Hermitcraft VII 903 Loads Of Llamas!
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Episode Twenty Two! In this one we get up to some derpy shenanigans with @Keralis & Llamas!
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  • xisumavoid

    Were you just at the livestream? Hope you enjoyed it! We are streaming same time again tomorrow! :-)

    • Moonrise _Gaming64
      Moonrise _Gaming64

      U missed the rewards barrel!!

    • LTT 2121
      LTT 2121

      K then

    • Aaron Davies
      Aaron Davies

      this triggered me wtf

    • Dani Kisikan
      Dani Kisikan

      5:00 don't worry, Bdubs will make sure it's always daytime

    • KreyMG

      X you missed the reward at the willow tree. It's on the barrel with a sign says reward

  • Awesome Warthog2
    Awesome Warthog2

    I thought beef was going to gre t a bee skin because bee is his name

  • Quinn

    is there a build guide for the witch farm? I'd like to know :)

  • jullian jaize cuevas
    jullian jaize cuevas

    Bru yuo should pick the diamond in the barely bru

  • Roman Dvoryadkin
    Roman Dvoryadkin

    You can use compressor for audio postprocessing. I'm just enable compressor to -50dB on this video and all voices sounds almost equal.

  • Ruby Valentine
    Ruby Valentine

    You can use a compressor to boost the quieter audio while also capping off the volume of the louder audio

  • Cameron Burgess
    Cameron Burgess

    idiot idiot idiot you forgot UR REWARD

  • Fresher than U
    Fresher than U

    Shish-shwammy-void this is beautiful! -Keralis, Episode 903

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • JJ Royale Gaming
    JJ Royale Gaming

    Add Bubs and call it idea

  • ClassicalHeroes

    is beef new this season? i really like him, might go sub and watch his season after i catch up

  • Joshua Hatfield
    Joshua Hatfield

    Well, been watching every day for 3 or 4 days and I'm here. After you, I just have to watch Zed, I think. Well, I'm going to catch up on Biffa before I watch the next one, but I'm enjoying it.

  • April Flint
    April Flint

    I screamed when he passed the reward bin like 5 times

  • Cat

    Everyone: talking about Xisuma Forgetting the reward Me: quaking about The thumbnail....

  • Fia Flapjack
    Fia Flapjack

    14:44 Keralis: it is hugeeeee, it’s ginormous! Xisuma: ***dirty laughing*** yeah im not sure if anyone else noticed what they said but i did lol

    • JustAsaltyBith

      Fia Flapjack wow haha funny sexual innuendo haha ...😒 very very ˋclever‘

  • GanonGhidorah

    Why don't you guys just breed them and get new ones?

  • murphy munson
    murphy munson

    y not just a redstone torch tower bruv it would use less redstone

  • Brandon and Friends
    Brandon and Friends

    You left the reward in the reward barrel

  • Nathan Campos
    Nathan Campos


  • fuck off
    fuck off

    Why didn’t they just buy two and them breed them-?

  • Flannery's Notebook
    Flannery's Notebook

    Hey, Beesumavoid, alternate video title: Hermitcraft VII 903 The Alpacalypse

  • The Strider
    The Strider

    Omg cheats are on

  • Dylan Wodley-Smith
    Dylan Wodley-Smith

    Xisuma you could of just bought 2 and breed them up and don't have to spend to many diamonds.

  • Dylan Wodley-Smith
    Dylan Wodley-Smith

    Xisuma the hole in the boomers shop was actually biaccidently set of by Bdouble0 with TNT.

  • Desmond 7F
    Desmond 7F

    Xisuma:doesnt see the reward sign Me: What a derp

  • alireza 129
    alireza 129

    Why not just buy 2 and breed them?

