Hermitcraft VII 910 Massive Portal & Kelp Smelting Battery!
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Episode Twenty Nine! In this one we build a dried kelp farm for Keralis and setup a giant portal!
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  • xisumavoid

    We had a new snapshot yesterday! rsloft.info/loft/video/aZiBrXCqzXSvq6Q

    • Rebecca Saunders
      Rebecca Saunders

      it is a pity that it is so hard to chats up

    • Riley Visack
      Riley Visack

      @EnchancedSulfur try checking out an minecon video i may of gotten the name wrong

    • Riley Visack
      Riley Visack

      bee puns!

    • UNSC 2003
      UNSC 2003

      xisumavoid I actually kind of like (probably “liked”) that area underneath the portal, you could of made a little bee place or something like that

    • Mr. Ken 17
      Mr. Ken 17

      Xisuma can you Pls make a turtorial on keralis kelp smelter

  • Nasa Kat
    Nasa Kat

    Rip tree may you rest in peace

  • Drongo Brat
    Drongo Brat


  • Mandar Natu
    Mandar Natu

    Shashwammy void

  • WhereThatsAt

    Does anyone else think that their phone is ringing on silent during the time lapse music

  • Bramm Stanley
    Bramm Stanley

    the right side is missing a wight concrete block

  • Stormy Whatever
    Stormy Whatever

    X’s and keralis’s bubble relationship makes me so happy

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Leaf Animations
    Leaf Animations

    I love how Xisuma is always so nice, like when he is telling Keralis that his warehouse looks amazing and he just goes: “ They haven’t seen-- *It is NOT a derp warehouse* “

  • ethan tuell
    ethan tuell

    I built this in my survival world and it worked great thanks xisuma

  • Balthazar Bluelake
    Balthazar Bluelake

    The cat at 15:00 is like: « Interesting.. »

  • atif gaming 554
    atif gaming 554

    It's funny that he started the video with a time lapse😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Cat

    Nobody: Keralis:eLeCtRiC bOogA BoOgA

  • camphorwood

    - Lag optimization - Massive hopper line

  • Samsung Tab 3
    Samsung Tab 3

    _Keralis, the guy who makes the impossible possible._

  • Evo1ut1on

    i love the way keralis says seshamivoid

  • MythWish

    Beeralis: What would happen if you kill these guys? Beesuma: WHAT? THEY'D DIE!!

  • mig5996

    Xiuma please put a non RSloftr please Do hrmit meeting

    • mig5996

      I mean xiuma put a non RSloftr

  • Joey Strong
    Joey Strong

    We’re ur yellow belt

  • WillowstreamHP

    X: There is no lag Mumbo: Hold my glass

  • PineapplesGame

    Still can’t believe a guy this wholesome plays...DOOM! Nobody kill Me I’m just surprised, ok? U know, Xsumia the Friendly Bee *RIP AND TEAR*

  • leRynnRynn

    i can only imagine what the portal would look like with the immersive portals mod!

  • Francesca Ricciardi
    Francesca Ricciardi

    of course they will die if you kill them

  • Francesca Ricciardi
    Francesca Ricciardi

    something funny is that i got ads for honey while watching this

  • Crabbed Potato :0
    Crabbed Potato :0

    Hi beesuma

  • Taispot

    i looooooooooove it when keralis says "shish-wammy void" :D

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    xisuma: tag 2 electric boogaloo grian: tag 2 electric boogaloo keralis: eLeCtRiC bOoGa BoOgA!!!!!

  • Quinton Bell
    Quinton Bell

    To the Lithium mod.. I have a personal server and now running Lithium on it for a while and have to say thank you for mentioning it Xisuma cause it makes such a difference.

  • hohi69

    Thanks for the server optimization information. Will test it!

  • EpicTurtle Life
    EpicTurtle Life

    Keralis: What happens if you kill those guys? Xisuma: Don't kill them, they'll die!

  • indeepj

    Wait, Hermitcraft Is Modded?

    • TunacanGamer

      no, they only use mods to improve performance. other than performance mods everything is vanilla

  • ShortAnimations

    6.33 the portal is irregular on the right you need an extra block of white concrete I see that you fixed the portal

  • Xaivier Wooden
    Xaivier Wooden

    Iskall: gets 12 bamboo Xisuma: gets 12 scaffolding which is made from bamboo (and string)

  • Maximillian Pratama
    Maximillian Pratama

    Xisuma: Suma, I'm Xisuma your the greatest stuff in history. From the hermit of craft, your about to hot a jungle tree...

