Hermitcraft VII 932 A Game For The Nether Park!
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Episode Fifty One! Hermitcraft get a new mini game in Tango & Etho's theme park!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30

Bubble Storage & Whacky Science!!! - Minecraft Hermitcraft Season 7

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  • Shraibhand

    I actually jumped when the creeper poped up in 23:24

  • NinjaMagic

    I've recently started watching season 1 of Hermitcraft, I plan to watch through all the seasons but of course I'm starting in S1, and wow. Xisuma. Your style has changed so much (obviously). It's so cool to just look back at the start of Hermitcraft and see how much some Hermits have changed. X has more energy in his voice. Keralis' personality on camera has changed SOOOO much. And Hypno is exactly the same, but with a different editing style :/.

  • Tobias Holliday
    Tobias Holliday

    the game is like chess

  • Max John
    Max John

    What about the .1% of viewers who are neither subscribed nor unsubscribed? That's some Shcroedinger level shenannigans right there!

  • Adomicgaming space
    Adomicgaming space

    Mabey call it neverland??

  • Lebron Recamara
    Lebron Recamara

    The netherlands

  • Kengboon Lee-Ashby
    Kengboon Lee-Ashby

    Isn't this a mc realms game

  • Grant Cameron
    Grant Cameron

    Still think this place needed to be called 666 flags

  • Arthur Frade
    Arthur Frade

    What’s the data pack for seeing in your shulker boxes

  • Lionblaze

    The Dark Park😂

  • Slifer Streaming
    Slifer Streaming

    "And finally i'm ready to explain this game to all of you!" (Cue the ad) NERF! THE NEW NERF 2.0!

  • AerachEile

    For some reason I have no problem with Americans and Canadians saying baSALT, but when you say it it’s like a knitting needle in the ear. Surely everyone in the UK says BASalt? Thank you, thank you, thank you for being aware of the horrors of mouse wiggling in videos! A lot of experienced MC RSloftrs still do it (ahem Etho) and it really hurts my brain.

  • Jakob Burnham
    Jakob Burnham

    i tried making the game in my own world and i cant figure out how to make the swords and Armour stands. i'm using knock back and everything can anyone help me?

  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young

    I think the theme park should be called Amsterdam.

  • TheBusy Pangolin
    TheBusy Pangolin

    Why is this in tiveden playlist ?

  • Keung Eliot
    Keung Eliot

    Why does a strider need a fire res potion? hmm

  • woah ass ahoy
    woah ass ahoy

    the basalt deltas look so much like the elders recess from monster hunter: world

  • Godofmemes

    Every time I see TBE I think of truly bedrock the bedrock hermit craft

  • Koebryn Lazenby
    Koebryn Lazenby

    i agree netherlands

  • Appleberry Smith
    Appleberry Smith

    Since when was packed ice called compressed ice???

  • Frøzt

    hey xisuma why dont you use a tnt duplicator and everything for the basalt generator

  • Wired Wrong
    Wired Wrong

    The Nether park should have been called The Nether Rack!

  • AnizyArt

    Awesome episode! I find it hilarious that the size of the game is mostly because of the aesthetics rather than the game itself :-P

  • MGaming vanlommel
    MGaming vanlommel

    If you use the knockback on boats on ice they realy go flying!

  • Ryan Suchy
    Ryan Suchy

    1.5 mil!!!


    Xisuma, why would you explain this so long. Its just like chess.

  • Nicadrio Lee
    Nicadrio Lee

    Could ice be used as a mechanic in the game?

  • AquaGamer 980
    AquaGamer 980

    raid farm

  • samu steger
    samu steger

    this just chess with extra steps.... cool shit tho.

  • HelloIdkWhatI'mDoing

    I thought the first creeper face looked pretty good ngl

  • Gus Vukman
    Gus Vukman

    how about the funifacater

  • MegaMementoMori

    There should also be a hectic version of the game, which would be played without turns, without cards and with full access to fishing rods (they take a long time to use, so this would not be OP).

