Hermitcraft VII 936 Towers, Roads & Bees!
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Episode Fifty Five! This episode we get a lot of work done on our overworld base!
Creative Livestream 11/06/20
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • NinjaMagic

    X I've been watching some old Hermitcraft, currently very early on in Season 1 (just started a few days ago), and now you have me excited for when I get to Season 2. I want to see Keralis' reaction to that, but I'm gonna go in order. *sigh* I'll eventually get there.

  • La papita
    La papita

    Hallo me isgall

    • La papita
      La papita


  • Lukas Grunwald
    Lukas Grunwald

    Beesuma Beeralis and beetho?

  • Michael Vaughan
    Michael Vaughan

    At uni, I took a philosophy unit called Love, Sex and Death, and a literature unit called Love, Death and Poetry. Both of them began their love unit with “what is love?”, and it took ALL OF MY RESTRAINT to not say, mid lecture “baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”.

  • Stoned Koala
    Stoned Koala

    Did you know you can dispense armour on to villagers to make them be able to take more damage

  • nagasadow99

    Loving the crazy timelapse camera angles and the music was excellent!

  • Neb DoUrden
    Neb DoUrden

    At 19:38 the new tower kinda looks like a honey cruise missile

  • UNSC 2003
    UNSC 2003

    I think this is my favourite tower so far!

  • Megan Chitwood
    Megan Chitwood

    What is love? BaBEE don't hurt me. Absolute legends

  • Sapient Pearwood
    Sapient Pearwood

    "After the ad-break"... sometimes I forget how good it is to have youtube red, or premium, or whatever they're calling it since this comment has been written. Whatever its called, guilt-free ad-free viewing is excellent

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Christopher Milner
    Christopher Milner

    The barn looks like grians barn from hippie land in season 6.

  • DorrisOpen23

    X you are doing great 👍.. that like to dislike wow

  • Zac Wicht
    Zac Wicht

    did you try alternating sides of the road for the street lights?

  • Seiaeka

    It's nostalgia for us long-time viewers too.

  • DaBoss PlayZ
    DaBoss PlayZ

    If u see this ximu tell groan I need some buddy lying tips 😂. Seriously tho try and tell him please

  • Tsuki

    Loved the camera moves!!

  • jaminjosh

    These people have too much time on their hands, a cinnamon shop with debris, why tho?

  • Ansh Gandhi
    Ansh Gandhi

    Just a question I built the exact same villager breeder but when my go to sleep on the beds, when they wake up they stay on the beds. They don't go back onto the fence. Plz help

  • Keylan Lewis
    Keylan Lewis

    Maybe a long under bridge tunnel with occasional small secret homes under the road.

  • gnomeyhomey

    You could make the new tower like a residential high rise for your villagers to wander around in. Not the optimal villager farm, but would be unique.

  • Vani Soni
    Vani Soni

    Xisuma: why did everyone build so far away from each other Keralis: why are you all looking at me 😐😐😬

  • Humza Ahmed
    Humza Ahmed

    the new tower looks like the empire state building in new york

  • mausii2910

    :< new tower doesnt have a landing platform

  • MegaMementoMori

    "For some reason back in the day everyone used to move really far away from one another, which just isn't the fun way to do things." - Dude. You guys are |h e r m i t s|. The whole thing hermits do is live far away from one another :D

  • Daniel Simon
    Daniel Simon

    The top of the new tower reminds me of the top of the Empire State Building

  • henry beetle
    henry beetle

    You should make a BEEtho for ethos base

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    I am never going to look at ancient debris the same again! 😂 I love seeing the details that Cub put into the top part of his shop! It looks amazing!

  • Da Dude
    Da Dude

    Can you build a tower that looks like the gurkin from London

  • Gavin Kingston
    Gavin Kingston


  • Charles Martin
    Charles Martin

    What is love?!

  • Just A Bunch of Friends Having Fun
    Just A Bunch of Friends Having Fun

    Hey Xisuma, can you do a video on your second channel of your building process sometime? I saw Bdubs doing one, and wondered what yours was.

