Hermitcraft VII 951 Hermits On The Moon! (Project Complete!)
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Episode Seventy! Beesuma is back and the moon project is ready to be finished! As well as playtesting L13.
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 41-50
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  • xisumavoid

    Minecraft 1.17 news! New Mobs :-) Info here : rsloft.info/loft/video/opCgpoPJuJvCmYI

    • Kevin Ha
      Kevin Ha

      Hey Xisuma! Guess what?

    • Vincent Lebeau
      Vincent Lebeau

      How do we vote BTW ?

    • Conner Robles
      Conner Robles

      Put the banner on the head slot of the armor stand to make it much bigger!

    • Colin Thompson
      Colin Thompson


    • Cabbage Man
      Cabbage Man


  • Daniel Méndez Moreno
    Daniel Méndez Moreno

    You've seen trutle Xisuma, Beesuma and Stridersuma, now get ready for Axolotlxisuma.

  • Donke267

    YOU SPILLED THE MYCELIUM RESISTANCE LOCATION! I know I'm late, and that it doesn't matter because the resistance has a new base now, but still. You showed the area of the resistance.

  • Squid Coder
    Squid Coder

    Heh heh... Beeson Seven...

  • Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano
    Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

    I wonder why Impulse offered so much for a box with mycelium.... I wonder why.....

  • Lily Silcott
    Lily Silcott

    Will there be an axolotl skin? After a little bit xisuma could change back to his bee skin but I would love to see an axolotl skin for a little bit

  • I am a Cat
    I am a Cat

    I am over a Month late to this ep but X could do that astronaut meme at the top of his Concrete Shop

  • AmbientBroom665

    it was 6/1

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    Yay! The bee puns are back now!

  • Erher


  • Dragon Ball Gaming YT
    Dragon Ball Gaming YT

    Legit question, do beacons give slow falling?

  • Rina Akter
    Rina Akter

    Impulse is a resistance member

  • Craytherlaygaming

    I always thought, Don't Ravagers target Villagers? if so Couldn't at the end of each game Tango randomize the positions of the Ravagers?

  • sharpfang

    Regarding tiny flag:put the flag on a shield and equip the armorstand with the shield.

  • Tobias white
    Tobias white

    my heart broke watching Xisuma's XP go from 200 to 0 in just a few seconds

  • Suzanne Keatinge
    Suzanne Keatinge

    join the :}

  • Shadow Fire
    Shadow Fire

    Keralis: newest episode = 43 Xisumavoid: Already at episode 951

  • Margot Annette
    Margot Annette

    I love the bee❤🐝❤🐝

  • TippedJoshua

    You should have made a pigsuma

  • No Drama Lama
    No Drama Lama

    0:00 "The Bee is Back" - by Elton John

  • Henry Deonte 11 S
    Henry Deonte 11 S

    how do the hermits make their creative worlds like that just flat glass/iron block floor?

  • Bart

    And you thought iskall's 1st run wasn't considered a run.

  • Musically Mystical
    Musically Mystical

    26:10 Most relatable sound in Hermitcraft

  • Bretton Moore
    Bretton Moore

    x is the mycelium resistance resistance

  • TomatoZombie135

    X definitely wont be mycelium resistance

  • Hammie Games
    Hammie Games

    The road & area around Decked Out look great! The smoke is a nice touch. Adds a sense of desolation & ruin to the look.

  • Stefan Muljo
    Stefan Muljo

    play in mcc

  • Creeperz

    Yasss!!! Beexuma is back!!!! #teambees


    The Mycelium resistance!

  • -_-

    I’m convinced that hermitcraft is the most wholesome and kind community

  • Mr. Hibow
    Mr. Hibow

    The mycelium will live

  • C Tez
    C Tez

    gonna be honest I like the idea of the zoomed in map 2 parter rather than the indival zoomed out maps it looks gross to me

  • RDS Alphard
    RDS Alphard

    I was hoping you put an astronaut doing a split between the two trucks that Keralis build.

  • Eduardo Fernando
    Eduardo Fernando

    I hope X gets part of the team anti-mycelium!

