Hermitcraft VII 953 The Hermit Respawn Catcher!
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Episode Seventy Two! This episode we setup a contraption to suck respawning hermits into a new area on the server.
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 41-50
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  • xisumavoid

    Minecraft 1.17 the Caves & Cliffs update was revealed this weekend past! I have a video here on the channel, go check it out If you haven't seen it yet :-)

    • Sakurako

      Can you get fallenqbuilds on the server??? They are amazing at builds go check out his videos please????

    • Caleb Rich
      Caleb Rich

      Watched it

    • Legends Saber
      Legends Saber

      The micelium resistance they put the micelium everywhere to bring the shopping district to its original form

    • Cadaver

      You know, you should suggest to scar you form a mycelium destroyer squad or something, three hermits that go around and get rid of mycelium, wherever they find it

    • Yeetio

      I got an ad for it ._.

  • Evan Rodriguez
    Evan Rodriguez

    X ive been so busy lately and struggling to readjust my schedule to binge all these videos from you guys but I probably missed your videos the most tbh. Its just been a minute lol

  • grug4life

    xisuma: mycelium is disgusting me, who only subbed to him because of grian: what? grian, i know you said not to be toxic in the comments so this is for you: jk

  • -_-

    Does x know about the resistance or is he just acting

  • Random Replays
    Random Replays


  • NotAGoat

    Given that Scar is selling shulker boxes for 2 diamonds each, 7 diamonds for 6 boxes is actually over paying. So at that point you're buying it for the grass.

  • Zendard.

    X: removes mycelium **angry recistence noices**

  • Looking For Funnies
    Looking For Funnies

    I'm honestly surprised theres still space in the shopping area

  • jaden cida
    jaden cida

    what texture pack do you use?

  • Jared Whipkey
    Jared Whipkey

    Awesome job on respond 😁

  • UltraBlastLT

    When season 7 is over will we be able to download the backup and the final release world?

  • AdamStates

    Why did I get notifications 45 mins ago?

  • I Am Sanna Used To Curse Bro
    I Am Sanna Used To Curse Bro


  • Neostar Matter
    Neostar Matter

    Join the mycelium resistance X. Join us

  • Electro Phoenix
    Electro Phoenix

    15:03 HES SO RICH

  • Reapsin

    It appears that the blocks that touch air are strictly based on the original shape of the island. That would explain the wonky shape. If you load an additional copy of the backup, you might be able to verify if this observation holds true. If you do, let us know! Concept reworded: spawn deflected to nearest non liquid block at, or above sea level. If nothing fits this description, default to specific XZ, and find Y for non- death (maybe damage?) [Ex. Dig to bedrock, spawn transfers Y to accommodate. Build up to limit, adjust Y to accommodate.] Which poses a question; does a solid pillar place spawn on top, or outside the defined shape?

  • Martian Playz
    Martian Playz

    Ngl it like an etho build Yes that is a compliment

  • Nikusguy

    Alla hail the resistance

  • bestroop

    Wait, did X just rename the ravanger that hypno renamed off of cub's ravanger Edit: 20:02

  • adi asmawi
    adi asmawi

    Im watching from two perspective 1. The one who wants to help 2. The one who rebels

  • TheNintendoFan37

    Make sure there is an exit for people without elytra!

  • Froggsroxx

    Small note, I think it's technically against the rules to leave the dungeon with a compass. I think tango said you either leave with loot or you die. Not a big deal thought

  • Charlie Clapp
    Charlie Clapp

    I have thought of a good payment system for the respawn system, where hermits must deposit diamonds which get used up randomly when the machine is used. Therefore, if hermits are likely to forget about the respawn system then they will deposit lots of diamonds so they won't come back to find it has run out.

  • Craze AGAR
    Craze AGAR

    Xisuma,adding the *Old Minecraft Sounds* gave me Nostalgia.😭 This sound make remembers me about the times Me and my friends had in Ol' Minecraft. Ahh,Good times. 12:34

  • KC WY-SD*Dreams
    KC WY-SD*Dreams

    Destroying Mycelium eliminates the Mooshroom Critter's ecology/home! Save the Mooshroom Critter from extinction!🐮💕

  • Mtterry

    Petition to let tango use command blocks to automatically power decked out

  • Ori Tarnin
    Ori Tarnin

    Literally civil war 2.0

  • Ori Tarnin
    Ori Tarnin

    Remember last season's prank war? This is him now. Feel old yet? (Mycelium Resistance Vs Scar's group)

  • Spacegeek1

    Glo berries would look nice with this :D

  • Cameron Meyer
    Cameron Meyer

    Me 3 years ago: *sees hermitcraft for the first time* "Wow, these builds are massive. These people must have no life!" Me now: "My homework was due yesterday, but Xisuma just uploaded! MUST WATCH."

