Hermitcraft VII 916 Wandering Trader Loot & Majestic Castle
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Episode Thirty Five! This episode we finish up our sheep farm and build a fantastic majestic castle by PearlescentMoon.
The Harassment Of Hermits!
Pearlescent Moon
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  • TheRealBipe


  • id the squid
    id the squid

    i love how x acctually organizes his ender chest wheras everyone else just puts random stuff

  • little ghost
    little ghost

    "why cant we all get along??" _proceeds to murder them_

  • Yelite The beast
    Yelite The beast

    That music for the timelapse was amazing plz use it more

  • freddy 2.0
    freddy 2.0


  • L1quidNitr0

    At least politics in hermitcraft are similar to real life

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    There is something EVERY season that gets some of the Hermitcraft "fans" all riled up and then a bunch of them have to make comment about how they are all friends and none of them are really upset at others or something along those lines!

  • Super Gamer Dip
    Super Gamer Dip

    #invitewattles to hermit craft

  • Sapient Pearwood
    Sapient Pearwood

    I loved the time-lapse. That desert build is super cool and the music made it so atmospheric.

  • Zechariah Sovka
    Zechariah Sovka

    List of things to do in quarantine Build a sand castle in minecraft

  • Kimberly Reeder
    Kimberly Reeder

    hmmm... 21:24 i think some rare mob heads?

  • süß75

    Pearlescent Moon and scicraft are honorary hermits!

  • Anonymous_Buddha

    Ah man, Pearlescent Moon’s stuff is amazing. The build is a little bland colorwise. Maybe inset som red sandstone in select places? Terracotta goes well too.

  • April Flint
    April Flint

    I was itching a bee sting that I got the other day when you said “I’ve got an itch” and for some reason it stopped me in my tracks and I felt very called out haha

  • bagel

    8 diamond blocks each is so over priced lol

  • akrinah

    What's the song in the time lapse at 9:00?

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    When they save that they are all friends me something’s wrong

    • jun wang
      jun wang


  • Kik padodo
    Kik padodo

    7:27 those words made scar win xD

  • Apex_Bluze

    Ad dantdm in session 8

  • 55PK

    15:36, why can’t we play like this more often? -> proceeds to murder those innocent drowned

  • Santtu Mäkinen
    Santtu Mäkinen

    Can u make a tutorial how to get the shulker prewiev?

  • Santtu Mäkinen
    Santtu Mäkinen

    Pretty cool sand castle

  • TheDesu Complex
    TheDesu Complex

    the song about three minutes in made me think my ceiling fan was going off kilter

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    5:07 You should have had a water bucket in you toolbar just in case you fell into lava while digging straight down.

  • Raphael

    Imagine Ilmango and Pearlescent in the next season of hermitcraft tho

  • Sachverhalt Sandor
    Sachverhalt Sandor

    what program is used for the map?

    • a bc
      a bc


  • Drew May
    Drew May

    Hey Xisuma, when using Admist, do you simply enter in the seed of the world, or do you enter it from a save game? And if the latter, how? How do you save the server to a single player world?

  • Zgall053

    I think the mayoral race is awesome because you guys are forming your own government based on that diamond pile because you decided to monetize the land. it’s fascinating to me. like a mini recreation of why government was needed in the first place

  • Friskipoo

    I'm curious to see who becomes mayor

  • LTT 2121
    LTT 2121


    • a bc
      a bc

      he did it 2 blocks wide so he wouldn’t fall

  • Eddie Quick
    Eddie Quick

    Xisuma : why can’t we get along. Also xisuma 10 seconds later: I killed them

  • Mouse

    Wow love that desert castle!

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald

    We should all support all the hermits on the mayoral race, buuuut most of us want mumbo to win just bc its mumbo

  • Vir Silvam Survival
    Vir Silvam Survival


  • Joebel Canlas
    Joebel Canlas

    I didn't clearly hear the map program. Anyone know what it is?

  • Chameleon

    Texture pack??

  • Paige Perricone
    Paige Perricone

    RIP friendly drowns

  • Cobalt

    No the drowned!

