Hermitcraft VII 939 Massive Base Expansion!
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Episode Fifty Eight! Thats right! Its time to make a BIG expansion to our jungle base as well as play games with Keralis!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 31-40
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  • xisumavoid

    Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 31-40 rsloft.info/loft/video/YsV63q_FzZDTqX4

    • DJSlimeball

      What's the epic music?

    • Rachael K
      Rachael K

      Imma reply so there are 69 replies xD

    • Max Kuhnel
      Max Kuhnel

      Love your content x and just wanted to tell you God loves you even if your not religious and you can be saved through Jesus Christ.

    • Bruh guy
      Bruh guy

      You should also invite wattles to hermitcraft s8 he is a good Minecraft youtuber

    • Ckaz69 -_-
      Ckaz69 -_-

      @Xisumavoid, For the Hedge games, you're only supposed to deposits Oak leaves, NOT jungle leaves

  • DJSlimeball

    What's the epic music?

  • Krisstopher Nevado
    Krisstopher Nevado

    I'm still catching up with the series and I'd be disappoined in the future if I don't see a stride-ralis on top of that beeralis (or the other way around) :D Just kidding, I'm stoked to watch these videos til the latest!

  • Breanna Dunmire
    Breanna Dunmire

    Stand off gives me chess vibes but in a way that I could actually play 😂😂 I hope some of the hermits come back to it again at some point.

  • Zander Albercook
    Zander Albercook

    so what your saying is that it's the BONES of the building? heh? heh? come on you laughed I know you did. please like this comment if you laughed

  • Synthetic Human
    Synthetic Human

    you should host a tournament of other hermits playing standoff, because you yourself know the game well and always gabe an advantage

  • Pixel_dominator

    You should sell the extra wood to rendog

  • Stormy Whatever
    Stormy Whatever

    Wait so u mean the GIANT towers arent a big base?

  • Steven Chittenden
    Steven Chittenden

    3:59 that shulker isn't full! No cheating X! Jk 63 instead of 64 in one slot

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Magdalena Eulentin
    Magdalena Eulentin

    Did keralis beat you for the third round

  • Kitty

    You and Keralis is the best duo I swear!! So entertaining this is great

  • Minecraft Lord22
    Minecraft Lord22

    Mumbai on episode 41 and he’s almost on 1000

  • MiniiCheezl

    is that a pp shulker box monster? 4:09

  • Rammu

    You can call him Steralis

  • Kylevin Joebic N. Hill
    Kylevin Joebic N. Hill

    Beffy stores

  • Maximus Midnight
    Maximus Midnight

    12:05 VanillaTweaks suggestion - no zombified piglin griefing?

  • Maximus Midnight
    Maximus Midnight

    13:10 You could smelt all the wood into charcoal to fuel the supersmelter!

  • Games Frosch
    Games Frosch

    Hello Xisumavoid! Do you read comments? I think I know how to stop monsters from breaking doors. Monsters can only break closed doors. Not open ones. You have to place the door turned by 90° sideways. Then open it and it's closed. I hope you understand and I hope it works. :)

  • Sam Giesbrecht
    Sam Giesbrecht

    "my hoe has taken an absolute beating" Yes officer, this video right here

  • AnizyArt

    Your collabs with Keralis are a lot of fun to watch! It’s awesome seeing more plays of your Stand Off game :D

  • CherryKringle

    iscall is offering free shulker boxes for bernie deposits

  • MatPottsFPV

    Seeing how you cant instamine wood on java edition fills me with joy for bedrock edition. Lol I know, no offhand torches....

  • EpicFallDown

    xisuma i hope that you know only oak leaves can be put in iskalls farm./

  • jankkhvej

    The thumbnail is just full of upvotes

  • JP Jordan
    JP Jordan

    23:57 Xisuma has been spending too much time with the Wandering Trader.

  • Vectors iPad
    Vectors iPad

    2:01 when Chris brown gets done with Rihanna

  • Alexander Venegas Buenrostro
    Alexander Venegas Buenrostro

    add quartz slabs not too big not to small

  • Samurai Pipotchi
    Samurai Pipotchi

    Strider Keralis... ...Ker-ider?

