Hermitcraft VII 930 Not Your Normal Hoglin Farm!
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Episode Forty Nine! Minecraft 1.16's Hoglins are going to get farmed! In this one we build a farm to produce something a little extra!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • Sniper TO
    Sniper TO

    What OS do you use?

  • Lucas Takao-Haun
    Lucas Takao-Haun

    Peta: I would like to report animal abuse

  • Funeral Socks
    Funeral Socks

    His level is so high he can get max enchantment on every tool

  • Tsolakiz

    Wait.... Is this episode 930????

  • Nasa Kat
    Nasa Kat

    Rip hoglen farm vol 1

  • Vic*123

    Hoglins are terrified of soul lanterns

  • Ethan Hall
    Ethan Hall

    just go to the map joint surely theres one there

  • Logan Franklin
    Logan Franklin

    you listen to METALLICA too! MY favorite song is Master Of Puppets!

  • CeepTheMaker101


  • le viale
    le viale

    waitt in 2:28 what is the purple thing in the background

  • le viale
    le viale

    omg it is... stridersuma

    • le viale
      le viale

      in h6 he was turtlesuma also in h7he was beesuma now stridersuma

  • Ponçikgamer


  • Montys Stuff
    Montys Stuff


  • Paolo Gallardo Beltran
    Paolo Gallardo Beltran

    Onestlly you should make a leather shop

  • Michael Vaughan
    Michael Vaughan

    Remember when pigmen dropped pork chops? Those were the days. No elytra, or health regen. Getting lost in the nether was bad news, and if you needed health you had to herd a pigman into a secluded area, and hope when you killed him it didn’t agro the other pigmen. I was basically a pigman serial killer.

  • kevin chen
    kevin chen

    There is a fog option in settings

  • Michael Nilles
    Michael Nilles

    Piglins are afraid of soul fire

  • Kilaca Myrneh
    Kilaca Myrneh

    The second design reminds me of a marble run.

  • Charlz TYG
    Charlz TYG

    You could've put the item frames on the Blackstone below the chests.

  • JointOSRS

    OK but what add-on do you have to see that info on F3 or am I retarded and its already there by default and I don't know what button.


    361 levels

  • Charlie Commins
    Charlie Commins

    warped are blue not green

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Holden Warren
    Holden Warren

    you can use campfires to kill the hoglins

  • Laughed A
    Laughed A

    Circular items are pretty good without it but those blocks look weird (item frames)

  • Sulaiman Syafwan
    Sulaiman Syafwan

    Use off particle so you can see clear

  • YellowBoyBryan

    I think you should make the bartering farm a “casino” for the other hermits and pay make them pay diamonds and additional gold to make profit to keep it up and working.

  • yeet mcyeet
    yeet mcyeet


  • Angus Someone
    Angus Someone

    Go AC/DC

  • Raphaël

    What is ur texture pack ??

  • E0N

    hi strisuma

  • shirion

    _fart bubbles?_ this man is a genius

  • Preeti Goel
    Preeti Goel

    I doubt that whether ilmango and xisuma, are gamers or scientists???🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Ethan Porter
    Ethan Porter

    I LOVE how much value art like the album cover has in Hermitcraft

  • Graeme Evans
    Graeme Evans

    I wish you wouldn't use the top of the nether, too much like cheating for me.

  • Storm

    I do not like it without the item frames. I will stay with the frames.

  • Melinda Kubanyi
    Melinda Kubanyi

    It looks amazing 😉

  • Denton & Jensen
    Denton & Jensen

    Piglins don't like soul lanterns soul torches and soul campfires

  • srithayalini kalamohan
    srithayalini kalamohan

    Xisuma about the fog problem in the neather you can go in the optifine settings and turn off the fog in the neather

  • Avyukt Gupta
    Avyukt Gupta

    Aren't Piglins scared of soul light?

  • Isaac Giaever-Enger
    Isaac Giaever-Enger

    Hey Xisuma there is an option to turn the fog off ik I'm a bit late for this episode but there u go if u needed it

  • Malamex

    I can’t take u srsly with that skin LOL

  • Kilowalla _
    Kilowalla _

    Casual 369 levels at the end of the vid... nice

  • Charity Randall
    Charity Randall

    Needs item frames! 💕

  • PaveruHakase

    you can just go to the maps area and make a new map lol

  • Ichan Gamer
    Ichan Gamer

    Does it have to be over bedrock

  • lol

    je tu tutorial na tuto farmu? a kolko je to od seba 10:55?

  • DaNK Woomy
    DaNK Woomy

    xisuma you are able to turn the fog off grian has done it for his upside down base

  • Andre Moya
    Andre Moya

    Dude you are torturing the poor piglins

  • Goaty Kids
    Goaty Kids

    This man has level 380

  • Bujar Daka
    Bujar Daka

    You can put signs behind the items in the invisible item frames

  • Alderhon

    I think the invisible item frames with the blocks is not half bad

  • runforitman

    I prefer it with the item frames only the non-block items look good

  • Troglodyte

    making a hoglin farm like this feels like cheating. i don't wanna use exploits...

