Hermitcraft VII 944 Targets Acquired!
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Episode Sixty Three! In this one we work on the Block Exchange and start another new pvp game!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 31-40
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  • xisumavoid

    Minecraft 1.16.2 Combat Test Snapshot 8B came out yesterday! :-) rsloft.info/loft/video/aaWk2oStpH7Oe2E

    • Matthew Arbolario
      Matthew Arbolario

      im sure youll never face reveal xisumavoid

    • RoboPuffin

      X there’s a video in your info bar that shows a 15 second video called “story.” I think you put it on private so you might as well take it down.

    • ShiaGaming88


    • Thomas Welch
      Thomas Welch

      You could have slime block player launchers at the back of the Arena that can be only used once to give the teams a little help on the top targets

    • matty4z

      I had to stop and just add that lil 15 point score keeper (15:30) to my redstone world for any future builds

  • James Maddox
    James Maddox

    Lucky 13 is my favorite username since I was little

  • Alpha gamer
    Alpha gamer

    YOU WON!!! The road building competition

  • Lasagna Sux
    Lasagna Sux

    7-11? As in gangsta killa, right? Dissing all them crips bro

  • Ankhayra TV
    Ankhayra TV

    I may be a little late. But: there is a name for whoever builds a game to the south of The Netherlands!

  • call of duty mobile pro's
    call of duty mobile pro's


  • Banny

    Sahara 2

  • Леонид Јаневски
    Леонид Јаневски

    Hello you must be a hermitcraft fan just like me! Well I'm making a server simular to hermitcraft (datapacks and the style of playing) but it's still different in some ways. If you want to join make sure you will be active on the server and make RSloft videos. If you will do this, then just dm me on discord my name and tag is TheLeviathanX#9599 or leonid50#9093

  • Zgall053

    I always wondered how you placed the blocks in red stone testing worlds in mid air, but those arrows exposed you and now i know lol

  • Hansello

    When he said there's 8 targets and that tied Into the name, I thought it was going to be: Targ - 8

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    Hermitcraft is so inspiring! I've been planning a server to play on with my friends, and while I don't expect it to be the same, I can't wait to get to play with all of my close friends!

  • Grian Fan
    Grian Fan

    kitna badbadbad karta hai ba tuu

  • Sam Pulice
    Sam Pulice

    8-5 for my fellow marching band people!

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    Name the turtes van Gogh, Picasso and Ross (not Pivot Ross)

  • Fredo

    17:04 looks like a Satellite

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam

    My work schedule was 8 a.m. To 5 p.m., 12 to 1 for lunch.

  • Your mom Is gay
    Your mom Is gay

    Hi xisumavoid I hope your good and I just wanted to say thanks so much for making your videos they help me with minecraft and life bye

  • Moose Max
    Moose Max

    cover the sticky pistons for aesthetic reasons

  • Marco heykant
    Marco heykant

    It's weird to keep hearing "The Netherlands" as a dutchy...

  • The Mammoth
    The Mammoth

    the turtle buddies will stay here me, who watched the Livestream: *No, no they won't*

  • cmaon 0450
    cmaon 0450

    You should do a version of the Olympics

  • robert johnson
    robert johnson

    Shadow games

  • Tal nev.
    Tal nev.

    Every person on earth:

  • Donnie Howard
    Donnie Howard

    what is the resource or texture pack you are using to get that nice look on your netherite tools? I can't seem to locate it at vanilla tweaks. please!!

  • Ojas Kubal
    Ojas Kubal

    You're so mean you killed that poor parrot

  • David Phalen
    David Phalen

    Xisuma Is making more of a mega game than a mini game

  • George Neff
    George Neff

    Whats xiumas texture pack?

  • coy wolf
    coy wolf

    X you should go to iskall's Treasure Island

  • kylian Molenbroek
    kylian Molenbroek

    Tango playtested the shop and it needs a register for payments

  • Mario12267

    Awesome episode! Wow a ton of profits for this week! GG! Love the mini game idea! Can’t wait to see it finished and played! Can’t wait to see the changes made to the water arena! Keep up the awesome work! Have a fantastic week! See you later!

  • Shiina Space Skater
    Shiina Space Skater

    We might not have a Hermit in the Netherlands but at least we have the Netherlands in Hermitcraft 😎

  • Matt

    Title Rework: Don't mind me, just here with 221 levels.

