Hermitcraft VII 946 Beehold The Globe!
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Episode Sixty Five! This time we build a farm we technically no longer need... but it leads to a wacky tower! So all is good.
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 31-40
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  • xisumavoid

    I forgot to edit in the timezones for Twitch Rivals on Monday! 6PM BST | 7PM CEST | 1PM EDT | 10AM PDT esports.twitch.tv/view/c/d992317b-b1da-487a-5455-c75f053d6716/competitors

    • NyxSkull

      hey xisuma, dunno if this works on MC java, but i use these technique a lot on MC bedrock when creating a bubble elevator, put a watersource block at the top of the elevator, and one at the bottom...

    • Vishal Anand
      Vishal Anand

      hey X can you say xisuma also

    • Joel Turner
      Joel Turner

      X you should map out the near by hermit bases and try connect them to each side of the globe it might connect and look really cool

    • Duh_Bobby11

      For the drowned farm, at the top where you funnel the drowned into one spot to be killed, at the bottom of the water elevator you can make the water source block directly above the soul sand/soil you can punch out the block behind so that it is flowing water to pull the drowned in all the way.

    • Nightblockprimecraft

      speaking of editing you could have re-recorded the bit where you say soul soil instead of soul sand or put a sign saying *Soul soil

  • Peanut Poodle
    Peanut Poodle

    Whenever he says "be" who auto correctets it in their head to "bee"? Just me? ok

  • Donke267

    I thought that instead of giving you nether bricks, I thought it was netherite scrap. I was so confused because you weren't using netherite blocks everywhere.

    • Donke267

      Im dum

  • Max John
    Max John

    I know I'm late to the party, but the floor (and ceiling and maybe walls) around the globe would look awesome if you could make them - somehow - out of end dimension portals! It would look like the globe was floating in the void.

  • l0ki4321

    U should've make a real globe.. cause a globe doesnt repeat itself

  • DJSlimeball

    Should've made the tower a trident.

  • Dimpayツ


  • Леонид Јаневски
    Леонид Јаневски

    Hello you must be a hermitcraft fan just like me! Well I'm making a server simular to hermitcraft (datapacks and the style of playing) but it's still different in some ways. If you want to join make sure you will be active on the server and make RSloft videos. If you will do this, then just dm me on discord my name and tag is TheLeviathanX#9599 or leonid50#9093

  • MrUberbongo

    You should orient the map on the globe as how you are looking into the world from the place you are standing and looking at the globe

  • JuliaEatsPuppies

    It looked like a qtip lol

  • Josh Oca
    Josh Oca

    Xisuma lost his 218exp level oh no

  • Max gamer
    Max gamer

    That shop was mumbo’s shop

  • Rafael Pérez
    Rafael Pérez

    Everybody already made the joke in their heads. "Beehold! ZA WARUDO!"

  • jo o
    jo o

    I think you don't have to make new maps to zoom them out. it just looks like it will zoom from the middle but it doesn't.

  • Alexander Milo
    Alexander Milo

    Potentially a dumb question but what prevents the turtle eggs from hatching?

  • Radiant

    you shouldve made it a trident to match the farm

  • Tómas Máni Bjarnason
    Tómas Máni Bjarnason

    Ask Cleo to make armorstand tree's on the floor

  • Gagneezy

    I thought it was a google map pin lol

  • MatVask

    Hey Xsumavoid, Your globe is repeating a single side on all sides of the globe but instead, you could make maps of the surrounding the area of your base and fill up the globe like normal globes.

  • Wiktoria Nowak
    Wiktoria Nowak


  • Bryan Frahm
    Bryan Frahm

    The All-seeing Tower

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    I absolutely love the globe X made! It looks so awesome!

  • arosenberger87

    The tower looks like a push pin on the map. Marking the spot on the Hermitcraft server where xisuma has his base.

  • Anthon Törnquist
    Anthon Törnquist


  • BadBoiBMGO

    X:I wonder what that looks like? Everyone: I think it’s a Microphone X:No,I think it’s a Golf ball. Everyone:Microphone! X:GOLFBALL Everyone:MICROPHONE X:GOLFBALL Everyone:MIRCOPHONE!!!! X:GOLFBALL

  • RowBearToe

    Reminds me of Poultry Man's Egg Cave from last year

  • EonWhite

    The globe is too small. It looks too unimpressive. But I really love the idea. It should be at least 5x5x5 I think.

