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Episode Nine....teen! and in this one we build a tower from top to bottom while finishing up the Rocks shop.
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  • Max Kunigk
    Max Kunigk

    Xsuma is that a candle?

  • Dragon Ball Gaming YT
    Dragon Ball Gaming YT

    im here for 1000

  • Shadowplayz

    Ep 1000!

  • Jesse Ho
    Jesse Ho

    The honey crystal looks kinda like a Bunsen burner flame

  • Beast

    Hello dude, u can also use poppy from iron farm in composter for bone meal

  • Linkolin Alamar
    Linkolin Alamar

    oh man, that bothered me sooooo much that he didnt open that last shulker box

  • shanay kothari
    shanay kothari

    I hope that you reach 1000 episode in hermitcraft season 7 P.S. congratulations on 900 episodes 👏

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Neo Andreassen
    Neo Andreassen

    1000 hyp hyp

  • Humara Naz
    Humara Naz


  • Agastya Pramar
    Agastya Pramar


  • Agastya Pramar
    Agastya Pramar


  • Agastya Pramar
    Agastya Pramar

    Done 900 ep

  • Agastya Pramar
    Agastya Pramar

    You have

  • Austin Wheaton
    Austin Wheaton

    Face reveal at 1000?

  • Brodie Tube
    Brodie Tube


  • RogueSurgeTM

    Episode 1 million !!!!!

  • Draven Grondona
    Draven Grondona

    Next: Fleasumavoid, jumping to the top of the hermitcraft server.

  • Poppy Rymer
    Poppy Rymer

    My OCD was dying when he opened all of Keralis’ shulker boxes except one

  • Poppy Rymer
    Poppy Rymer

    Is anyone else watching this in August!??!

  • badmomentswhithdoan 1
    badmomentswhithdoan 1

    Ill be here for 1000 episodes and pls do a face reveal for that

  • Slayer 57
    Slayer 57

    Face reveal

  • Sebastian Hayes
    Sebastian Hayes

    1000 face reveal

  • Avyukt Gupta
    Avyukt Gupta

    You can turn the all of the Poppys into bonemeal

  • Robin Dempsey
    Robin Dempsey


  • Connor McNeill
    Connor McNeill

    Is it me or does the iron farm tower look like the doofenshmirtz evil incorporated building

  • DoodlebugB52

    yes to episode 1000

  • Henry G.
    Henry G.


  • Kian MM
    Kian MM

    im better at redstone than ilmango is yeah i’m REALLY good at redstone

  • Bryan Hamstra
    Bryan Hamstra

    His honey crystal tower looks like a lighter lol

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man

    I’m binge watching every hirmits video that I haven’t already seen from the start of season 7

  • Dylan Wodley-Smith
    Dylan Wodley-Smith

    I'm going to watch episode 1000

  • PotatoKid 12
    PotatoKid 12

    I will be here for episode 1000, I found Xisuma in season 7... so I'll be here

  • Latha Subramanian
    Latha Subramanian

    Ep 1000 hype

  • Latha Subramanian
    Latha Subramanian

    Ep 1000 hype

  • Latha Subramanian
    Latha Subramanian

    Ep 1000 hype

  • Latha Subramanian
    Latha Subramanian

    Ep 1000 hype

  • Latha Subramanian
    Latha Subramanian

    Ep 1000 hype

  • Latha Subramanian
    Latha Subramanian

    Ep 1000 hype

  • J Lupovitch
    J Lupovitch


  • calvin h
    calvin h

    The iron farm kind of looks like a torch with the honey crystal.

  • I’m a fish
    I’m a fish

    Just the music at the start of a video makes me happy Even know I’m new I’ll be here for episode 1000

  • Jia Han Lim
    Jia Han Lim

    Im not for the 1000 episodes But Is to see All of your episode

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    9:14 grain suddenly realizes his store has been bought out 😂

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    the tower looks like a candle, or maybe an olympic torch

  • MadMerlyn

    9:40 Xisuma, couldn't you use a detector rail and a comparator to detect when your minecart hopper is empty? I made a version of your honey farm using a minecart chest with a detector rail and comparator to operate a switch rail for returning the empty bottles.

  • Ty Co
    Ty Co

    Can't wait for episode 1000!

  • YoutuberDan

    Episode 1000!!!!!

  • GinoFN

    you shoul make it to where if you buy cobble or something like that you can smelt it for a few diamonds

  • dylan jackson
    dylan jackson

    Beezoomer is a humble redstone master

  • pepijnee

    I know this is an old video, but you can check the contents of a hopper minecart with a comparator when it is on an activator rail

  • Maxime Poulain
    Maxime Poulain

    Episode 1000 😍

  • Crainage1056

    anyone else hearing "Heeeey Macarena!!!" in the time lapse?

  • eric murtha
    eric murtha

    ima be here for episode 2 000

  • Grimm

    I'm going to be here when you hit episode 1000

  • Gonzalo Flores
    Gonzalo Flores

    11:50 Xisuma: I got myself stuck in a hole... Me: that's how I feel when I fall into my chicken farm... except worse.

