Hermitcraft VII 908 One Belt, Two Towers!
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Episode Twenty Seven and in this episode we build two massive towers in our base!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 1-10
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  • Raman Goel
    Raman Goel

    You've been cranking up the replay mod holy crap

  • Santiago Rangel Ortegon
    Santiago Rangel Ortegon

    Why didn't you continued your road?


    fun fact: creepers are actually plants based on real life "exploding" plants, that only expolode on you because they are trying to spread their spores/pollen

  • Shadowplayz

    Omg concrete shop looks so good!

  • Abhijeet Shrivastava
    Abhijeet Shrivastava

    saving this episode for a trip....

  • fred pdza
    fred pdza

    how does xisuma have 222 xp yet i can barelu get 30

  • Stormy Whatever
    Stormy Whatever

    Keralis saying BEESHWAMMY is my new favorite thing ever

  • Christine Akai
    Christine Akai

    Love your vids

  • hugo Rodrigues
    hugo Rodrigues

    Sorry but the cristal looks like a turd

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim

    Xisuma: I’ve been chopping down an extra ordinary amount oak logs Iskall: laughs in omega tree

  • April Flint
    April Flint

    The sims creeper

  • tdcalverley99

    19:51 Nightmare fuel

  • Matt Mende
    Matt Mende

    I’m ngl the puke green on the new build really ruined it for me but still love all his other builds

  • Rawrrr Kitty
    Rawrrr Kitty

    timelapse turning upside down made me nauseous lol

  • Shotaro Kaneda
    Shotaro Kaneda

    "I've been chopping down an extraordinary amount of oak trees." *iskall cries in the distance*

  • JokER902 _
    JokER902 _

    Am I the only one who thinks that the AFK spots look like cameras

  • Square salami again
    Square salami again

    I bet you my life savings that iskall bought the diorite so he could burn it

  • Santtu Mäkinen
    Santtu Mäkinen

    Take ur elytra off when u work with slimeblocks...

  • peanut jimin
    peanut jimin

    2:40 is someone playing fire boy and water girl😂😂

  • Emilie Updegave
    Emilie Updegave

    Wow X is so freaking amazing at using the replay mod

  • gnomeyhomey

    Every time someone leaves an Ender Chest behind, I'm always like, "Oh no, your stuff!" Then I remember. XD

  • respawning for life
    respawning for life

    me: *just whatching a hermitcraft episode* the timelapses at 8:00: me: wait thats illegal

  • NaFFs

    is the title one cup, twp girl refference?

  • AJames WB
    AJames WB

    8:43 Sped up Beesuma really looks like a bee that's polinating off of a flower

  • Frosty FrostBite
    Frosty FrostBite

    Twin towers

  • WolfSpiritDemon

    Glowstone definitely works with honey blocks, but I think sea lanterns would be much better for slime blocks

  • Sophie

    The second time lapse was just epic, the way you went along the arches was so cool!

  • Link da Man
    Link da Man

    I didn't know xisuma listened to synthwave

  • ToastyGhosty10

    19:47 *Beware the support crawlers...*

  • Shaz Faruqui
    Shaz Faruqui

    12:23 SERVER: [Server]: The server will restart in 3 minutes! XISUMAVOID: And just below me.... Ya! The honey is illuminated as well. ME: Suma!! The server is EXPLODING in 3 minutes!!!! XISUMAVOID: No it's not it's just restarting ME: No i watched Grian's episode and he was getting prepared for the EXPLOSION!!!! XISUMAVOID: So what even if there is an explosion on hermitcraft there is NOTHING better than MY illuminated HONEY BLOCKS! MY BRAIN: Well at least I tried telling him......

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Sell copies of your old hermit craft servers, money for all of you!!!! We want to see them!!!!!

  • DharsanRox Gaming
    DharsanRox Gaming

    level 222 baby

  • chicken fall guy
    chicken fall guy

    Tango is secretly Dr Eggman

  • Mystic Memer
    Mystic Memer

    the effects on the time lapse were actually super sick, i think adding more of that in to some future videos and maybe some extra effects similar to the upside down shots or the ascending shots could really give a very cool effects

  • Maggie Duffy
    Maggie Duffy

    I love Keralis's exclamation! It sounds so funny

  • EIiza

    Cubfan left the ender chest - keep it

  • JrCraft Monster
    JrCraft Monster

    No one is able to purnounce shade-es name correctly so I will help Shady ees

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    One Plane *Two Towers*

  • DιMαツ

    The cinematography on the epic mega massive time lapse was dope

  • Jack Kusek
    Jack Kusek

    I'm pretty sure Etho pronounced it like shade, ee, ees.

  • TimStamper

    Personally I think lanterns behind slime looks better

  • Alex Matwey
    Alex Matwey

    The city definetly needs some floating roads and stop lights like the jetsons

  • Yeezycalled

    The tooth towers how i like to call them

  • Orion

    Two towers......

  • Riot976

    Etho shady Es. Xisuma shade Es

  • legs 500
    legs 500

    "Th" not "f" that is all.. lol

  • fergus hebbert
    fergus hebbert

    Hang on is this actually episode 908?

    • xisumavoid


  • lil skrimp
    lil skrimp

    What does keralis call xisuma? Genuine question pls help

  • Jessica 07
    Jessica 07

    Xisumavoid should change his skin from a bee to a hornet bc he make more money from the rocks shop then the honey

  • Timur Pryadilin
    Timur Pryadilin

    LogicalGeekBoy to Hermitcraft 8!

  • Siebe Feys
    Siebe Feys

    I love your timelaps!!!!!

