Hermitcraft VII 933 Capturing Wandering Traders!
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Episode Fifty Two! This episode we work on a plan to capture wandering traders!
Bonus Episode : Hermitcraft VII Standoff 5v5 With Zedaph!
Legacy SMP: Episode 13 - The Great Head Hunter
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • xisumavoid

    Bonus Episode : Hermitcraft VII Standoff 5v5 With Zedaph! rsloft.info/loft/video/abeotaLUwoXUsGU

    • Aska Liu
      Aska Liu

      "retreat" and "swap side" should be like "castle king's side" in chess where itself is a move, so no wack after using that card maybe O_O? also might help extend the game a little bit making it more interesting?

    • Jan Bernacki
      Jan Bernacki

      Xisuma i have a question? How do you make these skins? They look awesome and im looking forward to make copies of .y character and do something similar

    • Bethany Spriggs
      Bethany Spriggs

      It doesn’t matter just as long as you know what they mean it’s fine

    • Lil Monsters
      Lil Monsters

      Iskall has 10 netherite blocks : "(

    • Kaleb Daniel
      Kaleb Daniel

      Invite wattles to season eight!

  • Zane Black
    Zane Black

    He says I’m not going to use black stone than says let’s make a black stone room

  • Rice Jah
    Rice Jah


  • Jаck fi
    Jаck fi

    My dream is to join Hermicraft

  • Tobias Holliday
    Tobias Holliday


  • MetDaan

    Im absolutely in love with that game! I LOVE IT!

  • Charlz TYG
    Charlz TYG

    Zedaph sounds like Grian with an ever so slightly deeper voice, lol

  • Анна Маслова
    Анна Маслова

    0:40 Is this some form sign to turn notifications?

  • Kody

    You used to play agar.io, why not try it again 👀

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • shirion

    Is that Is that _STAL??_ HELL YEAH

  • TheLegendaryGamer 23
    TheLegendaryGamer 23

    I did this except I put them in a Nether jail and I could kill all 23 of my villagers and 4 iron golems at once by dropping them into lava

  • Massimo

    You guys really overcomplicate tnt mining and ancient debris mining in general. Just tunnel (and if you wish branch as well) and then backfill with tnt blocks spaced 2 blocks apart and then blast away. You'll only have to deal with lava in the end and not also the flames like beds and you can set off the tnt remotely unlike beds and tnt explosions do chain unlike beds and no need to fiddle with rails and minecarts unlike the tnt minecart

  • Slifer Streaming
    Slifer Streaming

    Xisuma, the other wood color is blue, lol. Not green.

  • Conair

    Seeing Xisuma so happy about getting his missing miniblocks made me smile super wide

  • Zyklops

    Netherlands, lol the irony

  • Lee Kenny
    Lee Kenny

    Brilliant game, I want a go!

  • Rooster RR
    Rooster RR

    I thought it was called the gaming district

  • LL Stash
    LL Stash

    Last armor standing

  • MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
    MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations

    i find dropping the mine carts is more effective

  • 2k Bambusleitung
    2k Bambusleitung

    If u use tnt minecarts don’t activate them with activator rails just push them so they hit a wall they will explode and cause huge damage

  • Avyukt Gupta
    Avyukt Gupta

    Why dont you use honey blocks to get down

  • Erlend Ristesund
    Erlend Ristesund

    You should try to make StandOff a 4-player game! So that it becomes some kind of crossover between Chess and Ludo!

  • Mountgamaray

    I would have named it basalt assault


    How to get invis totem pack??

  • Sondre S.V
    Sondre S.V

    Just use BEDS!?! much mote effectiv and cheaper

  • 38

    Reminds me of yigio

  • jesse de Bruijn
    jesse de Bruijn

    I bet you neatherlands was sugestet by a dutch guy

  • Donovan Liew
    Donovan Liew

    You can put 2 armour stands on either end of the arena, one with gold and one with iron!