  • FrogWithAJetpack

    I think you should put a well of sorts near the sandstone castle. Also I think the drowneds didn’t kill you because they were green team and saw an equal

  • dark shadow
    dark shadow

    15:45 my new favorite insult "you are an entity in this world that doesnt need to be here" 😂 jkjk lol

  • RainyDay Studios
    RainyDay Studios

    Majestic castle modesty 1 o 1

  • Speed

    15:43 RIP peaceful Drowned.

  • indeepj

    Personally Im Partially Angered That They Are Doing A Mayoral Race In The First-Place I Wont Yell At People About It Or Anything, I Wont Be An Annoyance About It I Just Don't Like That Theres A Mayoral Race At All

    • Cobalt


  • Samurai Pipotchi
    Samurai Pipotchi

    PearlescentMoon for Mayor! It's only fitting considering she keeps getting mentions ;)

  • RandoPerson

    I don't get why viewers have to take everything so seriously, since its fun and gajes on the server. Or at least in my opinion.

  • Ruben Schwirtz
    Ruben Schwirtz

    U can lock the wandering traders in there and call it the wandering castle Edit so people can buy heads there

    • Tederatril • 8 years ago
      Tederatril • 8 years ago

      I’m pretty sure that wandering traders don’t restock

  • Amol

    Hey X! Do you think that when the nether update comes to the server, the shopping district will switch to netherite as currency?

  • Un1c0

    I remember when I first heard the name "Pearlescent Moon" in Grian's Build Swap minigame being introduced as a judge. It's nice that she gets mentioned again for her amazing work.

  • Starlight Gnilrets
    Starlight Gnilrets

    I feel ashamed when xisuma is dissapointed even when I do nothing.

  • Art Keyos
    Art Keyos

    Those drowns are zombies converted by this water pillar. I have no idea why they were invading that corner but this explain armor, holding items and not disappearing. No clue from where they got items from.

  • Micah Kennedy
    Micah Kennedy

    Add pearlescentmoon to the Hermitcraft Server!

  • Alex Rock Vlogs
    Alex Rock Vlogs

    Now we know who's going to be joining Hermitcraft next haha, all hail pearlescentmoon

  • SnowWolf

    X: Can't we all just get along X literally 5 seconds later: They were entities in the world that didn't need to be there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Echolite 21
    Echolite 21

    Can we get a beep or a boop??

  • Blade of Despair
    Blade of Despair

    "I have to poke his right eye" *proceeds to poke his left eye**

  • Issa Threat
    Issa Threat

    For the castle you should make the sandstone face off into colorful concrete

  • Deadgamer Mc
    Deadgamer Mc

    Love the fact that the shulkerbox says usefull and there randomly are 7 feathers , 3 itemframes and 4 haybales😂

  • Hunter Holaway
    Hunter Holaway

    Cow area

  • Nate Bluefury
    Nate Bluefury

    Me: it’s a sand castle!

  • Mepler 113
    Mepler 113

    the sand castle looks great and even looks like something out of harry potter!

  • Tristan Thomas
    Tristan Thomas

    The sponsors of the hermitcraft server: pearlescant moon and ilmango

    • Bobosaurus

      And ray’s works

    • CaelBrad

      @BlackBleach i was just gunna comment this haha, basically xisuma's go-too for help with anything and everything and most hermits use his designs whether they realise it or not

    • BlackBleach

      dont forget about gnembon

  • Fizzle

    Make an armor stand scene in the tower of you as a shepherd with a couple sheep. Maybe have a dog incorporated into it, too. Just something simple but a little different. Edited two typos

  • lil wezz
    lil wezz

    Hi X let me tell u sum i couldn't watch your vid for 3 day cuz i was spending time with my family and now that i dislocated my arm i can watch you now🤣😂

  • RDS Alphard
    RDS Alphard

    I just checked out Pearl's build and... I'm lost of word, they are gorgeous!

  • UltraGeo

    15:38 why can't we all get along? Immediately says he took care of them...

  • Harry Black
    Harry Black

    HI X This is an awesome video, very pleased on you announcing about the Mumbo For Mayor thing XD Keep up the good work! And PearlescentMoon Gr8 job on the build! Cheers from Australia

  • xander10

    JoeHills still has my backing for Dog Catcher, especially if he covers the diamond throne in lava.