  • AnizyArt

    This was such an awesome episode from the nostalgia trip, Beeralis, the road design, the hedge games, Cub’s shop, and to the new tower build! I loved watching this so much! :D

  • Lost Angel
    Lost Angel

    I would love it if by the end of the season all of hermitcraft via those roads. I just want to see it go all around Tatooren, in front of Grian's mansion, over Scar's snail (Larry), through Mumbo's base, and under or through Iskall's tree. If it's under then it would be cool to see the roots of the tree. It even could connect to the road in Tango's Toon Towers, go by a dock by Impulse's base, and continue weaving It's way all over this world.

  • Elite Zero
    Elite Zero

    You are a big kid lov ur vids keep up the great work

  • Games For Noobs
    Games For Noobs

    Have been away from vids for a week so I am watching these vids late :)

  • Some Th1ng
    Some Th1ng

    EPISODE 1000 SUGGESTION: Honour each season for episode 1000, like put your favourite builds from each season somewhere in season 7, and use old texture packs for nostalgia?

  • I’m stupid, but
    I’m stupid, but


  • Sammie_Zoetspruit GG
    Sammie_Zoetspruit GG

    OMG HAHA in the video of James Charles where hé weares super long nails he was watching you during the progress. It made me laugh

  • J1y25

    Who came here from james charles?

  • Nikunj Rathod
    Nikunj Rathod

    You should use gold pressure plates instead of carpet on roads it's brighter

  • MrKitlik

    I just noticed this watermark in the top right corner

  • BungeePete

    Him:see's a wandering trader and is happy Me: he has bad deals just kill him Also Me: wait this is hermit craft...

  • HaruhiAihara

    I love the timelapse style when you were building the tower! It really fits with the song!

  • Cheeseburger

    9:43 hehe he said dodo.

  • MacrossDreams

    Here is an idea, put lights under the canopies of the jungle trees around the road

  • Anja Molander
    Anja Molander

    awesome timelaps :D

  • Katche

    1 dia block. what for a acient debre?????? it takes 1 hour to get like 9 ingots it should be 2 diamonds for 1

  • Bailey-John Asquith
    Bailey-John Asquith

    You should of done a toll booth on the road

  • dadutchboy2

    its a bee making bone towers wut

  • Gondor

    You or Etho could put a noteblock circuit under the road to play a song when travelling in one direction. Something fairly simple, though

  • Hanif Ahmad
    Hanif Ahmad

    7:03 OOH THE MOBS

  • TunaTsunami

    U could do 1 floor for each villager profession, there could Also be mixed floors, u could put a god machine to zombify and cure villages below the breeder as well

  • Skrʞro

    "Wingingin it" -xisuma 2020 7:53

  • VaultedTomatoes

    I absolutely love the new tower! The sideways camera angle made me think it looked kinda like a zeppelin and I think it could potentially be super cool if you added a little compartment to one of the sides! If you want it to look a little more like a zeppelin that is

  • Appleberry Smith
    Appleberry Smith

    14:48 but... ok fine.

  • Captain Cookie
    Captain Cookie


  • Sixty9Cuda

    X built the Chrysler building. Nice.

  • Daniel Myatt
    Daniel Myatt

    Suggestion: build the road to the other jungle.

  • Stephen K
    Stephen K

    "What Is Love?" (baby don't hurt me) is one of those rare tracks that no matter how many times I hear it it never loses its appeal -- it's just so unashamedly joyous. peak 90s.

  • AnAnomaly 334
    AnAnomaly 334

    Just noticed the subtlety of him swinging his pick when looking at the camera

  • brad Elliot
    brad Elliot

    The song and deja vu was awsome i remember that episode like it was yesterday :)

  • MedNaou

    So will Everyone Ignore That Amazing Looking Cinematic TimeLapse X Has Made?

  • concept


  • TheDungeonScrawler

    are you planning on adding the custom portals to hermitcraft? I know at least a few hermits would be excited.

  • Depressed Gojisaurus Rex and Carcharodon Megalodon
    Depressed Gojisaurus Rex and Carcharodon Megalodon

    Make a villager tower please X!

