Hermitcraft VII 935 Leave The Leaves For Me!
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Episode Fifty Four! A storage room expansion takes place as we gear up to gather leaves for the hedge games started by Iskall!
Hermitcraft's Shadow Seed (-7379792618385405355)
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • xisumavoid

    Yesterday we got another new snapshot! rsloft.info/loft/video/iNp9vYbJ3XLJq4I

    • CrimsonCarl

      When grindstone normal dark theme doesnt work but my personal dark theme pack has one

    • Joshua Rothman
      Joshua Rothman

      You could use honey blocks and but carpet on top but I guess you don’t need to now

    • whisker 0116
      whisker 0116

      Only oak leaves for hedge games read the book 😐

    • niemand

      u know iskall ONLY acepts OAK LEAVES

    • Yeetimus Maximus
      Yeetimus Maximus

      At 5:30 he said bannen patter

  • Deborah Sheets
    Deborah Sheets

    I was so confused when he was like “WOW 2 and 1/2 STACKS OF SUGARCANE, AMAZING!” 😂

  • TheNuclearSquirrel

    I'm trying to make that compact workstation I wish he showed the whole thing

  • shashwat chakraborty
    shashwat chakraborty

    Everyone combined will need 600 total shoulder boxes of oak leaves to fill Bernie's quota(not including any already there)

  • A Raine B
    A Raine B

    Bannem patta? 5:29 😂😚

  • Mr Haaah
    Mr Haaah

    X don’t collect the jungle leaves

  • Mr Haaah
    Mr Haaah

    Am I the only one but doesn’t xisuma sound like a deeper voiced mumbo

  • pawandeep grewal
    pawandeep grewal

    Can u please show us how to build the red stone thing u did me and my friend are trying to build one in our world

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • MatVask

    Game Rules: Never Tell Any Other Hermits How Many Leaves You Have Meanwhile Hermits: So Guys We Have Got 12 Shulker Boxes of Leaves

  • Bren Dunn
    Bren Dunn

    put the honey under the carpet

  • Akshat Chheda
    Akshat Chheda

    Bannon patter -xisuma

  • Preeti Goel
    Preeti Goel

    Hey bro, you should have put mega spruce trees, they would have looked very amazing

  • Vemund Stoltenberg
    Vemund Stoltenberg

    Hunt blox under carpet

  • moss pawz
    moss pawz

    The seed for bedrock hermitcraft season 7 shadow seed is myeye that is all one word. ive been playing on it for years. you spawn on a large land mass, but within swimming distance is twin mooshroom islands with a frozen ocean and a coral reef. cords are 550 63 -701 Again the seed is a word myeye not numbers and remember things look different in bedrock then java.

  • GanonGhidorah

    _Stridersuma sits in the old Oak Tree~_ _Harvesting the Leaf-Blocks he can See~_ _Stop! Stridersuma-Stop!~_ _Stridersuma, Leave some Leaves for Me~_

  • A Sandwhich
    A Sandwhich

    is there a tutorial somewhere for the elevator thing he builds? i tried to make it off of the video but i couldnt see the underside

  • NetworkNikki

    Only oak!!

  • Melissa Neves
    Melissa Neves


  • lifeisgr8

    Ha fishy get it

  • Stijn Damen
    Stijn Damen

    X you can lower the sticky piston that was showing below the torch used to power it and connect it with slime blocks so you can reverse the change to the design

  • Joey Carey
    Joey Carey

    Put the carpet on top of the honey block

  • MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
    MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations

    Those Miniblocks Are Cheap, You Should Price Them At 5 Diamond Blocks Because They Are Worth 4.5 And You Have To Find A Wandering Trader And You Have To Find One With That Trade Aka Those Are Pretty Much The Rarest Block In The Game And That Is Not Even Mentioning The Gold

  • Tiny Apple Slices
    Tiny Apple Slices

    You should name the turtles Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod.