    • a bc
      a bc

      every automated farm uses exploits

  • Dragon Lover
    Dragon Lover

    “Take. My. Money.” I love it.

  • Host Ino
    Host Ino

    11:56 Shark tank?

  • Ben Hart
    Ben Hart

    IDK what you're talking about with the invisible item frames. Yes when it was only the Crying Obsidian block it looked a little weird but when you made them all invisible, they look awesome.

  • Da Fish123
    Da Fish123

    10:08 proud boomer noises

  • WrathingLock✔️

    Episode 900, What the HELL!!!!!!!!!!

  • King Yejob
    King Yejob

    Make a “Bartering House” in the shopping district, and have it be a auction house with a separate currency (other than diamonds)


    Whats your namr

  • Big box Aleks
    Big box Aleks

    X what’s the song playing around 10:10?

    • a bc
      a bc

      “Obelisk” by Crinkles I think, all he lists all the songs he uses in the description

  • Shadow

    i love ya strider skin

  • FakedBee314

    That intro is by far my favourite intro overall

  • outofThis

    “Look at those Bling Blangz”

  • Bread God
    Bread God

    Did you say a nether episode

  • aidenalien 55
    aidenalien 55

    Please make a tutorial

  • Yolo - Senpal
    Yolo - Senpal

    I feel bad for the Piglin traders because Xisuma places a soul lantern near them and they are scared of those.


    the amour stands does not work for me i have it installed :(

  • Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro

    10:02 Xisuma's going fun anarchy mode, next video: "2b2t the oldest anarchy server in minecraft"

  • Christopher Stroup
    Christopher Stroup

    Xisuma: TNT is so much fun! 9 yr me: First time?

  • incognito


  • PolyXeno

    Hey *Xisuma!* Would you be able to tell me what recording software you use (OBS?), and your settings? All of your videos are crisp, and when I record, my videos look terrible. Thanks!

  • Jack Dunne
    Jack Dunne

    You should make a “head museum” like in Futurama.

  • imamandaa

    I doubt joe has destroyed his map area. Go there and make a new one

  • Momus God of mockery
    Momus God of mockery

    Ya gotta keep going X, you can't let the puns End, I mean they're pure Gold

  • Zalle Syn
    Zalle Syn

    for the invisible itemframes, try overlapping a sign so it seems like the items are on it

  • TorpedoTheTortellini

    I’m getting anxious now that xisuma has 361 levels

    • a bc
      a bc


  • AnizyArt

    That intro was so adorable! :D

  • MynamesCOOL Minecraft
    MynamesCOOL Minecraft

    The piglins are scared of the blue lanterns and torches so you are just scaring them all the time with the soul lantern

  • Anant Vartak
    Anant Vartak

    2:42 *X, You disturbed that piglin, He was playing Nether Skyblock* .

  • Liza Drueding
    Liza Drueding

    it looks so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oscar calton
    Oscar calton

    I’m British

  • Gyrre

    If you could offset the item displayed by the item frame and scoot it down under the lip of the chest, it'd look better.

  • umbreonisafk

    Could do what impluse did with his item frames

  • FeliGZ

    hm, xisuma in the 1.17 is going to transform into goatuma

  • Gabriel Siqueira
    Gabriel Siqueira

    I prefer the invisible item frames too! Just turn the block ones 45º

  • Tamim Hossain
    Tamim Hossain

    That's one hellava intro.

  • Mega Dont Starve Fan!
    Mega Dont Starve Fan!

    me: doesnt soul lanterns scare piglins? my sister immediatly runs into my doorframe with a bucket on her head, Me: what was I wondering again?

  • Phil Harrison
    Phil Harrison

    Visit foxtail.com for bedrock mob heads

  • Violent Immortal
    Violent Immortal

    Couldn’t you have just replicated your piglin farm?

  • NotYourMyth

    4:46 Ah yes *Higlins*

  • Andri 2009
    Andri 2009

    I survive hoglins with a helmet and pants of GOLD and an iron sword better than you

    • a bc
      a bc

      What difficulty do you play on? and also what does it matter?

  • Grady Moore
    Grady Moore

    Not talking abo that means I love it

  • _no_named_ unidentical_twins_
    _no_named_ unidentical_twins_

    I think you should use night vision potion

  • blizzardfeather!

    "I'm not like other hoglin farms" is all I could think about when I saw the title

  • 1 Hour Memes
    1 Hour Memes

    So I tried building this and I can’t get any spawns

  • Èva Varga
    Èva Varga

    Try the invisible item frame under the chests.


    Yeah... soul lanterns in a bartering farm.

  • Peyton Kennedy
    Peyton Kennedy

    As a casual hoglin farmer/breeder I can conform they do in fact hit hard when there are many

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