Hermitcraft VII 965 Phantastic Phantom Pharming!
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Episode Eighty Four! Is it phunny that phantoms need pharming? I phink not! Okay, lame jokes aside we continue work on the brewery!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 61-70
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  • alissa webb
    alissa webb

    i like redstone/messing around/experimenting segments it feels like im learning and its fun to watch the processes

  • Baby Yoda for President
    Baby Yoda for President

    The voice difference from Season 1 to 7

  • k98killer

    Yes to redstone.

  • Tygeto Game07
    Tygeto Game07

    Iskall85 have a lot of gold

  • Tabitha Gardiner
    Tabitha Gardiner

    I saw the word "demise" in the chat at 3:26 and now Grian's Season 6 minigame is all I can think of xD

  • BobCCLIV

    I really enjoyed you going over the redstone process

  • DaftFader

    you were probably removing end portal blocks with mushrooms?

  • Armand D
    Armand D

    I love your redstone segments!

  • Snees

    use smite 5 it’s a 1 hit kill

  • snowy snow
    snowy snow

    But x you made a melon farm yourself

  • Falconic Katadora
    Falconic Katadora

    You might try to do instead like the tree farms that use pistons to "feed tape" the logs, or in this case mushroom blocks, into a blast chamber. A flying machine wall and an array of smart pistons should work well for it if nothing else?

  • pig feathers
    pig feathers

    Push up the stem at in the same tick that the tnt blows up and move the tnt off to the side of the stem about 2 blocks and maybe remove the obsidian block

  • Ciaran Gale
    Ciaran Gale

    hey X, I really enjoyed that redstone section! I even learned something that solved a problem ive been having for quite some time with designing my own cobble gen

  • U.S.A Gaming
    U.S.A Gaming

    ur so motivational

  • hielum13


  • crimulus

    I designed a very similar phantom farm during season 6 last year when you had the phantom killing competition. It was the first to use water to bring the membranes back, and it's the one Stress built for her potion shop. It'd be great to get some recognition for the design, rather than just saying most farms use this method, but hopefully it was the inspiration you needed to get the membranes!

  • TheWhytWulf

    I love learning more about redstone. Please keep doing those bits!

  • Topcookies109

    What autoclicker do you use?

  • Voldecourt

    I loved watching the redstone section, personally.

  • Thomas Thomad
    Thomas Thomad

    The redstone section was entertaining maybe don't do it all the time though

  • Levi Santoro
    Levi Santoro

    I'm not too much of a Redstone guy, but it seems with the randomness of the TNT and water still being sometimes inconsistent, it blows up some of the blocks to the right or left a block further than normal. Also that's why the mushroom block sometimes stays, it occasionally doesn't get that one. But maybe I'm just completely wrong.

  • Joseph Mackey
    Joseph Mackey

    We need more collabs with keralis. Two of the most soothing voices.

  • Florian Kelle
    Florian Kelle

    This is a crazy amount of warts.

  • Diamond Explorer
    Diamond Explorer

    I think ixsuma forgot about one thing that will ruin this farm Bdubs

  • sheev palpetine
    sheev palpetine

    xisuma sounds like a rejected stampy concept

  • Cameron Middleton
    Cameron Middleton

    Loved the redstone portion of this episode. I especially liked that you took us through the thinking process of designing your mushroom farm even though you were having troubles. I have troubles all the time when trying out new redstone ideas, so it was kind of relieving to see that even professional Minecrafters like yourself experience this. Loving your content, keep on doing you!

  • [deleted user]
    [deleted user]

    whats his texture pack?

  • Thanh Tang
    Thanh Tang

    I just realized he links to himself on his home page

  • Dramer Darker
    Dramer Darker

    I will be a grandpa until xisuma changes his skin back to normal

  • Phantom

    I used to like you xisuma, but you're so cruel! Killing my brothers in front of my very eyes, and then gloating about it in a youtube video? You disgust me. I'm gonna do something that'll tear ya apart. Make you pay for what you did to my brothers. I'm. Unsubscribing. How thrilling! What will happen next in this shocking tale? Stay tuned for The Phantom's Revenge - coming out next ____________(fill in the blank)

    • Phantom

      @MCMaster564 The Awesome lol

    • MCMaster564 The Awesome
      MCMaster564 The Awesome

      It took me a second but I got the joke eventually

  • Shadow55

    villagers have the golden carrots and melons xisuma

  • A.J. Draper
    A.J. Draper

    I'm watching this video wondering where on earth that mushroom farm came from... turns out episode 964 isn't in the playlist. Whoops

  • dailygame

    U are the king of overkill 💪

  • RatElemental

    Phantoms will drop the scales if killed by the thorns enchant or after recently having taken damage from it, so you could make a ridiculously overengineered farm that's 100% afk.