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay

    Cub's Castle Defence vs. Xisuma

  • Pan Torcha
    Pan Torcha

    Hi xisumaviod i am a fan of hermithcraft and i would like to join it i myself is also a youtuber

  • Joshua Berardelli
    Joshua Berardelli

    Since both concrete shops are on your road you should build a crashed delivery truck spilling out the concrete, sand, gravel and dyes

  • cheems

    I've just discovered this channel and I can already say this is such a good channel with great content

  • awesome sauce
    awesome sauce

    real nice renovation of the block exchange i like how it looks

  • Brett {C}
    Brett {C}

    xisumavoid xisumavoid xisumavoid xisumavoid xisumavoid xisumavoid I need help!!!!!!!!!! I downloaded ur spawning sphere data pack and I cant get rid of the stands. plzzzz help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrAnip __
    MrAnip __

    Me: Xisuma is really good at target practice, I wish I was him. This isn't a meme(For more information, scroll downward). Xisuma: Don't worry its fine! Me*: \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ -----------------------------¬ --------¬ --------¬ | | [] | | [] I | L___ _| L____I I _________ I ( ( O ) ) \_____________/ / ¬¬¬¬¬¬ ________________/ *In practice This is not a meme, I am just saying that Xisuma is a god with bows

  • Homeschooling如何在家教孩子

    Iskall stocked up with 12 bamboo, dont mess tgphis up xisuma 😀

  • Matej Grega
    Matej Grega

    12:32 The Targ-eight? 14:50 Nevermind...

  • Tacobell1384

    Did anyone else notice that scar put sigh up instead of sign up? He did it more than once as well.

  • William Hauf
    William Hauf

    I'd like to see this as a timed game. Hitting the target covers it for your team and uncovers it for your opponent. Most targets covered at the end wins.

  • Jamesbae

    You should automatically play a tune and reset the game when the total reaches 13 and also dispenses a prize for the winning team. You can automatically take your fee and dispense the winnings from their entry fee

  • Jamesbae

    Will a waterlogged stair put out the fire arrows?

  • Comex

    WHOAA whoa whoa whoa, I had no idea x was BRITISH.

  • Aimee Kelly
    Aimee Kelly

    The amount of levels he has😯

  • DiamondWolf 2007
    DiamondWolf 2007

    hey! go to target' in the great pyramid and check the first mini game! i think you'll find it a little bit like yours

  • Spyer

    How do Keralis's Villager Farms work? Don't the villagers pick up the items they farm? How is the Minecart getting them

  • bucketof 1%milk
    bucketof 1%milk

    I love how I take such interest in the hermits redstone, but after 6 years of playing, I have never bothered to learn any of it

  • Saransh Agrawal
    Saransh Agrawal

    Hey X! I wanted to know how you guys on the Hermitcraft server chat without using the /say command. In the server I have set up for my friends and me, I have to type /say every time we want to chat. It would be great if you could reply!

  • Quack Masterrr
    Quack Masterrr

    make one of the letters in stand off an armorstand

  • GalacticViper

    This question may have been asked before, but does anyone know where he gets his Shulker preview found at 7:57. I can't find it on Vanilla tweaks.

  • Sarah L.
    Sarah L.

    Ask the bow tie man and systemzee yo join hermitcraft?

  • Fortnite Tricks Und Tipps
    Fortnite Tricks Und Tipps

    Ilmango for hermitcraft

  • Max Derp
    Max Derp

    The name of the game: Rock Blockers 😀😇

  • Bryant Roa
    Bryant Roa


  • chedder108

    For unlucky 13, maybe you can make a minecart rail that the contestants have to ride to make it even more difficult.

  • Just a Youtube Channel
    Just a Youtube Channel

    Do you ever plan to do another moded series?

  • Henry Robinson
    Henry Robinson

    Do the miniblock target blocks do the same Redstone stuff as normal target blocks??

  • Toby Fergeus
    Toby Fergeus

    Are you going to have a mine kart track that takes the player round and the targets. You could add target blocks to change the track and choose which way you go!

  • Toby Fergeus
    Toby Fergeus

    When he had 8 I thought the name would be TARG8!