  • Devin Laye
    Devin Laye

    I'm convinced xisumavoid is just a very advanced AI

  • Kiang Lee
    Kiang Lee

    Loads Of Llamas Lol

  • Pieter Vermeulen
    Pieter Vermeulen

    I think mumbo made the daylight sensor work in season 6



  • WillowTree

    he is not selling tnt

  • Dabeanni YT
    Dabeanni YT

    Always building with concrete

  • Levi Dowell
    Levi Dowell

    Xisumas time lapse music :) scars time lapse music (intense flute)

  • Cyer


  • Ariel G
    Ariel G

    It’s beautiful almost like IKEA Tower

    • Ariel G
      Ariel G

      Gorgeous IKEA Tower

  • Anna-Charlotte Tremblay
    Anna-Charlotte Tremblay

    The editor in me is crying at this problem with recording with discord it’s such an easy post fix 😭 it legit takes 10 minutes

  • I typed this comment
    I typed this comment

    Two derpy bees and a piece of meat dragging 16 lahmas around the shopping district... I'VE SEEN EVERYTHING!!

  • LTT 2121
    LTT 2121

    The start of the video for some reason 0:01 ( I’m doing this for likes ). ( pls like this comment)

  • I dont know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why couldn't you buy only two? then breed them yourself?

    • Cobalt


  • Frank Soto
    Frank Soto

    Another missed pun: name it the Hive.

  • Sloth Ham
    Sloth Ham

    In 12 episodes behind

  • O Hudson
    O Hudson

    Coperation name "the hive"

  • Andrew Goddu
    Andrew Goddu

    I know I'm late to this video but in Discord you can change each individual persons volume percentage

  • utseb1

    mules are better in every way than lamas

  • Thunderus Night
    Thunderus Night

    If you breed the llamas with the most health their babies will most likely have high health and that means more slots

  • Melissa The Rotund
    Melissa The Rotund

    Also, donkeys and mules seem to have better inventory space compared to Llamas.

  • Melissa The Rotund
    Melissa The Rotund

    I think the reason Beef and Keralis were at different levels is because their volume settings in _your_ Discord app are different. You may have Beef's volume low, and Keralis' high, which'd mean the volume coming in through discord before being adjusted by your client-side volume controls are different, and I think that might be where the issue is coming from. I have a streaming friend who uses Discord, and when HE adjusts the mic volume of his guests it affects the volume discrepancy far less than when the guests adjust their mic's volume and gain on their end.

  • bOt PeAsEnt
    bOt PeAsEnt

    Worker bees concrete

  • Aaron Pulley
    Aaron Pulley

    Llamas can get up to 15 slots, but over 9 is rarer. -Llama Master

  • Breno Narciso
    Breno Narciso

    Bee corp

  • Sean Omight
    Sean Omight

    I get what your saying about discord. But from what ive noticed it literally only has happened to keralis I think. When its the trio of bdubs tango, and impulse, I think just one of them is lower. Maybe? Idr. Idk. I just havent seen it happen as much. If itd fix the issue, id suggest using something else to talk to each other, like skype.

  • Brendan Saunders
    Brendan Saunders

    why hasn't VintageBEEf become part of this BEE revolution?!

  • Lasagna Sux
    Lasagna Sux

    Im glad youre getting into so many shenanigans with keralis. Your colabs with him were always my favorite

  • Vicke 2238
    Vicke 2238

    Xiumavoid sounds like RTG game lol

  • victoria campoli
    victoria campoli

    Big blocks inc

  • Downhour Productions
    Downhour Productions

    For a name, how about “Concrete Complete”?

  • d games
    d games

    Bread them to get more health or whatever it is so they have more storage so u only needed 2 of them

  • Will Casey
    Will Casey

    The pain of not seeing reward

  • Zavier Lim
    Zavier Lim

    What kind of music was the music at 25:07? that was the weirdest I have ever heard. XD

  • Mr Helo
    Mr Helo

    You could make a cobble stone machine and automate it which might lower the price of cobble. Just an idea

  • FozzenSir

    *Bells Ding* Xisumavoid : Was that the reward?

