Hermitcraft VII 949 Globes, Crossbows & Game Breakers!
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Episode Sixty Eight! This episode we finish off some tower with amazing globes! As well as having our new game Chicken.... Cheesed?
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 41-50
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  • Dragon Ball Gaming YT
    Dragon Ball Gaming YT

    Bottles? For honey blocks?

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    Watching the hermits killing mobs creative ways is actually one of my favorite parts of the show! It’s always interesting and gives me cool ideas for my single player world!

  • iNoobBoi

    X: "No elytra, no ender pearl, stay ing FPS!" Slow falling potions go brrrrr

  • Hayley Wu
    Hayley Wu

    You should have called the crossbow Coronavirus. Because then it would say "......... was slain by coronavirus

  • Abhijeet Shrivastava
    Abhijeet Shrivastava

    Lava should be there block wide

  • Abhijeet Shrivastava
    Abhijeet Shrivastava

    Hey bro please increase globe map size ... Its looks very small in phones ... So maybe a 5*5 map

  • Magermh

    For the game. Try using fences and then stone fences and moving into full blocks on the way down. It will have a hitbox funnel for the players to pull forwards as they go down. It will catch them and throw them off. As pulling left and right is slower on the way down on minecraft with the way the string is laying. Looks like a myth busting episode coming. :)

  • just a.person
    just a.person

    Had me at "big ol' bee butt"

  • Tyrone

    how do you do the emojis?

  • Tiny Terror
    Tiny Terror

    u boosh

  • Леонид Јаневски
    Леонид Јаневски

    Hello you must be a hermitcraft fan just like me! Well I'm making a server simular to hermitcraft (datapacks and the style of playing) but it's still different in some ways. If you want to join make sure you will be active on the server and make RSloft videos. If you will do this, then just dm me on discord my name and tag is TheLeviathanX#9599 or leonid50#9093

  • nic digregorio
    nic digregorio

    I hope you see this...BDubs has a map of the stars for your map room ceiling

  • Jacob Perez
    Jacob Perez

    You can make custom maps to create custom stars

  • Charlz TYG
    Charlz TYG

    Is the Beeralis statue missing its stinger?

  • Nashty

    Best episode EVER!!!!!!! TYVM XISUMA.EXE

  • SpaceFlye

    How do you make the item frames appear invisible?

  • DrCrazyEvil

    Implying the earth is round! #flatearth lol

    • Neoilluitom

      @DrCrazyEvil The lol suggested that you thought it was funny that xisuma dident clarify the earth was flat and not round, or a nervous "lol" asif you were afraid xisuma dident believe earth was flat.

    • DrCrazyEvil

      @Neoilluitom there was a lol there still btw. Flat earthers don't do lolin writing I'd say

    • Neoilluitom

      @DrCrazyEvil There is nothing there that to me suggests that was satire, but it was so like i said at the end i apologise.

    • DrCrazyEvil

      @Neoilluitom bro I think you need to take a moment and read my comment again. But damn that was savage. But you realize a true flat earther wouldn't have cared lol

    • Neoilluitom

      earth is round, and xisuma knows the earth is round, even romans knew the earth round, and they were thousands of years ago. dont imply that xisumavoid is a flatearther, and is as stupid as you, and im not saying that to be mean im saying that objectively with no personal opinion bias, that your stupid.. (if that comment was made in satire i apologise)


    I know im late but bdubs just did a room full of stars. That would look good for your ceiling

  • David Morris
    David Morris

    Bdubs made some starry night maps for his star gazers shop (next to the boomers). Maybe he can sell you one to duplicate for the ceiling of your globe room.

  • OceanKovic 34
    OceanKovic 34

    Could be a riptide tunnel

  • Olivia Bodily
    Olivia Bodily

    Bdubs has a map with a night sky with stars on it he used for his new shop, you could use that on the ceiling of your map room if you want

  • abe

    if you ever manage to figure out how to fix your advancements, you need to use the crossbow on 4 different mobs, not just pigmen. good luck!

  • marcelo cantero
    marcelo cantero

    how does his armor shine ?

    • Neoilluitom


  • Sophia Ahn
    Sophia Ahn

    For the stars in the globe room you should use whither stars! They are smaller plus the glow!

  • Patrick Boyer
    Patrick Boyer

    Xisuma, you should put bdub's star maps on the ceiling of your globe room

  • Frosty Gaming
    Frosty Gaming

    XB Laugh Was 🙂❤️

  • Mike 28
    Mike 28

    Make it 3-5 times in a row :)

  • finneganso

    The music swelling when you revealed the destroyed desert was glorious.