  • Parker Ellis
    Parker Ellis

    Ummm Iskall needs Oak Leafs not Jungle Leafs

  • Jacob Irwin
    Jacob Irwin

    use the wood as fuel

  • Carlo Lang
    Carlo Lang

    TIPP: If you place the doors sideways and click them they Look like normal, but the Pigmen think it's open and dont break it

  • Nyxhimself

    Hey Suma, startet watching you and some other Hermats this Season, didn't know of this project bevor. While watching this video, an idea came to my head. Is it possible, that in this or in the next season you start an little project, maybe together with make an wish and select one or two kids or something like that, who then will be invited to play together with the other Hermits on the server for one season? I really think, that there are alot of kids, with diseases, wether mental issues or physical diseases that would die for an opportunity to play with you. I myself am struggeling with many different mental issues for over an decade and I think, if I had this opportunity in my childhood and the support of persons like you and the hermits, it would have helped me alot. It's an quite nice way to Show those kids that they aren't alone. I don't know if you're even reading this, but anyways thanks for your great videos and thanks for the smile, your videos gave me even while sitting in an psychiatry. Your lovely nature really helps alot of people, never forget! Keep it up little Bee! Best wishes from Germany!

  • Just A Bunch of Friends Having Fun
    Just A Bunch of Friends Having Fun

    Hey Xisuma, the zombie pigmen will have a significantly more difficult time breaking your doors if you place them sideways instead of straight on.

  • Tomahawkfromscandinavia

    4:00 you see that one missing leave? That is relly painful.

  • WeeMillZo

    he said his hoe took a beating xisuma im sure they did XD ;)

  • Aries Snow
    Aries Snow

    You can say that Xuma uses bone blocks as the base of each tower so his buildings have.... good bones.... XDDDD

  • wout wezenbeek
    wout wezenbeek

    X Iskall only accepts oak leaves

  • AKittenPlays

    place a door sideways against a wall and then "open" it so it seems closed and acts like it is. then mobs think it's open and won't try to break it.

  • PhantomFox456

    I actually really respect Xisuma and Keralis talking about VAR lol

  • Antje R.
    Antje R.

    Is your road left-traffic like in UK? 🤔😅

  • ling ting
    ling ting

    3:19 on bedrock it can be insta mined

  • Joses Ethan
    Joses Ethan

    Wow. Iskall was right abt someone stacking up leafs for the jackpot

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly

    I built that barn in survival

  • Namey Lessone
    Namey Lessone

    Um, X? Are you turning oak leaves or jungle leaves? Because I think Iskall needs oak ones.

  • Joseph Corsi
    Joseph Corsi

    2:00 "But I do know that my hoe has taken an absolute beating" XISUMA DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CONFIRMED

  • Nicolas Atuwaogu
    Nicolas Atuwaogu

    Xisuma I appreciate the amount of work it took to chop down all those jungle trees, I myself wouldn’t have had the patience, but iskall only wants Oak Leaves...☹️ Oop never mind... 😅

  • Fre3bs

    Say X, does Keralis also drive left on that road? :P

  • CubicSquared

    quartz slabs would be a good middle ground for the wings

  • Jeremy Betz
    Jeremy Betz

    Xisuma: Makes Smooth Stone Pillars Me: Remembers Mumbo's base Also Me: Oh gods no.

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    Keralis and X make such a duo! It's really fun to watch them interact!

  • Big C
    Big C

    Just an FYI. Bernie has sholker boxes in the chest by him

  • Wee Ot
    Wee Ot

    Oak all only wants oak leaves

  • Lachy Lay
    Lachy Lay

    X you need oak leaves not jungle😖😖😖😖😖😖🤬

  • Holden Hewlett
    Holden Hewlett

    Go to 2:00

  • Twiist

    Why not just burn it??

  • Pa1nt1ng YT
    Pa1nt1ng YT

    Every time Keralis said “touchy touchy” I died laughing

  • Ryeen028

    Jackpot is every 54 boxes not 50 - 1 double chest

  • Peyton Lyndaker
    Peyton Lyndaker


    • Peyton Lyndaker
      Peyton Lyndaker

      never mind

  • llama_gun64

    "and guess who pops out of noware to cause destraction?" is waring scull of wandering trader

  • Gykal

    Hey Xisuma, the shulkers in the chests in front of berney are for he contestants so you don't have to use you're own. 🙃

  • Kaloyan Markov
    Kaloyan Markov

    The marks on the road are on the wrong side xD

  • I like To eat kids
    I like To eat kids

    Xisuma, a tip for you: if you want to keep mobs from destroying your door you can place the door sideways Like so he can see

  • SuperArcherGaming

    I love keralis :)

  • BlackDragonWhiteHawk

    x looks like a walrus that has major sunburn

  • Venom MPG
    Venom MPG

    If I get a good reputation can I join hermitcraft?

    • J M
      J M

      When they are asked on stream (which is pretty frequently), hermits usually say make your own hermitcraft, and set up a server with some friends.

    • SuperArcherGaming

      Venom MPG no. It has to be a team decision and they don’t look for popular people. That’s why people like CaptainSparklez have never been invited.