  • cJonah

    You should work with False to stock your ink. Maybe she uses her farm or Mather she uses hers, but in any case a deal where she can sell at the stand would be mutually beneficial, I think.

  • duckface

    That was more than 640 diamonds

  • Monkey Bizz
    Monkey Bizz

    Bee’s Inc

  • Vinze

    Everyone: Isuma Keralis: Cheschuami boi

  • PlantOfWar

    0:54 Curiosity killed the X

  • Nino Agustine
    Nino Agustine

    7:40 honey heist

  • David Clond
    David Clond

    #shopname Busy Bee Industrial Supply

  • ObviouslyAnime ClearlyManga
    ObviouslyAnime ClearlyManga

    Can't you put shulker boxes in them? (Scar sells shulker boxes)

  • Isaac Rogers
    Isaac Rogers

    You missed the diamonds from monster brew it was in the barrel!

  • CabaWaba

    Keralis: I got no diamonds also keralis: *has 3 and a half stack of diamonds blocks*

  • Mitchell Drake
    Mitchell Drake

    You can sell terracotta too

  • Cianaa

    Use pink shelker boxes

  • purplejellytotPJT

    Solution: breed the llamas to get ones with higher health!

  • A Profound Name
    A Profound Name

    The llama train with music really cracked me up.

  • Fabermain

    Beeinc (binc)

  • SirTiger

    Vintage beef and the luscious llama micro-transactions

  • Caramelldanson


  • Gamemode_ Cat
    Gamemode_ Cat

    curiosity poisoned the bee.

  • Jared Kinney Jr
    Jared Kinney Jr

    Y do Englishmen pronounce (th) with an (f) sound??? Ex: everything pronounced everyfing. XisumaVoid sounds like a little baby learning to speak?!? It's rather gross & annoying & I'm not even gona start on StressMonster, theeee most annoying voice on all the Internet. I will nvr understand how she got on HermitCraft other than they needed diversity which HermitCraft is still racist as there is still no Blacks. Annoying rant over...



  • tntcon 80
    tntcon 80


    • tntcon 80
      tntcon 80

      Call it blockiea

  • TraficHat

    Bee Vee Corp

  • Lucas

    Cal your business together: bee inc.

  • michael partin
    michael partin

    Shop Name: The Bees Needs

  • Reptak 04
    Reptak 04

    2:22 what s the name of the mod?

  • Swagaito Gai
    Swagaito Gai

    lmao imagine caring about spoilers in a finnish legos game youtube let's play

  • Starman x64
    Starman x64

    It would be cool if you copied the Hermiton Herald onto another map and locked it so you could have a copy of every previous edition, but still be able to update the original map to get the new ones

  • lunar7755 lunar7755
    lunar7755 lunar7755

    I may be to late but how bout the shop could be called the happy bee co.

    • lunar7755 lunar7755
      lunar7755 lunar7755

      Cause the hermits are always working hard and you are a bee and so is beeralis

  • Quattro

    Missed the sign for reward

  • Josh Angelini
    Josh Angelini

    the maximum load of llamas is 15

  • Tyler Snow
    Tyler Snow

    Just breed the llamas until you get the inventory size you want?

  • Nathan

    Beed them

  • 0mniscient Gh0st
    0mniscient Gh0st

    Buzzy bees inc.

  • BJbear2001

    Woe, Wikia! There is truly too much to remember. Truly only there can be jacks of all trades but masters of none.

  • Craytherlaygaming

    How many people suggested BBC(Busy Bee's Concrete) as the name?

  • Owen Perry
    Owen Perry

    The reward barrel

  • Wixelt - Fan Diction
    Wixelt - Fan Diction

    Name idea: I-BEE-A

  • Annamalai Meenakshisundaram
    Annamalai Meenakshisundaram

    Xisuma in Stresses shop you did not collect your reward from the barell

  • pgk fast
    pgk fast

    Everyone: yay two diamonds Xuima: oh, no reward