Hermitcraft VII 937 Nether Hub Complete!
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Episode Fifty Six! Stand Off gets renovated and a tournament is setup! We also finish our nether hub this episode!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • Raman Goel
    Raman Goel

    2:57 Zedaph fell out of the world?

  • Jarvey Berenguel
    Jarvey Berenguel

    I love how turle laning there for too long just like soldier's also I think they afraid in mycelium

  • Still Not Ginger
    Still Not Ginger

    12:53 for tour of nether hub

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games

    Just commenting to help with the RSloft algorithm I make videos too

  • Half n Half
    Half n Half

    Make crazy diamond the mascot cause its a STAND off and ask cleo to make him

  • Terry

    10:32 Tile-able item filters breaking in 1.16 is going to get worse You only need to place a portal within lazy chunk range and eventually they start breaking. My whole remote survival base is covered by chunk loaders (far away from spawn) and I can trigger item failure for any storage system just by enabling an associated loader. Time to un-tile the filters....

  • Halie Ellerbee
    Halie Ellerbee

    Aww if only ur base was in the upside down lol..still lovin it though!

  • Lol1455 Lol
    Lol1455 Lol

    if he puts doors down it solves the nether isue because ghasts detect doors as solid blocks when closed sooooooooooooooo

  • Barbara Simon
    Barbara Simon

    You guys really need to invite jeracraft to the hermitcraft!! Such a good builder! Like if you agree! 👇

  • Karah Romos
    Karah Romos


  • SoulBlazer

    For stand off customisation you should add a 'General' to each side. If the general dies you lose

  • AnizyArt

    Your nether hub looks amazing! I’m also loving the Stand Off game :D

  • yungying chu
    yungying chu

    wait.....I just noticed......is x selling diamond block heads for 2 diamonds

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    The Xisuma turtle train makes me so happy every single time I see it! It's so randomly adorable!

  • Aero

    Stridsuma, you are beautiful, no matter what you say. Please don't bring yourself down. You are beautiful, in every single way. Stop bringing yourself down.

  • Tsurugi -
    Tsurugi -

    noone: 1.15: hello xisuma: yes yes Bee skin 1.16: hello xisuma: frick you bee, strider skin better

  • rafael selda
    rafael selda


  • Aadi Balsaraf
    Aadi Balsaraf

    Xisuma, you know that there is a shortcut which makes your game smooth. I forgot the name. Dynamic Mode?

    • Aadi Balsaraf
      Aadi Balsaraf

      It's called Cinematic Mode. When you get the game, you need to set a key to bind it with. :)

    • xisumavoid


  • Janice Case
    Janice Case

    5:18 *coming

  • Pioopyo6

    How are u already at episode 937

  • Man McPerson
    Man McPerson

    When he sad to the witch farm, to the hub, was anyone else thinking of To the Window to the Wall

  • Skip Holton
    Skip Holton

    did anyone else notice zedaph just falls into the void when xzumia uses his zoom key?

  • HeyItsVikingz

    Wait, the zoom key isnt vanilla?


    0:04 xisuma :welcome back to another episode of hirmitraaaaaaaaaaaaaaft


    You are the best in the dog World



    • Faberistry


  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam

    You let a pick break? How could you? Oh, if only someone had something like a datapack to offer to protect against such an event, kind of maybe like a durability ping warning.

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam

    Hey, DOC'S BACK!

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam

    Smooth move, Ex-lax. I bet that dates me.

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam

    I thought you'd like sodium.

  • Tajvir Sidhu
    Tajvir Sidhu

    It wld pretty cool if u teamed up with etho

  • Amiya Vatsa
    Amiya Vatsa

    Hey Shashwamyvoid! I Love your gameplay!

  • Bacun

    Getting a lot of doom vibes from the standoff barracks

  • Man Of Authority
    Man Of Authority

    937 eps?

  • Komrade BigTex sucks
    Komrade BigTex sucks

    I think you mean Phosphor for lighting, right?

  • Fence 03
    Fence 03

    He said “see frew” not “see through”

  • ElectroGamer732

    Wtf I just got this in my recommended and it says that this is your 937 Hermitcraft video how

  • David Reeves
    David Reeves

    Do y'all know what happened to Stress

  • Arbel Naveh
    Arbel Naveh

    I think you should add the ability to hit the other players armor stand

  • jip sluijter
    jip sluijter

    invite duckio to hermitcraft

  • Seneca Nero
    Seneca Nero

    I have a Suggestion for crafting Like recoloring Glas, but with leafes: one Jungle leaf becomes and oak leaf, oak becomes birch, etc.

  • Giraffe Boy
    Giraffe Boy

    will you invite dallasmed65 into hermitcraft season 8?

    • Cool Blue Tunes
      Cool Blue Tunes


  • Blake Zito
    Blake Zito

    You should try out the server using Immersive Portals for fabric. It might look really awesome

  • Tiemen dp
    Tiemen dp

    Is there a person wou knows what kind of atlas map thing xsuma has for finding slime chunks

  • Tifa Nazah
    Tifa Nazah

    Turtles look pregnant, try to put sand under them?

  • DragonBeard

    X you should make a basalt blast chamber

  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler Phillips

    Use magma blocks to drag them down to the bottom of the portals

  • Selma Dahlgren
    Selma Dahlgren


  • كروم kroom
    كروم kroom

    this zoom mod is way much better www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/wi-zoom

  • Cott’n Corp
    Cott’n Corp

    Hey X, I’ve got an idea for the egg, maybe you can host a game where the hermits have to keep the egg in a disclosed location for a week, if any other hermits pick it up the timer starts for that hermit, this game encourages vaults that protect it, I think it’s be fun but that’s just me

  • Alejandro González
    Alejandro González

    Crying obsidian is like Doom

  • Luis Jacobetty
    Luis Jacobetty

    You missed a couple of blocks there at 2:40

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel

    ❗❗XISUMA❗❗ please tryout cubfan's new games in his pyramid, namely "Bullseye" & "Sesame"

  • filefolder3

    Use Optifine, there is a very stable preview version.

