Hermitcraft VII 940 Invitations & Innovations!
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Episode Fifty Nine! We continue building up the mega project as we organize the stand off tournament and do some redstoning!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 31-40
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  • Hazel Capulus
    Hazel Capulus

    I know this is an older video but I'm watching through your playlist now and just got an idea: For future iterations of the armour stand game, maybe give players the ability to modify their half of the "field" with honey and ice blocks? : D Or have different arenas, with different types of flooring to mix things up!

  • Noah Stejskal
    Noah Stejskal

    I like gold because it’s brighter

  • Nick Ralston
    Nick Ralston

    I miss beezuma

  • Tiny Terror
    Tiny Terror


  • Jill Wells Art
    Jill Wells Art

    Honey Comb blocks, I'd say.

  • Toastie

    what do you use to view the contents of shulkers while they are in your inventory?

  • DundaBluebone

    you could have put the pistons facing up under the bottom row of jungle logs and down from the top row. one click would clear the enter wall.

  • UNSC 2003
    UNSC 2003

    Micro block bingo

  • Fitri Yah
    Fitri Yah


  • Samuel Čelovský
    Samuel Čelovský

    Thanks for showing the water blade redstone for cocoa farm. I managed to build it in Bedrock with just 2 tweaks.

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • MotherBuilder

    Your mega build is more like a Colosseum.

  • Sean Kuhn
    Sean Kuhn

    Why don't you put a button on a redstone torch for your door. That way the signal is inverted and itll close behind you

  • Gus Rizzuto
    Gus Rizzuto

    xisuma: im not gonna ado a timelapse, because im would be too time-consuming xisuma 10 minutes later: I'll do it anyway


    those villagers are named kera and lis = keralis

  • Stephen Otterman
    Stephen Otterman

    honeycomb is my favorite for the megabuild.

  • TimPixel

    Is it just me or does stridsuma look a little bit like red Thanos?

  • J&A playz MC
    J&A playz MC

    i think honeycomb blocks the gold is to flash

  • CreepatopiaPlayz


  • Alexander the GREAT
    Alexander the GREAT

    Use gold

  • CallMeKieran


  • fergus hebbert
    fergus hebbert

    I'm pretty sure Xisuma was doing his own hermit cribs here

  • Emily Dodson
    Emily Dodson

    The doors grian could be staling them

  • ItsADream

    Who knows how to get the thing were u can see in shulkers

  • Enchanted Kloof
    Enchanted Kloof

    Honeycomb! It being darker than the honey blocks looks really good

  • AnizyArt

    I love that cocoa farm you designed! The redstone work is really satisfying and awesome to see! :D

  • MatPottsFPV

    For your door, just invert a redstone signal to the door? So your pressure plates turn it off for a second while you walk through

  • Jan Koe
    Jan Koe

    gold looks brighter, and given the state of the farms on the server, is probably also cheaper

  • snowy snow
    snowy snow

    Hey x i think honeycomb looks better then gold

  • Nicolai von Lieven
    Nicolai von Lieven

    You could use shroomlight instead of gold/beehive

  • LeMonteur, Désanuseur
    LeMonteur, Désanuseur

    It has been a few month that I’m following your hermitcraft episodes and I must say I love them so much, they are so soothing, mainly thanks to your voice and your background musics maybe, it’s always a pleasure to watch these videos

  • divankov

    how to mack the mini blocks?????


    19:20 he sounded like a villager

  • I’m stupid, but
    I’m stupid, but

    there is a bug with your mini block data pack, when i try to place down mob heads it crashes the game, and when i log back in they show up as random player heads. my salmon head turned into a girl with pink hair

  • Cheekinspector69

    Honeycomb blocks

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    The tournament is going to be awesome! I can't wait to see who wins it!

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana

    I'm thinking gold for the visitor center

  • Jacob Irwin
    Jacob Irwin

    honeycomb is definitely better

  • Katiataco :3
    Katiataco :3

    At 11:33, the fourth smooth stone block is one block taller than the others

  • Sachverhalt Sandor
    Sachverhalt Sandor

    i like the gold blocks more

  • Samurai Pipotchi
    Samurai Pipotchi

    The successful finalist should have to face off against The Champion, Xisumavoid ;)

  • Xavier Marcal
    Xavier Marcal

    The game is not vanilla if you tweek it

  • Will .22
    Will .22

    Honeycomb :)

  • Epicnoob136


  • Blackstone

    Xisuma, you could make the "B" on the TBE store one block wider, because, even though they're all three blocks wide, the "B" looks a lot smaller due to it having curves. It doubt that would drive in more hermits, but it just bothers me.

  • Ethan Butchart
    Ethan Butchart

    You should use the honeycomb instead of the gold

  • Kiefer Gilbertson
    Kiefer Gilbertson

    Use sea lanterns for the gaps of the base instead of gold or honey comb. The base looks great!

  • Doggosbro


  • Peridot Arrow
    Peridot Arrow

    Xisuma is doing hermit cribs now... 😂

  • ACID

    You can use ladders instead of the end rods and you will drop down slowly stopping at the ladder for a second

  • Heytheresakitty

    Hermitcraft makes me ashamed that i live in a half finished square stone building with no doors

  • JefAlan Long
    JefAlan Long

    My sons jumped up 15 minutes in, ‘hey! That’s Pixlriffs’ music!’ This guy’s a fake!

