Hermitcraft 964 Spending Stacks Of Diamonds!
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Episode Eighty Three! This episode we setup a mushroom farm, make magma creams and spend a whole lot of diamonds!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 61-70
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  • Captain Pineapple
    Captain Pineapple

    As bad as it is crafting shulker boxes of stuff in java, it’s 64x slower in PE

  • KarnageFNM

    What resource pack are you using i like the effect on the enchanted weapons/gear

  • Karl Lee
    Karl Lee

    what is the resource pack used to make enchantments look like that

  • BP

    Honestly, I think dispenser crafting can be even more efficient. If you have your inventory filled, you can probably have one slot for bows on your hotbar (say, 8), then pick up a dispenser, press 8 over the missing slot, then repeat.

  • Parax77

    shulker farm?

  • Squid Coder
    Squid Coder

    Hey X. Don't know if you noticed this, but this episode isn't on your Hermitcraft 7 playlist. Thought you should know. -SC

  • garrett key
    garrett key

    borderlands 3 trailer

  • adelantado

    Loved the callback that you made with the timelapse

  • David Ertle
    David Ertle

    That hurt my heart for you suma, in bedrock we can craft dispensers by the stack

  • CryoChick

    I wish mojang changed dispenser crafting

  • Kimmy

    gotta give it to ya xisuma, your music taste is fire!

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson

    The idea that you're introducing a whole bunch of newbies to Bathory tickles me.

  • covid dragon
    covid dragon

    rip stress shop

  • CW Gaming
    CW Gaming

    breh the podzol shop is beef's u went to the diamond shop

  • Baum2.7.1

    I didnt even Watch Season 2 but I still fekt Nostalgic while the Timelapse music played.....

  • Elijah Fox
    Elijah Fox

    I tried building that pulse extender so many times, but only now did I find out how it really works... man! Awesome work!👏

  • Karolina M
    Karolina M

    I'm pretty sure on bedrock you can just shift craft items in bulk

  • Vibrant Horror
    Vibrant Horror

    I can be mistaken but I think false actually sells shulkerboxes as well

  • Screw you Trevor
    Screw you Trevor

    Xisuma’s comment section is my favorite

  • Bread with White paint on it
    Bread with White paint on it

    X, you probably knew this before i did, but if you plant a 2x2 spruce tree on top of grass, the grass surrounding it turns to podzol.

  • bestroop

    X, you could have used a minecart with chest to move the shulkers in 1 trip!

  • ecrud '
    ecrud '

    can you do a skyblock letsplay for hermitcraft ss8?

  • Cubed Sensei
    Cubed Sensei

    You can help your brewery with fire resistance by your bartering farm.

  • Rhaughol Nahlot
    Rhaughol Nahlot

    There is actually a Podzol shop that Beef owns

  • Jack Cant
    Jack Cant

    only channel without comments with “” and : i love it

  • Freydis

    pls invite tubbo to join hermitcraft he is really good at building

  • R Warrior194
    R Warrior194


  • SlenderCode525

    smaky asmr lips

  • Dirty Dan!
    Dirty Dan!


  • Biteso

    Spending??? I thought diamonds were for *hoarding*

  • AdameQ

    can you fix transparent UI on vainilla tweaks? it's nowt working

  • coceg87

    If you replace the glass in the center by more podzol with mushrooms, you can considerably increase the rate, since every mushroom will try to expand.

  • Sloth Ham
    Sloth Ham

    I have been playinf for a handful of years 7 to be exact, and I remember the crafting dispensers being tidious

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo

    Now that is a lot of smaller boxes. More than I've ever had in a single world. LOL!

  • HypeRadioActive

    Hey x, what clients do you use?

  • EthanSky7

    Xisuma: *crafts dispensers with the same music he did a long time ago* I guess times never change for Hermitcraft

  • Mathis Chu
    Mathis Chu

    did he actually say shedule 5:53

  • Samantha Shugars
    Samantha Shugars

    That blaze farm is beautiful

  • Samantha Shugars
    Samantha Shugars

    So cool of xisuma to farm a bunch of stuff then give it away just to help people develop stuff on the server. What a gem of a man.

  • Abcde Fghij
    Abcde Fghij

    This is great, I was wanting a mushroom farm. BTW if you use stone walls the mushrooms can't fly across so you don't have to worry about the timings. Just a pulse extender into an observer would work. Or whatever.

  • Jojoboi L
    Jojoboi L

    What resource pack to use to make the netherite look like that?

  • coolowen 7
    coolowen 7

    The Christmas music in the video it brings me back man

  • TheyCallmeGraves

    Doesn't beef sell podzol?

  • SpiderSmoothie

    Can anyone tell me why the xisumamusic RSloft channel doesn't show in the RSloft app? I can click the link in the description but it redirects me to chrome. If I search in the RSloft search bar it doesn't show any channel or videos uploaded. Any ideas why this is?

  • Xircon

    I really like that they added the recipie book (1:46), really made mass crafting easier.