  • Kobe Neilson
    Kobe Neilson

    No season of games would be complete without demise 2.0

  • Dylan Turner
    Dylan Turner

    5 and 8 are Fibonacci numbers. The Golden Ratio. You could call it Golden-eye

  • Jason Hardin
    Jason Hardin

    And soon someone will make the Hunger Games game......

  • bobthuvillager8

    Why is your enchantment glint different

  • JoshieWoshy

    If you want to make sure players keep at a distance from the targets, when playing your game, instead of shooting them point blank. You could build a big lava pit to separate the targets from the shooting area for a proper nether feel.

  • KiraGenevieve

    Once a bunch more games are set up at the gaming district, it would be super cool to have a Hermitcraft Olympics or something similar!!

  • Drew Diamond
    Drew Diamond

    this same mini game idea with a rollercoaster that drops the opponent into lava

  • Gragon

    56 more episodes until the big 200

  • Eyyy ?
    Eyyy ?


  • Maxime Labrecque
    Maxime Labrecque

    The enchant effect is a little diferrent

  • RoboPuffin

    Plot twist: X is actually Stampy

  • Stephen Klein
    Stephen Klein

    Is it just me or does Xisuma's enchantment glint look kinda weird?

  • junaid malim
    junaid malim

    Cubfan made something like that... castle defence.

  • Austin Wonderland
    Austin Wonderland

    Hey X, do you plan on adding soul sand or soul soil underneath the slab sidewalks in the cowmercial district so that people can walk around faster?

  • henryh10x_

    What's that texture pack that Xisuma used that lowers the enchantment glint intensity?

  • TheFallenAngel

    U13 is a swedish name of the russian submarine (U13 = Ubåt 13 (submarine number 13)) that sank inside the swedish territorial water. So build it as a giant submarine?

  • Suhani Baid
    Suhani Baid

    Those few emerald blocks at the bottom of the beacon is hurting my eyes

  • Cayz Playz04
    Cayz Playz04


  • The Last Lion Turtle
    The Last Lion Turtle

    What about having the subtraction comparators increase the accuracy requirement as points are scored by increasing the item count. A piston tape with cauldrons might be an easier solution to quickly adjust the signal strength. The comparator counter is genius. I have never seen that before. That's definitely better than a cauldron counter.

  • Ioana Gongeanu
    Ioana Gongeanu

    I was just staring at the thumbnail for like 5 minutes straight just to appreciate its beauty

  • ballsohard555

    rebuild the "walls" pvp arena but in hermitcraft w the new fighting/eating mechanics

  • MadManiacGamer

    This season of Hermitcraft is for sure my favorite. All the Hermits Bases are close together which I think caused more Collaborations with the other Hermits.

  • Laszlo Kidd
    Laszlo Kidd

    16.15 ijevin I hear the music

  • Ruben van Belzen
    Ruben van Belzen

    8:01 When I heard that, I was summoned

  • Ocelot z lasu
    Ocelot z lasu

    Get one more turtle and name them after TMNT!

  • Heytheresakitty

    Fuel for day lol

  • BeanBean

    Just a suggestion but maybe you could add some note blocks to this game? I mean fast music can create some pressure on players which can be fun? I hope you understand what I mean

  • NeverNotTheNether

    Pesky bird!

  • Brandon Clevenger
    Brandon Clevenger

    Whose to know who got what points.

  • Jimmy Lundberg
    Jimmy Lundberg

    Spoiler alerts, please? I watch the hermitcraft episodes in order of release (for many reasons, but one of tthem is) to be somewhat safe from spoilers. Had no chance to avoid the stand off spoiler, because you said it too fast and I couldn't pause in time.

  • Louis Farrel
    Louis Farrel

    I noticed that the enchantment glint is a bit different, like now the background glint is less visible while the surging glint is faster and stood out more.

  • Faris Hazim
    Faris Hazim

    All the redstone explanation and I still have no clue on how it works

  • Crabastian Builds
    Crabastian Builds

    Did anybody elese notice xumas armor? I think it looks different

  • Baden1212

    Xisuma what resource pack did you use to make your armor so glowy?

  • G. D.
    G. D.

    Xisuma why are u building in the Netherlands? Aka holland x3 love ya mate haha

  • Kumar Snehal
    Kumar Snehal

    4:27 It looked as if electricity was flowing thru him

  • Luke Stewart
    Luke Stewart

    what texture pack/mod are u using to make ur enchanted gear look different?

  • Explorer

    where did the pvp game go