Hermitcraft VII 906 A Blazing Belt Upgrade!
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We are twenty five episodes in and getting an upgrade on the belt!
Minecraft 1.12: Simplest Blaze Farms (Fun Farms Ep. 9)
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  • Dylan Maglaoy
    Dylan Maglaoy

    How did he get that manny level4:43

  • Ren Riot 7
    Ren Riot 7

    Fire aspect on your sword X

  • La papita
    La papita

    Why in every shot there’s less Xp. In he’s hotbar

  • RageMagma

    Other hermits: *Belt* Xisuma: *Robe* Grian: *Infinity Gauntlet*

  • Elise Dutcher
    Elise Dutcher

    It's honestly kinda sad, that the hermits need to remind people that there all friends, when there just trying to have fun. They shouldn't need to do that.

  • toes

    my high ass just watched all the way up to the button part 5 and a half mins in before realizing this wasnt a new ep :/

  • kathvrt

    boy just kill the witches with a fire aspect sword

  • robot cheers
    robot cheers

    no TV show has gotten me as engaged as the button madness of this season

  • lance Hankins
    lance Hankins


  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • anita goel
    anita goel

    You could have just use a fire sword

  • Micam

    May be late as I am now just discovering the channel, but cant you just use camp fires and hoppers under that after the fall through lava?

  • Alaina Watson
    Alaina Watson

    You can use a bow and arrow to shoot the end flowers out so u can grab them

  • Plaid Penguin
    Plaid Penguin

    Oh that building. It looks SOOOOOOOOOO good. I’m inspired to build a big city with that pallet

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    Put a blaze in the witch farm and sep it but get it to hit witches trying to hit u also turn the blocks to slabs so u don’t catch on fire

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    Put a block of lava in the tunnel and keep it in place with a sign

  • Gater Mc
    Gater Mc

    I don’t care if iskall likes diorite or not he’s a good builder

  • Fai2000

    He spelled vain wrong! Vein is like the stuff in your body that hold blood! Vain is like in vain!

  • Ellie Dupliy
    Ellie Dupliy

    How do you go afk without getting kicked?

  • Devin Laye
    Devin Laye

    HoW dO yOu GeT a PaNdA oUt Of A mInEcArT Probably with an activator rail idk

  • TyPlays MC
    TyPlays MC

    Hey x could you send me a file for that green robe on your skin I think it looks absolutely amazing! And would love to have it on my skin

  • TyPlays MC
    TyPlays MC

    Just casually having 200 levels

  • Kitkat Musical
    Kitkat Musical

    I'm a person who can never keep my levels up and it was shocking and Absolutely Crazy to see Xisuma just *casually have 193 levels*

  • John Giuffre
    John Giuffre

    Iskall has first blood lol

  • DuctTapeRuler_14

    What a Spoon.

  • Ethan Li
    Ethan Li

    Tho imagine traveling over the void using the cheaty-scaffolding technique

  • Paul Bühne
    Paul Bühne

    What about using a fire aspect sword? It might yield you a few potions more?

  • ineffablesherloki

    Xisuma talking about him and Joe in the Nether: Me: Two bros, chilling in the Nether, five blocks apart cuz their not gay.

  • Charlie McLoughlin
    Charlie McLoughlin

    That ocelot’s mom ate protein powder so that when the ocelot nursed it got buff. That ocelot has won every bulking contest every

  • Bananaz and me
    Bananaz and me

    Get a fire aspect sword

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    Void for mayor

  • Cairo Marte
    Cairo Marte

    A Horselot!!!😍

  • setvanilla

    *Stress' private farm* _enters_

  • FitedogFire

    You can shoot the chorus flower seeds with a bow to drop them! Can shout me out in your vid?

  • Meemee

    I really wish these guys would use their camera account to show off their builds... The whole fly by at the speed of sound and bob and weave makes it so hard to see all their hard-won detailings

  • DMNecrozma :Eater Of Light
    DMNecrozma :Eater Of Light

    Does anyone else notice what looks like a sad face in xisuma’s chest

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Sell copies of your old hermit craft servers, money for all of you!!!! We want to see them!!!!!

  • Lyrics Massiah
    Lyrics Massiah


  • Angel from Ghostface
    Angel from Ghostface

    x misspelled 'vain' in his note to stress



  • PsiQss

    Xisuma, I think you just won a No-Belt prize this episode :)

  • XeroO

    you should make scoreboard names change to red if the player is in the nether

  • Sam Bish
    Sam Bish

    *to the tune of Mr. Sandman* Mr snapshot, Snap me a shot. Can't leash a panda? Use an ocelot

  • Chromee

    in the witchfarm for fire res potions you can just put a campfire at the bottom and make the fall a couple blocks shorter so you can use the sword and the witches drop the potion!!

  • Yannick Gaensicke
    Yannick Gaensicke

    Why u being a dick man...

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    There’s a point to the button?! There are RULES???!!!!

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name]

    Doesn’t the magma blocks cause them to drink fire resistance

  • Broddy Stammers
    Broddy Stammers

    I'm sorry doses noone knows you can shoot the chorus flower with an bow and arrow and it gives you the flower?????????

  • Josh Vanguard
    Josh Vanguard

    Looks like a grateful dead skull 💀....

  • Agric

    2:23 it is vain not vein

  • Edna K
    Edna K

    Wait, did i learn english wrong? Was it not meant to be "in vain" rather than "in vein"? Or is it a pun? But how do you associate veins with bees? Can someone explain it to me-

  • posypicker

    Seems like a a simple wither rose hopper mine art farm would be easiest for the blazes. Be honest you have better sources of do on the server

  • Tyranzor Katastrophe
    Tyranzor Katastrophe

    Im gonna be that guy: Vein is a blood vessel. Vain is what you want.

