Hermitcraft VII 961 The Great Flattening!
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Episode Eighty! This one we build the netherwart farm and flatten the desert above!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 61-70
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  • xisumavoid

    Whats New In Minecraft 1.16.4 Java Edition? rsloft.info/loft/video/gbal27G11HaUhaA

    • gavin conaway
      gavin conaway

      I agree

    • Octavio Montemayor
      Octavio Montemayor

      X the snapshots are here

    • PopcornMan145

      Why are you asking? Just watch the video you sent. It explains everything. If you still have questions after watching the video I can answer them.

    • Taunthom


    • Luke Tuey
      Luke Tuey

      Is 1.17 going to be the start to season 8 :(

  • Theodore Segarra
    Theodore Segarra

    I recreated this farm, but why does mine cannot plant the wart after harvesting it

  • Squid Coder
    Squid Coder

    Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, a wart farm mix makes Xisumavoid's tricks. Keep up the neat content X.

  • DardS8Br



    I like Modifications,nice farm X

  • Markk

    Why are you using a crossbow?

  • Rowan Burnside
    Rowan Burnside

    Has anyone ever noticed xisumas Minecraft skin looks like yellow doom guy

  • hermitfan135

    will the world download be available for bedrock players?

  • The Seeker
    The Seeker

    Oh, and also, it’s not a bug. When you break something that you can insta mine with your fist with a tool, it takes no durability.

  • The Seeker
    The Seeker

    I LOVE the new timelapse music sooooo much

  • Chunky Runky
    Chunky Runky

    13:11 totaly missed that barrel

  • nookkuli _
    nookkuli _

    13:10 there was a barrel in the roof.

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson

    but the earth is already flat........

  • Irish Laye
    Irish Laye

    13:19 barrel up top awww

  • Mathias Danielsson
    Mathias Danielsson

    u dont ned de sistom vite de minecart

  • Big Dynamite
    Big Dynamite

    X you should invite wattles to hermitcraft next season

  • Backdraft

    The name of the next episode should be: what we’re doing with the brewing. 3:04

  • Louigi

    13:09 you just missed this barrel!

  • weewoo guid
    weewoo guid

    Dream should play hermitcraft

  • Sir Albock
    Sir Albock

    Me: miles per hour Xisumavoid: netherwart per hour

  • K Gaming
    K Gaming

    Can someone please tell me why is xisumas eps are 961? I'm new to his channel. And when I watch other hermit I see ep60 or something.

  • Dimpayツ


  • dimandqueen

    the sand timelaps looked really cool ngl

  • Huntermaca MacAlpine
    Huntermaca MacAlpine

    Xisuma what you should do is get your Halloween skin head and put it with all your other collections

  • Adam Bacon
    Adam Bacon

    AAARGGGGHHH there was/is a freaking dungeon you missed out on! You should ask Stress if you can play through again just for fun? There was a whole GIGANTIC dungeon. Oh well we're used to you sucking at everything so meh' not upset here. ... ... ... Yeah I totally cereal! I promise! Okay so yeah, obviously I kid, I kid, but I would love you to go through the whole dang place as Stress spent SOOOOOO much time on it.

  • ツXeonVoidツ

    Enchanted armor texture? And is it possible to be on pe?

  • JuniorJedi256π

    What kind of sample size did you use when testing the very high Fortune levels? The Fortune enchantment works in such a way that the variation in the amount of drops is very high.

  • Nicholas Nopper
    Nicholas Nopper

    13:10 X you missed a barrel on the roof of one of the lava traps

  • FoxPlayGames

    I love the graphics and sound when in the first line

  • Yandel Gonzalez
    Yandel Gonzalez

    who else is triggered that he managed to miss the barrel THAT WAS INFRONT OF HIM 13:10

    • Evan Schubert
      Evan Schubert

      He found it on a subsequent run

  • Shai Ramos
    Shai Ramos

    13:10 he missed a barrel on top

  • ProBro Gaming16
    ProBro Gaming16

    What a intro!