  • Depressed Gojisaurus Rex and Carcharodon Megalodon
    Depressed Gojisaurus Rex and Carcharodon Megalodon

    Villager tower!!!!

  • Åse Petersen
    Åse Petersen

    xisuma... loves bees too much, kinda a weird fettish.

  • Hx7 Salty Bro Hits
    Hx7 Salty Bro Hits

    This man plays Minecraft so much episode 936 wtf

  • HERO KING 33
    HERO KING 33

    For beeralus sorry if I spelt it wrong but could us a stinger maybe 2-4 blocks long maybe bone and then an end rod on the end for light and detail.

  • 304banana

    That bee is super cute! I love how you’ve used the same block palette and made such different build designs.

  • Suprin player
    Suprin player

    You can download optifabric to use optifine with your fabric mods

  • Rookmations

    Put beeralis over one tower and beesuma over the other......

  • LBRM_ FAM_
    LBRM_ FAM_

    Hey I got an idea for the road, make some like weird color designs on the sides to represent gryffte

  • Ray Vissari
    Ray Vissari

    Ancient debris has the same spawn rate as diamonds but it requires 4 to make 1 ingot which means it is technically worth 1-2 diamonds per debris and 4-5 diamonds per ingot and a block is worth 45-50 diamonds

  • Cale McKee
    Cale McKee

    builds new tower, doesnt harvest leaves.

  • IzTechz_

    Haha when you use the rotating camera from facing bottom of build to top and twirl to look at it top to bottom it makes me dizzy lol

  • Caelum Vulpes
    Caelum Vulpes


  • Ryan Mitchell
    Ryan Mitchell

    Xisuma's new tower: *exists* Me: T-10,9,8...

  • cheru esti
    cheru esti


  • Azerith

    That time-lapse was amazing.

  • Atilla Bulut
    Atilla Bulut

    I always love to see time lap of building by xisuma

  • donbdonbx

    9:42 "I DO DO"

  • TJC For Three
    TJC For Three

    If you light up the road, and the basalt tunnel brightens up, maybe you should place black concrete behind the grey glass.

  • Cheese4Life?!

    how do I make hitboxes show?

  • Hans Rober
    Hans Rober

    xisuma: we make good times here on hermitcraft goodtimeswithscar: you rang?

  • Nowa awoN
    Nowa awoN

    Such a cool building time lapse

  • Paladin Dawn
    Paladin Dawn

    Hey dude, weird question you straight

  • Keegan Brown
    Keegan Brown

    you should add minecart systems to be able to ride the roads.

  • Micah Nagle
    Micah Nagle

    You should make a massive massive villager trading hall

  • Platimus

    Really enjoyed the camera angles in time lapse

  • E

    10:06 Maybe you could name the Etho head "Beetho"

  • psalm325

    why is the tower missing a bar on one side of it?

  • Corrupted Hobo
    Corrupted Hobo

    not a massive fan of the new format of video, i like where you use to actually do stuff on video, havent seen that in a while, its now, talk about what you are doing, video cut and done, i get your trying to add more to the videos and its still entertaining and happy tyou havent got rid of timelaspes but i feel they are just not as fun as they use to be (not dissing the video just some constructive criticism

  • Eashan CS
    Eashan CS

    i think the title should be "Hermitcraft VII 936 Towers, Roads & Beeraliess!"

  • K-d0.5 Gaming channel
    K-d0.5 Gaming channel

    Hey I enjoy watching the vids I’ve been slowly watching all the other hermits vids on the server during covid thanks for giving me something to look forward too

  • t0mm038


  • DerJona

    I really do love your tower designs this season

  • Susanne Lucić
    Susanne Lucić

    Jo x u need a stack of episodes to 1000 so show us your face

  • JakubGamer

    Darkness of your road doesnt fit with brightness of your towers and the reason ur bee tower works so well is because the tower is mostly cylinder shaped so make the towers fit a shape and also put a billboard on stand off since it looks like part of the terrain and nothing significant