!!

  • יונתן מצנע
    יונתן מצנע

    Scar does that! I should too...

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore

    Hey X you may as well invite Illmango to Hermitcraft

  • One Clutch Man
    One Clutch Man

    Don’t worry, I do that as well.

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith

    Are we not gonna talk about how he has 222 levels?

  • Ben Hanny
    Ben Hanny

    That stripped oak floor is fantastic! That pattern tells a story and I love that. It adds character to your builds!

  • ugh im trash
    ugh im trash

    Weird vivid dreams are very common during covid 19 lockdown

  • ugh im trash
    ugh im trash

    I love the livestream days, and I used to watch them a lot buy they start at 11pm for me usually meaning I have to stay up all night to watch them, and I can't do that anymore

  • Alberto Sara
    Alberto Sara

    Imagine seeing the concrete shop build with RTX, all those colored glass panes against the white concrete would look insane!

  • Flynn Davis Lawrence
    Flynn Davis Lawrence

    Hey look! A yellow jacket

  • FozzenSir

    What if the intro ender pearl threw Xisumavoid into the void??

  • N1kola_

    1:14 Me realizing scars magic fruit is fake: *suprised pikachu*

  • Frostwaffles

    Here is an idea which will take so much time but i believe it will be worth it. How about adding work/warning signs here and there around the factory by using 128x128 maps?

  • Aara Edwards
    Aara Edwards

    Xisuma, could you make an updated bee farm tutorial with everything you've learned?

    • purplejellytotPJT

      Aara Edwards +

  • borna belović
    borna belović

    Last season sahara, will this be the new biggest shop in the district?

  • AegisFromAshes

    Would love to hear details on the admin update, what you had done to get better performance :) we just added lithtium and phosphor (fabric performance oriented mods) and noticed a MASSIVE performance boost. Also - I sometimes put dirt behind my build too, but othertimes I can't! Whenever I walk by, inside I know dirt is there, and i can only see that, so I have to go and switch it back.

  • Ian O
    Ian O

    Vote Mumbo Jumbo for Mayor of the Shopping District.

  • Psilimit

    What did you do to optimize the server? Very curious about your under the hood admin work.

  • Isaac The Great
    Isaac The Great

    lapis lazuli

  • Cameron James
    Cameron James

    New fool craft season ever?

  • blurシ

    hey xisuma :D i encourage you to run for mayor, i think you would be perfect xx

  • RhianKristen

    I feel like adding some colourful concrete to the underside of the floors in the shop might help keep that awe inspiring feel of looking up at the roof and the windows. Also, perhaps adding a few windows to the lower section overlooking the ocean might help break up that big wall of white concrete and add to the majesty of the build. 😊

  • Tristan

    What do you use to see inside your shulker boxes that are in your inventory??

  • zumpy wumperface
    zumpy wumperface

    I do the dirt thing

  • G_Lise710

    I don't fill with cobble/dirt, I just offset it, leave a hole inside and light it up.

  • lausin.

    9:13 Kermit

  • OldMan_ Timmy
    OldMan_ Timmy


  • Viktor Torp
    Viktor Torp

    An idea of solution for you'r witch problem could be to make them hit lava before the fall so they drink the potion and when they den take fall damage they will have the potion at hand. I dont know but this will prevent items from burning but i havent tested it.

  • idk

    No, I barely have space that covered but when I have, I always make a room in it

  • Emmanuel Medina
    Emmanuel Medina

    No I leave the holes alone until I get the materials.

  • Caleb Pranger
    Caleb Pranger

    hay man you should put another tunnel in for maintains that you need to crall through

  • Reading Swimmer
    Reading Swimmer

    17:29 *vietnam flashbacks* We did the Willy wonka musical at my school this year and I know pretty much know the entire song by heart at this point, actually maybe all of them. We rehearsed it so many times that it is permanently engraved in my mind.

  • j259abcd

    We have seen that trick before. But X actually made it even more perfect because when scar teleports, it uses 2 fruit, but when X does it, its only one.

  • Mr.G4G

    mabye if u use fire aspect on a sword in your witch farm than they will drop fire resistance idk i hope it works

  • Rendrell TV
    Rendrell TV

    Ep 907 hit tf....

  • Zhiyuan Shen
    Zhiyuan Shen

    hey xisumavoid, what's the BGM used in your timelaps in the video? it sounds so good

  • StealthNinja

    Xisumavoid! I heard you need to get different potions from your witches in hermitcraft. Watch this video it's a great farm tutorial on the exact subject! rsloft.info/loft/video/aNqLlofJu53WipQ

  • BKrandy

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share any tips or tricks on how to make servers run better!

  • Broshi

    Am i the only one who gets really distracted by the intense classical music playing while he talks

  • SkinnyJeans

    When I play I usually use netherack to rill in parts of my builds that I'll never see.

  • Mohammed Imaad Iqbal
    Mohammed Imaad Iqbal

    7:00 Yes. I do it too and everybody else should do it too. It saves time and resources

    • Karma TuT
      Karma TuT

      I dont but oh well

  • Remy Peacock
    Remy Peacock

    Check out this stone generator. Don't know if it still works but it's fast

  • Isaac Bayhon
    Isaac Bayhon

    song @ 12:45?

  • Remy Peacock
    Remy Peacock

    How did you get way more performance out of your server?

  • Emma Wilkins
    Emma Wilkins

    I’ve totally used random stuff as block holders as to save material. Usually stone or random wood stuff so I can save concrete and other blocks.

  • 00 goop
    00 goop

    I bet the inside of the color factory looks spectacular with ray tracing.

  • Bred Loaf
    Bred Loaf

    Remember when you did polybridge

  • Elderos5

    I have noticed that if too many items get sent through the hopper system at once, the hoppers tend to shuffle them down the line if there isn't a filter to prevent them from doing so.

  • Cheeze N Quackers
    Cheeze N Quackers

    just me or is xisuma's shop 5x larger than anyone else's base

  • Yummy Nyx
    Yummy Nyx

    Instead of just using the concrete building just to sell only concrete, you can use to also sell other stuff like the idea shop in season 6. Just a thought

  • Bryan Lin
    Bryan Lin

    Can you let SB737 join Hermitcraft? That would be awesome

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