  • daniel allen
    daniel allen

    uh a drowned farm needs like 2 stacks of cobble to make not a gigantic tower jeez

  • what

    does anyone else think it looks like a golf ball...

  • CherryKringle

    ODEA was made by mumbo

  • Aquahands

    Looks more like a white microphone.

  • Chris Mckay
    Chris Mckay

    It's a giant microphone! Time to make a new reality show.. Hermits got Talent! :D

  • Donnie Howard
    Donnie Howard

    You may or may not agree, but the sphere on top of the drowned farm might look cool as an eclipse. The scale of the ball does not quite fit with the height.

  • Demon X 9000
    Demon X 9000

    I think the globe room should be entire space and globe is earth and it surrounded by the moon and other planet like if you wanna see it

  • Couch Protato
    Couch Protato

    odea is mumbo's shop bcs you will say odear when you buy something


    Introducing the shiny boot farm :D Ahem’ I mean you could.

  • Terrance Clark
    Terrance Clark

    Oh dear lord... here come the flat earthers....lololol

  • HarlanX

    For the map room, maybe change the carpets into more of a space-y vibe.

  • imamandaa

    I only saw a pin/needle. Is it because I'm a crafter? Is there anybody else out there who only saw that??

  • Lorcan Jambrina
    Lorcan Jambrina

    For the moon project use clay blocks as they are gray and bluish and have a nice texture

  • Niall Lynch
    Niall Lynch

    Ehh the tower looks way more like a micro phone

  • Honkydoo Brohorn
    Honkydoo Brohorn

    2:14 it looks like a microphone

  • creeperomg88 gaming
    creeperomg88 gaming

    Hey beezisuma i have a build idea for you but i am still building its for a kelp farm i will do a video slide show for you

  • Overide82

    you should have a monorail through your base like Jurassic park

  • FireDramine7

    can someone tell me how xisuma is already on episode nearly a 1000 whilst all the other hermits are maybe at episode 50. Or do the other hermits just get a lot more done per episode and squish that in? Or is xisuma just so much further than everyone else?

  • MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
    MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations

    2:07 i was about to say microphone

  • Mahdi Hosseini
    Mahdi Hosseini

    It looks like a sperm

  • Ben hughes
    Ben hughes

    Not a bad video. I saw your other non-minecraft ones and I decided that I might as well watch your series. After all, it is a series posted by, *Brad Pitt*

  • Jack 94
    Jack 94

    I think that you should put strideralis next to your nether tower since beeralis is in the overworld. Like so X can see

  • wade falgout
    wade falgout

    Would you consider renaming your nether game to standby, just thought of that name. It would make sense be cause you need to get your stand to stand by your enemies stand.

  • LadyGabes

    You used the Brazilian flag colors for the floor of the globe™ tower!

  • djAnakin

    We think you should do at least 5x5x5. Nice idea! Will look cool when complete!

  • Catbear Cartoonist
    Catbear Cartoonist

    i dont know where to go for suggestions about vanilla tweeks but i was thinking while watching beef and rendogs videos that i wish you could place seats whereever you wanted and then i wondered how difficult it would be to do minecarts like Armour stands and allow you to move, lock, and make them invisible while still clickable to sit in them. (also consider making jukeboxes able to be activated by redstone for tango, he mentioned that in a recent stream)

  • Josiah Ernst
    Josiah Ernst

    Make the carpet look like SPACE!!!

  • Robinson Bright
    Robinson Bright

    Bone meal. Kelp. Yeah.

  • joel Doughtie
    joel Doughtie

    when you said globe i thought the other sides would have other hermits areas but in the end it still looks good

  • Cybermarb

    "How many sides does a sphere have?" -Xisuma, 2020 Edit: yes I know he corrected to cube but it's still funny

  • HazzaL07

    Need a bit of yellow in sides to match ur base pallet I would say

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name]

    2:20 it looks like a microphone

  • Silver Ghost
    Silver Ghost

    Bonemeal can be used to grow kelp, but it will take a lot of it, A LOT OF IT, for a project the size of your drowned farm.

  • Adam Kaufman
    Adam Kaufman

    You could make the top of the drowned farm into some kind of giant trident if you wanted. You could even keep the sphere and just add prongs to it.

