Hermitcraft VII 931 Mini-Block Marketplace!
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Episode Fifty! Hermitcraft needs a new marketplace to exchange blocks!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30

096 - Xisuma Tweaks the Nether // The Spawn Chunks: A Minecraft Podcast

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  • PikaGamer

    a way to turn this into a business (ik its probs not what u wanted to do just an idea i thought of) u coulda made it so ppl rent a barrel by the week so each barrel is numbered and there is a double chest with pages renamed to numbers that ppl replace with a diamond if they wanna rent it a second week they place another diamond if they wanna be done then they just put the paper back in you could even possibly use a filter system to only extract diamonds

  • DreamHatesRoblox

    L see more yo u nooooob

  • Ima RRB
    Ima RRB

    plz invite pixlriffs to hc

  • Zak Cherrie
    Zak Cherrie

    X you can sell mini bee hives now in your honey shop

  • Ryan Richard
    Ryan Richard

    I never thought I would get paid because the experience was tough and made me want to give up, I'm glad I met Mr Nicholas Myron , with his help and strategies I was able to get good returns on my investment after 7days of trading , I'm really grateful and I recommend him to everyone who wished to get paid also on Instagram @nicholas__fxtrade........

  • Nicolas Tran
    Nicolas Tran

    it's like stickers

  • Dimpayツ


  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Josh Spangler
    Josh Spangler


  • Singh Sukhneet
    Singh Sukhneet

    what i see: oh mushroom Island what hermicrafters see: money

  • Vinícius Dias
    Vinícius Dias

    I love how the mini blocks made the series even nicer to watch. It’s a minor change to the game, doesn’t take off the vanilla feeling and yet it makes it more interesting to play (I use them in my server/single player world) and watch you and the other hermits using them in various forms

  • E0N

    You don’t need netherite for a respawn anchor


    How do you get the heads data packs on iOS

  • Leaf Animations
    Leaf Animations

    Xisuma gives me very strong Pokémon vibes when he says he wants to collect all the heads :D

  • sad misfit
    sad misfit

    Nobody is going to comment about pig face? I was screaming at my screen for Xisuma to change it

  • Iñi Regal
    Iñi Regal

    Hey X, I know you wouldn't read this because it's already been one month, but you know you could use lodestones to track important positions in any dimension.

  • Aws Khanfar
    Aws Khanfar

    13:14 i like the way he says "tutorial"

  • Lainey Wright
    Lainey Wright

    You don't trade with a Trader and then kill him. That is not what a gentleman does.

  • woah ass ahoy
    woah ass ahoy

    a better name would've been HermitCraft Block Exchange (HCBE) because that has a similar ring to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

  • Logan The KING!
    Logan The KING!

    make it so you can change the portal color with vannila tweaks

  • ExtinctInsanity

    What's the mod/datapack to get the miniblocks?

  • Pablixu

    4:50 Xisuma talking to the Wandering Trader: You became the very thing you swore to sell!

  • Faris Latif
    Faris Latif

    That bee head look cute

  • Rashed125

    All the hermits are saying the bartering system is OP, but I think its not cuz I’m pretty sure ur normally not supposed to have an infinite supply of gold

  • [Username Deleted]
    [Username Deleted]

    All the 5x5 mob heads have Cyclop eyes

  • ItsMeT1ger

    I saw a small bit of that livestream of you making those rings, it was exactly the point where you fell into the lava

  • KevlarPotato

    Podcast? No. Pog-cast

  • karlaugustkask

    @xisumavoid can you pls tell me the texture pack or client tath you are using ! Pls (my English is bad) pls

  • Eric Eldeen
    Eric Eldeen

    When you put the scaffolding in front of the mob heads it looks like there in cells, and i thought that was hilarious

  • King Yejob
    King Yejob

    Make a “Bartering House” in the shopping district, where you auction off differing amounts of materials over the course of a week, and use a different currency other than diamonds

  • Keen Canlas
    Keen Canlas

    Its only been out for 4 mins how many people already comments or its just that notifications are broken

  • Aidan H
    Aidan H

    rename your tools, cos your not a bee anymore

  • Aidan H
    Aidan H

    i listen to that podcast everyday!