  • Andrew Hughes
    Andrew Hughes

    X I get that message too when I open up advancements

  • Jappi Games
    Jappi Games

    invite pixelrifss to hermitcraft

  • 10Darkbaby

    Jo buddi for a star seeling go to bdoubs he got a wallpaper

  • Kobe Neilson
    Kobe Neilson

    You should add multipul smaller spheres inside of the globe s, with an air block in between. It would give the gloves a fog effect.

  • Jr Madden
    Jr Madden

    There should ve a leaderboard for how many time you beat chicken

  • OldManGrey

    What's xisuma's resource pack?

  • Jr Madden
    Jr Madden

    Use neather stars in the map room like in decked out

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    21:2 OMG YES!!!! I love Etho!!!

  • Matthew Warnes
    Matthew Warnes

    Place solid blocks on the side of the lava so you have to go forward

  • funknfritter

    could use bdubs' night sky map for that globe room ceiling. it is quite amazing.

  • MJRookieForge

    *Sees Xisuma with crossbow named Mad* All the other pigs with the pumped up kicks best ye go, best ye go, outrun my bow....

  • Caleb Merry
    Caleb Merry

    How do you get emojis like that?!! I've looked for 30 minutes and nobody has a tutorial on how to do it!!!

  • Ace William
    Ace William

    I know you put this out 5 days ago but in case you see it, you should reach out to bdubs for the night sky in your map room! He’s finished something recently that could help with that ‘detail’ your looking for.

  • Rosie

    5 days ago? Wow!

  • Asim Mahmood
    Asim Mahmood

    Overworld gold farm tutorial please mine doesn’t work as efficient as yours

  • Winger Wind
    Winger Wind

    Xisuma: Obviously I'm going to kill them... but we're going to have a bit of fun in the process. ... Is it just me or is that a sign that Xisuma is going to turn out to be a serial killer?

  • Adriano Mello
    Adriano Mello

    Xisuma, ask for Bdubz' starry painting!!!!! For the ceiling of the globe room!

  • Max Kazak
    Max Kazak

    You should ask BDubs for the constellation maps, if you watched BDubs latest episode you know what I’m talking about

  • Andrew Kemp
    Andrew Kemp

    Hey, have you considered adding Wattles to Hermitcraft?

  • it's him
    it's him

    Just make it so if you touch the pressure plate it nullifies the score for Chicken

  • Animiles

    The blue orb looks like the earth in 2020. The orange orb looks like the planet in 2100 xD


    Red globe is like nether globe

  • Diamond Explorer
    Diamond Explorer

    But impulse did it first tho he did it last week

  • Jędrek Janik
    Jędrek Janik

    You could use maps for star ceiling

  • Ando

    The water tunnel is already dolphin powered

  • Caleb Blickensderfer
    Caleb Blickensderfer

    The glass prank failed because of Vanila Tweaks, lol that’s why you should get it!

  • Vize

    Hey everyone. I started my own Minecraft server we don’t want it exactly like hermit craft but we have some ideas. We have a total of 4 people we play on PS4 message simp-Vize to join

  • Pierrick Penard-Dumont
    Pierrick Penard-Dumont

    You could use nether star with armor stands to make stars in the globe tower :)

  • AdamFazbic

    Why is xisuma not funny like iskall and grian ??

    • Neoilluitom

      He is more sophisticated in his content and his target audience is older, his content is great and he doesn't really need to make jokes and be funny all the time.

  • BigU1033

    Personally I don’t like the globes on top of the buildings but this isn’t my Minecraft world so you do you Xisuma

    • Neoilluitom


  • aaryan lad
    aaryan lad

    put lights on the inside so they glow

  • Leo Cwik
    Leo Cwik

    is it just me or do the globes kinda look like astronauts?

  • Siena Kitten
    Siena Kitten

    X sounds much happier now that there's less frequent episodes. I'm happy you get to spend time with your family!

  • Julian G
    Julian G

    Xisuma.exe has stopped working Man, I was dying😂

  • MatVask

    i first thought that the orange globe was the sun

  • Cody J
    Cody J

    Secret Tunnnnnellll! Secret Tunnnnnellll!

  • Night Bot
    Night Bot

    The orbs look FANTASTIC!

  • Andrew Chard
    Andrew Chard

    I it just me but every season or year I watch a new hermit daily. It’s a vast and ever expanding sever but I’m slowly getting to know each hermit one by one. PS: don’t tell the others but your my favourite

  • Floogull Playz
    Floogull Playz

    Xisuma, you are amazing!

  • Nick Zalan
    Nick Zalan

    Man, I really enjoyed exploring the S6 map a few months ago but BOI holy crap this is going to be an exciting map to explore.

  • Fynn R.
    Fynn R.

    When you first show those globes, my first thought was "oh, you're gonna make a solar system, that's creative!" but you never mention solar system so Im writing this comment as a suggestion I guess. Yeah, continue doing the globes to represent the solar system ;D

  • Gyrre

    You could _borrow_ one of Grian's Demise challenges from last season. The one where the player has to toss and then catch a Totem of Undying before hitting the ground. They climb the tower, toss the totem, and then jump and try to catch it. No armor, no elytra, no ender pearls.