  • Ethan Bannon Cat man
    Ethan Bannon Cat man

    Mumbo- welcome to episode 20! Xisumavoid- hi welcome to episode 933

  • Bunyan420

    everyone is saying add a pillar in the middle i think you should to maybe more then one also maybe give the armor stands mob heads from the Nether and not Helmets it would look way better and cooler if it was like Piglins and another mob fighting or something also i have to try and make this it seems really fun and cool to play

  • AnizyArt

    That ending was really adorable when X was saying hello and was happy to see the wandering traders :-D

  • Mieters

    Basalt Bashers! As a name

  • Caroline Stone
    Caroline Stone

    Love red netherbricks used for years must sign in under my player name lol BitterOlives

  • Tariq Wazir
    Tariq Wazir

    You should maybe rename TBE to Block exchange emporium (BEE)

  • Johannes Geuting
    Johannes Geuting

    I habe an cool Ideale Why dont you do an magma block soulsand swapper

  • Nick Meissner
    Nick Meissner

    They should add a block who can copy a blocks texture

  • Nicole Freal
    Nicole Freal

    For the drop: If you use signs, you can place a single block of water three blocks from the landing point, meaning you plummet just as quickly but you aren't slowed down after! Also, I vote you don't enchant the iron tools on the armor stands. It looks cool just being silver and gold!

  • Games Frosch
    Games Frosch

    Hi! Do you have discord?

  • Hey, You!
    Hey, You!

    Idk if it's possible, but for the Stand Off, maybe it could have like... multiple levels?? Like there's a different arena terrain for every level that would make it harder for players to knock the armor stands around?? It might be too much additional work tho :/

  • Diego Quiroz
    Diego Quiroz

    you should add a card that allows you to place a single block

  • Name incoming
    Name incoming


  • Atomu

    13:51 what is the mini game called?

  • Long Tuan
    Long Tuan

    Iron armor, gold tools...

  • psalm325

    standoff suggestion: put 3 white carpets on the board. you can only roll for a card when u land on a white carpet. if someone else is already on that white carpet you cant roll.

  • Isaac Walker
    Isaac Walker

    Zedaph said the name you have to call it! "Stand off" get it, cos armour stands

  • Jeroen Vonk
    Jeroen Vonk


  • YummyCatFood

    The tnt Minecart strategy could work but you need to make the minecart run into something and make it blow up like that, it should then stack the explosion and cause devastation

  • Hey My dudes
    Hey My dudes

    i have an idea for the game name. Stand Sweeper

  • Yael Engen
    Yael Engen

    Lead farm!!

  • thisjt

    It would be cool to add a game mode in the game, some kind of "free-for-all hit" wherein you are allowed to hit the armor stands as many as you can and defeat the other person. They cannot spam hit it too since that will break their own armor stands, thereby doing a "friendly-fire" on their pieces.

  • Christiaan Groen
    Christiaan Groen

    Nice lead farm

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone

    outstanding move!

  • Andrew Goddu
    Andrew Goddu

    To give yourself more time to trade with them you could put Packed Ice (or Blue Ice if you're feeling rich) to make them travel along the path faster

  • Jeffypatcher35 _
    Jeffypatcher35 _

    You should call it last man standing

  • Revano Agsa
    Revano Agsa

    nobody: Still nobody: Some british guy: A GIANT WOLL OF WOTAH

  • Bisjav Kitchen
    Bisjav Kitchen


  • Abdan Rafii
    Abdan Rafii

    Flashback of giant wall of lava in 2b2t

  • Mott Bot
    Mott Bot

    The ice wall melted, the hermits are free from the flat world!

  • Justin Blair
    Justin Blair

    If armor stands slide on ice you could add ice to the arena.

  • lil' Kitty
    lil' Kitty

    10:15 yup this is iron armour and gold tools

  • Marco

    Loved the video X! You could try and struck a deal with Beef for all those trader llamas you'll have around to spare :D Maybe he's interested in selling them at the llama shop! Keep up with the amazing work, love from Italy

  • nicst

    Where can i get your resource pack?