  • Game Foundry
    Game Foundry

    Very cool time laps's

  • Vincent Denoncin
    Vincent Denoncin

    It would look better I think with honey block and orange concrete even though creepers are green...

  • Julia Knitter
    Julia Knitter

    9:58 What can I say *EXCEPT YOU'RE WELCOME*

  • Jamie Mcauliffe
    Jamie Mcauliffe

    Bro bee’s have two sets

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    Hey void i know its way to early for this but cant wait for season 8 i wonder how its going to bee i started watching grian halfway season 6 were demise was just going to start i sow when he made the game n i did injoy it n i did love when cub die n join the dead team

  • Justuce Fisher
    Justuce Fisher

    Question, is it legal to start calling them the twin towers?

  • Olivianna Washington
    Olivianna Washington

    Keralis is a queen bee 🐝 they have 2 sets of wings😆

  • TerabyteTitan

    how about you create an illuminated slime block glowstone archway!

  • Succulent BEANS
    Succulent BEANS


  • Mathieu Forster
    Mathieu Forster

    You need to make a base tour with shaders

  • Max

    The timelapse was pretty nice!

  • leahmred

    Phoenix SC for Hermitcraft!

  • Jek Grenn
    Jek Grenn

    lets hope these two towers end better than the last...

  • photosinthesis man
    photosinthesis man

    Hey xisuma I heard the RSloftr Phoenixsc wants to join hermitcraft

  • Bradley Rees
    Bradley Rees

    Please someone make a meme that says, X's tunnels time lapse for me like *insert new mumbo face*

  • ChronoMasterGaming

    Hmmmm i have mixed opinions on the green on the towers

  • unknown user
    unknown user

    I think this is the time to change all the hermit crafters change their skins, What RSloftr that you want to change their skin?

  • Luc Rautmann
    Luc Rautmann

    hey sum avoid. You could change the flowstone to sea lantern behind the slime blocks. nicevid!!! stay heathy

  • Ghosty MJ
    Ghosty MJ

    Hey xisuma can you please test this out for me.... Go to the end and jump to the void and then eat a chorus fruit.. Or jump into a lava and eat a chorus fruit....

  • Ivan Mišustin
    Ivan Mišustin

    you have the nicest timelapses ever

  • Paizal 5 Ali
    Paizal 5 Ali

    you know what that Creeper tower looks kinda like a KLCC in my Place(you can just search Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers Maybe that will give u some idea)

  • Danial Arzani
    Danial Arzani

    Hey xisuma you should hire phoenix SC in hermit craft. pls he is MEGA pro

  • TheZyreick

    He should figure out a way to make his accent lighting have a pulse effect, like using pistons to control a water flow that falls past his lights, so that the water dims the light some as it goes past, making the honey lighting look alive or powered

  • Sejer Alne Bolin
    Sejer Alne Bolin

    Xisuma: Speaking of Etho. Etho fans: Speaking of llamas.


    X: red belt is tough to get Cleo: am i joke to you?

  • Edy Sugia
    Edy Sugia

    Have you noticed that Xisuma is showing off his muscles in his thumbnail lately lol.🤣

  • Sean Inglin
    Sean Inglin

    xisuma is now the Lord of the Crossing #GOT

  • Hyper35

    X do you believe in Australia

  • Holphana Scott
    Holphana Scott

    KERALIS FOR MAYOR!! p.s. zombiecleo doesnt understand how your concrete shop works, maybe use the phrase "behind you" in the book.

  • Chase RM
    Chase RM

    Face reveal?

  • Aric Watson
    Aric Watson

    Use slime in the arch not honey

  • Bman 1454
    Bman 1454

    I was so confused about the like 900 episodes I was like WHAT, there is no way, then I realized he is counting all previous seasons, that is not a good strategy, you should not have done that

  • Thijs Timmermans
    Thijs Timmermans

    Xisuma for mayor!!!

  • LazyKiller

    What does the 908 mean in the title?

  • ss1 5578
    ss1 5578

    You should use glass over the slime to make it look more slime looking If you get what i ment with that

  • Gloxini

    These guys creative worlds must be larger in size than the actual hermit craft world. 😂

  • Nitro Anvilhead
    Nitro Anvilhead

    i think the creeper farm's landing area needs more support, like maybe something cable like joing it to the two towers or something of the sort

  • Code Man the 2nd
    Code Man the 2nd

    Hey xiuma, did you here about tango's ravenger teleportation issues because of the no fly hacking settings?

  • ero. thicc
    ero. thicc

    Use campfire to get fire resistance potions from tbe witch farm

  • Fishy Nana
    Fishy Nana

    Brumbo for mayor

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah

    xisuma is the original mc player. A incredibly hardworking cheapskate.

  • zorica pejcic
    zorica pejcic

    Mumbo for mayor

  • Julius JWH
    Julius JWH

    So Anyway I started placing slime blocks

  • RepublicTrooper

    On your creeper farm, a second arch connecting to your AFK chamber would make it look like it is supported by something. Nice time lapse on it too. 👍 Edit: 20:48 That transition is amazing!

  • mike quinlan
    mike quinlan

    I have a good Idea, since there haven't been any minigames going on lately I think that they should have a portal competition, whoever portals is the greatest and most unique gets a prize, like diamond blocks or something like that! Please let him see this! Btw I've posted this on other hermits channels.

  • 396Dog


  • Paul Toolan
    Paul Toolan

    The build is awesome, but the green lumps on the side should probably be changed to lime green to match the creepers and jungle better

  • nmasrer22

    You should build an inverted arc on top of the creeper farm afk platform :)

  • Full Stop
    Full Stop

    1 Stone, 2 Birds