Hermitcraft VII 925 Preparing For 1.16 With Turtles!
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Episode Forty Four! This episode we breed turtles and make preparations for Minecraft 1.16
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20
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  • PikaGamer

    Couldnt you have technicially made 2 of those towers next to each other with the afk point inbetween similar to ur creeper farm? this would have doubled ur output or i might be missing something i suck at farms tbh xD just an idea

  • dailygame

    How do u only reset the nether???

  • Dragon Ball Gaming YT
    Dragon Ball Gaming YT

    *I was the turtle guy last season-* Finally. My kind of person.

  • iNoobBoi

    "We'll give them a bit of extra sAnD" *sahara*

  • Eric's World
    Eric's World

    That's Mumbo's Starter base and the tunnel goes to Grian's Starter base. Grian dug that tunnel to go to Mumbo's base in his first few episodes

  • zinkerfall

    matpat: in minecraft u r wat u eat. all hermitcrafters: turns into carrots. me: 0-0

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • The Holy Dorito
    The Holy Dorito

    The heads are alright But those arms... Those arms..... Are C U R S E D

  • White Family
    White Family

    Is it 40 minutes or 30 minutes

  • Andrew Carrier-Pearce
    Andrew Carrier-Pearce

    X since this video is older you probably won't see this but I just got to watching this and I understand not wanting the pigmen to take too much time walking, but if you look at iskalls farm or mumbos, they both have significantly larger platforms and both have a lot more pigmen spawning for them, I'm just saying it might be worth making larger platforms

  • Shinobi

    How on earth do you get so many levels?!

  • The Screem Regular
    The Screem Regular

    It’s an Infinite Egg *eggsploit*

  • XdVaRkOlAkA

    why you dont show your face :(

  • James White
    James White

    Why do people keep reinventing gold farms lately? The optimal method has been worked out and thoroughly tested, just use that design jeez

    • Cyclone

      Its because there is so much and more you can do with one and designing your own is more fun thrn using the same as everyone else.

  • grug4life

    Er... You do know that you can't craft crying obsidian, right? Well then, why is it in the 'crafting' section of your book?

  • Eliteskybanana

    Can u do a world download for the gold farm?

  • p8p8

    Why do the turtles look weird

  • Adrian Thegreat8
    Adrian Thegreat8

    Anyone know where I can find this sphere mod?

  • The Minecraft Potato Pro
    The Minecraft Potato Pro

    I lost my internet on the nether update day. What is my luck

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh

    As long as you don’t build in a nether waste or soulsand valley then ghasts can’t spawn right

  • Koko

    1:10 Snout baner pattern

  • Spencer Studler
    Spencer Studler

    Hey x got a question for you, how do you do one player sleep on the hermitcraft server?

  • Nekaudi

    😭 turtles don't breed on xbox minecraft.

  • Dijon Mayo
    Dijon Mayo

    The piglins need to think they can jump on the eggs in order for them to pathfind to them. That's why it worked with 3 blocks and not 2 😁

  • Marco B
    Marco B

    What are the dimensions for the circle from the gold farm?

  • Gengar Danny
    Gengar Danny

    Hay x how did you get that shulker box thing that shows you what’s inside of the boxes

  • Nolen Honikel
    Nolen Honikel


  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    the pigman have to have 2 blocks above the turtle to be ale to pathfind to it...basically they have to be capable of standing on the eggs...or believe they can

  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    i believe the turtles are alternating which becomes pregnant cuasing one to be in cool down while the other lays...by the time the other lays the other turtle can become pregnant while the other is in cool down and then the first turtle lays...an endless cycle if u have enough turtles...if it were just 2 it may be more obvious

  • EnragedPlasma


  • Frank Van Dooren
    Frank Van Dooren

    x what country u from? how old are u?

  • Emily van der Hidde
    Emily van der Hidde

    could you use a datapack to keep both nethers?

  • Jan Snot
    Jan Snot

    With the expansion of Xisuma's and Keralis' shop into nether blocks. I hope they partner with Tango and Etho with building the Nether themed Gaming District

  • António Ribeiro
    António Ribeiro

    How do you reset the nether but the things on the roof stay the same?

  • Samuel Čelovský
    Samuel Čelovský

    So...I was watching Grian and Mumbo using TNT to get ancient debris. Will at least you be the smart one and use beds insted of TNT? :-) Yes - beds - they blow up in the nether, remember? They are waaay cheaper than TNT. Just place them each 8 blocks. (the blow up radius is 4 blocks, that' why..) Of course you have to activate them one by one. But still cheaper.