  • Archie L
    Archie L

    Just an idea, how about in standoff if one player gets their Armor stand to the opposite red square that it started on, they could either get a piece back or a guaranteed special card

  • RMS Britannic
    RMS Britannic

    Imagine stairs as bookshelves that can be made into stairs.

  • Ethan

    Part of the beauty of stand-off (das game) is the simplicity. Conceptually it’s the most basic form of strategy game and literally anyone can learn to play in less than a minute. If anything I think you should remove the books entirely and make the stadium larger, with more different placements of starter positions. In this way the complexity of the game is not in rules but in strategy, the core aspect of a strategy game. Perhaps if you’re looking for more rules though you could add pieces that have armour in different spots and that does different things.

  • SkaterManiac

    What if, hermits can collect special helmets, that have special power? But in every game, you can only use one special helmet.

  • Noah Krewinghaus
    Noah Krewinghaus

    All im hearing is static

  • Emma Pennell
    Emma Pennell

    Let smallishbeans join hermitcraft plz

  • Philipp Grimm
    Philipp Grimm

    Build an even larger arena to play with more people! (Use coloured leather armour to indicate the different teams)

  • FierceToast

    Is it just me, or has everyone on the server suddenly fallen in love with red nether bricks?

  • Maria Babichev
    Maria Babichev

    invite Joel (smallishbeans) to hermit crafttttt

  • Malthe

    Hey What are the list of the wandering trader micro blocks?

  • BurningGlory

    X you may want to try the tnt minecarts with a powered rail. Much more spread out boom.

  • Keynan Brex
    Keynan Brex

    I dont know WHY, but when watching these videos, it just feels like a grind... a satifsfying grind...?

  • SadSoup Y
    SadSoup Y

    Please please invite smallishbeans please

  • moai mai
    moai mai

    I had a great idea, a leather and lead farm using the wandering trader mechanic

  • kiddailey

    Great game idea and Stand Off is perfect!

  • Mikhail Dustin Elpedes
    Mikhail Dustin Elpedes

    Xisumavoid is their an updated version of the shulker box viewer mod for 1.16

  • Chris Fredricks
    Chris Fredricks

    Miss your bee skin, it was so happy :)

  • bird boy
    bird boy

    Hey xiuma please invite smallishbeans to your hermitcraft server he is a great youtuber

  • BD 88
    BD 88

    You have got to add SmallishBeans to hermitcraft

  • Incorrect Gaming Universe
    Incorrect Gaming Universe

    xisuma can you invite Smallishbeans to Hermitcraft? He is a great builder and his mega base from his Minecraft Goals series is amazing!

  • peckified

    Am I the only one who would love to see xisuma commentate a Football (soccer) match?

  • Theo Hornsby
    Theo Hornsby

    When tnt Mine cart mining. Put 3 powered rails and split the mine carts on each side. Damage will grow exponentially

  • X01_Killerfox

    Invite Smallishbeans please to the hermitcraft server!

  • Nathan Flores
    Nathan Flores

    i use vanilla tweaks on my minecraft world

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    Stand off seems like a really fun game.

  • soup can
    soup can

    Name the game showdown

  • Rhett Swamp
    Rhett Swamp

    "a resounding success"

  • Pancake Warrior 74
    Pancake Warrior 74

    Did anyone see that James Charles said on impulsive he likes xisuma

  • Skimmy

    You should make a building out of gold

  • English 101
    English 101

    Use beds I think it's the best way to mine for netherrite. Also use a shield it will protect you from the explosion.

  • no name
    no name

    The noname Game!

  • 1ce

    2 mil face reveal

  • Ryan Mitchell
    Ryan Mitchell

    A R M O U R S T A N D O P O W A H

  • Kurtuberi

    Hey X are you doing a another Epicsode anytime soon?


    does anyone realise hes decorating the room where here torchures and kill human pig zombie hybrids


    What if u spawn a wither in the nether and it explodes exposing ancient debris?

  • Flat Cat
    Flat Cat

    Watching this with a stack of batteries