  • Andrew Campbell McDonald
    Andrew Campbell McDonald

    warped wonderland is an idea

  • Vegan Pork
    Vegan Pork

    No one- Xisuma- Hello everyone welcome back to another episode of hermitcraft

  • Dakota Lockson
    Dakota Lockson

    The Fiend-Park

  • Judah Fisher
    Judah Fisher

    Idea for your game: make different armor stands have different armor like chest plates and helmets and you can only move certain types with certain tools (example: you can only use the fishing rod on the boots one and only knockback 1 on the helmet one and only knockback 2 on the chest plate one)

  • Tim Woodley
    Tim Woodley

    How about Hermitland 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • Drakes Garage
    Drakes Garage

    its called the gamine district

  • Zach

    X: like a couple rockets away. Grian: Probably would say 2 stacks...

  • Patrick Hoskin
    Patrick Hoskin

    An idea for the game name; Hot Shots

  • Creeperine

    Rip Grian 6:50

  • Insert Creative Name Here
    Insert Creative Name Here

    I thought he already had 1.5 million subs

  • Benedek Görög
    Benedek Görög

    Congratulation for 1,5 million subscriber!

  • Silas Weber
    Silas Weber

    you should make a huge arena and make a bunch of different colored lether helms and make it like a free for all with all of the hermits as there own little guy and the winner gets a diamond block

  • XxLord BelxX
    XxLord BelxX

    I love the complexity you're adding mate, but you're going to need more than 3 units each.. in an ideal match my aim would be (according to the rules as you've stated thus far) to range 2 units to safer edges, and draw cards, 3rd unit would 80% be advanced on. Retreat for draw/ sack for draw or play if luck provails in the 2-3 turns of draw, use cards for precision and double turn, either there will be one very close to you for precision, or there will be two enemies incredibly close to each other by now 90%. Either fish atk close then strike w/ bonus move or take first turn atk and then fish atk second; and finally normal move attack for win. With 5 units this would not be as dominant a strategy.. I highly recommend it.

  • HelloImNotaBot

    Xisuma, not a name idea, but something you could suggest to etho and tango to have it so that you have to get tokens then use those to enter games like in a real theme park

  • Brandon Herrera
    Brandon Herrera

    1.5 m subs and James Charles as ur fan ,u made it

  • Abhishek Chitlangia
    Abhishek Chitlangia


  • 3D JG Print
    3D JG Print

    Make the Creeper face out of green wool please

  • Sneha Dube
    Sneha Dube


  • Mitchell McGregor
    Mitchell McGregor

    Congrats on 1.5mil

  • Doritohair07

    Congrats X, you’ve made checkers in Minecraft XD

  • Cherry Coo
    Cherry Coo

    11:59 Ummmmmmm xisuma what was that may i ask? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name should be Nether Land Theme Park ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xisuma: I am now going to tell you about this game Me:come on TELL ME! RSloft: AD! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Nathan Cockburn
    Nathan Cockburn


  • Priya

    Xisuma I have to say I have never commented but I noticed how you don’t move your camera so much and you are one of the only gaming RSloftrs that I can comfortably watch for a long time without getting a headache, so thank you for that. I love your videos and I’m from the UK, I sometimes wonder if I have served you in a shop or walked past you in the street and would never know, even though I hear you all the time! :)

  • Jeroen van der Waard
    Jeroen van der Waard

    To make the game-floor look more natural it would be cool changing the floor from orangewool to magma blocks, the white wool to chiseled quarts and the red wool either into blackstone

  • Cristian Williams
    Cristian Williams

    Why dont you do a face reveal for the fans

  • KirbyPlushMovie

    The nether theme park should be called “Netheria”

  • Joshua Kunz
    Joshua Kunz

    What texture pack is that?

  • MoonRider 71
    MoonRider 71

    Yay, X finally got 1.5mil! We hope you do nothing but grow further

  • Expert Bandit
    Expert Bandit

    You could play Soccer with the armor stands that’d be a cool game maybe

  • Alex Arnold
    Alex Arnold

    Put honey blocks under the lava to illuminate it more

  • Uzair Ahmad
    Uzair Ahmad

    this dudes microphone has the remained the same since beginning. Your voice when u had 50k subs and now is the exact same. Would love to hear to a crispier version of ur voice. one day

  • Akitooo

    What about „Warped Wonderland“?

