Hermitcraft VII 918 Connecting Neighbors!
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Episode Thirty Seven! In this one we build our tower, finish the project and connect with Keralis!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20
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  • xisumavoid

    We should get a snapshot from mojang tomorrow... i hope! In the meantime, if you're interested in Minecraft Dungeons, here is my play through! rsloft.info/loft/video/eJmJzbPWq5DCe6g

    • sam johnson
      sam johnson

      we see the amount of work you put into these videos. Most youtubers dont take the time to incorporate the little nuances you do, but they are well worth it. Blown away by the time lapse this episode.

    • Konner Balding
      Konner Balding

      Hey who has the tag?

    • Rovin Ismael Rosales
      Rovin Ismael Rosales

      Pls do more guitar covers in your 2nd channel.

    • BABADOOK Production9211
      BABADOOK Production9211

      Hey Xisuma if it's possible (not necessary though) Can u ask the Hermits to make a highway that connects all the bases (likes of the city made by Keralis) Love ur content GG

    • Wayone

      U need to invite someone else to hermitcraft his channel is called wattles

  • Raman Goel
    Raman Goel

    You could hear the difference in his voice when the creeper came Also ads spam lol

  • CeepTheMaker101

    00:9 good news, everyone! the professor: eeh, whaa? -futurama reference

  • Blanket Games
    Blanket Games

    Don’t mind me just watching some videos here

  • Anya Chan
    Anya Chan

    Beesuma’s face is seriously adorable I mean that little frown.. 🥺

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Christine Akai
    Christine Akai

    No the game was not over, it died

  • Miles 27
    Miles 27

    3:50 I’m gettin some Mumbo vibes...

  • Sebastian Hayes
    Sebastian Hayes

    Xisums: I placed 9,000 leaves Iskall: am I a joke to you I will place 1,000,000 leaves

  • dan owen
    dan owen

    16:20 you never swapped the tag

  • The Strider
    The Strider

    Oh the pillagers were refueling the ravagers so dont worry

  • Dylan Le Voguer
    Dylan Le Voguer

    Anyone else notice Keralis no longer has his bee skin?

  • PineapplesGame

    8:51 but...but...he HAS a string farm!!

  • Dnyanendra Kalse
    Dnyanendra Kalse

    Time lapses are getting more and more cooler

  • Mega K's Beatz
    Mega K's Beatz

    he didn't give u the tag 2 electric boogaloo

  • Francesca Ricciardi
    Francesca Ricciardi


  • Kai Digo
    Kai Digo

    now you need a banner the road goes under that says something to the effect of Welcome to Xisumaville.

  • Pieter Vermeulen
    Pieter Vermeulen

    Check out ray works channel, he has a simple afk blast chamber that i think will fit

  • Silver Ghost
    Silver Ghost

    nice video

  • Starry Sunrose
    Starry Sunrose

    no one commented on xisuma putting random dutch angles in his timelapses so now he's turning them upside down is this a cry for help

  • Dian _
    Dian _


  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    wow! that time lapse was so smooth!!!

  • Exalt

    10:18 are we just going to ignore that magnificent view of his base

  • One Of The Pickle Guys
    One Of The Pickle Guys

    Wait till the door thief finds out about that platform

  • Hahafunny Poop
    Hahafunny Poop

    “9000 leaves placed” Iskall: “hold my beer”

    • Nept00n1

      ... you obviously dident get the message

  • Joce Lyn
    Joce Lyn

    You had missed the emeralds when you pressed The Green Team Memorial Button (around it) much like the potion’s reward

  • Ana Statescu
    Ana Statescu

    oH YOU're such a concrete bee. Just check Tango and Impulses' machine x.x

  • Pie King 1
    Pie King 1

    The shushlul

  • SkyKing17

    Xisuma: 9 thousand leaf blocks placed! haha Iskall: *cries in omega tree of doom*

    • Nept00n1


  • Space Man
    Space Man

    Your builds inspire me so much ! I love the timelapses

  • # Brickie
    # Brickie

    You should connect mumbo, grian, scar and stress bases group with this roads.

  • Voidless

    Honestly i like the that the vines is haning over the roads

  • 131Leonardo 01
    131Leonardo 01

    love that during the time laps the camera turns upside down nice!!

  • Nicholas roessler
    Nicholas roessler


  • Bot_Boy Clipz
    Bot_Boy Clipz

    Creeper, ah jeez nOw wE BaCk iN tHe MiNe

  • Parthib Hayat
    Parthib Hayat

    Will there be any new hermits this season, or even next season(which I probably at least an year ago)?

  • PogMelon

    Xisuma does someone gonna put a beacon for 1.16

  • 11_FishBoy

    Xisumavoid, ever since Hermitcraft 6 I really wanted to join Hermitcraft and play with all of the hermits. The other night I dreamt about joining the server, so please, can i join?

  • De Boesjes
    De Boesjes

    I just thought something. What happend to the Tag?

  • psychedelic

    Button is dead. Can we get an F in the chat for the button. Funeral on Saturday.

  • Tonkanation2.0

    You should put Danton in it would be really funny to see him play with all of you guys and gals

  • CostDillon12

    The zombie pig man was Brian in disguise

  • Ciruttai

    please do more covers of metal songs instead of minecraft.

  • Legoivan44321

    When that zombie pigman broke his door, I thought he was going to say "That's Grian's job!"

    • Aoife Hall
      Aoife Hall

      Legoivan44321 lol me two

  • AMoldyWalnut

    You should look at Ethos Jank concrete maker in his latest episode. Its pretty easy, and is better than manually doing it.

