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  • Samantha Marie
    Samantha Marie

    Have you thought of season 8, for that shopping district? To have it pre-built in a specific theme or style and having each hermit pay for that storefront with diamond. So like with 1.17 around the corner, you could maybe start off with a victorian theme.

  • Duke Martin
    Duke Martin

    tnt shop?

  • Alexander Lea
    Alexander Lea

    Xisuma a far easier way to stop hoppers searching for items above them (and causing lag) is to put a container above them. Compostors do work, and they're probably the easiest.

  • JessJesser

    I cant believe itll be 2021 tho...

  • Royal Curprud
    Royal Curprud

    Hey Xisuma, recently I downloaded the more mob heads data pack and I notice some issues with the loot table. Since I downloaded the data pack the creepers, squids and slimes don't drop anything. Please tell me how to fix this. Thank you

  • Barrett Ludwig
    Barrett Ludwig

    I wonder if you could (once 1.17 comes to hermitcraft) put 64 potions into a single bundle

  • Theodore Segarra
    Theodore Segarra

    I recreated this farm, but why does mine cannot plant the wart after harvesting it

  • Blanket Toys
    Blanket Toys

    Xisuma what will beezuma do if Winnie the Pooh is on hermitcraft

  • Lucas Takao-Haun
    Lucas Takao-Haun

    it will take many many many many attempts to get the highscore Impulse: EZ

  • GerritVeen5438

    People: Telescope: CIRCLE Stonecutter: Saw: = a Circle

  • Lady.Whatever

    Aw poor Joe got ignored after he said hi to Iskall :( lol

  • Homeless Rock
    Homeless Rock

    If you use optifine in the nether it removes the fog, grian talked about it in one of his episodes of hermitcraft.

  • othei the guy
    othei the guy

    what enchantment texture pack does he have on?

  • Lady.Whatever

    Song at 15:14???

  • Tristin Legacy
    Tristin Legacy

    This is the best project I've ever seen. One machine that needs like 15 farms to feed it lol

  • Onionnz

    How to make those command blocks dissapear?

  • The Jeff
    The Jeff

    They are just going to despawn when they enter the over world right

  • kosta poop
    kosta poop

    I want this now on xbox

  • Kooky Family
    Kooky Family

    mojang: 1.17 cave update! me: yay! me when it comes out: why did i play this with headphones on at the highest volume,encounter a warden, and have no torches

  • TheLearningDroid

    you can also turn on mouse keys on your computer and press the 0 key once and it holds down the mouse button for you too

  • Samurai Pipotchi
    Samurai Pipotchi

    I don't understand why you need to control the flow of the fermented spider eyes. If it only uses one ingredient, couldn't you just let them flow in freely?

  • Hadriel axelle Cardenas
    Hadriel axelle Cardenas

    Wow, The Warden will be a good plan for SCP and Scary Creepypasta Fans. Lol

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano

    Once the brewery's completed, people are gonna' be knocking back regen potions like there's no tomorrow.

  • hanz esguerra
    hanz esguerra

    They should add little vechiles that can be used for terrains

  • Simon Tritschler
    Simon Tritschler


  • inbar lahak orpaz
    inbar lahak orpaz

    2020 gang?

  • Hazza_R03

    What does he mean about the lever

  • bit_mate ֫
    bit_mate ֫

    Xisuma:"hit the subscribe button!" Me, already subscribed: *unsubscribing noises*

  • Electro Phoenix
    Electro Phoenix

    The farm look like a multi floored car park

  • TheCenturion

    Bro cave sounds and the warden mob= new horror game

  • Josh Oca
    Josh Oca

    I was early the original title was "ghast torture chamber"

  • Michael Dias
    Michael Dias

    Hi X, just to be sure put composters above the hoppers so they don't check for items, its easier than minecarts

  • Rafskuy ghastkuy
    Rafskuy ghastkuy

    The Man☺☺

  • Analita De Villa
    Analita De Villa

    I like exp farm

  • Koustubh Jain
    Koustubh Jain

    Oh yeah, Nazi Germany had a tickle shower chamber too !

  • Cringey Dingus
    Cringey Dingus

    i want to access the snapshot

  • Nicholas Axel
    Nicholas Axel

    it's not xisuma video if it's not over-engineered yet still underperform compared to similar farm

  • Zombappy gaming
    Zombappy gaming

    I have mending on a fishing rod with luck of the sea and I named it the God Rod because it doesn't break

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles
    Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    The warden mob looks like a bird from that angle. When I look at the Acyloxyl's face, I remember the Rana mob from the alpha days.

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles
    Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    "My other channel" ::Has 4 channels::

  • Karl Lee
    Karl Lee

    what is the resource pack used to make enchantments look like that