  • Flat Cat
    Flat Cat

    Hermitcraft S7: *THE MEGA SEASON*

  • jovhan

    For the wings, maybe you could use a couple of layers of snow instead, to make it a bit thicker and maybe visible at a distance

  • Johannes Geuting
    Johannes Geuting

    Maybe you can make some Stop Signs and Stuff at the T Junktion

  • Jesper Larsen-Ledet
    Jesper Larsen-Ledet

    5:34 Cool T-junction but why is it on the left? Keralis-land switched to driving on the right back in 1967. Now you'll need a border station with lane switching like this www.cntraveler.com/stories/2013-04-15/lotus-bridge-macau-maphead-ken-jennings :D

  • Will Anthoney
    Will Anthoney

    I know on my bedrock world I can have a haste 2 beacon and a netherite axe with eff 5 and I can instamine wood, is this possible on Java? Because I never see anyone doing it.

  • CustoMish

    Day 1 of taking Xisuma out of context: "I do know, that my hoe has taken a beating"

  • George Purdham
    George Purdham

    Will netherite be the next currency

  • drAc0

    You should prank iskall by building a bee nest on his tree

  • RX Fishy
    RX Fishy

    Iskalls thing is oak only

  • sventhesniper

    Does Someone want to tell him test jungle leafs dont count.only oak

    • xzieyoe

      It actually amazes me that not many ppl are commenting about this whaha

    • xzieyoe

      I was just about to comment this whahahaha poor X

    • sam

      Lmao I was looking for this comment

    • Brian Harada
      Brian Harada

      Yeah... he totally doesn't know.

  • Sloth Ham
    Sloth Ham

    striders are my new favorite mob because i think they be cute

  • Matthew Woodard
    Matthew Woodard

    You could try the mushroom light instead of the glow stone. Ps I love your videos

  • Zetzumi Legend
    Zetzumi Legend

    Hey X! Maybe put actual drain pipes ut & the honey dropping into a puddle down below. Might look really cool! Keep up the content

  • G03 Cyrus Dave De Leon
    G03 Cyrus Dave De Leon

    wait doesnt iskall want oak leaves only/

  • Kyle Stonebraker
    Kyle Stonebraker

    Maybe a few layers of snow instead of carpets.

  • nacoran

    Doesn't the open closed door hack still work? I've been using it in my base with no problems. It doesn't look good on double doors but works good for singles. You just place the door 90 degrees from where it needs to be and open it, which, being 90 degrees off, closes it. Zombies think it's open so they don't break it.

  • YaBoiEcho

    get the shulkers from the hedge games instead of using your own

  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    i thought it worked if you place the door rotated 90degrees they see the door as being open when its actually closed...because the door has a position setting that cancelled out the behavior of zombies at least or so i thought

  • Dark Empress Of Doom
    Dark Empress Of Doom

    I think you should give the wood to Rendog for his logz shop. Btw stand off looks amazing at night

  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    we now have video evidence of xisuma beating down hoes...should we be worried

  • NotYourAverageHuman S
    NotYourAverageHuman S

    Also iskall is providing sulkerboxes for all Bernie donations

  • NotYourAverageHuman S
    NotYourAverageHuman S

    Wattles for hermitcraft!!!

  • Matthew McMillan
    Matthew McMillan

    for Keralis nether portal could you not put blocks in front of the obsidian and signs in between the gap then use item frames to make a fake wall you can walk through

  • Zachary Hannan
    Zachary Hannan

    Place the doors in backwards, so when you “close” them, it makes the open sound. That tricks the pigmen into thinking the door is open.

  • TheCityForever

    Does X know that Iskall only wants oak leaves? .....

  • Mohd. Haider Khalid
    Mohd. Haider Khalid

    0:35 how are there different textures of bookshelfs? Is he using a texture pack?

  • Scarr

    Mumbo episode 40!! Xisuma episode 939

  • Hacker1MC

    Don’t forget that a double cheat is 57, not 50 slots for Bernie’s Bonus Box! Btw this is a Mumbo Jumbo reference because in his are you bad at Minecraft video he said that and 6*9=57. And literally right after that said calculators are flying. It’s 54 bro.

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    “My hoe has taken an absolute beating” lmao

  • Speedy’s short clips
    Speedy’s short clips

    Join the upside down please ♥︎♡︎♥︎

  • Southern Pixel
    Southern Pixel

    Wait there is a shop for wallpaper and you use item frames? That can be so laggy.

  • Simas Palubinskas
    Simas Palubinskas

    Just go crazy with the honey blocks🍯

  • Caleb Pillai
    Caleb Pillai

    You could use fence gates and put maps on it right infront of the portal

  • crimulus

    I think iron trap doors under the carpets on those bee wings might give you the perfect in-between thickness for those Keralis-bee wings? Just a thought ... Loving all the base progress!

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