Hermitcraft VII 938 Zoglin Farm & The Hermit Heroes!
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Episode Fifty Seven! Our fellow hermits come to the rescue as we farm Zoglins!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • xisumavoid

    Minecraft 1.16.2 Pre-Release 1 is out! rsloft.info/loft/video/g7xozIK41JTMa6g

    • morpheuzpr

      What the heck happened to DocM? Did he pulled another mincrack on us? I hope he's fine.

    • Kerry Dugger
      Kerry Dugger

      can u name a dog in stead of afking

    • Mark Thomas
      Mark Thomas

      Hi love you u don’t get as much subs as u deserve

    • CyberLord

      Xisuma the prize was for welsknight because it lit up above his name

    • PoultryMan

      is there an easy way to join hermitcraft?

  • Elise Dutcher
    Elise Dutcher

    When Xisuma doesn't finish saying buh bye There's trouble in the air you can smell it

  • Zane Black
    Zane Black


  • Adithya

    Ok how is he at episode 938😂.....bdubs is at 20 someone 😂

  • Joseph Mackey
    Joseph Mackey

    You should take a crack at a music festival build. Perfect excuse to play with armor stands a little more.

  • Gabriel Cox
    Gabriel Cox

    btw I am not stupid I spell things wrong on purpose

  • Gabriel Cox
    Gabriel Cox

    Xisumavoid: never Me: you mean nether Xisumavoid: DID I STUDER!!

  • SamTDG

    There.....grian in xisuma vid nice

  • Stephan Kruger
    Stephan Kruger

    My vanilla tweaks more mob head and mini blocks datapacks fail to show the texture corresponding to the name. It only shows the steve head with the name of the mini block/mob head. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Rebecca Earl
    Rebecca Earl

    Xisuma: strips forest Conspiracy theorists that didn’t watch this video: “Herobrine was on the server!!”

  • tuur moerkerke
    tuur moerkerke

    don't you have 2 accounts yourself x?

  • tuur moerkerke
    tuur moerkerke

    Hey X, you do know wandering traders despawn after 30-45 min right?

  • ling ting
    ling ting

    Loved that intro but the rain was kind of more subtle in your third person view than it was in the replay mod view

  • Aero

    19:20 is IIX-AI-SAH-Ooo-MAH Grian? Lol

  • D4rkn355Inf3rno

    LOL Xisuma you should place horse riding stations on the edge of the town roads to act like a car rentals just for kicks of course but if you want you can ride a horse down the road :P

  • Bon Bun The Dragon
    Bon Bun The Dragon


  • Farhan Ramadhani Zakiyyandi
    Farhan Ramadhani Zakiyyandi

    3:56 for Xisuma making an elephant noise of some sort

  • EmJay Gluck
    EmJay Gluck

    Why don’t you afk in the over world with your camera account

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    I think it's so cool how all of the Hermits jump in to help each other out with their projects! I know that it's totally normal for them to do things like afk for each other and stuff. But it's still awesome to see just how closely knit their group is!

  • fiona mcna
    fiona mcna

    please tell me i’m not the only one who didn’t know zoglins were a thing

  • Grenaderboy909 -
    Grenaderboy909 -

    X how does the borders of the hermitcraft server work, because sometimes it is 3000, sometimes it is infinite?

  • Bellotas Videos
    Bellotas Videos

    Amazing video!!!

  • Man Cubits
    Man Cubits

    Is there any possibility u could either One, use your camera account to keep the hoglins from despawning or Two, make a second account for farm-related stuff like that? Or is that not possible

  • AO Craft
    AO Craft


  • Overide82

    X you could kill he zoglins in the overworld to stop the problem of the second of the protal

  • AO Craft
    AO Craft

    3:57 Now that's the sound of a real strider!

  • ravi joshi
    ravi joshi

    when is the next video comeing

    • xisumavoid

      105 minutes

  • Chaos Guy
    Chaos Guy

    DERPsumaVoid 😂😂

  • Daniel Kilmer
    Daniel Kilmer

    It's kind of disappointing seeing no other hermits at TBE :(

  • ZweisteinHD

    1. you can make the portal toggleable by using lava instead of water. 2. if no player is in the overworld the hoglins won't despawn when they go through the portal, but the portal only loads a 3x3 area around it, so you will need chunk loaders if you want to use the farm without a player.