  • - DEV
    - DEV

    6:55 o though Cleo built it

  • AnizyArt

    I love how positive and fun this episode was! :D

  • Epic Juligamer
    Epic Juligamer

    Hi! I am making a survival server of my own that'll be basically like hermit craft but you don't have to be a RSloftr. I am looking for people to play so if your interested, reply to this and I'll give you my discord and we can discuss further info. Thank you!

  • Andrew Peatling
    Andrew Peatling

    This my favourite base in the entire of hermit craft

  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith

    I love how he says nether instead of never

  • Joep Van keulen
    Joep Van keulen

    18:28 looks so much like modded minecraft. crazy how much mc has changed

  • Cosmic

    would anyone happen to have a tutorial for building that elevator?

  • Leviathon001

    hedge games is only oak.

  • Andy G
    Andy G

    Probably won't see this but iskal85 has a counting system so he knows how many shulkers he has in total and how many each person has deposited.

  • Christian Neil Dela cruz
    Christian Neil Dela cruz

    i am the 696969 viewer

  • some random thing yt
    some random thing yt

    Wanna know netherite king Grian Lol

  • Derpo Derp
    Derpo Derp

    I think that mining area was mumbos cave

  • Cornelius Oswald Stoffer
    Cornelius Oswald Stoffer

    21:16 remember dreams video about herobrine?

  • Oh Snap Itz Anna
    Oh Snap Itz Anna

    The transitions. 😯

  • LittleOnsiePinkGamer Adventures
    LittleOnsiePinkGamer Adventures

    Ummm you just called jungle leaves oak leaves o_o Because when you showed the leaves those looked like the texture of jungle leaves o-o The book said only oak leaves

  • Ashwin Kalyana Kumar
    Ashwin Kalyana Kumar

    17:25 you mean OMEGA*?

  • Perry Ganz
    Perry Ganz

    "... but the flower charge bannern patter..." 5:29 LOL

  • Appleberry Smith
    Appleberry Smith

    Target block?

  • Edon Burnet
    Edon Burnet

    Hey uhhhh can you consider adding @smallishbeans to hermitcraft next season?

  • Jordan Oddo
    Jordan Oddo

    Do a basalt farm in the hole

  • Vegan Pork
    Vegan Pork

    Nobody- Xisuma- Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Hermitcraft

  • Julian G
    Julian G

    Could someone please explain to me what a Nether-Hub is? I don't fully understand it

  • Kuzey Mazi
    Kuzey Mazi

    Hey X, can you pls do a tutorial on the drop down entrance in your storage. I think a lot of people would love to see it.

    • Marvin jr Chan
      Marvin jr Chan

      I agree I can’t seem to find what the contraption is called

  • Tomas Spencer
    Tomas Spencer

    OAK leaves. OAK

  • Cyrda S
    Cyrda S

    When you get 500 000 (or more) leaves you will 100% win

  • toma damaschin
    toma damaschin

    Xisuma!!! for the hedgegames, you can only deposit OAK leaves!!!

  • Sam Schellhase
    Sam Schellhase

    Maybe a twin tower design with a bridge or two connected them, like Petronas Towers in Kuala, Malaysia? I've always liked the idea of building towers with skywalks/bridges between them but it never turns out the way I want it to

  • GICMan

    I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues. Like to STOP deforestation on HC

  • Clay_Check

    In the tunnel going down you should make a massive dungeon featuring a bunch of mobs

  • Clyde

    do you think you can make a AEST time on the streaming schedual for the australian viewers?

  • LeeAnn C.
    LeeAnn C.

    Love seeing the reaction of the new game from Xiuma's view as well as Etho's

  • Just A Bunch of Friends Having Fun
    Just A Bunch of Friends Having Fun

    Hey X, I beleive Impulse wants to team too!