  • Jack Wilkins
    Jack Wilkins

    I think that the server should make a notice board in the shopping district that lets everyone know what new has happened and especially new shops and were they are as there are so many new shops now that hermits haven't seen or know what they do...

  • Ryan Eglitis
    Ryan Eglitis

    You actually bought 209 shulkers, which is 418 diamonds, or >6 stacks of diamonds. No idea how you thought that was only 101 shulkers.

  • Ryan Eglitis
    Ryan Eglitis

    Could have just used waterlogged trap doors and saved yourself a lot of dispenser crafting...

  • neelofor allie
    neelofor allie

    Hey Xisuma do you have any youtubers in mind that could potentially join s8

  • Jugend Asbach
    Jugend Asbach

    Maybe ask iskall for shulkers. He collected a mass of them for Bernies leaf collection

  • Mitchell Batten
    Mitchell Batten

    X could use his own music from the music channel for the timelapses

  • Gwen Coyupan
    Gwen Coyupan

    How do you get the mini blocks?And im a new suscriber😁😁

  • Secton 2.5
    Secton 2.5

    xisuma, not beesuma, we have lost you...

  • Mario12267

    Awesome episode! Yay another tower to be built! Can’t wait to see what you build you have planned come to life! Wow can’t believe you need more blaze rods! Hope you have enough this time! Love the time lapse and the music! Keep up the awesome work! Have a fantastic day! See you later!

  • J.L. Wilm
    J.L. Wilm

    Iskall85 has a TON on Shulkerboxes in Berny-the Leaf Machine

  • Julian

    I just love how his is a normal comment section without cringy "memes"

  • lls bigchilly
    lls bigchilly

    Xisuma brang back so many childhood memorys when he talked about old episodes.

  • Izaac Nelson
    Izaac Nelson

    call the brewery X-brewery

  • MelodicMiner5

    Hi, I think false sells shulker boxes if you still need them.

  • Jeremy Laffoon
    Jeremy Laffoon

    Hey man not gonna lie I really think that the skin from Halloween looked better than your default skin

    • Jeremy Laffoon
      Jeremy Laffoon

      Even the normal doom guy skin that you had before this bee skin

  • Hayden Nugent
    Hayden Nugent

    Xisuma what happened to wellsnight and tfc

  • Ramón Santos
    Ramón Santos

    I missed the tawas

  • Quizzly_

    I just noticed that episode 1000 is coming up :D p.s. Xisuma, you should consider doing a special for that as it is a MASSIVE milestone, just think about it, most television shows don't even go past the low hundreds in episodes, this is a great accomplishment and should be celebrated

  • green rupee 1400
    green rupee 1400

    thanks to xisumavoid for introducing me to another great song!

  • Whisperinwind87

    I loved your old timelapse music!

  • Lucas Novstrup
    Lucas Novstrup

    Hey xisuma! There's a petition for Dream and GeorgeNotFound to join hermitcraft in season 8. (chng.it/8QTQY8rtyz) They're really fun and friendly minecraft youtubers who could really add a lot to the server. It would be really cool if you could consider this, or at least address it.

  • TonyGamer

    I decided to do some math for the mushroom farm (final result at the bottom if you don't want the math). Interestingly, mushrooms do not seem to use the random tick to grow, but rather have a 1% chance to spread to an adjacent block every gametick (1/40th of a second). It appears that they will check every block within a 3x3x3 area around them to see if it is a valid location, including the block it is on, above it, and below it, favoring the central layer. After they do so, they will then perform a similar (not the same) check from that block to find the location to place the actual mushroom. Each mushroom only has 12 available valid block locations to go to, so we must first check the chance of one of those being picked. Due to the way that the growth is weighted, we find that there is a 1/3 chance for one of these valid locations to be found (12/(3x3x4)). On the next check, it searches a 3x3x3 area once again, this time unweighted, for a valid location to spawn a mushroom. On each valid block, there are three blocks where a mushroom could be placed within a 3x3x3 area, so that reduces the chance by a further 1/9 (3/27). Adding this all together, we get a chance of 0.037% per tick for a mushroom to be placed per mushroom in the farm (1/3*1/9*0.01). This will average 53.333 mushrooms per hour per mushroom in the farm (0.037*40*60*60). Next, we need to multiply by the amount of mushrooms in the farm. Each row contains 4 mushrooms, and each level has two rows for a total of 8 mushrooms per level. By counting the amount of smooth stone blocks at 8:59, we can see there are 20 levels total, giving us 160 mushrooms, and a rate of 8533.33 mushrooms per hour, or 133.33 stacks per hour. This is far higher than I expected, and I feel I may have made some miscalculation at some point, or there is the potential that this information from the wiki is incorrect in some way. For example, recalculating for random tick instead of gametick, you get 0.39 mushrooms per hour, which seems like too few (previous answer times 3/(16*16*256)). If anyone knows where I went wrong, please tell me. TL;DR: 8533.33 mushrooms per hour, or 0.39 mushrooms per hour, depending on the correctness of the wiki (and my math), but I am not sure if either are correct. EDIT: I found the error. It is infact by random tick, not gametick, but my calculations were also incorrect for the random tick. The actual value should be 2.083 mushrooms per hour, as you should multiply by 4096 (16*16*16), not 65536 (16*16*256). Final Answer: 2.083 mushrooms per hour

  • mason 5mith
    mason 5mith

    Hey Xisuma, what was the timing for the etho hopper clock? wanna build that mushroom farm and i got no idea how these clocks work lol

  • BombieGaming

    I really loved that time lapse music, would love to hear more in that style!!