  • Isaac Timms
    Isaac Timms

    "The TBE" is an example of Redundant Acronym Syndrome

  • Alex Topfer
    Alex Topfer

    you should open a BBQ stand

  • Ethan A
    Ethan A

    Cant you use a villager?

  • Tacobell1384

    Take an ad out in the hermiton herald about the stand off tournament.

  • Gabe frye
    Gabe frye

    For stand off he should add custom heads for an extra diamond

  • Dronemastr1

    3:57 lol that noise

  • Marcello Talbot
    Marcello Talbot

    X, use three pistons and a dispenser to make the portals togglable two to push the other piston and dispenser out so they don't get in the way and the other piston and dispenser to activate and deactivate the portal

  • Mike Win
    Mike Win

    Do timelapses!!

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate how much effort Xisuma puts in his builds, he is truly dedicated, love it and keep it up Xisuma

  • The Slightly Tilted Cat
    The Slightly Tilted Cat

    X, I think you should add a Captain's Mode on the Stand-Off! Where, whenever a Hermit's Stand Captain gets 'touched' by a Normal Stand, they instantly lose. 1. A Captain can not 'touch' the enemy Captain. 2. Whenever a Normal Stand is within 1 block of the Captain Stand, the Captain Stand can move twice in a row but only using the Knockback 1 Sword. This will probably add more strategies and mind games on the Mini Game.

  • Good and Good Photographers
    Good and Good Photographers

    the bee must return

  • Good and Good Photographers
    Good and Good Photographers

    use your be skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good and Good Photographers
    Good and Good Photographers

    i recomend not using the nether pick because it can not break utility blocks like crafting table and blast furnices

  • TheBlueTyphoon Official
    TheBlueTyphoon Official

    Please kill the wither with an army of bees

  • Ryan Suchy
    Ryan Suchy

    Just put the jackpot box in an ender chest on the start island

  • Edwedo

    #tip you and make a togable portal in the nether with lava instead of water

  • Ghost Wimp
    Ghost Wimp

    face cam pls you sound very cool

  • ravi joshi
    ravi joshi

    come on man when is the next video coming

  • Sadistic Ogre
    Sadistic Ogre

    Keep up the good work Xisuma.

  • AMMGKH Račić
    AMMGKH Račić

    Pistons X pistons powerd thru portal break

  • Xd Gamer
    Xd Gamer

    You can toggle the portals with lava

  • Julio Mercado
    Julio Mercado

    An idea for the care package; a copy of the STAND-OFF banners can be on the top row of the chest/barrel/shulker box since it has exactly 9 letters/banners

  • Jelluws _
    Jelluws _

    Hi Xisuma! I have a problem with the tag data pack. The "/function tag:become_tagger" doesn't work. Can anybody help me?

  • Bethany Spriggs
    Bethany Spriggs

    You should make a lead shop because you get them from wandering traders

  • Kushagra Sati
    Kushagra Sati

    Watched your video for the first time. Your content is great bro. Keep going.

  • Bradley M
    Bradley M

    I just realized that James Charles watches your videos. Look at his longest nails ever video. He watches your hermitcraft episode while they are applied to him. Wow. I can't believe it. Like. I. I'm speechless. I never expected him to watch you. No offense

  • Reece Barnes
    Reece Barnes

    Can those mobs not be moved with lava in the nether?

  • Evan Sparrow
    Evan Sparrow

    Can you stop a skeleton not attack you

  • BLUE

    Lava can disable portals

  • Bradley Cross
    Bradley Cross

    This was a great video!

  • TheShawnster

    Now i wanna see mumbo and grain Redstone plumbers repairing or troubleshooting redstone!

  • Rex Vaz
    Rex Vaz

    Whenever X gets lots of leaves the trees without leaves remind me of herobrine

  • Link

    9:48 I like to call those patches a bunch of logs standing up

  • cgomez 9
    cgomez 9


  • Robinson Bright
    Robinson Bright

    Pshhhh smart heroes don't wear capes, they wear elytra!

  • MaroonTheKidd _19
    MaroonTheKidd _19

    Hermits should sell something worthwhile for netherite ingots and make it a higher form of currency #MakeItHappen

  • brandonbba

    Can't you use sticky pistons to deactivate your portal?

  • Winston Sucharda
    Winston Sucharda

    Hey X, you should compare honeycomb blocks with Cubfan.