  • Catriona Daw
    Catriona Daw

    68 eps till 1000 where he said he would do a face reveal so fingers crossed he will

  • Luuk Domhof
    Luuk Domhof

    I'm guessing you're creating some kind of wandering trader farm. Allowing you to always trade for any kind of mini block at any time you wish

  • Rman_LABR

    The nether themed place is the gaming district

  • Overly Friendly Cryptid
    Overly Friendly Cryptid

    Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was destroyed in one (Even though it wasn’t, it was in decline for centuries before the vandals finally took over, but I digress)

  • Ahoy

    One issue wit the Observer clock you use for the Basalt generator, is that it's always active, regardless of the contents of the Dispenser. So you'll always get Redstone updates while the chunk is loaded; wouldn't you rather use a Comparator clock for the sake of lag, or is that too insignificant to matter?

  • Black Drone
    Black Drone

    Boardgame in Minecraft... Sweet!!!

  • Daksh Loiya
    Daksh Loiya

    You should completely cover the armor stand with armor and the players heads, so that when the armor stand is eliminated, the other player gets the heads. Player with the most heads wins. (You can also use other mob heads too based on the players preferences!!)

  • bucketof 1%milk
    bucketof 1%milk

    Nice video X! I love the game so far :D

  • Thunder Headset
    Thunder Headset

    tango is making a game too big for the gaming district so he put it in the shopping district btw the game is not finished that tango is making

  • Cesco G
    Cesco G

    If the armour stands didn't go so far when you hit them a if there was more control when you hit them, I think armour stand chess could be created

  • ShadowKnight

    Congratulations X!

  • ExToS Shady
    ExToS Shady

    His pick axe gives me anxiety

  • DJ M
    DJ M

    The says episode 932 but the description says episode 51????

  • King Yejob
    King Yejob

    Make a “Bartering House” in the shopping district, where you auction of large amounts of materials over the course of a week, and use a different currency other than diamonds

    • John Willis
      John Willis

      The unfortunate thing is that most others things can be farmed. Diamonds are the best thing to use for a currency

  • RaiXgame.

    I discovered this in 1.12 and I thought that it was a bug!

  • The Strider
    The Strider

    Ingame skin change would help a lot this series lol

  • SP Magic
    SP Magic

    Moving for your opponent is more powerful than double move because you essentially get three chances.

  • Aidan H
    Aidan H

    i love that, "Chow for now!"


    Soulrasic park name for theme park

  • Luke Kirkpatrick
    Luke Kirkpatrick

    Call it the 'Fiendpark'

  • sargent gopnik
    sargent gopnik

    Call the theam park neatherrasic park dun dun dun dun dun


    Does his skin change acording to the biome?

  • spaceitself

    The Fairground should be called Nether Ending fun

  • JustATomat

    Happyhell (themepark idea)

  • Ryan Plays
    Ryan Plays

    You should make this work with tangos game decked out

  • Ryan Plays
    Ryan Plays

    I think a good name would be the netherlands

  • KiddsockTV

    you should end TBE with a lil x TBEx. not sure what blocks to do that with

  • Charlie Wahl
    Charlie Wahl

    The park should be called The” Overworld wastes theme park. “ because there are the nether wastes

  • Stuff n’ Things
    Stuff n’ Things

    The theme park is called “ the gaming district

  • Jack Fenwick
    Jack Fenwick

    theme park name: Nether Aight

  • AlwaysAilin

    I tried the armour stand thing and everytime I hit it, it didn't move at all. Not sure why

  • Aspects

    has anyone realised that he on ep 932 while mumbo and grian is like on 27 or something

    • Aspects

      @Aoife Hall o didnt realise

    • Aoife Hall
      Aoife Hall

      Aspects he doesn’t reset his episode number so it means that he has done 932 hemeitcraft episodes

  • Blayer

    tango and etho's theme park needs to be named, "land of the fire, park of the people"

  • conrado macedo
    conrado macedo

    One cool idea is if the player manages to land the armor stand on the white carpet at the middle, he gets a piece back.

  • Spyder_Gaming

    You should make a Minecraft server that’s for HermitCraft viewers or anyone really, he same idea as HermitCraft but with plugins and other stuff to keep people in line

  • HGGundamPlays

    Build and tested this basalt generator. Connected it to a shulker loader and I was getting a shulker full of basalt in about 5-6 minutes .. incredibly fast for a manual generator ..(using a Haste 2 beacon)