  • I Like Star Wars
    I Like Star Wars

    Mumbo gave Iskall 12 bamboo. Keralis gave Xisuma 12 scaffolding. Scaffolding is made of bamboo. Mumbo Jumbo is Keralis.

  • DrFrack

    HGC = Honey Gate Command looking dam good xisuma

  • Mystic Macca
    Mystic Macca

    Just getting 3 Minecraft adds on this video. Nothing suspicious going on.

  • Kirk Sanders
    Kirk Sanders

    What are those blocks on top of the kelp smelter? I'm trying to recreate this and I'm not sure what those cobblestone looking blocks are. I don't think their droppers unless you have a different texture pack on there. Also, I'm not sure what their purpose is.

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Sell copies of your old hermit craft servers, money for all of you!!!! We want to see them!!!!!

  • Potato_Face1221

    i literally love keralis

  • chicken fall guy
    chicken fall guy

    Anyone else notice the loot llama in the ware house? I think it is a nice touch, considering the llamas at the front

  • Solar and Lunar
    Solar and Lunar

    Tutorial on the "Kelp smelting battery"?

  • Mint_ Whisker
    Mint_ Whisker

    Welp, the memes stopped appearing for a approximately 5 seconds. Come in you guys! You don't have to quote the hermits, we all watched the video#

  • Ayden Case
    Ayden Case

    The vanilla music was glorious

  • BJbear2001

    'Glad to see the Bee Team doing things together! Keep up the great work at the construction site(there's an enderman on the loose!)

  • Slime Cart
    Slime Cart

    You Should put a nether portal on top of the squid farm, where the blue lapis is right now

  • EIiza

    Not for you maybe .... remembers everyone else videos. Yeah.

  • Lokirasu

    Could you to a proper tutorial on the kelp smelter?

  • Skull Fyre 1227
    Skull Fyre 1227

    Xisuma: 19:08 Me: What me? Oh nvm

  • Klaus Chamberlain
    Klaus Chamberlain

    Awesome as always, also 12:03 Botw tapestry? music?

  • shadowbiscuit07

    can you make a tutorial on this kelp farm pleasa

  • Krzysztof

    Only one more step for modded Hermitcraft!!

  • Nick Ewasiuk
    Nick Ewasiuk

    That warehouse is amazing!!!!!!!

  • JrCraft Monster
    JrCraft Monster

    Can you like your own comment? Edit:YOU CAN.

  • Michelin 105
    Michelin 105

    You made me jump, too!

  • silky milkmoose
    silky milkmoose

    since when does shulkers spawn in the nether

  • 00 goop
    00 goop

    I love the whole scheme of yellow on the green jungle. It’s not technically the complimentary color, but they really work to help the buildings pop out of the jungle.

  • Hayato Symons
    Hayato Symons

    5:50 reminds of the game farafalla.

  • TheDailyDrew

    Your smelter array is totally overkill for the size of farm Keralis has. He needs something more specialized like Impulse had last season where it would trickle into a hopper minecart that would then be released when an even 20 count of items could be delivered to all of the furnaces. This setup you've made is likely to waste more fuel than it produces.

  • phantomphoenix

    You should have a portal build competition on the nether roof of the server. All the portals look the same up there and I've noticed a lot of hermits struggle to find their own portals. If there was a competition for diamonds. There'd be a bunch of cool looking portals on the server.

  • ShatterSt0rm

    Tango could use the Kelp Smelter for his Iron Block crafting, albeit without the smokers.

  • Carter Ray
    Carter Ray

    What plugin did you use to make tango’s ravager trick work? Can’t find a version for fabric anywhere

  • Stef Moris
    Stef Moris

    His portal looks a lot like the portals of subnautica

  • Joe Mysic
    Joe Mysic

    at 9:33, i was immediately like "awwww" nostalgia lol

  • ツRel

    How does the grass look like it covers the full block

    • npgoalkeeper _
      npgoalkeeper _

      2 months late, but optifine has bettergrass

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller

    What other server scripts / admin utils do you all use on the server? Ie restarts, backups, etc.

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano

    Mojang: "Here's a game! Enjoy!" Lithium and OptiFine: "You're doing it wrong."