  • Noah Hecksel
    Noah Hecksel

    Is Hermitcraft java or bedrock?

    • a bc
      a bc


  • Soldier Hunter 974
    Soldier Hunter 974

    I saw the episode after this when he had 13 levels and I was just waiting for him to die

  • Eli Tillemann
    Eli Tillemann

    X, you should stick wandering trader heads on poles around the block exchange. A little grim, but also a little funny.

  • Kobi Evans
    Kobi Evans

    What resource pack do they use for the shulker sneak peak thing?

  • Sondros1

    Why has no one thought about making the portal in the nether stick up over the roof and break 4 pieces on bedrock and make it stick under so you can enter the portal weather your above or under the roof

  • juji-fruit964

    Classic Xisuma skin really threw me for a loop

  • Spiragon

    If I learned one thing from this episode, it's QUARTZ BRICKS. I've been waiting for a white brick pattern and have been resorting to end stone bricks until now.

    • a bc
      a bc

      Best edition in 1.16 ngl haha

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones

    It’s like bones and bonemeal

  • Guillaume Caucheteux
    Guillaume Caucheteux

    When he showed how all his dispensers had been emptied at the sheep farm, I had a *shear heart attack*

  • F. U.B.
    F. U.B.

    Those invisible item frames would look pretty cool on the front of a single chest (like the lock) Love yall!

  • RoboPuffin

    X: One thing I learned today is that quartz and bone block work really well together. Wels: *laughs*

  • Missy Jo
    Missy Jo

    Maybe some warped vines leading to the portal up over the hill

  • Aaden Hoffman
    Aaden Hoffman

    You should change the pig face into a mini face

  • Paige D.
    Paige D.

    I love the idea of the half moons, I definitely am going to try it in my survival world

  • Fun Individual
    Fun Individual

    I think the shop should be called Block Swap ( B.S. for short)

  • Pabs 1234
    Pabs 1234

    cleo is probably gonna come here a lot

  • Tristan Brett
    Tristan Brett


  • KoshVorlontay

    Just binged this Season 7, now depressed :( Might have to wander over and watch his BeeBuddy's S7

  • Andrew Latham
    Andrew Latham

    search up wattles on yotube and that is the guy who should join hermitcraft and if you do not add him i will unsubscribe to your channel

  • PboyJr

    TBE reminds me of the Bazaar from Everquest!

  • Tom Gleenberg
    Tom Gleenberg

    i send a feedback on vanilla tweaks with an issue on the smoother font. thanks for fixing it :)

  • Nashpotato 2006
    Nashpotato 2006

    When you fell in lava you should had changed your skin to red new mob

  • Monstergomery

    Check out itsMarloe he would be a great person to join hermitcraft

  • AnizyArt

    Watching these episodes are so fun and calming. I look forward to every one :D

  • Finn

    8:15 thanos 😏

  • Nick Law
    Nick Law

    Second Channel? You have 3.

  • Munjee

    X , if you guys a updating the server , you know that mean you need to get a brute skin now right ?

  • Cameron Stricker
    Cameron Stricker

    10:14 Mooshrooms are returning to the shopping district. nature is healing, the hermits are the virus

  • Eli Rittenhouse
    Eli Rittenhouse

    19:54 :{

  • Thick And Thin
    Thick And Thin

    The faces look great but the chicken beak should be made out of yellow con creek

  • Connor Porce
    Connor Porce

    Hello Xisuma i was wonder how you were able to see the inside of shulker boxes by hovering over them

  • skipidihop

    Idea: Instead of using wool and concrete in the faces on the mini-block shop, you should use coloured glass. It would allow more light in while still having the same effect.

  • Noah Thompson
    Noah Thompson

    Did anyone else notice the pork chops in his offhand that didn't who up in his hand?

  • Zarda1

    More of the same.. Losing interest love X but time is so valuable.