  • 1 GoodCupofJoe
    1 GoodCupofJoe

    Timelapse cold open 😚👌

  • Hudson Newhouse
    Hudson Newhouse

    Can you please post a backup of the server. if you can It would be great. (I think I am speaking for a number of us)

  • justinfighter5

    The music in the beginning reminds me of Minecraft story mode F’s in the chat

  • Jmcgee1125

    2:46 For axes, shovels, pickaxes, swords, and tridents (all but hoe and shears, effectively) take no durability damage when breaking a block that is mined instantly (assuming it's not instamining like an efficiency 4 shovel on dirt, but a block that is meant to break instantly like tall grass or nether wart). From the wiki page on "Item Durability." Could be a bug, but I'd understand if they actually did mean for it to be a feature. Considering that something like shears on tall grass still takes durability damage, I'd assume the lack of it on other items is intentional.

  • AlibabaGaming

    Shame for not properly using the skin-unspookificator to get rid of his halloween skin

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan

    Wait, what? What was that? Fortune on a pickaxe works when harvesting nether wart?

  • adi asmawi
    adi asmawi

    Xisuma, what would happen if you let georgenotfound into the hermitcraft server for a day? Please reply if you guys want to see this happen

  • SamSam Cheesestick
    SamSam Cheesestick


  • Ram Krishan Charan
    Ram Krishan Charan

    What if you advertise your potions by splashing hermits with fire-res in the nether side of shopping district and healing potions in the overworld side of the district

  • NaRu

    How do you have "Minecraft Dark mode"

  • ulter king
    ulter king

    The 1000th episode of hermitcraft only 39 more

  • Electric Kitty
    Electric Kitty

    0:11 missing rail track gave me pain

  • Charlie Clapp
    Charlie Clapp

    I should be more grateful for living in the fens

  • Sakumi

    Hey Xisuma! Love the content btw I was just wondering what auto clicker do you use for these farms. I want to farm lots of stuff myself and was just wondering how you do it

  • Daniel Norman
    Daniel Norman

    Anyone else think Hermitcraft season 7 will end when Xisuma hits his 1000th episode?

  • Veg

    You should give fru a chance for hermitcraft season 8

  • Mr Boness
    Mr Boness


  • Raden MC
    Raden MC

    @MyNameIsGryphon is the new best underrated builder in the RSloft algorithm right now check him out and tell him to join hermitcraft next season

  • Diego Michel
    Diego Michel

    he litterally stared a barrel in the face... and didnt get it 13:10

  • Alkie Bengil
    Alkie Bengil

    I hope that the old map servers would be open to the public but in adventure mode for hermitcraft fans to visit....

  • mostafa agha
    mostafa agha

    i love it

  • Caio Henrique
    Caio Henrique


  • Plat

    Xisuma heard the phrase "Dummy Thicc" and went insane.

  • desertrose0601

    That’s such a cool haunted mansion!! Makes me want to build a maze or something.

  • Wombeegoose !
    Wombeegoose !

    13:43 let’s talk about that transition tho 😳 Love the content Xisuma

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy

    i wonder why all the hermits all suddenly started talking about a world-download it is almost as if they are slowly setting it up for season 8

  • Grant Hurla
    Grant Hurla

    Does that NOT remind you of season 5?

  • GraSianO

    13:10 come on how do you miss this one 😭

  • zigladenmen

    Did you know that the first 1.17 snapshot is out can't wait to see you're vidio on it. :)

  • Danae Kiourmpa
    Danae Kiourmpa

    Hey X, just wanted to let you know that they have released a snapshot for java edition :)

  • Dan Scholes
    Dan Scholes

    Love your vids tho

  • Dan Scholes
    Dan Scholes

    13:11 there was a barrel right there above your head

  • CluckyChicken 96
    CluckyChicken 96

    I just realised hermitcraft is about making stonks XD.

  • EthanSky7


  • EthanSky7

    Xisuma: "I got a lot on my plate" Also Xisuma: *holds porkchop* Me: "Well, you aren't even USING a plate!"

  • Crimson Gamer
    Crimson Gamer

    Xisuma you should have killed that zombie and gone down into the basement, there were other trinkets around. Keralis went down there in his last video and got some.

