Hermitcraft VII 902 A Whole Lot Of Concrete!
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Episode Twenty One! This one we build a witch farm, finish up the squid farm and build a new shop!
Easy Squid Ink Farm Tutorial | Minecraft 1.14/1.15 (Java Edition)
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  • William Alexander
    William Alexander

    I understand wanting to make a beautiful build, but at the same time why are the stores so big to sell so few items?

  • Peyton Cooper
    Peyton Cooper

    bees more bees

  • King Gamer 175
    King Gamer 175

    Your witch farm is good but mumbo's farm last season was much better

  • Noah Linnebank
    Noah Linnebank

    🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 🧖🏻‍♀️🧖🏾‍♂️🧖🏼honey angels tower

    • Noah Linnebank
      Noah Linnebank


  • Sarah Rouleau
    Sarah Rouleau

    For the losses in the concrete farm, could it be some of the blocks are being destroyed in the TNT blasts??

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Minim 4.0
    Minim 4.0

    What about the pigmen with the glass?

    • Minim 4.0
      Minim 4.0

      In the squid farm I mean

  • TheEndOfSolace

    I still dont understand why hes done his squid farm this way I feel like theres an easier way

  • Crxmson

    Xisuma really enjoy the 1.15 update... *He loves to build with the new blocks, eh?*

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    anyone else see the thumbnail and thought it looked like xiusuma and keralis playing with toy llamas?

  • Isaac Preece
    Isaac Preece


  • Gaurav Vig
    Gaurav Vig

    X got a stack of levels

  • LTT 2121
    LTT 2121

    The start of the video if this helps people ( don’t know why but) 0:01. ( I’m doing this for likes)

  • Utku Noyan
    Utku Noyan

    Xisuma: Builds a witch farm Mumbo: *laughs in witch*

  • croissis

    lol the shop looks a bit like Santorini in Greece... kinda?

  • celine

    That witch farm timelaspe is beautiful :D

  • king 1
    king 1

    What about elertric 2 bagaoloo

  • DharsanRox Gaming
    DharsanRox Gaming

    mumbo's iron parachute lives on...........


    you should have used fish as a food source for the season

  • chicken fall guy
    chicken fall guy

    I love your thumbnails,

  • The BlackDodo
    The BlackDodo

    Am I that a bad viewer that I have no Idea what site he was using @ 9:10 or is it like a minecraft OG thing? Can anyone help with site name? tnx

  • Slime Cart
    Slime Cart

    Phantoms are still going to be able to get him...

  • Bodie Dachtler
    Bodie Dachtler

    How do u make this witch farm

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown

    Can you do a tutorial of this farm

  • Gabo 14
    Gabo 14

    Can you make tutorial for this farm?

  • piggywiggy

    0:00 I synced the music on my computer with the same music on my phone but at different times and it sounded cool

  • Startman Plays
    Startman Plays

    “What a stupid amount of concrete” Sahara: Hold my beer

  • hadhi zubair Tk
    hadhi zubair Tk

    Show your face in one vidio dude

  • Samuel Lawrence
    Samuel Lawrence

    does anyone know what design the witch farm is?

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore

    Whar's the MC championships?

  • Cookie_ Bujo
    Cookie_ Bujo

    6:40 who is this Kerlais character?!

  • purplerains

    Is there a guide somewhere for this witch farm?

  • Maddie

    Hey X! For the livestream announcements, could you add a column in for Australia or somewhere around East Asia? Would appreciate, thanks 😊

  • Oliver

    11:06 song?

    • a bc
      a bc

      I think it is Alpha by C418


    At 1:02 it looks like a mouth

  • Harrison Miller
    Harrison Miller

    Anyone know what farm he used

  • Garrett Shaw
    Garrett Shaw

    Why red bar over local difficulty? 10:09

    • Panparenicai -
      Panparenicai -

      Red bar under swamp biome.

  • FozzenSir

    That concrete factory came up so much faster in your video than it did periodically throughout other Hermits' =)

  • DragonFire 93
    DragonFire 93

    Hey X just wondering why didn't u just putting a water clock instead of a flying machine it's much easier

  • Liaminblue

    They don’t spawn on glass lol

  • Harry Perkins
    Harry Perkins

    The plot will cost a lot

  • GamingGirl002

    Xisuma: I wanna use the lapis block more in this season *annoyed Grian noises*

  • Carlos V.
    Carlos V.

    Nice background music Xisuma, great choice!

  • Cherry Coo
    Cherry Coo

    Which one is EST?

  • roel crabbe
    roel crabbe

    What disign of witch farm are u using

  • Andrew Hughes
    Andrew Hughes

    The witch farm could never be as good as Mumbo's in s6 though.

  • Azerith

    How do you make the shulker boxes show their contents when you hover over them?

  • Jared Kinney Jr
    Jared Kinney Jr

    Y do Englishmen pronounce (th) with an (f) sound??? Ex: everything pronounced everyfing. XisumaVoid sounds like a little baby learning to speak?!? It's rather gross & annoying & I'm not even gona start on StressMonster, theeee most annoying voice on all the Internet. I will nvr understand how she got on HermitCraft other than they needed diversity which HermitCraft is still racist as there is still no Blacks. Annoying rant over...

