Hermitcraft VII 912 Concrete Profits & Turtle Power Portal Protection
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Episode Thirty One! We reap in more diamonds and setup a miniature farm among other things.
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  • xisumavoid

    Before you meme in the comments, watch this! rsloft.info/loft/video/l9GHyJK70n2Vo4Y

    • Mohammad Mehdi Kadkhodazadeh
      Mohammad Mehdi Kadkhodazadeh

      @Sethie why are you answering comments from 2 months ago ?

    • Sethie

      @Mohammad Mehdi Kadkhodazadeh they didn't

    • Sethie

      @Manav Koradia they didnt

    • Mohammad Mehdi Kadkhodazadeh
      Mohammad Mehdi Kadkhodazadeh

      @Jacob Fitzgerald the guy who commented under xsuimas vid that said[ impuls and .... ] i really hate this kind of pepole

    • Jacob Fitzgerald
      Jacob Fitzgerald

      @Mohammad Mehdi Kadkhodazadeh u referring to the tattletale or impulse and tango 🤔

  • Kaitachi

    Xisuma, the designs for all your builds this season are simply phenomenal. Keep up the great work!

  • cookidoughlilac

    I know I'm late, but I really like the talk through of design concepts! It's actually really useful for inspiration~

  • Abhyuday Tomar
    Abhyuday Tomar

    If our teacher would be like xisuma I would be enjoying classes

  • R3AL Viper
    R3AL Viper

    nice videos! the last product looks like a reactor.

  • FatiTank Drawings
    FatiTank Drawings

    That's like a whole town going together...

  • Beyond the borderlands 1 2 Pre-Sequel
    Beyond the borderlands 1 2 Pre-Sequel

    Your nether portal looks like a portal from subnatica

  • KymeraAHP

    I've really come to love your designs and get excited when a new one comes along

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    11:05 I thought he was going to say "This is all thanks to our armour stand goddess/master/other title, ZombieCleo.

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    8:37 Woah! You REALLY love "Alpha" by C418, don't you? It just stopped playing, and now it's playing again! It's an awesome song.

  • Its Skyplay
    Its Skyplay

    Building = entertaining

  • Josh Carter
    Josh Carter

    I'm glad there are no memes, but I hope there are still at least jokes in the comments, because those are actually funny

  • Andrew Adderley
    Andrew Adderley

    Can you lure zombie pigmen through the portal in the nether? Might get more gold that way :)

  • Charlie McLoughlin
    Charlie McLoughlin

    I love the idea of watching you build. If you live-streamed and also recorded with a cam account, people who love hearing you chat can listen, and those that like time lapses can watch it in a video. The best of both worlds

    • xisumavoid

      My livestreams are on my second channel

  • Luke Carroll
    Luke Carroll


  • Haerodiel

    X, I ~LOVE~ watching the design process, and as much fun as a time lapse can be, to see it all come together in a flash, I've always been disappointed that so rarely do we get to see Hermits really get into the design aspect where we get to hear and understand their thought process. Getting to see more of that would make me so happy!!

  • Lisa Ely
    Lisa Ely


  • Connor Leecue
    Connor Leecue

    X, I really want you to document everything you are doing, builds, farms, what ever the like I think we all want to see your process

  • DaftFader

    Did anyone else get hungry when he said "golden nuggets"? :D

  • 00 goop
    00 goop

    The base of your new portal looks like a TIE Fighter wing from the side.

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Sell copies of your old hermit craft servers, money for all of you!!!! We want to see them!!!!!

  • Mister Itchy
    Mister Itchy

    I am so behind on my Hermitcraft videos! AAAAAGHGHGHGHGH!

  • VeryKooked

    Sometimes I’m confused why people are disliking videos

  • champoo

    flying up to the pyramid was so confusing to me, it didn't look like you were getting closer until you were right next to the tip

  • The Soviet Doggo
    The Soviet Doggo

    Yo just a question, when does X stream Eastern?

  • The Soviet Doggo
    The Soviet Doggo

    Okay I think we should report any memes in comment sections now. It’s completely corrupted RSloft. Just by a singular comment by X, the comment section has become so much more enjoyable! This should be incorporated throughout RSloft! Love your content X, keep it up 🐝

  • The Soviet Doggo
    The Soviet Doggo

    I’m so happy we don’t have meme spam! Comments have gotten 10x better

  • Dearth of Doohickey’s
    Dearth of Doohickey’s

    Xisuma: I’m _chewing_ through glass The word churning: am I a joke to you?

    • Nept00n1

      You abvoisly dident click the link did u?

  • UNSC 2003
    UNSC 2003

    I love seeing your creative side come out X :)

  • Jo Bassett
    Jo Bassett

    How about a tutorial on how to build just one level of the "fancy build" sheep farm?