  • oon Anton
    oon Anton

    13:07 i got so excited for the barrel in the roof but he didnt spot it xd

    • oon Anton
      oon Anton

      nevermind he found it 15:05

  • _Nezir _
    _Nezir _

    Wait, what!?!?! Is this actually episode 961???

  • Gufran Ahmad
    Gufran Ahmad

    12:56 If you calculations are are correct, and they probably are... There should be only 64 brittle bones or any types of bones in a stack.

  • lordvader2008

    where do you get that thing that tells you how much hunger the food gives you at 18:46

  • Gufran Ahmad
    Gufran Ahmad

    12:58 67 brittle bones...whaaaaaaaaaa?

  • Ru Milbourn
    Ru Milbourn

    Can I politely request you STOP going AFK a friend told me about what you do and it is an awful waste of energy.

  • Diego Calis Sanchez
    Diego Calis Sanchez

    Would be fun if he hired the boomers for the diggin

  • Gylastra !
    Gylastra !

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  • Five Five
    Five Five

    how do you so fast at making hermitcraft vids

  • ItsBehn

    (Lava behind this one) there was a barrel there

  • Karl_Kokosboll

    Very nice intro

  • Matt Cristobal
    Matt Cristobal

    You forgot the basement part in the haunted mansion

  • Blizzard Cat
    Blizzard Cat

    It may be awesome having X play Among Us with some other hermits. Go check out Tango and Impulse's videos! Get this comment to 1k likes pls pls pls

  • Eddiespaghe

    Make a small world eater to clear it?!?!

  • Dynaheart

    The thumbnail is oddly adorable

  • Sazy De
    Sazy De

    13:10 did he just miss that barrel

  • Liu Congzhi
    Liu Congzhi

    13:11 you missed a barrel :^)

  • Addis Shiberou
    Addis Shiberou

    i think it would be cool if there was a movie theater in the shopping district where hermits could make little "movies" and there could be ads for shops imbetween the clips. maybe it could be sponsored by hep and they could have propaganda movies idk

  • xyphenius

    9:54 PRO - NUN - SI - AY - SHUN not PRO - NOUNCE - SI - AY - SHUN

  • owwwi daber
    owwwi daber

    Jeez X, your new time lapse music is the stuff to vibe to! I love it!

  • Sporkle BlueMoon
    Sporkle BlueMoon

    Something about watching the hermits obliterate landscapes is satisfying. Also I love that X has a bunch of Beesilkies and just one lone Beelucky, I dont know I found that interesting ;u;

  • garrykooper

    What i don't understand is: You forgot to include the second pickup sytem in your testing world. But why didn't you just include it when building the farm on the server?

  • NaFFs

    when xisuma said stone pillar i rememreed himejima gyomei

  • vidyullata pandit
    vidyullata pandit

    Open a Shop for Sandstone .

  • BSuGw

    omg the chicken artifact was called fedora

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming

    When he looked up

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming

    13:10 there was a barrel there zuma

  • Henry Lenihan-Geels
    Henry Lenihan-Geels

    I can’t be the only one that saw the barrel you missed 13:11

  • Zane Lexo
    Zane Lexo

    im new here, but can someone explain how this chad has 961 episodes in this hermitcraft season? am i being dumb?

    • Ruisdier

      @Zane Lexo Np

    • Zane Lexo
      Zane Lexo

      @Ruisdier ohhh that makes wayyy more sense. Thanks for the reply. Also, awesome vid

    • Ruisdier

      It's his total episode count of all 7 seasons combined

  • dandymcgee

    I think Iskall is the only Hermit I've seen who found the basement. You missed the entire basement of the mansion! The zombie confused a lot of people who just assumed it was unpassable, but Iskall just murdered it without hesitation. XD

  • André Filipe
    André Filipe

    xisuma: *says great flattening* eren: is for me?

  • dandymcgee

    13:10 there's a barrel on the ceiling!

    • dandymcgee

      Nvm you found it at 15:02 hehe.

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