  • Riley D'Onise
    Riley D'Onise

    is there a link for the witch farm?


    Is this a Gnembon witch farm design?

  • Antek Dudek
    Antek Dudek

    Is there any tutorial for this witch farm on RSloft?

  • SirThanxalot

    Sahara in S6: "we are gonna be the biggest block of concrete shop the Hermitcraft server has ever seen X in S7: "Hold my Totem of Undying"

  • RickD29

    can you make a tutorial for the witch farm?

  • Jay91

    can you please make a tutorial

  • Henry wishneski
    Henry wishneski

    Just got the notification for this

  • Rafat Elyas
    Rafat Elyas

    Xuma this looks like a face Me eye of sauron vibes

  • Sam Jorge
    Sam Jorge

    X is starting to take this whole Beesuma thing too seriously. *I love it*

  • janosiadam

    Does anybody know the music during the witch farm timelapse?

  • killian carroll
    killian carroll

    Does this witch farm work on bedrock?

  • HotCherrySoda

    Could you please do a tutorial or this farm that would be very helpful.

  • IISlamMKII

    Anyone know where I can find this witch farm tutorial

  • Jp


  • SimplyAcke

    Jeez, the music X uses in his videos is beautiful :') Awesome taste!

  • Heyyweirdo

    Does anyone know the title of the song at 11:05 ? I know the song but I forgot the title.

  • Gary Goose
    Gary Goose

    What app does he use to look at the entire map and see the witch hut? I’m interested in using it but idk what it’s called

  • qtee

    How do you get the map, like what website or app?

  • maya merritt
    maya merritt

    Bruh that beginning music is fire

  • Vile135

    Xisuma: I am absolutely tearing through concrete Mumbo's Base: *Hold my shulker box*

  • LinkGamer 715
    LinkGamer 715

    have a donation box in the honey pot where people put their empty bottles they don't need

  • Jake Hope
    Jake Hope

    Xisuma builds witch farm. Mumbo: you call that a witch farm? If you watched Season 6 then you will get this.

  • Lemon Knight
    Lemon Knight

    Xisuma: 4 Diamonds! Keralis: Is my 3 stacks of blocks a joke to you?

  • eric downes
    eric downes

    it would be epic if X made the boxes rainbow colours

  • DadasaurusRex

    Your AFK tower reminds me the Dahlek hybrid from Doctor Who. And love the carpet schematic theme. I've done something similar with my hopper chains for all my farms and trading hall. Try using multiple colors (but in a specific pattern) to brighten it up even more

  • Martin Dolmer Andersen
    Martin Dolmer Andersen

    Shop: Block Buzzers

  • N8n8

    is there a tutorial for this witch farm anywhere?

  • PvPScHeIzE

    6:38 nobody gonna mention "Kerlais"

  • xoxo

    didn't one of the other hermits have a sand store? he'd be able to smelt bottles w that

  • Coolfoxgamer

    Make walls so that phantoms don’t get you

  • 로렌트리 니
    로렌트리 니

    hey!! XISUMA can u do face reveal pls.


    Playboi Carti: whole lotta red X: Whole lotta Concrete When's the album xiasuamay

  • Gary Hopple
    Gary Hopple

    Song around 11:00 - 12:30?

  • Weta

    Like the blue on the squid afk tower but not in this shape.

  • Harry Haddow
    Harry Haddow

    Your camera angles are awesome

  • Chrys _
    Chrys _

    the timelapse music bringing in the nostalgia;;;;;;;

  • Dani

    His timelapse music sounds like it is out of Kingdom Hearts

  • GreenGamer

    Who won the head games?

    • Vermillions

      GreenGamer Grian and I forget

  • Clinton Flowers
    Clinton Flowers

    we need logical geek boy on hermicraft server

  • Alexander van de Velde
    Alexander van de Velde

    #Store name: since you are going for multiple stores within the building and a Bee theme, how about 'Beelding Block Inc.' You can incl the Rock shop together with the concrete.

  • WackoMcGoose

    >Portal led to X=-4800 Oh, so they turned off the 3k world border? Nice.

  • Mohamed Abdelsamad
    Mohamed Abdelsamad

    When I saw the title, I thought about whole lotta red

  • אייל ירדן
    אייל ירדן

    And then waddled away waddle waddle

  • Shiny Rotom
    Shiny Rotom

    What's the timelapse song at 11:05?

    • Vermillions

      Shiny Rotom idk it’s cool tho

  • אייל ירדן
    אייל ירדן

    U should change to xisuma in October

  • Timmy376

    Totally digging the timelaps at the beginning of the video

  • I Poopsometime
    I Poopsometime

    pls xisuma, what is the song that played in the time lapse

  • Lil Neek
    Lil Neek

    XB made an awesome Witch farm aswell

  • Bronson Wood
    Bronson Wood

    You should stream on RSloft xisuma

  • Uncle Antnee
    Uncle Antnee

    Hey X I was wondering have you guys ever thought about upping to mob count for the server?

  • Game Start
    Game Start

    what is the name of this music 00:00

  • Cade

    Get gooder bro