  • ededdneddy426

    Yes, more redstone segments!

  • Donny The Kid Youngin
    Donny The Kid Youngin

    Design Improvement: Change the trapdoor to a cob web

  • Noah Butler
    Noah Butler

    smite 5

  • Magnus Riber Mygind
    Magnus Riber Mygind

    @Xisumavoid with the flipflop you already have detection for whether there is a mushroom or not. You can run that signal to the bonemeal dispenser

  • Emerson Nemeth
    Emerson Nemeth

    How does the hermit craft server make it so only one person has to sleep?

  • Danku-Kun

    as your demise 3:27

  • Michael Roux
    Michael Roux

    You should do the crafting at the gold farm so youre multitasking

  • Eva Vecek
    Eva Vecek

    loved the episode , the music was a bit loud on some parts , myb watch out for that ! Otherwise it was super fun!!

  • Vansh Bhanushali
    Vansh Bhanushali

    Increase the hight of tnt dub through Timer

  • Husker NTT06
    Husker NTT06

    Farmers sell either golden carrots or glistening melons for their final trade.

  • Danny studios
    Danny studios

    what texture pack do you use?

  • Oscar Alsted
    Oscar Alsted

    More Redstone

  • wouterwm

    the best way to improve the phantom farming is banning Bdubs :p

  • Shehab El Sheikh
    Shehab El Sheikh

    Can you invite me to hermitcraft pls

  • DauntingClaw333

    Just wanted to point out how cute Beesuma looks in the thumbnail.

  • Wim Zetstra
    Wim Zetstra

    Use enderchests, they are blastresistand and hoppers van pick up items on top of the chests

  • nikolozi suliashvili
    nikolozi suliashvili

    you can just set beacon on regeneration so when you take damage you will heal up

  • Aspen Leany
    Aspen Leany

    Ha I hate when Java players hate on crafting. On mobile you can’t craft stacks. You have to craft EACH BLOCK!

  • Nicola Boratti
    Nicola Boratti

    Hi, I have a question. How do you guys place things on the floor?

  • Gavin P
    Gavin P

    Can't you use Ender Chests above the hoppers to stop them breaking ? plus i think they aren't a full block so items can still get picked up by the hoppers

  • Noah McKee
    Noah McKee

    On a smp server I play in, someone made a public gold farm. This monster can generate a stack of gold blocks in 10 minutes

  • John Nichol Dela Cruz
    John Nichol Dela Cruz

    Always love the redstone Xisuma...!

  • ethan wallen
    ethan wallen

    Wheres the update video

  • Pranaov Balaji
    Pranaov Balaji


  • Scattered Skill Society
    Scattered Skill Society

    Where can i find your texture pack?

  • OrdinaryLui

    I liked the redstone bit. I don't understand it completely (I understand about 2% in Mumbos redstone videos), but I really enjoy watching it nevetheless.

  • A1M M4X
    A1M M4X

    i like the experimentive part from the test world.

  • Drace

    I absolutely loved the redstone science with x segment! It was fun to see you scratching your head thinking about how farm solutions. Even better is that it still got you stuck so you sat on it. It was just a nice touch.

  • Narcissist Margarine
    Narcissist Margarine

    Small brain: "Strength five" Xisuma brain: "Strenmgf five"

  • Neowarshark

    yes more redstone!

  • Official Bros 247
    Official Bros 247

    I can't tell if Bee-ralis looks funnier with or without the helmet

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time

    Man u just do wut evs u want!

  • Eduardo Vega castillo
    Eduardo Vega castillo

    A question for xisuma Would you consider getting PhilZa to hermitcraft?

  • Bounceyfish417 B
    Bounceyfish417 B

    I enjoyed it

  • RcktScntst

    Maybe check out Etho’s mushroom farm from his LP?

  • TheOneAndi

    use item scroller form masa to craft all this stuff :) its not cheaty and work like a charm^^

  • Alexander Lea
    Alexander Lea

    X do you realise that 10 shulker boxes would translate to 32 double chests full of shulker boxes in potions?

  • Maria Sun
    Maria Sun

    The red stone bit was one of my fave things!!!