  • pls kill me
    pls kill me

    Just saying xuima might have a crush just saying but kinda ship tho

  • Jimples

    @xisumavoid Episode 64 of docm77's Mindcrack Season 4 SMP, 794 seconds in. Has a good description of a 4 potion selector in his witch farm. #BigFlood

  • Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor

    You can shoot the chorus flowers down with a bow

  • Fellow comrade
    Fellow comrade

    Shoot the chorus flower is more eficant then scafolding

  • Ruben Karsberg (elev)
    Ruben Karsberg (elev)

    What if u use fire aspect on you’re sword to get fire resistance potions?

  • Plasma

    Why are the colors of the world so beautiful? Is it a resource pack?

  • Fish Gaming
    Fish Gaming

    19:26 iskalls enemy!

  • Skillus Eclasius II
    Skillus Eclasius II

    "How do you get a panda out of a minecart?" Sounds like the setup to a really cheesy joke.

  • Frederik Kohla
    Frederik Kohla

    You could add a Zombie to the farm and so you would get some strength and regeneration potions

  • Peridot Arrow
    Peridot Arrow

    Isksll did burn it btw

  • Dontaskmethat

    The button is not Dead lolllll

  • Dontaskmethat

    Dont steal pandaaaa

  • Meme EX
    Meme EX

    Xisuma : WAIT you can’t leash a panda how do I not know this I’m mr snapshot

  • َ َ
    َ َ

    عازمي 906😂😂

  • John Paul Basiño
    John Paul Basiño

    Does campfire enables the witch to drink fire resistance?

  • Electro Dodge
    Electro Dodge

    Can You Use Lava To Push Blazes?

  • David Done
    David Done

    What if you used fire aspect on your sword for the farm

  • Seattle's Finest
    Seattle's Finest

    they are supposed to save the button not kills others

  • José Armando Díaz González
    José Armando Díaz González

    Wtf? 208 lvls? My god :0

  • Lelemon890

    Why don’t you use a fire aspect sword? To get fire resistance

  • Amari Fairley
    Amari Fairley

    use a low level sword (maybe iron) with fire aspect for witch farm

  • volcanic

    its the khajit caravan


    Fire aspect

  • Sverre Snilsberg
    Sverre Snilsberg

    You should make a datapack that makes scar's magic crystals work

  • TwoStepClique X
    TwoStepClique X

    Xisuma is simping

  • HoboJoe


  • Patrick Nash
    Patrick Nash

    He’s should replace the bricks with honey blocks so the witches don’t jump

  • Cody Conn
    Cody Conn

    btw iskall burned the diorite one, because knowing him he HATES diorite lol

  • Levi Blanchard
    Levi Blanchard

    I had seen Mumbo’s perspective of the button derpage... but seeing it again from you was still hilarious 🤣

  • Anders Hansen
    Anders Hansen

    Iskall burned the diorite mini block.. so you should put a new one in :D

  • Jaden LAM [10K1]
    Jaden LAM [10K1]

    Xisuma use a fire aspect sword

  • Old Skull98
    Old Skull98

    You could try using campfires, they burn the witches but don't destroy the items

    • Old Skull98
      Old Skull98

      Also you can use a shovel and flint and steel to "switch" them on and off

  • Starman x64
    Starman x64

    I didn't get to do too much testing and it makes sense in theory, but I found some things that might help with getting fire resistance potions. When the witches initially hit the ground, they will drink an instant health potion. However, if they are set on fire just before they hit the ground, they will be drinking fire resistance (this is one of the things you did). So I may have come up with a solution. If you use a sword with fire aspect II and sharpness V, you can make the witch you hit take 5 (out of 13) hearts of damage while being set on fire. The witch will prioritize drinking the fire resistance before instant health. This, together with making the drop tube floor a bit further down, make the walls out of solid glass, and keep the killing chamber where it is (i.e. don't move it), you should be able to get a higher yield of fire resistance potions. With your attacking chamber above the bottom, you can reduce their health to eight hearts and set them on fire. Then, with their reduced health, they should die when they hit the ground while still drinking fire resistance. This should then make them drop it! In theory, this should work, but you won't really be able to get the xp, and looting won't really have an effect. I'll try to do some more testing tomorrow, but I hope this helps. Great video by the way! Keep up the great work!

  • Jacobio 17
    Jacobio 17

    When farming chorus fruit try and shot the flowers with a bow, it will drop the flowers

  • Harmony

    Xisuma you should try entity cramming for the witches using Minecarts. I'm not sure how it will work but it's worth a shot.

  • Insert Channel Name Here
    Insert Channel Name Here

    X should make an official ink shop called ink inc

  • lEtronGourmand

    X, you could use magma block instead of lava, I tried it and i got as much fire resistance potion as health potion, and there is no risk of burning loot .

  • Lyleaiden Garampil
    Lyleaiden Garampil

    Hi xisuma im a big fan of yours i all watched your vids from the first hermitcraft season i love your vids pls notify💕

  • AnizyArt

    Absolutely loving the shenanigans! The big derp towards the end was amazing and this is why we all love your derps so much :D

  • SerialTime KillR
    SerialTime KillR

    xisuma please please please try and get the diorite head stuck on iskall

  • Shallh

    Elybeatmaker has entered the chat

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    use campfires and hopper minecarts for the witches

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    let's have vesco in hermit craft, the more friends the better!

  • Trevor Maybee
    Trevor Maybee

    You can shoot the chorus fruit flowers with a bow and arrow

  • william kremer
    william kremer

    bubble trouble 3 on hudgames is good keep up the update plssss

  • sachikofox

    you can shoot the chorus fruit flowers with your bow

  • Tyla Fedele
    Tyla Fedele

    19:49 *foreshadowing*