  • Mark Kinghan
    Mark Kinghan

    most of the hermits don't know about the gaming district

  • adam land
    adam land

    luv the vids x

  • coffee fish
    coffee fish

    somehow hermit craft turned INTO A technical server and i love it.

  • Samurai Pipotchi
    Samurai Pipotchi

    I think you can use lava buckets instead of water buckets if you do want to run with a toggle-able nether portal idea. Also, thinking of the zombie hoglins, you could try gathering a load of regular hoglins at the kill chamber and then using a slime contraption to eject them into an overworld kill chamber before going to kill them there. Probably wouldn't be ideal, bit if you ever re-visit the idea it could be worth a try.

  • Logan Krohn
    Logan Krohn

    Birdsuma: 3:57

  • Night

    You should turn the fog off on your settings. Grian does it and it looks so much better!!

  • Tom Daniel Haugland
    Tom Daniel Haugland

    You guys should make a law for wich tree you kill you need to planet a new one.

  • Crafty Liza
    Crafty Liza

    Oh my- I actually saw James Charles watch one of your episode on his newest RSloft video!

  • 7z4_

    Dont take the boat out- I have had many times where I needed it

  • Wes Hano
    Wes Hano

    Yay! Stress is back!


    Cubfan is such a nice dude. edit: Daw, so is Keralis.

  • FnafBoy - FnafGirls Sister Cars 6
    FnafBoy - FnafGirls Sister Cars 6

    Prank tfc please x with a chefs hat please that would be awesome

  • Flamehawk191

    You know grian's gonna sell the leather right? You should sell it instead (and the pork mebbe)

  • Flamehawk191

    Is it just me who keeps thinking he means "either player" so him or someone else, when he says "I the player"

  • rae

    you can still remove portals in the nether with lava buckets ;)

  • fergus hebbert
    fergus hebbert

    You know hoglin and zoglin heads look like orcs or something

  • Corn Cobz
    Corn Cobz

    How did you get the heads with just a sword?

    • Faberistry

      There is a mod on the server

  • Benjamin Dougherty
    Benjamin Dougherty

    Can someone tell me why most hermits use golden carrots instead of pork chops or steak

  • Caleb Timberman
    Caleb Timberman

    Do you think that you could shout out mithical because he has been working so hard for years on possibly the biggest Minecraft project ever.

  • Star Wars Bookmarks
    Star Wars Bookmarks

    I wonder if x realizes that when he says “The TBE” he is saying “The The Block Exchange”

  • kyegonino

    Make sure you tell iskall85 his leaf game gave you 2 jackpots instead of 1

  • Valentijn IJzer
    Valentijn IJzer

    Every doublechest of shulkerboxes= 1 Jackpot, so look at the chests outside Bernie how much shulkerboxes there are so you can get another Jackpot

  • Artistic_ Maniac125
    Artistic_ Maniac125

    I hope Stress is ok!!

  • Gendarme

    U used Blocks disc! I Would too!

  • Amzxar

    i just wanna say that keralis dont really like others to disturb his area

  • Graeme Brady
    Graeme Brady

    Do you live in the UK

  • Sarı Lacivert
    Sarı Lacivert

    Hi im New what is hermitcraft?

    • Faberistry

      One of the most interesting Minecraft servers to watch

    • Milton Ferreira
      Milton Ferreira

      a minecraft world where any player does whatever they want

  • Benny AIA Chu
    Benny AIA Chu

    X there is another wandering trader with invisibility, who doesn't want u to take his head after giving him emeralds. Is there a spot for mobs to spawn which causes him to drink the potion?

  • Abijose Mariñez
    Abijose Mariñez

    Nice video

  • Louisa Watson
    Louisa Watson

    Yes, don't forget poultry man and iskallMAN in your heroes list

  • 8KCoffeeWizard _
    8KCoffeeWizard _

    X, did you pick the better box? Not that thats a wrong thing, but heres how i know: 1. The Jackpot clip is black and white preventing us from looking at what color the accidental box was, which, if anyone has seen iskall's vid, can be used to find out what it was. 2. You said you put one back but didnt show what it was I'm not hating, just pointing this out.

  • Meeper 51
    Meeper 51

    I’m so sorry X, I failed you, I haven’t watched a single episode of season 7 because of school