  • loopig

    That "I am a monkey!" caught me off guard and started laughing. My parents think I am either crazy or secretly dating someone now

  • Andrew Sorensen
    Andrew Sorensen

    For future reference Amist still uses classic names, so Extreme Hills is mountains, M is hills modifer, + is a specialty biome. So Desert M is a Desert with Hills or a Mesa plateau M is the plateaus

  • mudkip maverik
    mudkip maverik

    Pearl belongs in Hermitcaft

  • Sergio Mcc5
    Sergio Mcc5

    Pearlescent moon in hermitcraft asap

  • Toby Zilla
    Toby Zilla

    Those dound zombies are frenly and don’t won’t to kill yow but there saposd to attack yow not be friends that’s what there program to do attack yow not be friends

  • Dcat682

    When did Minecraft update it's biome names? Emeralds always use to spawn in Extreme Hills Biomes. It sounds like they're now called Mountains in Game?

  • Trey Telfer
    Trey Telfer

    So is the community voting for who gets to be mayor or are the hermits voting for mayor?

  • funnyiscool

    3:30 what is xisuma using to see his minecraft world?

  • Phoenix Fernau
    Phoenix Fernau

    Eeeeh he called me well behaved

  • Spoonymeerkat27

    Some people were even going to technoblades stream and saying mumbo for mayor, he hadn’t a clue what was going on.

  • Bob Sharpie
    Bob Sharpie

    With the amount of builds on the hermitcraft server that are made from pearl, I think she should join the serve

  • Alyssa Stevens
    Alyssa Stevens

    I just noticed you are using the christmas soundtrack lol

  • Leelen Manandhar
    Leelen Manandhar

    X you have to invite her to Hermitcraft, the server needs a Builder like her

  • Bernardo Espíndola
    Bernardo Espíndola

    Invite Pearlescent Moon to join Hermitcraft

  • Guxtavo Gomex
    Guxtavo Gomex

    6:18 subtitles, I can get AIDS

  • Space Dave
    Space Dave

    wo needs mumbo for mayor when you can have MOSEMAJORMC for Hermitcraft! (xisuma has hosted him already on twitch)

  • Gay Forever
    Gay Forever

    How to join hermin craft

  • axefield games
    axefield games

    put concrete powder also in your shop, stress wanted to buy but you dont sell it

  • Brock Wilson
    Brock Wilson

    Xisuma can you please turn off your mine craft music

  • WilhelmMC

    was just scrolling through r/HermitCraft and I spotted the so-called Stridesuma, a potential Xisuma skin for 1.16!! www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/comments/gq2uzd/stridesuma/ it looks so funny lol credit goes to u/WOWZER7727

  • Dominik Mylek
    Dominik Mylek

    Can i ask who is hosting hermitcraft?

  • V- Series
    V- Series

    If Scar was there he go Ultra Fast Building Mode.

  • Hawaiian Puncher
    Hawaiian Puncher

    i wish i could join hermit craft but i dont have a good pc or any recording software. Btw what do you use to see whats in a shulker box without opening it?

  • Vishnuradhan K
    Vishnuradhan K

    Hey X..In The Tower You Said It Was Plain You Could Put Heads Of All The Hermits....😁😁

  • Otto van den Elzen
    Otto van den Elzen

    how can you see whats inside your shulker boxes without opening them?

  • 》 yyc.Bruiser 《
    》 yyc.Bruiser 《

    PearlescentMoon new hermit?? (pls)

  • Jackson Butler
    Jackson Butler

    Pearls videos remind me of some of Grians older content.

  • Yt69

    Maybe a loom in the top of the tower

  • Yt69

    Do a mooshroomcow farm

  • Yt69

    Maybe farm mooshrooms you can make endless stew and sell it

  • jochem Velde
    jochem Velde

    how did you get the inventory of the shulkerbox out of the shulkerbox if you know what i mean

  • Cremici La Fenicé
    Cremici La Fenicé

    can we get a petition to let pearl join hermicraft? xD

  • [GD] BXX
    [GD] BXX

    That Wooden badlands plateau is the rarest biome in minecraft SUPER RARE

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