Hermitcraft VII 941 Mega Build Complete! Combo Farm & Target Highscore!
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Episode Sixty! This episode we combine farms, finish builds and grab a highscore at Cub's Target area!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 31-40
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  • iNoobBoi

    Hermiton Herald: "Warrior Wels!" Me: "So... Wels Knight?"

  • Avyukt Gupta
    Avyukt Gupta

    Villager cruelty is a real thing you know villager lives matter

  • Леонид Јаневски
    Леонид Јаневски

    Hello you must be a hermitcraft fan just like me! Well I'm making a server simular to hermitcraft (datapacks and the style of playing) but it's still different in some ways. If you want to join make sure you will be active on the server and make RSloft videos. If you will do this, then just dm me on discord my name and tag is TheLeviathanX#9599 or leonid50#9093

  • Half A Cookie
    Half A Cookie

    2:23 r/mildlyinfuriating

  • Vansh Gupta
    Vansh Gupta

    But you could place snow on top of carpets.

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Ethan Porter
    Ethan Porter

    When Xisuma made an entire cocoa bean farm for no reason and THEN made an entire-ass cactus far as well, I thought "how much Adderall is this dude on." Then he picked up sea pickles and said he wanted a farm... Wow

  • Giant Dwarf
    Giant Dwarf

    xisuma, I think for the mega build, no roof would be cool

  • dylan byrne
    dylan byrne


  • SinderRednis

    on bee-ralis, what if you also used snow layers? slabs closest to the body, and a layer at a time as it goes out the sides of the wings, so the wing tips wind up a little fatter? just for extra dimension. hard to describe, sorry if awkward :)

  • Exovoid

    just subscribed to Xisuma and well, i do NOT regret it.... Xisuma posts incredible videos basically every day. thanks for the entertainment

  • PumKing -X-
    PumKing -X-

    You should use the new walls in a build... I think they are kinda forgotten

  • Shadowdane

    Thanks soo much for this cactus farm design.. just redesigned mine on my SMP server and it more than doubled my output!!

  • Phos4us

    2:00 It's thicc rain

  • The Deleter
    The Deleter

    Surely you could do it with scaffolding

  • London Boyce
    London Boyce

    I just found your videos.

  • Rakeem Jackson
    Rakeem Jackson

    Hey buddy, mind getting an update for your auto clicker? Need a version of the macro that doesn't hold down right click as well. Messing with a Ray Works farm and I'm too dumb to figure out the smarter macros xD

  • Alvikus

    Red stone question: Can you not use a dispenser behind the logs to plant the beans?

  • Psychologics

    X- I need to remember to go buy another totem . ImpulseSV: tears of joy

  • Anthony Sikole
    Anthony Sikole


  • Sharon T
    Sharon T

    Xisuma, hoping you can help ....I asked (on TFC's channel) if anyone knew what happened to him and someone replied that iskall said in one of his streams that he passed away. Is this true or are they pulling our leg? I just wanted to know if it's true or is it false. Please respond. Thank you. Truly sad if he did though.

  • Modernity

    Make the roof out of stained glass

  • Jakob mdch
    Jakob mdch

    How do you get snowlayers? Does Silk touch on a shovel work?

  • Alex Pilotin
    Alex Pilotin

    can you use enderchests as a portable item conduit??? meaning that if you put hoppers on feeding into it and hoppers taking items out of it???

    • Alex Pilotin
      Alex Pilotin

      @Jacob Dignall damn so no interconnected systems can be made

    • Jacob Dignall
      Jacob Dignall

      No, sadly

  • Alex Pilotin
    Alex Pilotin

    oh god the default minecraft sound is making me remember the old days of minecraft

  • Daniel Kather
    Daniel Kather

    How do you do the time-lapse with your other camera slowly moving up?

  • RepublicTrooper

    Knowing that there is still a glowstone out of place haunts me.

  • Bernie Sanders
    Bernie Sanders

    use iron trapdoors instead of string so you can use snow layers

  • Silverhawk

    I love how efficient and compact everything is :D

  • Joe Casey
    Joe Casey

    Coming closer and closer to 1000

  • PeddlerOfSmiles

    That mega structure looks like a stadium... like... a STANDOFF STADIUM

  • Pieter Vermeulen
    Pieter Vermeulen

    you should check out ilmangos videos on cactus farms

  • Kaelan Gilder
    Kaelan Gilder

    Could the button at the top of the cocoa bean farm not run on a 15 minute timer? Or is that too difficult

  • seaweedcracker _
    seaweedcracker _

    I think it would be a fun reward for the stand off tournament to use custom player heads as "skins" for the stand off minigame. The winner of the tournament would get a set of the custom heads for stand off.