  • Jesse 444
    Jesse 444

    Xisuma: ‘Aha, from here it looks much much better.’ Me, who is team Tango and Impulse: *Which proves that Colour complete is better!*

  • David O
    David O

    I seriously thought that all hermits forgot about existence of new quorc block

  • 輝

    Is there an official list of available mob heads?

  • innit innit
    innit innit


    • a bc
      a bc


  • MIRO :: gaming
    MIRO :: gaming

    Xisuma said “I have a theory!” A GAME THEORY!

  • 0szOfficial

    what texture pack does x use

  • MinerBros2000

    My favorite vanilla tweak is the mini heads

  • Justin Alley
    Justin Alley

    Put a creper head on your belding x

  • PigAdmiral

    Everyone at the start of the season: X, y r u a b?

  • Caspian MK1
    Caspian MK1

    Wouldn't it be worth it to enchant all those shears with unbreaking? XP is pretty much endless on the server and a little lapis would be worth not having to reload the system as much

  • Froge

    The store reminds me of those trading card halls where people play Magic or something

  • George Agorakis
    George Agorakis

    The foxes’ eyes are like sheeps’. You made a new version of herobrine

  • Sven Svensson
    Sven Svensson

    Yes good idea for the new shop!

  • Antonio j-b
    Antonio j-b

    X whats the name of the website you and the hermits use to look at the seed before you guys start a new hermitcraft world? Also this came out on my bday thanks lol.

  • George Michelakis
    George Michelakis

    Can the villagers give you a soul speed book?

    • a bc
      a bc

      Piglins give soul speed

  • TheOrbedOne

    Ngl the pig is a big derp The fox too

  • TiltTheTilt

    finally a peaceful intro

  • Aidensan

    Cold strider Xisuma looks like Thanos

  • Superficial Chasm
    Superficial Chasm

    1:42 ha. ha ha. ha.

  • shelby_sheep 18
    shelby_sheep 18

    Have you ever done a Q and A?.. just asking =T oh and if you can it would be cool :-) By the way I love your stridersuma skin it's so cool

  • Reader forlife
    Reader forlife

    Can you invite Pearlescent Moon to Hermitcraft?

  • Zack attack
    Zack attack

    for hermitcraft season8 you should download a seed that is a scale of the actual earth and make settlements in different countries and claiming land as your own I just thought that would be a good idea for the future and base the theme of the season with presidents or kings of countries, again just an idea not a hate comment. Also love your vids

  • grant van gorp
    grant van gorp

    I love the skin changes every time you go to and from the nether X!

  • Joe Langner
    Joe Langner

    Hey Xisuma, for the pig face you could get some wool and replace some concrete.

  • Mei

    Hey, use dyed glass to make more heads on the sides

  • 3DVertigo

    Thank you so much Xsuma. Your videos are the ones I look forward to most. Keep up the great work!

  • Philip Marlow
    Philip Marlow

    You should challenge everyone in Hermitcraft to see who can get the most XP without dying.

  • None Yabizness
    None Yabizness

    You shouldn't hang heads from the ceiling You should put them on pikes. Really brings the room together lol.

  • Brandonplays702

    17:38 add a soul lantern as it gives off less light

  • Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira

    ya dont need ancient debris to make a respawn anchor

  • Tabyelox

    20:49 X: that is a pig Me, and intellectual: that's Technoblade neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd

  • Sly Cooper
    Sly Cooper

    I love the little details he puts into his video. Like changing from warm to cold strider depending if he is in the nether or not. Thanks for the tiny things x. I mean it

  • Pooptoomuch

    We use the vanilla tweaks, more mob heads and wandering trader dp's on our server, fully up to date. However, all the traders that spawn sell only Steve heads (visual) and the fine collection of micro blocks myself and another server collector were rocking in 1.15 have all now turned to Steve heads, but with their original names. Placing one of these Steve heads shows the correct skin, but breaking it thereafter turns it in to a generic Player Head. Any insight to what I am doing wrong would be greatful.

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