Hermitcraft VII 928 Not Another Gold Farm!
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Episode Forty Seven! Minecraft 1.16 is here and everyone is building Gold Farms! Well this gold farm is a little different!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • xisumavoid

    Hermitcraft Seven - Episodes 21-30 Recap it out! rsloft.info/loft/video/ncuXl6vXsojEnWE

    • subscribe to gukbin agario
      subscribe to gukbin agario

      That spawn rate is terrible you were the gold king and there are soul sand honey blocks new biome that makes drops 50 percent there gold farms are moving 50 percent quicker

    • Cacti300

      use foxes with looting swords instead so you still get more drops when your not there

    • King Niggaz
      King Niggaz

      @NTF Joker kombatrolledrsloft.info/loft/video/rM6cuJGovZqmqHI

    • NTF Joker
      NTF Joker

      Face Reveal PLSSSSS

    • Constantinos Kyriakou
      Constantinos Kyriakou

      Xisuma you can save the sword and armour to smelt them and get gold nuggets

  • Lady.Whatever

    Aw poor Joe got ignored after he said hi to Iskall :( lol

  • jasper sarp
    jasper sarp

    Connected polished blackstone textures? 🤔🤔

  • Casper Zandbergen
    Casper Zandbergen

    If you die at the zombie piglin farm now all your items will go into the lava

  • Maxdinok

    I love how X makes a gold farm in the *overworld*, whereas the other hermits built most of theirs in the *Nether*.

  • vie 1981
    vie 1981

    i collect the swords too and fuel a furnace with bamboo that keeps harvested automatically and the nuggets i get from the swords are transported to the nuggets storage ;-)

  • Drakeon76

    247LEVELS!!! HOW??!?!?

  • Abhijeet Shrivastava
    Abhijeet Shrivastava

    Its feela so bad that upside down could have been a new home of u with ur upside down Tower

  • Breanna Dunmire
    Breanna Dunmire

    He needs to join the upside down!

  • perinogamezYT friend
    perinogamezYT friend

    xisumavoid pls do a face revel

  • Charlz TYG
    Charlz TYG

    The lighter red tower looked kinda fleshy, the Nether would've complimented it quite nicely I think. Both designs look awesome though 🙂

  • I am Inevitable
    I am Inevitable

    How do you afk kill the piglins? I can’t find a auto clicker*

  • Анна Маслова
    Анна Маслова

    X: upside down tower. Grian: good idea

  • Анна Маслова
    Анна Маслова

    X: stack of the golden blocks per hour. Iskall85:pathetic

  • yash gupta
    yash gupta

    i would like to know the size and the no. of portals cuz this farm is far more efficient than the one i built ( i had 16*16 portals and there were 24 of them )

  • Abdur Rahman Mujahid
    Abdur Rahman Mujahid

    Uh what happened to that gold fram he designed with inspiration from cubs?

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Pedrito2403

    21:39 How did you get those heads?

  • Seiaeka

    I'm surprised you don't send all of the swords into a smelter array using your bamboo to get even more gold.

  • Minim 4.0
    Minim 4.0

    Also I think from the hanging tower you should replace the black stone with magma it would make it stand out more

  • Minim 4.0
    Minim 4.0

    You should sort out the rotten flesh and burn it then put the swords into an auto smelter so you can get even more gold

  • Dimpayツ


  • Vaysb18

    who is watching this when grian needs people in the upside down, x you should go live in the upside down

  • Chetna Jha
    Chetna Jha

    The upside down tower should've been in grians upside down area

  • Ads Awesome
    Ads Awesome

    You should join Grian in the upside down

  • Humza Ahmed
    Humza Ahmed

    at 8:57 when xisuma shows the enchants on the boots he traded with what is the combat enchantment????