  • Ben Mogle
    Ben Mogle

    When x is removed the mycelium scer:. }:-) and grain:. }:-(

  • Martijn

    Why do people suck so much in decked out

  • Leigh Metcalf
    Leigh Metcalf


  • Avyukt Gupta
    Avyukt Gupta

    You could have made an among us reference! It would have been so cool

  • Максим

    You can probably make the flag bigger if you put it on a shield

  • Jiminy Pickleton
    Jiminy Pickleton

    26:09 is the weirdest noise I have ever heard any hermit make. Maybe x is secretly donald duck.

  • Gamer Kat
    Gamer Kat

    YOU DARE DEFY THE RESISTANCE {I"m a big grian fan} STOP IT Xisuma

  • Abhijeet Shrivastava
    Abhijeet Shrivastava

    Yeah finally someone to fight resistance

  • BlueCreeper

    I like the og skin

  • Erico

    20:17 He is just moonbathing

  • Aiden Barack Obama
    Aiden Barack Obama


  • Lukas Kennerley
    Lukas Kennerley

    Xisuma:opens barrel Xisuma: look at all these shulker boxes that were just sitting around in barrels Me:🤦‍♂️

  • Seth Valentin Wolfgang Hart
    Seth Valentin Wolfgang Hart

    When you watch Grian run face first into the cobwebs and die to the beast but Xisuma just crouches underneath and smoothly passes them. 😂👌

  • Gabe M
    Gabe M

    I love how its implied that America exists somewhere in the hermitcraft world

  • TeamManticore

    So cubfan hypnotised tango and beef just randomly shouse up yes I do believe you can meme that a lot ;)

  • coconutspeed1212

    White sus

  • Joanne Wang
    Joanne Wang

    Mycelium is like Xisuma’s diorite

  • Hayden Nugent
    Hayden Nugent

    I miss stridesuma

  • GanonGhidorah

    *Beesuma cleans up and burns all Mycelium on the island Me: *slowly reaches for can of RAID

  • Pan Torcha
    Pan Torcha

    myclium is good

  • Joseph Simunek
    Joseph Simunek

    You should sell custom heads in some of your shops since it's easy and large profit

  • Kyle Villamor
    Kyle Villamor

    M to the bee M to the bee..........

  • newwavepop

    there is a hermit that really likes to play pranks, and a lot of people really like that hermit and thats ok i like them too. but that hermit has a habit of playing pranks i think are a little too far. especially likes to play those pranks on Scar, and the ones that mess with Scars progress always sort of rub me the wrong way. Scar has health issues and its probably not good for him spending hours sitting at the computer playing minecraft, so when he spends HOURS grinding out replacing the mycelium of the entire shopping district and possibly jeopardizing his immune system. its kind of not cool to mess with his progress on tasks he is doing. i was also irritated early in the season when Scar was working on his snail house after having just had a hospital visit, and then had the zombie spawner set to keep spawning zombies on him as he was trying to grind out finishing his build up. just saying think about your actions a little more before you mess with people.

  • Jackiboy Gaming
    Jackiboy Gaming

    Screw you myclium resistance forever ahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Mr.cracker

    X stop removing the under ground mycelium scar said in his video he is ok with it being in the underground caves

  • McQue Cejka
    McQue Cejka

    The astronauts give me an Among Us kind of vibe. Anyone else?

  • Bala314

    Xisuma: burns mycelium The Mycelium resistance: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

  • Plsstayfriendly

    11:31 *revals secret resistance headquarter*

  • yellow yo
    yellow yo

    Did you get another book at the end of your run?

  • Arsenije Andric
    Arsenije Andric

    Vanila tweaks for the water on the map isnt so blue? :)

  • Doom Sam
    Doom Sam

    Hey X, a sugesstion...for the flag you can use a shield with the pattern and the groove on the back of the shield will also look like a holder.....hope u like it

  • Joel Sirkis
    Joel Sirkis

    You should more of the shops in the moon biom

  • Elssworlds

    Idea- inside of destroying the Mycelium, make an island for them - you stole their land btw.

  • Boyi Sun
    Boyi Sun

    New record for shortest Decked Out run!