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano

    Heh heh. "To bee honest."

  • Philip Park
    Philip Park

    Hey I just wanted you to know that you are my favorite hermit and I love your builds! Your vids are helping me get through all the covid stuff. 😊

  • Brendan Mesters
    Brendan Mesters

    hmmm, keralis gave you 12 scaffolding, scaffolding is made from bamboo... *intense mustache noises*

  • aramere3650

    Thumbnail looks like Xisuma is rolling in money

  • Manny

    " Don't kill them!! They'll die!! :(" lmao

  • Little Stinkers
    Little Stinkers

    Who else noticed the enderman in beeralis’ base

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    Xisuma says something in a video. 10,000 commentators feel the need to quote it.

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    Mumbo: 12 bamboo Keralis at 20:02: 12 scaffolding

    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna

      Scaffolding is made of bammboo

  • R.P Vids
    R.P Vids

    Xisuma, sorry but the lag is not gone. A lot of hermits had problems with them beiing stuck in flyingmode!

  • shadowwarrior912

    Hey xisuma can you make a tutorial on how to make the kelp block Machine?

  • FirstGazerTB

    I noticed about halfway through the video (10:57) that Xisuma has like, 205 experience. Mad man

  • Shawn Hughes
    Shawn Hughes

    Xisuma: Aw this cat is so cute and adorable. *Smiles Tango: Omg this cat is so ANNOYING! *kills cat

  • Predatorz_

    The unlit portal looks like meltan

  • Shavaunne Newman
    Shavaunne Newman

    Suggestion to the nether colour coding, perhaps put the hermit's heads on top of the pillars as well, so that time isn't wasted spent looking at the signs for the track you need. I'm sure that, over time, you'll easily memorise which paths are whose, but player skulls could make for a nice touch!

  • Kenneth De Wever
    Kenneth De Wever

    Catch some trader his llama and use it in shop for other stuff you sell (bone blocks à later kelp)

  • samo_lego

    You can try Phosphor as well, from the same developer. It optimizes light engine.

  • Kuroi Mae-Ashi
    Kuroi Mae-Ashi

    Does anyone know where on Xisuma's website I can get the Tweaks which shows you the content of a Shulker Box as a picture?

  • Don't look at the Profile Picture
    Don't look at the Profile Picture

    Don't look at my name!

  • Grayson Cloud
    Grayson Cloud

    This guys edits and shots are just amazing.

  • Robert Espinoza
    Robert Espinoza

    I want you and Jack pattilo from achevement hunter to play together one day because he's also doom guy xD I just think it could be a really funny quick awkward interaction xD

  • Josh Dovey
    Josh Dovey

    7:23 block missing on portal

  • Machiel

    20:03 keralis gave xisuma 12 scaffholding blocks that are made from bamboo. Getting some mumbo and iskall sales vibes

  • Tonyhuh 12
    Tonyhuh 12

    If you read this you’re stupid, ugly, dumb, idiot, loser, wimp, useless and worthless.

  • Eld0r

    holy OCD, please put the block back on the right side 6:27 but awesome portal! ^^ Suits your base perfectly! mumbo needs a octagonal one. for a moment I thought you fixed it.. but its the other side 21:45 please check! ^^ good episode! have to check the server mods for our server.

  • Fazy

    Make Hermitcraft 8 RLCraft get this to top comment so he can see

  • 7h3F33d3r

    Perspective seem wrong to anybody else? Portal hexagon seems flattened to me like it should be two blocks taller or something.

  • Noah Pappas
    Noah Pappas

    Day 1 of asking Xisuma to PLEASE show us what’s been happening on the LMPT server

  • Aude

    This is pants

  • Monster Zero
    Monster Zero

    Shout out to all my fabric homie's! check out the All of fabric 2 modpack and join the official NA server mc.lab717.com

  • Raja Haseeb
    Raja Haseeb

    You are the real owner of hermitcraft and iam very happy for that

  • Riki Cyborge the Animal guy
    Riki Cyborge the Animal guy

    Nobody: Xisuma: doesn’t like memes in his comments

  • arvin archie
    arvin archie

    16:51 when that enderman walked i had a mini heart attack

  • Froggy Chair
    Froggy Chair

    don’t kill them, they will die! i was born on my birthday.

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Ginem, ginem
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