  • Legomach

    You should ask tango to build a ravager launcher as a quick method to get to the shopping district from spawn

  • MastRdestroyR

    Are you going to stream the Wires Update on Shapez.io today?

  • loqk loqkson
    loqk loqkson

    if you haven't got another way to kick them out of the water stream so they don't die, tango's puffer fish player detector and a piston would probably save someone's life if they die and go afk, rather an endless loop of respawning

  • Andrew Renfrow
    Andrew Renfrow

    Push the leaves up in the spawn hub

  • DoULikeLilGamer

    Xisuma pls bring others from other Minecraft smp's like afterlife smp

  • Loop Side
    Loop Side

    I know you skin its from doom

  • Watson Harrell
    Watson Harrell

    Jesus loves you brochachos

  • selvam shanmugam
    selvam shanmugam

    Xisuma you have tagged Hypno's beast.

  • Thomas Moye
    Thomas Moye

    No one Absolutely no one Xisuma CoW MerCiaL distRicT

  • Faith Blankenship
    Faith Blankenship

    Man i’ve got the new update still on my mind. I went, “wow the glow berries would look great in the respawn area”

  • DragooonAnimations


  • Naode

    That was Hypno's Beast that you renamed

  • Tarquin Green
    Tarquin Green

    13:14 he could of used shroom lights

  • William Raugstad
    William Raugstad

    Grian has nothing to do with this 🤫

  • Pine Torch
    Pine Torch

    You should join the fight against mycelium! You will make more of an impact against the mycelium resistance!

  • Ginger Tea
    Ginger Tea

    Love the respawn room Xisuma. Personally I like the leaf blocks as they are, the only thing I'd change is the redstone lamps, imho I preferred the lanterns as I think it looked neater, just my opinion dude.

  • Dantrios broz PE
    Dantrios broz PE

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments section Have a nice day and may your dreams come true thanks for taking the time to read this 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 Also my dream is to become a successful youtuber


    How dare you call mycelium disgusting, you...you...you anti-fungus.

  • Justin Alley
    Justin Alley

    Use the new fungi light from the nether i forget the name

  • Eliane Cristina Souza Santos
    Eliane Cristina Souza Santos

    1.17 has candles

  • Eliane Cristina Souza Santos
    Eliane Cristina Souza Santos

    Little did x know...

  • CoarseCape

    Xisuma September is over now pls upload in 2-3 days

  • Gabriel Laughlin
    Gabriel Laughlin

    It's a matter of principle.


    Hey I make a decked out plugin to make tangos job easier would you add it. It keeps the game completely survival.

  • ravens purple beats
    ravens purple beats

    shroom blocks could work as nice looking block and its better sea lantern!

  • Froggy '
    Froggy '

    This HUB build has a problem. When someone dies while being afk, he'll drown.

    • Alexandria Hunt
      Alexandria Hunt

      No, they will have to press respawn before they get to the hub

  • I BennyBoii I
    I BennyBoii I

    Hide light sources under slabs and stairs and it should let the light through.

  • Gaming with Timmy
    Gaming with Timmy

    Myselm resistin

  • Colin on 2k
    Colin on 2k

    Man I’m just getting back from watching season one and damn his voice is so different

  • ShadowMaster

    So, because we got the Cave update now, lets ask for a Desert update!

  • Kemi Ola
    Kemi Ola

    Quick reminder: Decked Out will only take 5 cards from you deck (the first 5 in your shulker box), so do some rearranging in your deck so that you make the most of the cards you use each run

  • Sean Omight
    Sean Omight

    This reminds me of grians death trap for scar where he did this similar idea in the nether to trap scar and he kept falling to his death.

  • aLlamaLord

    Idont know if you figures this out, but i think that the spawning thing is based on biome, i'm probably wrong but its just a suggestion

  • Wolf Guy
    Wolf Guy

    Use glowstone under the leaves it will look nice i use it in tree hounse in minecraft

  • Bram Lastname
    Bram Lastname

    You should trade in some of your books, Or use them to trade with hermits for valuable artifacts


    um... X, you tagged Hypnos beast 20:02

  • Rika Chan
    Rika Chan

    8:38 Mycelium ;)

  • Kaitlyn S
    Kaitlyn S

    i love your organised approach to the artefacts!