  • Renette van der Merwe
    Renette van der Merwe

    Hi xizuma if your seeing this I just want to say, I looove your vids😊🌈 Your such a good hermit and such an awesome Minecraft player in general🎉😊🌈🐇🐼 And if you're seeing this, Thank you for keeping me entertained🌈

  • bronze Ronny jailbreak089
    bronze Ronny jailbreak089

    I love all the builds xisuma Wana join my cermitcraft realm I invited u plz join

    • bronze Ronny jailbreak089
      bronze Ronny jailbreak089

      Hi xisuma I'm a major fan by the way of hermit craft and also can I be your friend and also tell genericb to let me in I have watched all the videos made my java name is RonnyOnGames btw

  • Bethany Spriggs
    Bethany Spriggs


  • Arnaud

    Ilmango actually made a video discussing cactus farm, including your design and some others to find the best design. The stone walls are not the best option for cactus farm but maybe it's the best compromise for the small space you had. Anyway, great vid! Love from France ❤️

  • Ivar Löwendahl
    Ivar Löwendahl

    I think you should build a glass roof on the mega build

  • Jchicken 40
    Jchicken 40

    I guess that the scaffold could be twisty vain

  • H. 169
    H. 169

    You could put an intermediate storage like a doublechest under the cactus/cocoa farm and from there use an item filter so that the cactus can only fill up parts of the storage and with that itemfilter you could then destroy any surplus cactus or smelt the surplus and destroy the dye, to have a small xp farm in there too. And wouldn't it have been best to just build the walls up without the spaces, now that they don't convert to columns anymore if they connect to full blocks at the side?

  • Sorekitkat123

    iv been wondering how do you get a server like yours to not lag as much? what server hosting do you use or if you have a private one how can i go by and buy a private

  • IBAcorn

    I really wish you could add GeminiTay to hermitcraft, she would be such a great addition to the team! Let’s get this to the top so that he can see it!

  • Dimpayツ


  • Sky Phoenix 3991
    Sky Phoenix 3991

    This jungle is that, what I hoped to achieve with my own base... But it didn't really work for me :/

  • Viridis Coyote
    Viridis Coyote

    I ran into cactus issues in the operation of my XP grinder. I overbuilt my cactus farm, so I piped the overflow into a composter so it was condensed into bonemeal.

  • Calid

    i reckon by the end of the season all the jungle will be used up with tunnels. cant wait until u make a new tower!

  • Legomach

    You need to spawn proof the stand off arena because I watched jevins video and there were lots of mobs invading

  • subsonicdeathmonkey

    Some amazing work going on here Xisuma! Loving this season of Hermitcraft. It is a shining beacon joy in a challenging year. Thank you for all the effort you are putting in. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Rebecca Earl
    Rebecca Earl

    Annnnd a downside of keeping up with some hermits, I wanna play on a server like Hermitcraft!

  • Zandrex

    It looks like a stadium and the mobs is watching

  • Daniel Filer
    Daniel Filer

    18:00 how did his arrows disappear

  • ArcticShadow

    Xisuma says he’s going to fix the stripped log continues to not fix stripped log


    Hi Xisuma! Writing this message from Belarus with vpn. Your videos became something special for me, something that i've never expected from minecraft before so i wanna thank you for your work, you're really making me happy, and, i hope that hard times'll end some day and i'll be able to watch your videos freely again.

  • Stijn Damen
    Stijn Damen

    X you could put another item of the opposite corner to double the harvest speed and create a helix pattern to the farm

  • hmirams

    the beginning gave me flashbacks

  • Joshua Quagliato
    Joshua Quagliato

    okay, this is epic

  • Herman Smink
    Herman Smink

    X, that water 'elevator' in the coco bean farm would also be a great jump puzzle element :)

  • Tal nev.
    Tal nev.

    11:55 Xisuma- **refuses to fix the glowstone gaps** My OCD- hOw DaRe YoU?!!!?!

  • Eagle Lee
    Eagle Lee

    Bdubs must be like "the totems made money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ENRIQUE ROJAS (Student)
    ENRIQUE ROJAS (Student)

    hmph, i thought he wanted a minigolf

  • kr46428

    I love the clever use of space with the cocoa-cactus tower! Your jungle base is really coming along nicely; the aesthetic is so pleasant.

  • MaxAnimator

    Wasnt that tower at the beggining built in a livestream?

  • Tribal 33.3
    Tribal 33.3

    Hey xisuma, love your work brother.Tribal from P.R. here. I have an idea for a game that's right up your alley or "bee hive" in this case Lol. It would be interesting if you could make a game called "bee trap" and essentially is a big wall of honey blocks with different numbers in the bottom going from 10 to 0 and from 0 to 10 in which hermits can slide down to reach a specific block. The middle bottom block for example can have a value of 0 and whoever gets the lowest score wins. Now for the difficulty barrier. Hermits can be thrown by a piston into the air or the piston could be in a platform in the air and it will throw the hermits into the honey wall. You can add more difficulty barriers by placing obstacles in the honey blocks. I know you can tweak this and make this concept into a very fun themed game for you. Keep on the amazing work "my friend" lol sorry had to do it.