  • Logan Barney
    Logan Barney

    Hey I was thinking out your wandering trader pack, you should add a option to sell the mob heads for emeralds

  • ACID

    You could put Eternal Sunshine on the floor ;)

  • Araknis Dethicos
    Araknis Dethicos

    the "eye of xisuma"

  • Felicity Lemon
    Felicity Lemon

    if you don't know there is the upside down contact Grian for father details

  • Aidan Elstein
    Aidan Elstein

    It could be the eye of soron or whatever it’s called

  • Clawside Gaming
    Clawside Gaming

    Peppzzii for hermitcraft

  • Kyle Mania
    Kyle Mania

    In Bedrock Edition if you'd on out your map you have to go fill it in again..

  • Kyle Mania
    Kyle Mania

    In Bedrock Edition if you'd on out your map you have to go fill it in again..

  • 0Https_ Arisan0
    0Https_ Arisan0

    *Me still waiting for him to say ''hallo!'' qwq*

  • Rob_ MiniDepp1122
    Rob_ MiniDepp1122

    The Drowned farm looks like some sort of Outpost

  • PhoenixFlame

    Hey X, please do a tutorial on this design. Iv been looking for a good one and this one seems to be the easiest to make.

  • Jatick

    Only 54 episodes left for the face reveal

  • RYCT Gaming
    RYCT Gaming

    Xisuma it looks like a microphone

  • Alexej Schmidt
    Alexej Schmidt

    I think you could use black maps from the wallpaper shop instead of the carpet so it looks like the globe is floating in the void

  • TheBox

    What texture pack are you using?

  • KMT Productions
    KMT Productions

    How about a large compass below the globe? You could use custom maps to make a really intricate design for a compass..or just go simple and use carpets.

  • Gamer AZ
    Gamer AZ

    I wanted to watch this video a lot because of Beesuma in the thumbnail

  • Charles Mayfield
    Charles Mayfield

    The globe gives me poultry man cave vibes

  • Koebryn Lazenby
    Koebryn Lazenby

    you should put a map of the whole server in that empty space under the globe

  • Sabrina Cooper
    Sabrina Cooper

    Two airlock above the egg? That seems super random. Is it a bug?

  • Captain Pålegg
    Captain Pålegg

    By the way, the ODEA store is Mumbo's. Its resemblance to IDEA is a complete coincidence... _or so he claims_

  • Vishal Anand
    Vishal Anand

    hey xisuma can you say ist too please

  • Charlie Harrigan
    Charlie Harrigan

    The odea shop is Mumbo Jumbo

  • Brodie Nelson
    Brodie Nelson

    7 if you count the inside 🤗

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson

    XisumaVoid i thought you'd like this game. Terra Nil it is a free download right now.

  • Mary Anderson
    Mary Anderson

    You should add the moon to the globe

  • capta1nseal

    can anyone tell me if Hermitcraft uses only lithium, or also phosphor? I think I remember it being only lithium though, but I don't think phosphor strays at all from vanilla

  • MrCopperNick

    for the map on the floor of the globe room, you should maybe put an animal head or something(put the carpet in a pattern to look like a cow, sheep, etc).

  • EJtoU

    Rather than a golf tee, I saw a handheld microphone

  • Oliver Zhang
    Oliver Zhang

    Amazing episode, great pun!

  • ThisIsItJoe

    2:09 I was thinking more like a microphone...

  • Annonymous burnell
    Annonymous burnell

    there is still a endermite in the storage room... pet relocation.

  • Samuel André Tinggaard
    Samuel André Tinggaard

    Use inviseple item frame if you want to make the woden edegs ob the globe away

  • Александър Георгиев
    Александър Георгиев

    2:12 No, that looks more like a microphone.

    • BadBoiBMGO

      X: Yep,that’s a golf ball. [Everyone Hated That] [Respect -583839392]

  • Rossski

    The opening of your drowned killing chamber might be too large. Baby drowned might be able to get out and/or throw a trident at you.

  • Phsychotic

    get it "Bee"hold the globe hahahahahhah lol lol lmao lol hahahhaahah laughing crying emoji


    If generikib wa Ted to join back o n hermitcraft should u say yes?

  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis

    I like the map globe and the carpet floor Also will you make a map on the floor of all the hermitcraft world and hermits bases and I mean out of maps and itemframes

  • Justin Rossberg
    Justin Rossberg

    I think itd be cool to make the globe, like the globe of the whole world, so go to the different areas where the hermits are living and put those on the different sides so they arent all the same ! also I love the banner idea that a couple people have mentioned, labeling the different towers.