  • Димитър Дзимбов
    Димитър Дзимбов

    just get a mooshroom farm and shave them there is farm by u/xhahzh in Reddit

  • Peter Davis
    Peter Davis

    Cobwebs above the water to trap the phantoms? The items will still fall into the water (eventually). Love the videos, Hermitcraft is a joy to watch.

  • Skappzz

    Hiya! you don't have xisumamusic on your "my reccomended channels" thing on this channels homepage. Love the vid as always. Hope you are doing well.

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez

    Could I join the Hermitcraft server for half an hour XisumaVoid? Please? Just so I can say I did it? I won't mess anyone's builds up.

  • G DB
    G DB

    dallasmed65 should join hermitcraft!!! Link: rsloft.info/video/ck4YyykoNPTUmXntpQrZrg.html

  • Sean Steusloff
    Sean Steusloff

    I don't know of anybody else in the world can relate to this but the hermits all feel like there's a right time to watch them him and etho are the morning iskall is mid day and mumbo and grian are at night 🤷‍♂️ don't ask why

  • Daedalus Game
    Daedalus Game

    You could use a minecart at the phantom farm for easy access

  • It Marf45
    It Marf45

    I been watching your bids your years now pls do a face reveal?

  • Steven Katz
    Steven Katz

    Maybe a t flip flop to deactivate the bone meal until after the pistons fire to move the old mushroom growth? And tie the signal from the mushroom growing to deactivate the bone meal? Looks pretty cramped though, not sure if there's room.

    • Steven Katz
      Steven Katz

      *reactivate, I meant. Whoops. God Redstone is complicated.

  • essengeebee

    But why does he need so many potions? 🤔

  • Bryan L
    Bryan L

    Isn’t there a villager who can sell golden carrots? I know there is in bedrock edition but I don’t know about Java

  • Cyrus Liptak
    Cyrus Liptak

    I can’t believe he mentioned phantoms in the same sentence as phantastic.

  • UOAbigail LeVey
    UOAbigail LeVey

    Wouldn't it be easier for the mushroom farm to use obsidian instead of hoppers at the edges where it keeps getting blown up and have the water streams direct the mushrooms over the edge to where you are planting.. and have a hopper minecart below the podzol to pick up the mushrooms? I realize the redstone below the podzol would need to be moved for this to work but it seems to me that this would keep your inventory full of mushrooms to plant. As for the stems you have to push aside an additional hole would of course need to be made for the upward pistons to push the stems through.. not sure how much loss there would be if mushrooms landed on top of the stems before being pushed aside or if they would fall when the stems were pushed. Just a thought.. you may have already had this idea, considered it and dismissed it though.

  • Dehooot

    I get hazy when redstone talk becomes a thing but seeing the part of the process like your "OH RIGHT" moment when you had to switch the timing of the TNT was really fun? It was like watching the times you found the answer xD

  • Cara01_x

    Yes u were using the mushroom stem blocks for the sand castle and wanted to explode the rest

  • Zane Daewoo
    Zane Daewoo

    I was going to try and remind you to use xp before you di..... Oh 😕 Cobwebs could be used to help trap phantoms and with sweeping edge you could hit more then one also also others have talked about smite becau

  • Joshua Knight
    Joshua Knight

    Is hermitcraft a server

  • ksiadz

    I like redstone parts in video

  • Kilzak Plays
    Kilzak Plays

    hey X, take a look at tango's nether tree farm, he made a farm that probably will work with a few adjusments.

  • King Outlaw
    King Outlaw

    Could you put the big mushroom trees in in iskalls tree farm if you can it could double over as a wood and mushroom farm

  • Gamer Bro
    Gamer Bro

    How about pearlescentmoon for hermitcraft 8? I mean, she's been in smp's, like Grian has, and grian got in hermitcraft.... So just maybe....

  • Boink

    I built a phantom design using portals where they just get teleported to the nether and you can go through and kill them all after, or set up an autokiller (probably better)

  • jake mcgee
    jake mcgee

    I like seeing you show us red stone where it doesn’t quite work. It gives me hope when I struggle with a contraption for a few hours.

  • Brodie Tube
    Brodie Tube

    I love watching you design farms in creative

  • Explorer


  • Harris Sebastien Negro
    Harris Sebastien Negro

    I think i can fix the bone meal problem... Make a fish farm since fish drops bone meal and when you connect it up then you have a lot of fish and bone meal while being afk

  • DarkPhantom

    Farm me you will not

  • Cymond Baltazar
    Cymond Baltazar

    I wana join HermitCraft7

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