  • Gyrre

    Anybody know the song credit for the music that starts at 1:13? I want to say it's Rush Garcia or Seycara, but I'm not for certain.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    I think timelapses are entertaining. Also, it would be cool if there could be honey pipes all around the base.

  • Aidan Meehan
    Aidan Meehan

    How did you get the shulker boxes to show what their contents were when you scrolled over them? Is it a data pack or something? I checked on vanilla tweaks and I cannot find anything.

  • harrydoesgaming

    How comes you title the videos the way you do? I don’t mind it I’m just wondering? Can anyone answer?

  • motorolja tf vrf måste jag ha ett jäbla efternamn
    motorolja tf vrf måste jag ha ett jäbla efternamn

    I love the music it makes the video so mutch better but i diden't realize it until now.

  • Ull N
    Ull N

    Wonderfull tower indeed!

  • RDS Alphard
    RDS Alphard

    I've made most of my building solely on wool because I can put carpet on them without them looking off (You know how concrete or terracotta looks different in term of colour? Yeah.)... and yes, please show more of your creative building process, it gives me ideas too.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Tel cub yo use gold blocks at the tip of the pyramid

  • Edgar W.
    Edgar W.

    Damn. Thats a ton of reviews you got there :O Ive looked into your blog and was thrilled to see another side of xisuma. I wanna recommend you my favorite album right now: The Lost Boy by YBN Cordae. Its kind of a mix between Old and New School HipHop with incredible flow, excellent lyrics and a warm and welcoming feeling to it :D

  • GDswords

    Hey Xisuma, any prospect in inviting older hermits back on? I know a couple who would enjoy returning to the server to play with their friends

  • nyxwing38

    It would be cool to see the range of colors of sheep represented somehow on the outside of the building but in a subtle way that still fits the build palette.

  • end gaming
    end gaming

    can i join the hermitcraft server please

    • end gaming
      end gaming

      ok i knew that but thanks

    • a bc
      a bc

      end gaming it is a java only server and you need to be a (fairly) big minecraft youtuber

    • end gaming
      end gaming

      also can i join from minecraft bedrock edition

    • end gaming
      end gaming

      thanks but i dont have vidios but really want to join hermitcraft

    • The Cube Snowflake
      The Cube Snowflake

      In an older video he said to join hermitcraft you must have a passion for minecraft. Let me just go and watch your videos and... oh.

  • Pristine_Azalea

    X, ya gotta interview 4 more candidates

  • Michael Blain
    Michael Blain

    X, when will you add Jeracraft to Hermitcraft?

  • Chocolate Tulip
    Chocolate Tulip

    Have you tried putting stained glass behind the carpet? I think those panels are an excellent opportunity for some cool windows. For some reason the yellow wool and the orange together (and vice versa) isn’t too easy on the eyes for me. I think stained glass will soften that up a bit and keep the contrast and the cool effect you have just fine. BUT if you really do like and prefer what you’ve got going on there, don’t mind me! :) love ya man!

  • Dryden Drawing
    Dryden Drawing

    I do enjoy seeing your building process

  • Roger Valle
    Roger Valle


  • Alert !
    Alert !

    What happened to the office in the shop

  • AyaanThe0ne

    I was thinking for the point of the last tower is to make it flat and put a ball/sphere of honey like it’s giving energy to other towers.

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez

    X if you put a layer of lava under the fog effect it would make it look better and brighter

  • IV8BO Votes 8-Ball Out
    IV8BO Votes 8-Ball Out

    Bee-Suma: That is a crazy amount of Gravel!Thank you Keralis! Grian: Pathetic...

    • The Cube Snowflake
      The Cube Snowflake

      Please stop with the cancerous memes

  • SugarBlast101 _
    SugarBlast101 _

    Hiya. I loved the designing section and how it was included and shown off. As a question or request, it slightly bothers me but not too much as to skip past them but is there a way you could turn the render distance up a bit more? It just hurts my eyes a little bit and fogs some of the builds as well. Love your vids have a great day!

  • Valuhcy Games
    Valuhcy Games

    love the brainstorming in creative


    I love hypno! It’s so great when hermits feature each other

  • Neoilluitom

    Dome the top of the sheep tower? Idk The sheep tower should be next to the portal a hundred or so next to it, not too close but not too far.

  • Craig Petersen
    Craig Petersen

    James charles

  • Firestorm

    The meme cleanse in the comments is the best think to ever happen to this channel, I can finally give altleast one youtuber some input or advice I have on build and it's just nice to not see so many bad memes xiuma you are an amazing guiness, you should start a server wide recognission for this so that hermits will actually look in comments again and see good advice from so many people, thanks x you are our hero hope you are safe from the virus!

    • Shady Universe
      Shady Universe


  • Christian Lund
    Christian Lund

    3:10 Dude, what's up with those shovels?