  • Skillus Eclasius II
    Skillus Eclasius II

    An alternative would be to replace the hopper that stores the item with a dropper (and move the Redstone around so it doesn't power the dropper). Then you can just hit a button powering the dropper to start the chain and it'll end up in there again. But this works too, just wanted to provide more options;)

  • PhoenixFlame


  • Austin Mize
    Austin Mize

    Where is doc???

  • Sophia Schultz
    Sophia Schultz

    Xisuma is doing his own version of hermit cribs

  • Thicc Water
    Thicc Water

    Does anyone realize x is using netherite for his red stone

  • Connor Stewart
    Connor Stewart


  • Creeper Mutant8
    Creeper Mutant8

    I like the gold blocks for the build

  • Sara The Pea
    Sara The Pea

    I vote honeycomb :3

  • Your Dr
    Your Dr

    xisuma replace the end rods with open trapdoors then you can drop through

  • Simon Eklund
    Simon Eklund


  • Asian Canadian
    Asian Canadian

    Is there a way to farm shucker shells in 1.16?

  • GanonGhidorah

    You should take the heads of everyone competing in the Sand-Off Tournament; Put the brackets on the wall in white wool/concrete. When a player wins, their head is moved up the path, leaving a trail of yellow wool/concrete behind. When a player loses, their head drops back down to the bottom, and their path turns red.

  • James Engle
    James Engle

    I think honeycomb block gives a nice texture and it isn't as shiny as gold which i like

  • Mandrid Hugh
    Mandrid Hugh

    anyone else waiting to see the death that happened in Mumbos video?

  • TheEndOfSolace

    You could set double carpets in front of the door except the block directly in front of the door and place a pressure plate. That would allow you to automate the door and the zombie piglins wouldn't be able to pathfind across the carpets

  • Elric_L

    Use lapis for filling in the gaps

  • The Cookieling
    The Cookieling

    I made a tower lh3.googleusercontent.com/-4u-mfGBZUkw/XzAGTGlccYI/AAAAAAAAAT8/pSoBeYzCsBwCDk4ko_T6gBkojn3vzI6WwCK8BGAsYHg/s0/2020-08-09.jpg

  • Valerina7348

    OMG idk if its just me that that irratates but xisuma plz fix the the smoothstone tower above the landing bay in the big bild its one block taller.

  • loser eugene
    loser eugene

    Its so nice to have a tour to see everyone's build style

  • Sarah Whiteford
    Sarah Whiteford

    i reckon gold just to make u look more richer but the honey block has a nice texture so really up to but personally honey cause of the texture

  • Chinmoy Mondal
    Chinmoy Mondal

    he starve to death in next episode... mambo said "eat something"

  • Potatomelon 111
    Potatomelon 111

    Alternate the honey and gold blocks

  • Stephan Kruger
    Stephan Kruger

    My vanilla tweaks more mob head and mini blocks datapacks fail to show the texture corresponding to the name. It only shows the steve head with the name of the mini block/mob head. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Yerff Caasi
    Yerff Caasi

    Can you rig up a charge inverter to pressure plates for the nether doors?

  • McQue Cejka
    McQue Cejka

    I like the honeycomb better!

  • Yerff Caasi
    Yerff Caasi

    How can you get the lit redstone lamp head? You can’t trade that.

  • Exovoid

    I like the honeycomb

  • Nakul Kumar
    Nakul Kumar

    Use gold blocks they suit the block palette better. Like so he can see it.

  • Ethan Jensen
    Ethan Jensen

    Baked bean wood

  • Aaradhya Tiwari
    Aaradhya Tiwari

    Put me in hermitctaft

  • Squid

    I wanna know how he got so many be hives for the floor like holy cow

  • Logan Allomes
    Logan Allomes

    I noticed on your miniblock spreadsheet that you hadn't ticked off andesite, but I saw an andesite miniblock on one of your barrels. So you only need 15 more MBs! P.S. honeycomb > gold, the gold looks too pale in my opinion

  • Landyboy Yeet
    Landyboy Yeet

    Pleeeese use gold not honeycomb

  • Arc Angel V1
    Arc Angel V1

    You could try alternating the gold and honey blocks throughout the build. Either by line or by section. The surrounding concrete should prevent things from getting too noisy and the duality of the combined textures might yield a pleasing result.

  • MimaSweets

    gold blocks look good

  • TiCFe

    the honeycomb looks better than the gold

  • Adrien Burg
    Adrien Burg

    Maybe something that would enhance your game is some "traps" or holes that can erase a player's piece

  • Katie S.
    Katie S.


  • Turbo Alice
    Turbo Alice

    honeycomb blocs for the gaps

  • reenio the pig
    reenio the pig

    I think gold

  • Theo König
    Theo König

    Please go with the honeycomb blocks instead of gold!

  • Jayan Patel
    Jayan Patel

    Ngl, the gold desnt really match the honey blocks very well, the Honeycomb looks al lot more fitting.

  • SyntaxError 999
    SyntaxError 999

    To really push the head exchange, why not make it "the official sponsor' of the tournament? Edit: someone beat me to it.

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M


  • DrSnap23

    If you hesitate between gold blocks and honeycombs, I suggest you use shroomlights instead

  • Bobdude586

    What is the prize for the winner of the Stand Off tournament?

  • Mechatholic

    Hey X, great video (as always)! I would suggest honeycomb blocks rather than gold, as honeycomb blends really well with the rest of the block pallet. The gold looks a bit too pale

  • dark underspirit
    dark underspirit

    Gold blocks

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Slagalica 27.11.2020.
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