  • Ben Sawyer
    Ben Sawyer

    Xisuma is the og in the upside down

  • Suhaib A
    Suhaib A

    Hey X, I'm really curious as to what command you used at 11:05. I'm new to commands, so the only thing I can think of is /fill xyz xyz [block] replace [block], but it doesn't seem to be the case. Could you possibly comment what command you used? Thanks!

  • dead inside
    dead inside

    dude I think he should but it in the upside down

  • Lucas Nogueira
    Lucas Nogueira

    15:51 LoL

  • murphy munson
    murphy munson

    replace the honey with shroomlights on your nether tower

  • Noah Fixler
    Noah Fixler

    You should move too Grians “upsidedown”

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira

    “maken” 😂😂😂

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira

    “far from unfinished”

  • spectra2000

    Not going to lie, 16:20 confused the hell out of me because I forgot beacons go through bedrock.

  • Stephen Otterman
    Stephen Otterman

    use TNT to get rid of all the netherack

  • DC Mclan
    DC Mclan

    Does this good farm work on bedrock?

  • Krub

    X, first of all, you probably don’t remember but you raided my twitch about a year ago and a few members of your community stuck around and really helped me learn to love MC. Especially vanilla SMP. Thank you for sharing that with me. :) I have a question though. I was sure that only zombified piglins could only spawn in the portal blocks but in my world I’m getting both Magma Cubes and regular piglins. Curious if you have had to address this. Thanks for the great content.

    • Krub

      Wow I’m dumb, lol. I didn’t understand the mechanic you were using at all. I think I have it figured out!

  • A Bird
    A Bird

    is it just me or do Netherite tools look a bit like really fancy and new wood tools when they're enchanted? ;-;

  • Mr.dirt1234

    Oh my hes on 200+ episodes grians only on like 30 something

  • Halloway

    I built this same exact farm, following the way Xisuma did it and the pigmen are somehow landing on my turtle eggs on the bottom, can any1 help?

  • Nightmared Was Taken
    Nightmared Was Taken

    Wow a lot of mumbo leaving and joining I see

  • Still Chill
    Still Chill

    At least now you know, no one will be running out of item frames anytime soon

  • Cornelius Alfred
    Cornelius Alfred

    In one of Geronimo Stiltons' books, theres one called "The Sticky Situation" and the bees in the book cover looks like beesumas lol

  • Quinton Wing
    Quinton Wing

    You should replace the red carpet in the building with nylium

  • Alex

    Is no one gonna acknowledge the fact that his helmet is named hive mind.

  • EIiza

    X, can you vist the golden nether!!!!!! Please!!!

  • EIiza

    Try red nether brick, then hermits that don't have the reder nether brick texture pack, will get that red look!!!!!!

  • Blaze NaNa
    Blaze NaNa

    Use the rotten flesh to trade with villagers for emeralds

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones

    What sort of hack client do you use?



  • Georgian Bay
    Georgian Bay

    "Momentos" I heard My Mentos

  • RigorMortis

    does anybody have any clue what the command he put in at 11:02 was?

  • Patrick Larson
    Patrick Larson

    why don't you smelt the gold swords and get more gold

  • Stu Miller
    Stu Miller

    X, on your pigman farm, you can use trapdoors vs slabs and still block the babies from getting out. That should give you a wider window for sword swinging. Not sure if the soul sand being slightly lower than a full block would mess that up or not.

  • Tappy Zappy
    Tappy Zappy

    So there was a bug where the piglin was supposed to give me soulspeed iron boots but instead he put it on ???

  • NirloX

    20:00 question if u place tnt and it light's it's self do pigman still get mad at you?

  • NirloX

    Everyone is making different versions of gold farm

  • Sabita sabita
    Sabita sabita

    Make a goal farm in snow boyom


    The upside down of stranger things 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Konneram

    idea: in the afk farm afk area, make the floor all hoppers that lead into a double chest so if you die while afk, your items will transfer into a chest, having no risk of losing your items

  • MatVask

    Hey Xsumavoid , You Can Add Like A Few Iron Golems So That The Iron Golem Kill Pigmans And You Will Get Exp And Also Gold Ingots And Nuggets. This Will Be A Massive Upgrade.