  • Furtivo

    It’d probably be cool if you added elevated bridges that connected each project in the jungle

  • Iki10

    +1 for the creative building walk arounds :)

  • Koen Brown
    Koen Brown

    the new tower how it’s floating looks like a rocket ship, it’d be cool if you made it floating with some flames underneath making it look like a rocket in the air

  • jeanpierrep6 Gaming
    jeanpierrep6 Gaming

    wgat resourse pack do you use

  • Koen Brown
    Koen Brown

    you should sell concrete powder for cheaper than concrete but sell like 1 time use vouchers at the concrete shop and that allows them to use your concrete converter(once the big one is fixed) for like 9 diamonds per use but they can only use it once per voucher, i think you could make good money from that

  • end gaming
    end gaming

    scar mumbo stress false and joe are running for im telling you this for the hermiton herald

  • Slime Cart
    Slime Cart

    I think it was interesting

  • Stunner

    I love the creative building part!

  • alex hoffmann
    alex hoffmann

    Doofenschmirtz evil inc brooo

  • A Human
    A Human

    I just randomly look down at his levels and I am amazed. 205 levels

  • martijn v
    martijn v

    I know xisuma told us what the hermitcraft is using (like spigot) but i cant find it anymore. Can someone tell me or beter link the vid where he tells us?

  • Vicenoodles

    james charles is watching your videos, watch his biggest beauty collab

  • Bio zbraň
    Bio zbraň

    May I just ask you, why you don't use optifine anymore? (I just think that glass without optifine looks bad.)

  • Adagio_Rose

    The creative build section could make for an interesting way to fill in the time, also once you have the design in mind you can jump straight to the time lapse of the build in Survival! I'm looking forward to seeing the end result of the sheep tower. Maybe instead of drawing up to the peak in just concrete you could have a honey block and wool mix with sea lanterns to make it pop!

  • Keaton Wadzinski
    Keaton Wadzinski

    Love seeing the design process!

  • Ruben van Belzen
    Ruben van Belzen

    I would like to see the building process, I’ll learn from it!


    James Charles supports

  • Ruben van Belzen
    Ruben van Belzen

    That wheelbarrow looks amazing! You did a great job!

  • Nosna 91
    Nosna 91

    I like the creative building. for the thing at the top of the tower, gete rid of the one block thick part and just leave it like that

  • Divan de lange
    Divan de lange

    Do the top of the sheep farm with a honey tip

  • Kevin Mekeliszter
    Kevin Mekeliszter

    Ph1lza just said on stream that he would join if he got an invite from Hermitcraft

  • Bryan Reardon
    Bryan Reardon

    don’t do the design process

  • TheReapingDevil

    Why is silent on the thumbnail

  • Kristin

    I absolutely LOVE that carpet/wool thing. I need to figure out where I can use that in my own world, it looks fantastic

  • Jayson Cadano
    Jayson Cadano

    I had to look twice to make sure I'm looking at youtube comments. Good job, Shaswami!

  • Sassy Queen
    Sassy Queen

    U have to interview false doc and scar

  • Caroline Skinner
    Caroline Skinner

    Dude. James Charles gave you a shoutout in his recent video. :)

  • Ricardo In his shorts
    Ricardo In his shorts

    You should interview scar

  • Charlie Sims
    Charlie Sims

    you should rename your sword bee keeper terraria reference

  • s u n n y
    s u n n y

    James Charles watches your videos and recommended you in his latest video

  • Dj isHere
    Dj isHere

    Mumbo promises spoons for everyone

  • Dj isHere
    Dj isHere

    Mumbo the mayor you need

  • Dj isHere
    Dj isHere


  • Dj isHere
    Dj isHere


  • Dj isHere
    Dj isHere


  • Paulina Rutka
    Paulina Rutka

    Hello, I am loving Hermitcraft and all of the Hermits. Therefore I don't understand why you, having a good income of diamonds choose to build every farm for yourself even though there are shops where you can easily get what you need. Don't get me wrong but I have a feeling that these season a lot of Hermits are playing 'for themselves' not for the community.

  • Lord Xïak
    Lord Xïak

    Leave a like here for xisumavoid to show more of his creative testing in the future ✌️

  • Sajgon

    Did anyone have an issue with vanilla tweaks resource pack which, in 1.15 always said that it was made for an older version of Minecraft?

  • Jansie Pansie
    Jansie Pansie

    Dude wtf James just shouted you out hahahahhahah

  • Noa Pell
    Noa Pell

    Everyone is ignoring the fact James Charles gave a shaoutout to xisuma and mumbo I-

  • Finnche

    Whenever any hermit says sand, I always hear "S!AnD/!"in my head now in Grian's voice... I don't know how to feel.


    plz give me the ip adress of hermitcraft server i beg you ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Shady Universe
      Shady Universe