  • BurcinaStudios64

    Leaves have to be oaks

  • mirza Ahmad
    mirza Ahmad

    Face reveal

  • Ingmar Verweij
    Ingmar Verweij

    6:47 Don't ever do that ever again. I've done that and the ghast shot at me right when I was in front of him. The fireball exploded and killed me. I was over lava and lost most of my important items. (Was before 1.16 so no netherrite tools.)

  • Tifa Nazah
    Tifa Nazah

    Put down some sand under the turtles...?

  • Maimun

    bro? u have to use oak leaves i think

  • lelboy

    17:17: Omega Tree of DOOM!

  • SkyPirate 24
    SkyPirate 24

    Is that Stardew Valley music in the background?

  • Dean The Creator
    Dean The Creator

    Hey Xisuma! Iskall only uses Oak Leaves!

  • Off brand Pablo Escobar
    Off brand Pablo Escobar

    how does he preview the shulker boxes

  • Mercifuljester 89
    Mercifuljester 89

    Try doing a black glass fog effect in your nether base it would look nice I think

  • Nick Boi
    Nick Boi

    You were mining approximately 2963 blocks per hour

  • Spy Cat
    Spy Cat

    X, u should make a sugar cane farm using a flying machine. It covers a lot of area

  • kathvrt

    Season 8, Xisuma Sky Base

  • Uneverjack

    Anyone else notice Doc was on the stream schedule, he’s finally got everything ready to come back. Pog

  • Butt Pirate
    Butt Pirate

    u sexy bisch

  • Ugnaught

    You should have put the Notch apple into your tower of memories

  • Thonon

    RIP creeper 2020-2020

  • Logan

    It’s only oak leaves

  • CrossLand225

    I think that the piston on your vine farm was dubble fireing because the despencer is a solid block and redstone goes through solid blocks. Another reason could be that the observer above activated the piston and Theo the other Observer activated it.

  • Jeff The Killer
    Jeff The Killer

    Please ely remix this

  • IslandCyGuy

    Are ya winning son? Shut up dad! *“leaf me alone!”*

  • yellow yo
    yellow yo

    The netherite mini block is to cheap

  • DRP Ganster
    DRP Ganster

    When will mojang add chunk loaderssss? 🤔

  • fritlev

    your base is the worst on hermitcraft

  • adam7524

    There jungle not oak

  • Reeza yafik tay
    Reeza yafik tay

    When he realise that usually want oak leaf..... Edit:oh he only collected oak leaf well then

  • Simon Wilhelmsson
    Simon Wilhelmsson

    Chicken farm: You can put carpets on honey blocks

    • The uk Killer
      The uk Killer


  • Daniel Kilmer
    Daniel Kilmer

    hey x, iskall is only asking for oak leaves just in case you didnt notice

  • Atom Playz
    Atom Playz

    You should change your skin into a leafsumavoid

  • Richo G
    Richo G

    5:30 X says Flower charge Bannen Patter :) :)

  • Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX
    Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX

    I kinda like your idea with your base we should do this is real life no government funded though that would be really expensive

  • Jonathan


  • Nathan Penrose
    Nathan Penrose

    fight pit, fight pit, fight pit

  • Jarkz MC
    Jarkz MC

    6:41 Nice

  • Jails8

    You can place honey blocks under carpet so they cant move

  • redacted187

    At 5:28 he says "Bannern Patter" instead of banner pattern

  • Ayden Tang
    Ayden Tang

    U should add@Logotzip And @Wafflegalexy

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana

    22:19 but X, can't you put carpet on top of the honey blocks?

  • Games kid
    Games kid

    You can put carpet on top of Honey blocks to make the illusion of the chickens not jumping

  • Keerthan Krishna
    Keerthan Krishna


  • Keerthan Krishna
    Keerthan Krishna


  • Aero

    Xisuma should sell the netherite mini block for a full netherite block.

  • bobereqq

    Subacribe to X if you haven't already!

  • Yasser 444
    Yasser 444

    I started watching all of your videos from Hermetcraft VII ep 1 And i come from MumboJumbo

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