  • No_Mercy143

    18:46 I thought xisuma's skin is crying

  • Pomonoli

    Oof, lost 242 levels by dieing there :o

  • AnizyArt

    Watching these episodes are so much fun! :-D

  • ERROR Sand
    ERROR Sand

    this farm more looke like a rusty nuke whit timer

  • Dylan Bosley
    Dylan Bosley

    Your old upside down tower looks like a nuke dropping on your base

  • EmJay Gluck
    EmJay Gluck

    Can’t you use a trident killer

  • 777damage777

    Use shroom lights on the bottom of the corrupted tower.

  • Aequinoctiale

    I absolutely love the new strider skin so much, they're such a unique and fun mob and I find them so adorable

  • Eli Game
    Eli Game

    Was it just me I new it was scar the hole time

  • Shado Greninja
    Shado Greninja

    Us end crystals

  • Jonah Lee
    Jonah Lee

    If you activate tnt with a pressure plate or button, the piglins may leave you alone

  • Alexxander Bob Corona
    Alexxander Bob Corona

    So... It's Thursday and he hasn't posted a video. I'm hopeful everything is alright.

  • Jetsetter Loves Winetime
    Jetsetter Loves Winetime

    I'd like to see Xisuma also running for mayor on the next election. With Keralis or Etho as his Campaign manager.

  • Marcus Beach
    Marcus Beach

    If you activate the tnt with a lever or button, the zombified piglins won't blame you

  • JustAlex

    rsloft.info What do you think about her joining hermitcraft

  • PvtSideburns

    Doofenshmirtz evil incorporated

  • GunnerBoy61

    when are you going to make the passive mob farm?

  • Caleb Cavendish
    Caleb Cavendish

    Add unspeakable too the next hermit craft almost everyone knows him

  • Emmanuel Medina
    Emmanuel Medina

    Not corrupted STRIDIZUMA ED

  • Ice Wolfy
    Ice Wolfy

    How do you make your thumbnails they look cool.

  • Froschi1202

    If you use a Button to ignite the TNT the Pigmen will not recognize that you blew them up

  • Lior Hendruker
    Lior Hendruker

    You should keep the rotten flush and trade it for emeralds with villagers

  • james barraclough
    james barraclough

    I think the strider skin is realy cool

  • tdog 270506
    tdog 270506

    You should see iskals pigman farm (sorry for spelling) it drops something like one gold block every 2-4 mins

  • A Polish Person
    A Polish Person

    Xisuma's base is bee-utiful

  • Iiwan mckenna
    Iiwan mckenna

    Im scared for these guys electricity bills

  • M Trent
    M Trent

    Fantastic color palette on the inverted nether tower. I held my breath a bit while you were deciding as I 😬 preferred the first. Though everything might look different in the light of the nether.

  • Mira M
    Mira M

    You should try using the shroom lights instead of the honey blocks for your nether build! I think it would look great like that...

  • Bray Ward
    Bray Ward

    ngl iskalls farm is a lot better

  • Ethan Markley
    Ethan Markley

    You could've saved the rotten flesh for easy emeralds via cleric

  • pitt mac
    pitt mac

    iskalls gold farm is goated

  • Milo Mcconlogue
    Milo Mcconlogue

    doomguy skin=hell skin=nether skin

  • NANI Rivera
    NANI Rivera

    Xisuma:corrupted tower Me:pls use corrution and crimnate me:wait thats terraria

  • LandoHitman

    Xisuma is making this season incredible.


    make a ghast explode the netherrack

  • Nicholas Martin
    Nicholas Martin

    take for ancient debris in the Soul Sand Valley it is everywhere

  • Floyd Wordsworth
    Floyd Wordsworth

    Smelt the swords for more gold stonks

  • Blue

    17:17 Wait. That's illegal.

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