  • KlaasNiphaas

    15:12 lol

  • Eric_ Lam
    Eric_ Lam

    Hey xisuma that thumbnail’s zombified piglin’s texture is wrong

  • Isabeli Estefano
    Isabeli Estefano

    those turtle skins haha

  • Steves Crafts
    Steves Crafts

    Can you make a texture pack that turns zombified piglins back into zombie_pigman?

  • The Kronos Theory
    The Kronos Theory

    hey x just another point about playing like the viewers play: the nether portals on the roof completely changed the way i play now, and i really enjopy seeing these mechanics as it makes my way of playing evolve. I Hope that you guys still using awesome mechanics like this for other things still

  • abe

    the eggs need 2 blocks of air above them from the piglins to pathfind toward them

  • Kaitou Blue
    Kaitou Blue

    How about you build a magma cube farm because there is a magma cube spawner in the bastion.(and some good loot)

  • Jurijs Zezlovs
    Jurijs Zezlovs

    Sell turtle eggs in your shop

  • AnizyArt

    So excited for the new chapter of Hermitcraft! This season so far has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next :D

  • Kymchi_


  • Tacobell1384

    So why move off of the nether ceiling? It is possible for anyone to get on the nether ceiling by making a portal in the sky.

  • aydin wohlgemuth
    aydin wohlgemuth

    I love that the turtles look like your normal skin.

  • Tacobell1384

    If you want to make an effective gold farm, why copy cubfan and not iskall?

  • Roy C
    Roy C

    Can anyone provide a link to the minihud mod for 1.16? As far as I have searched it’s available only in 1.15.2 and I rly need it tysm

  • Torben Mayer
    Torben Mayer

    Cubfans Design is not circular because his design (actually gnembons) works on how long the mobs live before they die. The longer they live, the less spawns you get per hour. This is why the distances to the eggs are as short as possible with the best amount of spawning spaces. The time the mobs live is shorter -> more spawns -> more loot.

  • loler4332

    how would you reset the nether but not the roof? just curious bc i would like to do that for my world lol

  • James Schenk
    James Schenk

    The farm iskall uses i heard is on mojang's radar... they plan to patch it later, but for now its fine; its a lots of work to fix aggro in the nether. Players see the exploit as a feature because the classic you hit a pigman, you messed up... so getting enchantment seemed normal. Mojang recognized that but it was unintended. They plan on phasing those farms out.

  • Dcat682

    X. the time you spent collecting those turtle eggs wasn't a waste. They're really good decorative blocks. Throw an end rod under them and the eggs ontop and you have a modern lamp. Though that would probably work better at with Keralis' base's theme.

  • Matthew Olive
    Matthew Olive

    What if Xisuma messes up and deletes all of season 7 when resetting the nether

  • BrownR87

    It would be awesome if you kept a copy of the overworld now too for the eventual season download. So all the portals line up with the 1.15 nether, and all the mayor stuff is still around!

  • Hmm ?
    Hmm ?

    Hello striderman

  • Ant Thomas
    Ant Thomas

    You have a lot of xp

  • Doottdemon

    You could sell those Turtle eggs in your shop...

  • The Tree
    The Tree

    Turtleeggs need 2 airblocks above it so the zombified piglins think they can stomp on it. That's why the zombified piglins didn't path from the layers below top level

  • pokeballcat4000

    Hermitcraft 8: everyone will have full netherite in the first episode except for the poor person who had to go back to iron because they died in the void

  • Wibiz

    6:10 Pretty sure the breeding cooldown for all passive animals is 5 minutes.

  • BKraker

    In your farm, if you only wish to stop ghast from spawning on the top layer, you can do that with considerably less glass blocks (like only 14, possibly even less), which then also would slightly speed up spawning up there. There are more ways to improve efficiency, but I am quite sure that others have told you that as well :-)

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    It’s crazy to see the hermits so casually grinding through utterly Insane projects!! It’s so fun to watch!

  • Animiles

    "Mumbo's always out of the loop, never knows what's going on." That was a mean assumption. Mumbo actually did remember to get the redstone back from the button. But it was still kind of you to return the items to him because it isn't really mumbo-like to remember it xD

  • Shiny Beverage
    Shiny Beverage

    wherre you ever a teacher? cause you remind me of one

  • Lucas Siemer
    Lucas Siemer

    X you have to go throug the door under mumbos window or through the trapdoor in his base

  • Jason Licht
    Jason Licht

    Lol "I always have to break this glass" bro... look down at the trapdoor... uhmm ladders yo! Hahahahaha!