  • Luca MacGregor
    Luca MacGregor

    Get a car texture pack n use it on ur rd

  • The ZRed Not Master
    The ZRed Not Master

    Put a New nether vines instead of the scaffolding.

  • Baum2.7.1

    The first thing Im gonna do when the World Download is availabel is changing the glowstone inside the Tower.

  • Arthur Cray
    Arthur Cray

    A thing I really like about your videos is that you tour the bases of Hermits quite regularly when playing :> There is a lot more actually but one compliment at the time :)

  • Cadaver

    What if you just used the water blades to climb up the wall lol

  • Aequinoctiale

    If the scaffolding is in the way in the cocoa farm then perhaps a warped vine instead? They're a bit thinner so less apparent

  • L I’m not dead tho
    L I’m not dead tho

    There should be a hermitcraft tour for fans

  • Golino Gaming!
    Golino Gaming!

    You should think about adding SmallishBeans to the Hermitcraft server, I think he would be a great addition!

  • Night Walker
    Night Walker


  • opriva


  • Mat Howe
    Mat Howe

    The smooth stone blocks above the far hangar entrance on the new mega build looks like it's one block too high, I noticed it in the mega build episode. Not sure of anyone else did? 🤷‍♂️ hopefully I'm not crazy.

  • Jingjing Liang
    Jingjing Liang

    lol I'm so used to Grian calling you X-I_zooooooma void

  • John Lepeska
    John Lepeska

    do you and kdender have the same skin?

  • Harry

    Hey xisuma, Just an idea but use weeping vines instead of the scaffolding at your cocoa ban farm as it may look better

  • Eisa Randeree
    Eisa Randeree

    Xisuma:My favourite hermit

  • Eisa Randeree
    Eisa Randeree

    2:58 Jevin...........

  • carpe dm
    carpe dm

    You could place a trapdoor in front of the button so that you would need to open the trap door. As a sort of safety cover.

  • cmaon 0450
    cmaon 0450

    You could divert some.of the cactus into a xp farm like last season

  • Jayven P
    Jayven P

    Does that cactus stuff work on bedrock?

  • Khyfer Dwyane Veron
    Khyfer Dwyane Veron

    Ep. 941??

  • Bad Karma
    Bad Karma

    Xisuma is literally Impulse’s only totem customer

  • Pot8o_Penguin

    "Wherever the water goes, it will fall" -Xiuma 2020 Literally wth, this is one of the best accidentally deep quotes ever. This could be applied in so many ways.

  • Gendarme

    Wow! Awesome base!

  • Subhekshya Bhattarai
    Subhekshya Bhattarai

    really awesome how his storage system has no redstone

  • JustARegularPlayer

    Suggestions for the wandering trader farm: Portals? You can transport them into the nether and trade with them there. Plus, the long water stream from the farm would be much shorter, while their despawn timer will be much longer, giving you some advantages. The potion thing might still be there where they are completely invisible of some sort, don't quite know if it's still there but it's still worth the try, I guess.

  • divankov

    plesa replayhow to get in java edition the mini blocks???????

  • Craft CX Music
    Craft CX Music

    X, I made a remix of your first hermitcraft episode

    • Craft CX Music
      Craft CX Music

      Please watch it

    • Craft CX Music
      Craft CX Music

      It was my first remix

  • bigboykermit

    does vanilla tweaks only work on servers?

    • Burak Cader
      Burak Cader


    • bigboykermit

      Burak Cader Oh okay thanks

    • Burak Cader
      Burak Cader

      No. I jevin uses it on his single player world

  • Aleks.T

    You can build something inspired from Some of the big structures from Star Wars like The Senate building or The jedi temple

  • Arabic Enchanter
    Arabic Enchanter

    For the cactus farm and cocoa bean farm mixing you could make pods to collect the beans

  • fernando deonila
    fernando deonila


  • Ilias Konsolakis
    Ilias Konsolakis

    Um Xisuma. You know that you are not supposed to zoom, go towards the target or clear the target in the open sesame mini game?

  • Silas Tym
    Silas Tym

    Calling out all Australian minecraft players who are looking to join a hermit craft styled server with shopping district and all, only few players atm are still active as most have gone back to work but if your are interested let me know

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill

    I think you shouldn't give the mega project a roof, I really like the amphitheatre/stadium aesthetic that it currently has.

  • Lev Zitcer
    Lev Zitcer

    you should use cobwebs as the wings

  • SkyeArmyx


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