  • Ahmed Yasser
    Ahmed Yasser

    Not sure but I think you either added or changed the background music..... I like it good job X

  • Gear1Hundred

    texture pack?

  • Lego Luke
    Lego Luke

    X: talking about how crafting dispensers is hard and time consuming Me: laughs in bedrock

  • Benji Goldstein
    Benji Goldstein

    X did you know that all you have to do is plant a 2 by 2 of spruce saplings and then grow them around grass and it will spawn podzol

  • Abhay. Mall
    Abhay. Mall

    Vintage beef sells podzol

  • Chad King
    Chad King

    Buy skulkers from iskall

  • Albin Lilja Nylander
    Albin Lilja Nylander

    Is there a good reason to craft tons of dispensers and buckets when you can just use waterlogged trap doors for pretty much the same effect? Is it just the slightly longer length of the waterflow that comes with dispensing a source block? Seems like a hassle to craft all of those nonstackable items when you could just make trapdoors and be done with it! No need for double pulses to dispense and pick up the water either, a simple on or off switch will open or close the trapdoors.

  • SialalaMarcin

    It would be such a nice thing that he has all of his farm needed for the brewery connected to one so he can AFK all of them at once. Like the Mumbo\s district when he stands on a preasure plate and everything fires at once

  • Finlay Davies
    Finlay Davies

    Hey xisuma if you use the crafting book you can simply click on the dispensers when you have all the materials and spam click rather than havi to drag the bows in

  • Alex Pilotin
    Alex Pilotin

    im getting vertigo

  • Emilio Guevara
    Emilio Guevara

    Using dispenser as a water flusher can cause a lot of problem. Using waterlogged trapdoor is more reliable

  • Jman

    Beef has a shop that sells podzol

  • R -C
    R -C


  • Theys Pro
    Theys Pro

    You should afk on you main account and your camera

  • Laura Crofts-Viney
    Laura Crofts-Viney

    Wait they changed it. I had not realised

  • Niall Tierney
    Niall Tierney

    I got MASSIVE season 2 flashbacks

  • dandymcgee

    Crafting dispensers is still one of the most infuriatingly tedious recipes in Minecraft. I played on a server that had a glitch that let you stack bows to 64 and it was an absolute godsend for dispenser crafting. I really wish Mojang would make it easier somehow. Like letting us press space in the result slot like trading with villagers to auto-refill the recipe on the left.

  • CaveCactus

    0:00 •---------------------- 1:27 Play it

    • CaveCactus

      Got im

  • Gucci368

    7:39 Well that’s nostalgic

  • Asit Kumar Ray
    Asit Kumar Ray

    1:47 So no one is gonna say the spelling of recipe was wrong

  • vacation shrek
    vacation shrek

    Kinda fitting that this episode is 964 when he’s spending stacks of diamonds.

  • darknightoftroy

    Xisuma, for moving very large quantities of shulker boxes, chest minecarts can be useful. I recall Ilmango did a video a while back about moving millions of items around by loading them all into shulkers, then loading all the shulkers into chest minecarts, then stacking all the chest minecarts onto a flying machine, and then flying for a couple thousand blocks through the nether... Anyway, if you really want to go crazy with your brewing stuff (it looks like you do), maybe some part of that technique could prove useful to you.

  • Secret Krabby Patty Fomula
    Secret Krabby Patty Fomula

    Are you going to be an axolotl for 1.17?

  • Russell Peake
    Russell Peake

    If you are interested in a bit of company whilst doing some end raid stuff, maybe try hit up either joe or cleo and ask if they'd be interested in joining you - iirc they both mentioned that they haven't done it before so it might be entertaining (even if it may result in it being slower overal)

  • Yohann Lamorie
    Yohann Lamorie

    So many shulker boxes!

  • abe

    beef has a store that sells podzol

  • Tomo Hawk
    Tomo Hawk

    Just saying u over played by 62 diamond u could of saved a stack

  • Simon Ikonnikov
    Simon Ikonnikov

    When HEP dogs sit HEP on their suits turns to HIP and for some reason that makes me laugh. HE(L)P!

  • Not Infinity
    Not Infinity

    Recipie book

  • b3astHunt3r B1rb
    b3astHunt3r B1rb

    5:15 sumavoid summoner of pigmen

  • Mohamad Akmal
    Mohamad Akmal

    Xisuma you can buy pass card at mumbo shop. You can get a ton of sugar