  • Ishan Karani
    Ishan Karani

    Y r u such a underrated builder

  • Garath Whalam
    Garath Whalam

    I reckon the turtles have there egg laying pathfinding glitched somehow.

  • Alice Bradley
    Alice Bradley

    DocM is back! Ayyyyyyy

  • Hannan ahmad Wattoo
    Hannan ahmad Wattoo

    Can i add javacraft to hermitcraft xismam please

  • Harish Nadiger
    Harish Nadiger


  • Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano

    Not gonna lie my heart skipped a beat when I saw Docm77’s name in the chat!!!

  • Alexander Adams
    Alexander Adams

    For the “smooth movement”, there is a control in the game settings called “Cinematic Camera” (or something of the sort) which you can set a keybind for. In early Minecraft (at least 1.8 and below, if not 1.9/10), this key was F6. Nowadays it is disabled by default, but it is a thing in the game. I’m sure you already knew that but thought I’d pop that down in the comments

  • Saman Bhandari
    Saman Bhandari

    Zedaph: I jumped. I did not fall, thank you game. Me: Why? Just... Why?

  • iaKaN

    Does anyone know if there is a bookshelf micro block? I have the data pack and need one for a build but I've had no luck.

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    Is there any other sorting solution? I'm also having troubles with the sorters breaking. Probably a 1.16 thing?

  • eljmercer

    You should use Canvas Renderer on Fabric if you don't like how Sodium looks. It has proper-looking honey blocks, performance improvements, and experimental shader support

  • Gonzales III Isagani David T.
    Gonzales III Isagani David T.

    Please recommend wadzee to join hermit craft xisuma

  • Brandonplays702

    5:17 there’s a typo in the book. Coming has two m’s . Not that it will really matter though because you will be rewriting what the contents of that book are

  • Brandonplays702

    3:08 omg when I saw doc speak in chat I almost had a mini heart attack! Is he back!?!?!?!


    Mmmmmm. Sodium

  • WHYs Guy
    WHYs Guy

    @Xisumavoid For the gaming district you could have a notice board for the entirety of the Nether- Lands. You could have sign ups for games on/by the board update info etc. It might end up being quite big though... anyway something to consider. All the best. Loving the vids 😁

  • Guthre Leonard
    Guthre Leonard

    i think the random made it more reasonable... having every move is kinda intense

  • Guthre Leonard
    Guthre Leonard

    "Comming soon..."

  • Chimes Production
    Chimes Production

    I can't believe it while watching season 6 I decided to binge watch every one of your episodes from the beginning in between episodes! Since then I have officially watched every episode from season 1 on and now I am re-watching yes rewatching season 6 I'm ecstatic

  • APG7

    Xisuma, how did you get a black inventory and a see through chat?

  • Michael Coogan
    Michael Coogan


  • Jupiter

    I am now working on a Stand off game on Unity ;D

  • The Maishas
    The Maishas

    Skip to 2:58 "Zedaph fell out of the world"

  • Matt Grimmett
    Matt Grimmett


  • Dizzytos

    What do you use recurse pack/what ever yo see details on the shulker box for example

  • Isaac Giaever-Enger
    Isaac Giaever-Enger

    Hey Xisuma there is an option to turn the 'nether fog' off so if u needed that thats a tip. I got it from one of Grians Episodes thank him

  • BionicleFreek99

    Looks like that sodium made him pretty SALTY.

  • ACID

    Why not use warped or crimson for the signs in your nether hub ?

  • Zealan Tanner
    Zealan Tanner

    3:04 docm is back!!!

  • tecmaster

    Xisuma could you put magma blocks along the bottom of your squid farm pulling them down?

  • Gaz Jones
    Gaz Jones

    Comming soon ..?

  • th en
    th en

    the solution to your ghast problem are toggleable blast shields

  • Arcaniac

    Idea for the mini game. Make the arena a Yellow and Orange checker board so you can pretty easily measure how far a Knockback II vs Knockback I goes.

  • Tooster

    How r u already at 983 whatever i watch grian and hes like 50 or something how

  • moai mai
    moai mai


  • mexican crusader
    mexican crusader

    2:56 well that sucks

  • MilouMatrix

    Sodium is epic I’ve been using it for a while

  • KingRaccoon 3000
    KingRaccoon 3000

    OptiFine released a new version for the 1.16 update

  • StarShine The Dragon
    StarShine The Dragon

    3:05 Doc is back!

  • Bas Vermeylen
    Bas Vermeylen

    #mythbusting why didn't they added Herobrine removed in the last update list they did that since 1.3 and now they didn't do it


    18:06 Check the chat!

  • Mr Shadow
    Mr Shadow

    Maybe you can change the orange carpet in the stand-off game to black and white, like chess or something

  • James Carter
    James Carter

    11:00 Xisuma: "its a sign of building, isn't it?" me: its a sign of Minecraft in general... XD

  • tEmDapBlook

    Please do a 1.16 afk fish farm!!

  • Lilly Chaudhary
    Lilly Chaudhary

    Why does he call it the cowmercial district?

  • Julio Mercado
    Julio Mercado

    Another way you could have solve the Ghast issues making an entrance to the area above or below the portal room. Like the landing pads on the overworld towers. And then closing with glass outside the full portals

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