  • William Shah
    William Shah

    the new building looks like a p***is

  • Slime Cart
    Slime Cart

    I’m gonna be here!

  • Itsarcsky

    Anyone realized that the iron farm tower with the honey crystal looked like Monas in Jakarta, Indonesia I rate this video 9/10 Like PLZ \/\/\/

  • David Seigar
    David Seigar

    Man plays block game

  • Saucyyy

    Episode 1000 face reveal?

  • Joe Mysic
    Joe Mysic

    ROCKS is just crazy.

  • ak_grace

    *episode 1000 hype*

  • Scoopy Pigeon
    Scoopy Pigeon

    I really like how you are building IN the jungle. Not cut and slash in a jungle biome, but really being a part of the jungle and emerging out periodically to tower over it with epic builds. As usual, great job, love your work!

  • Alex Hau
    Alex Hau

    I’m just so impressed with the effort that goes into making these videos. Xisuma is so well organized in his plans for each episode and they are always super interesting to watch, where you feel you learn something as well as it being entertains. The editing in the video is always good, and I always love seeing the little pop-ups about the resource pack and leaving a like designed to look like it’s a part of the game. Love all his hermit craft videos.

  • Brenda Weber
    Brenda Weber

    #EPISODE 1000!!!!!!!!!!

  • Turtle's Reef
    Turtle's Reef

    I must have missed an episode because that first tower just appeared from nowhere.

  • piggywiggy

    This is late because I’m still catching up but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to catch up within 90 episodes :p

  • Lorin Bergman
    Lorin Bergman

    Ok am I the only one that thinks the iron farm tower looks like a candle?

  • Belanna T
    Belanna T

    What about episode 999?

  • •SG•

    I’ll be here for episode 1111!

  • Summers Henderson
    Summers Henderson


  • Ahmed Salman
    Ahmed Salman

    Episode 1000!!

  • Roy Herb
    Roy Herb

    I was here for Avalon and Catharsis, I'll be here for ep1000

  • Jamie Cuthbertson
    Jamie Cuthbertson

    episode 1000 lets goooo

  • Slav Man
    Slav Man

    Can we all agree that xisuma has the best time lapses.

  • Erik

    18:24 the difficulties of decorating iron farms

  • Chris Ritchie
    Chris Ritchie

    how do you avoid getting golem spawns on parts of your exterior tower? I tried building an iron farm with a similar design and i had to remove a lot of my nice facade because the spawn conditions are so lenient -they can spawn inside transparent blocks if theres a full block under? now i just have an ugly floating mess. it works well enough for now but if i make another in the future i'd like to make it look nice

    • Chris Ritchie
      Chris Ritchie

      oh i hadn't finished the video, he used carpets. does this 100% work?

  • FozzenSir

    I like how Xisuma has a beacon in his backpack that is only sometimes in the diamond pile :)

  • Mr Helo
    Mr Helo

    You should keep the mine cart always going back and forth for the smelter because I think it really adds to the interactiveness or mechanical appearance

  • Vinze

    Of course I will be here on ep.1000

  • Dream Walker
    Dream Walker

    I'm going to be here for episode 1000!

  • Anonymous_ KNK
    Anonymous_ KNK


    • Dream Walker
      Dream Walker


  • Smiles_Jones

    Epsode 1000

  • 13_Semitones

    At episode 1000. Evil X becomes evil again and takes over Hermitcraft season 7 and then Xisuma takes revenge on evil x.

  • SamDaMan777

    Suma my new fav builder cuz he such a gud designer

  • Dylan Medeiros
    Dylan Medeiros

    Episode 1,000 face reveal

  • Abdoul malick diallo
    Abdoul malick diallo

    I can already see mumbo walking up to his tower and stealing the honey blocks

  • Tyson Cooper
    Tyson Cooper

    When hermitcraft is long as one piece

  • Nichole Allen
    Nichole Allen

    I would love to see episode 1000!

  • Xavior Wegener
    Xavior Wegener

    I will be heir 4 1000 and even 100000!

  • Nexus

    Anyone else REALLY loving that rocks store? Its just a minerals store, but the design and feel of it is so cool, making me want to see more of it, and see other hermit's reactions. Great job!

  • Mason TGaming
    Mason TGaming

    He should build the crucible. Since hes the doom marine

  • Weta

    So pretty.

  • Dallas Sigmon
    Dallas Sigmon

    I'm here for EPISODE 1,000!!!! =D

  • Karl Rowlands
    Karl Rowlands

    Thank you xisuma for entertaining me

  • Dan the Banan
    Dan the Banan

    Having a rail going across my room coming in and out of my wall with a little train on it is one of the things I’ve always wanted since I was a little kid

  • shockvvave

    For Ep 1000. Have best 1 second of each video from 1-999

    • Dream Walker
      Dream Walker

      Or funniest



  • Jayprei

    totaly not me

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