  • Matthew Parrett
    Matthew Parrett

    rsloft.info/loft/video/itVo0JuZ0Z3Pgoo afk fishing 1.16 worth a look

  • John doesaveragestuff
    John doesaveragestuff

    Xisuma: “there is a dog right outside my portal” proceeds to pull out bow Viewers: sweating nervously

  • bhalterman30

    What's going on with tag 2 electric Boogaloo

  • Ashes


  • Paul Wehner
    Paul Wehner

    also, you dont only get forevergreen, you also get 3 emeralds one from each side

  • tiagonsilv

    The time lapse looked amazing. Good job.

  • Dillbobgaming

    For the Horde!

  • Tom Toebes
    Tom Toebes

    honestly it look''s amazing ,what do you think of the idea make it's a super futuristic base in the jungle with elevated walkways and the road twisting true there still with trees and sort of living tower pods

  • Speed

    You should make certain comments for certain topics, like Timelapse praise here.

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    How does he see what is inside the shulker while in his inventory

  • Egg

    Make a grav block duper for concrete

  • Bellatrix Salazar Slytherin crook
    Bellatrix Salazar Slytherin crook

    Can I recommend logicalgeekboy for the hermitcraft server? he is a redstoner and one of my favourite youtubers!

    • Bellatrix Salazar Slytherin crook
      Bellatrix Salazar Slytherin crook

      Like so this can be seen

  • Enderbass

    It looks like a price checker xD

  • Nicholas roessler
    Nicholas roessler


  • Dimkat

    Why you don't want to see your face???

  • RoboPuffin

    You should partner up with Scar and give him all those oak leaves if he agrees to give you 40 or 50% profits of it.

  • Manuel Marrero
    Manuel Marrero

    You've got an unintended vine farm lol

  • Arturs Arajs
    Arturs Arajs

    You should connect every base and have big signs telling you how far each base is

  • Goldmonkeymayoman_14

    Plopper for mayor

  • Oliv3r VEVO
    Oliv3r VEVO

    I new why is it episode 918?

  • Bradley Neufeld
    Bradley Neufeld

    i wanna see Xisuma Iskall play stat poker with leaf blocks placed. Also: love the time lapse editing, you always do something creative

  • Professional Moron
    Professional Moron

    U spelt neighbours wrong. Unless it was intentional

  • Gyrre

    Yay for music credits!

  • Gyrre

    Everytime I see that road, I immediately think of the first Mega Man X game.

  • gabe31

    I thought Xisuma said social distancing lol

  • LandoHitman

    The sheer amount of quality in Xisuma's content is un-bee-lievable. The editing alone is inspiring.

  • Cypher

    Adidas tower looking good

  • SFP

    I want le textuore pack @xisumavoid

  • j4n301

    Love that side switch at 5:02

  • Richard Mountford
    Richard Mountford

    How does X survive with over 100 levels for ages? I can barely manage with 34!!!

  • Leonie Nicolaus
    Leonie Nicolaus

    Thats welsknight starter house? That could be my Main Nase for around 3 years

  • Roan Couperus
    Roan Couperus

    You coud ask if keralis coud make a trash desosal place and connect you building trash system to his thing so he disposes it or uses ir for free bc trash

  • KingBobXIV

    Well that settles it - Plopper's got my vote!

  • MR Jimu
    MR Jimu

    Keralis took some concrete from ur shop without paying. I don't mean to be a snitch

  • ori amir
    ori amir

    Who is also thought is phone crazy in 5:07?

  • Amber Oostrom
    Amber Oostrom

    Wow! I just watched your "Try not to meme in my comments" video, and I am really impressed. I just scrolled through the comments, and I found minimum of meme comments. I am happy now, it was getting quite a bit annoying.

  • 1tzM1n0

    how does he see the contents of the Shulker when hovering over it?

  • Danthalionman

    You all should add Archimedes ships to Hermitcraft CARS ON HIGHWAY! Ships in water! Blimps in sky! Match made in heaven!

  • Mateo

    perhaps smithing tables as the floor on the furnace tower would look industrial and fit the palet?

  • Triki Achraf
    Triki Achraf

    I don't understand why you need this much of a supply , it's cheaper to use the watering method and having just some blocks to use as a solid block ..

  • Zemrocku

    Xisuma you gave Me Vertigo from going Upside-down

  • dude82us

    on fhe time laps the twist around thing pretty cool..but i wasnt a fan of staying upside down after the twist

  • Gabe Kuhlman
    Gabe Kuhlman

    Those time lapse camera transitions were really cool

  • T3rr0 Talabode
    T3rr0 Talabode

    Additionally, a string farm would enable you to craft MASSIVE amounts of scaffolding in the shopping district.

  • K0bK1t

    Zisteau for Mayor!

  • Logan Nickerson
    Logan Nickerson

    For the road, you should adapt it to the build style its near: for a medieval town, an old road that abandons the straight lines and maybe a gate to separate the two

  • Logan Nickerson
    Logan Nickerson

    The time lapse made me a bit motion sick when it started flipping, might want to tone it down. It was still enjoyable though, I like the content.

  • your local boss man
    your local boss man

    i think it was welsknight who bought all the bones

  • EgorDev

    Grian be like 0:01

  • Christopher Gourley
    Christopher Gourley

    grian has all the concrete belts by the way


    This 5 second comment wants you to call a loved one.

  • T3chnym

    3:29 *adventuring

  • YTfandom055 ツ
    YTfandom055 ツ

    watch them never use the hermit highway (i got the name hermit highway from Thalo, like his comment so Xisumavoid can see it)

  • YTfandom055 ツ
    YTfandom055 ツ

    me skipping the whole series and just watching this episode

  • Aquellah McKinney
    Aquellah McKinney

    Xisuma,Pay attention to your Surroundings Next Time you do a Time lapse.

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