  • Vishal Anand
    Vishal Anand

    i see sunglasses on his storage room

  • Julian Emery
    Julian Emery

    16:00 This is one of the reasons why people break games, so the people who made them can see things they wouldn't have before.

  • dylaan

    The game is called chicken, maybe you can pay to attempt it as many times as you want, and the more times you get perfect in a row, the bigger the prize you get until you either fail or chicken out. :)

  • rgbarhbhrtm sbewnbhrtm hytki
    rgbarhbhrtm sbewnbhrtm hytki

    12:51 ok

  • Shoe Shoe
    Shoe Shoe

    0:50 *walks around normal with 323 levels* People: ...

  • Spencer Berg
    Spencer Berg

    You should put nether stars and disks on the ceiling to make it look like the night sky on the celing of the globe building

  • CraftxTD

    Is it just me or does Xisuma give me weird feelings of Stampylongnose? As different as they are, it gives me the same feeling whenever I watch either of them, regardless whether Xisuma does something technical unrelating to Stampy of any kind. Very wholesome youtuber.

  • Nuclear Cider
    Nuclear Cider

    21:13 You could build it downwards making it a 2 part game. By that i mean the first part being the lava (if you touch it you loose the points for said part) but then the second one would be like one of the classic "Drop games" (drop into loops or 1 block wide holes) and you'd get 25 points if you manage to survive to the end (plus the points from the first part to get your total score)

  • Nicolas Hassan
    Nicolas Hassan

    you can use maps and itemframes to do the sky in the globe room

  • София Лаврикова
    София Лаврикова

    U should make a map for the globe room ceiling : all black with white stars

  • Diamond Wolf
    Diamond Wolf

    The orange one looks like a marble.

  • Jamesbae

    X, do you use schematics during your time lapse builds for ease of transferring from creative?

  • Gavin Donnelly
    Gavin Donnelly

    You might be able to sell the bottles to stress, or you could use it for your honey farm

  • Jamesbae

    I would suggest making a flooded subway station that connects to the tunnel!

  • highbar12

    At least impulse did it fair

  • Lucuma

    Xisuma, do you still build maps?

  • D.B. 44
    D.B. 44

    Idea for chicken: fall down into a pool of lava and spam buttons on the way down and see how far you get before flying back up. Last button you hit is your score.

  • Ender Tech
    Ender Tech

    Hey Xisuma, it might be a good idea to make the game taller as well, so the lava can kill if touched, the increased risk might help...

  • John Davis Scott
    John Davis Scott

    What I have noticed with Chicken is that the hermits are looking at the lave when they fall, if you made it so that they had to look away from the lava then that would make the game much harder.

  • Dylan McGuirk
    Dylan McGuirk

    Make the drop higher so you have more momentum

  • Custom Monster
    Custom Monster

    anyone here looking for a server to play at sorta like the hermitcraft server. im just about to open a new server and is just looking for people to fill the last spots. if you like to build or do redstone or what ever this server is free to do what you want. minimal rules and good fun. thx ;D

  • Guy Smith
    Guy Smith

    I never noticed or knew... observers’ faces change when they see an update?!

  • Olly D
    Olly D

    Hi Xisuma, dont know if you remember but do you remember one of your old friends ItsFozzy and would you ever consider getting in touch with him again to make a video as I miss those videos as I found then quite entertaining

  • Thomas Durrant
    Thomas Durrant

    I am from a certain other hermit's channel. I cannot mention any names it could cause disastrous events, but nonetheless, I politely request that you join us. *J o i n t h e r e s i s t a n c e.*

  • Jon O
    Jon O

    Chicken: when you approached the right pressure plate it triggered the last two score points.

  • Chanina Kosovske
    Chanina Kosovske

    I've seen hermits play decked out, and Xisuma, if you decide to play, go for lots of loot finder. It will give you lots of coins and allow you to buy dungeon keys from the shop when you don't have a compass and go for a run just to get coins, maybe even get all your coins back from the dungeon key cost, as well as getting a card after the run. This basically allows you to buy dungeon keys as if they are cheap cards, you can also find common/uncommon artifacts in the barrels with loot finder!

  • Samy GG
    Samy GG

    He speaks so damn slow man

    • Neoilluitom

      k, just put the video on 1.25/1.50 speed and quit complaining :/

  • Ethan Crossman
    Ethan Crossman

    Put nether stars in the ceiling of the planet room.

  • Tamer14

    Hey X, Will Hermitcraft Use The Armour/Elytra Vanilla Tweak?

  • ThePooP

    7:20 there are dolphins along the way during the tunnel, so you real speedy along

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