  • Adron Carter
    Adron Carter

    When are y’all going to start a new season?

  • Wattybangbang

    Beesuma skin sucks you know that poll wasnt fair

  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett

    Poor X he lost 150 LEVELS to decked out

  • Christoffer Lekander
    Christoffer Lekander

    You should put the Cards of your deck in the first 5 slots in your shulker.

  • Abdu

    You did an amazing job on the moon biome!

  • Raphaël Carrier-Moreault
    Raphaël Carrier-Moreault

    Xisuma can you try scyth on onlin please🙏🥺

  • Tiger_MDM86

    Blue fire instead of beacon for the map signs! Sorry for the late comment, hope you read this!

  • EmptyLose

    If I were you, you would need to change the armor stand on the top. Looks like he is giving Hitler a salute or something.

  • 1420 sub with 0 videos
    1420 sub with 0 videos

    Is he playing in bedrock or java

  • Jordon Dordon2
    Jordon Dordon2

    Beesuma, there is an imposter in hermitcraft. You may created it.

  • callum 1
    callum 1

    hey x guess who has joined the club on hermitcraft! my little bro

  • Layne Keaton
    Layne Keaton

    I voted beesuma last episode because I missed him but now I'm sad because I miss stridesuma. Maybe you can use stridesuma when you're in the nether?

  • ChilDragonMC

    "So Cubfan hypnotized Tango" Had to watch that a few times to realize what he meant lol

  • Kronical69420

    Soon as I saw "Hermits on the Moon" I started singing.. We're Hermits on the Moon We carry a harpoon But there aint no whales So we tell tall tales And sing a whaling tune.

  • Hongi _
    Hongi _


  • Pushkar Kulkarni
    Pushkar Kulkarni

    Hey X why don't u make the item frames invisible in your map room so that u don't see that dirty edges of the item frame and only see the sea lantern instead. Like if u guys agree👍

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy

    You think you're burning the mycellium but all you're doing is wasting dirt. Use a shovel without silk touch or stack another block on top of the mycellium or cut a path block or farm block.

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy

      @Shirokröte When Scar & Grian make a small fortune selling it in the shopping district?

    • Shirokröte

      because dirt is such a rare and valuable commodity in Minecraft

  • no name
    no name

    6:09 he completely missed that ravager’s legs

  • Jaipreet Singh
    Jaipreet Singh

    Can anyone tell what's up with ender eyes?

  • Gumel0vsky

    The mycelium resistance is displeased

  • Brenden B.
    Brenden B.

    Does anyone remember what client they use for hermitcraft to make everything load better on multiplayer?

  • Cladbar becue08
    Cladbar becue08

    The bee is back means time to buzz!!buzzzzzzzbuuuuzzz!

  • Aleksandra Czyżewska
    Aleksandra Czyżewska

    I love this idea to make different biomes around shopping district. Grian and resistance should make mushroom biom somewhere too, like X did with a moon biom and False with Nerher/End biom around her's shop. Imo at the bigging a lil bit of mycelium was funny, but now Its really mean to put mycelium everywhere around while Scar spent a lot of time to change it for grass. They VOTED FOR HIM TO DO THIS AS A MAYOR! btw Impulse bid so much for this junk chests, couse there are tons of mycelium there.

  • Savannah Roberts
    Savannah Roberts

    Yay bee!

  • Thilo Schreiner
    Thilo Schreiner

    the mycelium somehow resists :)

  • Ali Mirza Kılınç
    Ali Mirza Kılınç

    20:05 Hitler Salute?

  • Jacob Hiserodt
    Jacob Hiserodt

    Imagine what hermitcraft would be like if it had the galacticraft mod and was on the moon and the shopping district was a space station

  • Joyce Masango
    Joyce Masango

    Truly bedrock season 1

  • Mauro Vandersmissen
    Mauro Vandersmissen


  • Chloe chong
    Chloe chong

    why not you make a resource pack to make mycelium look like grass

  • Maddie

    X, your info booth only had info about your shops on it. At least include Tango's Rocket Shop at minimum!

  • Toth Loránt
    Toth Loránt