  • GearBreaker

    Xisuma! The mobs won't go toward the eggs if there isn't two blocks of air above them (so they can jump on them). Turtle eggs can float, so if you just remove the block under the top turtle egg, you can have more layers in your farm, making it more efficient!

  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper


  • Ri Kill
    Ri Kill

    U got ready just in tome

    • Ri Kill
      Ri Kill


    • Ri Kill
      Ri Kill


  • AtomicRiptide

    Turtle egg shop?

  • Peejay Cabuang
    Peejay Cabuang

    What if there were warped nether warts and instead of being used to create ordinary potions, they're going to be used for creating potion imbues. For example using fire imbue will burn the entity you are hitting,or poison imbue to inflict poison likewise. I saw this imbue thing in a certain mod and i think it would be cool if these things come to the vanilla minecraft. :D

    • Peejay Cabuang
      Peejay Cabuang

      I think the mod was Biomes o plenty. Speaking if biomes, 1.17 might be the update for that. 1.16 just released and now I am already excited for the next update 😅

  • SkrubNUB

    Well that tunnel is for messaging transport only. Not really for flying :V

  • PokoTheDinosaur

    I saw XBs video Why are you Stridzuma?

  • Tove Bruun
    Tove Bruun

    Another farm to maybe add for 1.16 is a basalt generator.

  • Lestat Smith
    Lestat Smith

    Them turtles

  • Mark Dunlap
    Mark Dunlap

    Me gusta

  • 304banana

    Everyone needs a friend, like Xisuma, who’s got your back!

  • MrNobody


    • PokoTheDinosaur


  • Little

    What a coincidence! as i am commenting this, it's my birthday, the nether update goes existing, it's reddit's birthday, and the voting starts! wish me luck, i have too much stuff to do...

  • destasoul gamen for adults content
    destasoul gamen for adults content

    so now that 1.16 is there does that mean hermitcraft is just now hermitcraft S7.2 because the new update and we are in the halve waypoint before the next season.

  • Kingfisher 5906
    Kingfisher 5906

    Sell turtle eggs at your shop 🥚

  • Aero

    Did Xisuma really just admit he doesn't know how Bumbo Baggin's hobbit hole and Grian's tunnel work?

  • Gaust G
    Gaust G

    Can you do a in detail tutorial to make that gold farm :) love your content keep it up

  • H. 169
    H. 169

    Iskalls gold farm would not produce xp anymore in 1.16

  • Ultimaterasu Tidebringer
    Ultimaterasu Tidebringer

    If memory serves me correctly witches drop redstone

  • Tby Norman
    Tby Norman

    I find it funny how, java have incredible Farms but my bedrock gold farm produces arround 50 blocks of gold in 10 minutes

  • JHislife

    the egg has to be on eyelevel doesn't it?

  • Brian Scalabrine
    Brian Scalabrine

    You are the most grindy hermit ever bruv

  • Justine Polizon
    Justine Polizon

    Iskall is crying

  • Jeffrey Black
    Jeffrey Black

    There is a trapdoor in the floor of Mumbos base to get out.

  • KeRen Tan
    KeRen Tan

    pigstep!!! nether update hype!!!

  • xPikay

    For those of you wondering, there were 6 golden nuggets in the last chest at 14:04 gn in chests, from left to right: 0 9 113 803 606 737 102 x _____ 2370 + x total: 29 gb + 3 gi => 261 gi + 3 gi => 2376 gn x = 2376 - 2370 = 6 gn

  • Jorrit

    If you raiding the "piglin base" use than a hopper for the chests

  • Danny McDonnell
    Danny McDonnell

    You should light your nether shop with soul torches!

  • Khalid Amin
    Khalid Amin

    ximua your afk fishing program is broken. sorry to be so random but i didnt know where else to ask

  • Pheral TheFlamingFox
    Pheral TheFlamingFox

    Me when I wake up and X, Impulse and Cleo have uploaded: "It's all coming together"

  • Nathan Metzner
    Nathan Metzner

    WOW bold move updating on update day. I was expecting you guys to wait for it to stabilize like you did with 1.15.


    Michael reeves disapproves with this

  • Tobzrobo

    Why has he got so boring recently

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