  • Ultra Cookie
    Ultra Cookie

    2:19 big flex

  • Jesse Doescher
    Jesse Doescher

    Better name: Xsumavoid rennovates Grian's idea of the Did you Die box

  • OverlordIcy

    @X Only the first five Cards in your Deck get pulled out at the start of each game, you need to make sure that the 5 Cards you want activated during your runs are in the first five slots. You had multiple stacks of 2 & 3 before, which meant that all the cards past the first five from left to right were never being used. That's why Yes, they do Stack having multiple level 1 cards, but that's the entire reason Level 2 & 3 Cards exist, otherwise a Level 2 Stealth would be the Same as two Level 1 Stealth Cards, the difference is that the Stealth 2 Card only takes up 1/5 of your Desk Slots.

  • Aidan Weber
    Aidan Weber

    Why not setup an ender porter to the shopping island that each of the Hermits can use? Lil’ room with a button for each hermit, a diamond block for porter.

  • Kyneton Auskick
    Kyneton Auskick

    am i the only one getti9ng sick of seeing decked out

  • Retroking147 MCPE
    Retroking147 MCPE

    xisumavoid you could start a small competition for whoever collects the most mycelium out of the shopping district gets a prize

  • BirdFusion

    For spawn perhaps also change this game rule so blocks can be above the water in the design. "/gamerule spawnRadius 0"

  • Connor Chin
    Connor Chin

    Only if Grian could have haxs

  • Connor Chin
    Connor Chin

    Ok he’s using hacks now

  • JustiFri

    The respawn build was the most interesting in the whole video

  • Flamer Gamer
    Flamer Gamer

    You and the hermits should start up foolcraft 4 because it's been 2 years without greatness

  • nolastname

    the hub looks really great :D id totally love seeing more if this style in future builds

  • Justin Gui
    Justin Gui

    Can't help but notice the music at the start of the video is the same as the one in Technoblade's Hypixel Skyblock video.

  • Huemanois 2
    Huemanois 2

    There was a perfectly good did you die box in the barge you should’ve bought it

  • Jeromem sevilla29
    Jeromem sevilla29


  • Teddy Proctor
    Teddy Proctor

    what a hermit against mycelium... aka what a ham

  • The Incredible Illusionist
    The Incredible Illusionist

    I think the water tube between the surface and the hub is too dark, if you want to add some sea lanterns and whatnot.

  • Legends Saber
    Legends Saber

    The micelium resistance they put the micelium everywhere to bring the shopping district to its original form

  • John Pegram
    John Pegram

    You should add jump boost potion dispensers to your moon road.

  • Angus Someone
    Angus Someone

    You are not meant to put the coins and keys in the barrel

  • Bryan Oberhausen
    Bryan Oberhausen

    Xisuma should take a note out of Mumbo’s book and just go ahead and supply hermits who end up in the new spawn island hub with useful items then bill them.

  • Sajjad Ali Khan
    Sajjad Ali Khan

    I love the classic music in the background. Subtle, but so so nostalgic. Never gets old

  • Mads N
    Mads N

    Why did I want the respawn catcher to be an infinite death machine? Kinda disappointed, weirdly

  • Eric Neufeld
    Eric Neufeld

    Hey Xisuma, you may be getting kicked out of fly mode when you hit a fence gate

  • Emma Sutch
    Emma Sutch

    Xisuma: this box must be the worst box Me: or the best😏

  • Noah Larocque
    Noah Larocque

    xisuma i am a huge fan of yours, i have really bad depression and you make me happy i love you videos i just wanted to say thankyou for what you do

  • Nik The Coder
    Nik The Coder

    show the full run next time

  • Chirag Jangra
    Chirag Jangra


  • Lizzard Doggo
    Lizzard Doggo

    Xisuma: the mycilium one has to be the worst one of the whole auction Impulse: Laughs in mycilium resistance.

  • The Mycelium Resistance
    The Mycelium Resistance

    Mah haha hahahahaha xisuma you will never stop us we will keep spreading from The Mycelium Resistance

  • 继民财经汇Jimincaijing


  • Sebastian P.
    Sebastian P.

    This is my first time watching Hermitcraft, and it was great! I've been watching X/xisumavoid for quite some time now, but I always put off Hermitcraft aside and never watched it... But I regret that, seeing the buildings, shops, and mini-games everyone made is so cool! Buildings are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful! They're so pleasing to look at, it's amazing. Watching the process of a simple spawn-point island transform into a meticulous, well-built hub was so cool to see! I'll be watching future Hermitcraft episodes, they're fun to watch! Hooray, more content I can watch from X! And yes, unfortunately one of the main reasons why I started watching Hermitcraft was because there's nearly 1000 episodes...